Iosif Bratva Blood Brothers #7 Single

Iosif Bratva Blood Brothers #7 Single

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Bratva Blood Brothers
Book #7

I was lost until I found her... then life made sense...


I was lost and didn't know it until I found my brother again, now I have four new brothers

I was trying to find myself when I found her instead.

She made me want more. She made me want what my brothers all had, a life I could share

Then a man tried to take her away from me and I wasn't going to let that happen

I will fight to keep her, if she'll let me.


I was alone and running, my life had no meaning

Then I met him.

He touched me and I felt something I'd never felt before, I felt alive

I couldn't run this time when my past came to call

I couldn't bear to let him go either. Could he, would he stand beside me to win this fight? Or will my past rip us apart?

 Available In:  KINDLE, EPUB & PDF