Bane-Returns-Sin's Bastards MC-Single

Bane-Returns-Sin's Bastards MC-Single

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Saving Dusty


When I get a photo of my grandson inside a sniper’s target, I know I can’t let that happen. He is the best of me and I wasn’t going to lose him to a sniper because of something I did in my past. First, I need to find the bastard who would threaten my family. My old life just can’t let me go and I can feel it sucking me back in but right now, I’ll use whatever I can to fight this.


All my life I’ve heard the story of how my father was cut down on the streets by a madman. A madman who couldn’t be found. Until I found him. Between my father and my older brother, their hatred ruled everything they did. My father was left only half a man after the attack but he was still alive. Over time, he let go of his hatred and just lived his life. My older brother never did.

It took twenty five years for him to die and that was only because of an illness he refused to get treated. But before he died, he made my brother vow not to get his revenge. My father just wanted to die in peace. My brother gave my father the peace he asked for but he couldn’t let it go. After we buried my dad, he vowed a blood oath to get the man who killed him and make him sorry he was ever born.

That’s where I came in. I found him, I found Bane Jessin. Heaven help me…


When the military let me go because of an incident that killed most of my squad, I couldn’t let go of the bad intel we’d received. I came home and began breaking into places I shouldn’t to find some answers.

Then I ran across another search, a search for Bane Jessin. I heard rumors he was related to the local MC, so I decided to follow the search and see where it would go. I may not be part of the MC but the woman who owned the house I was staying at was. Then the search came to Troy and now, I was battling something bigger than I could have ever imagined…