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Mammoth is on his way home after checking the club’s business when a single gunshot rings out and the big man goes down on a  deserted stretch of road. 

The sniper rides away leaving the big man in the ditch.

Only the road isn’t as deserted at the shooter thinks it is.

A few minutes later, a figure creeps out of the shadows and checks him out, he’s down but not out but he is hurt. Zoe drags him back into the shadows with her. She then manages to get him back to where she is staying and cleans him up but she knows he needs more care than she can give him. But she also knows she can’t take him to the hospital. The whole town knows the Renegades are going to war with the street gang that no one talks about.

Mammoth tells her to take him back to the club, he can get help there.

Zoe manages to get him into her truck even as large as he is, then she stops by the place where she’s hidden his wrecked bike and loads it into the back of her truck. Taking the back roads, she makes it as far as the compound where Booker who is on patrol finds them.