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When my past comes back, I have to leave to protect my family. I can’t risk their lives.

I have to go back to the streets. I know Yuri won’t understand why, but there’s something I have to do, and I can’t do it here.

I just hope Yuri will forgive me when this is over… I couldn’t bear to lose him, not now…

Raven has given me more in the past few years than I could ever dare to dream about, growing up the way I did. Now she has secrets and if I read her right—she is going to leave me.

Then she’s just gone …

We tear the city apart looking for her but we can’t find a trace. This city holds so many secrets and I can’t let any of the factions know she missing, I can’t lose her.

Then I get a call, its her brother Nicky, he’s panicking and he knows why she left me.

I have to find her, she’s my life and I have nothing without her