Brothers At Arms MC-



The last of Zeus

....Two days later, the attorney arrived on a private plane and brought the papers she wanted. The plane pulled into the small private airport in Fergus. 

Marty waited in the wings for the plane to stop and when her attorney stepped out with a small duffel bag, she walked forward.

Zeus and his men were waiting as well. She had to rent another car this morning as the vehicle she came to town in had been burned out and when she left the compound, she had been alone. It was only a few minutes ago when she heard the bikers come in and spread out.

Her attorney Calvin Lawson looked around and saw them. “Good guys or bad guys?” he asked her.

“That’s up for debate right now.” She shrugged. “Sam did a lot of damage to them.” 

“Of course she did,” he retorted. “That was something she did best. Leaving a path of destruction behind her.”

“I think this one is the worst, Calvin,” Marty admitted. Reaching out, she touched his hand. “I need you to come with me. I want a witness in case this Raggo tries to pull something stupid.”

He nodded. “Let’s get this done then.” 

Marty smiled as she gave him the keys and told him where to go.

As soon as they left, the bikers followed. 

When she reached the meeting place, she found a truck sitting there, waiting for her. She got out then she and Calvin walked toward the truck. Inside she saw a man she figured was Raggo. Also, there was a little girl with him. The same little girl she’d seen in the photo the day before.

Raggo watched her as she came over to his truck. “You and Sam really looked alike didn’t you?”

Marty nodded. “You’re Raggo?”

He nodded. “My name is Vincent Ragetti. Where is Sam?”

“Sam is dead. She died by my hand two nights ago,” Marty informed him.

“Well damn, that’s too bad ain’t it?” He got a funny look in his eyes and said, “Poor Lily, I don’t think she needs to spend her life with her mother’s killer. I’ll just take that money and use it to raise her with.”

Marty shook her head. “You must take me for a fool Mr. Ragetti. The Sheriff knows what happened that night and he knows you’re here to get money for the little girl beside you. I’m not giving you squat, if I don’t get her.”

Raggo snarled, “Fine, take the little brat. Just give me the money.”

Calvin stepped forward and held out the papers that gave Marty rights to the little girl. 

Vincent barely looked at them but signed them anyway, handing them back to Calvin.

Marty took the bag from him and held onto it until Raggo told the little girl to get out of his truck. 

Calvin walked over, opened her door, then held out his hand out to the Lily. 

She took Calvin’s hand, jumped down to the ground and walked away with him. She never bothered looking back.

Marty glared at Raggo and shook her head. Handing over the money she said, “I better not ever see you again, Raggo.”

“Now why would I come looking for you or for Lily? I never wanted her in the first place.” He looked around the area and sneered, “You got caught up with the Brothers?” He shook his head. “Now that’s too bad, because I’m gonna smoke them out.”

Marty shrugged. “Why? They already found your great grandfather’s haul. They turned it all over to the cops. Your grandfather stole all that money from the banks he used to rob back in the twenties.” She chuckled. “Did you know that you couldn’t ever spend money made in the 1920’s? Sam had a good laugh when I told her. And it reminded me of that old saying, birds of a feather flock together don’t they? Once a criminal…always a criminal.”

Raggo just snarled at her and started his truck. He burnt rubber pulling out of the parking lot but no one followed him.

She turned to head to the rental car.

 Zeus rolled up beside her. “Where do you think you’re going now?” he asked.

“I’m going home. My home in Montana. I’m taking Lily back to the place her mom grew up in.”

“That’s not your home anymore,” Zeus told her. “The compound is your home now. You need to come back for me and Angel.”

Marty shook her head. “I can’t. Your men will never let me live there in peace. They will never face the fact that I’m not Sam.”

“Damn woman, why do you think we are even here? Because we’re bored?” He shook his head. “I am here to protect you, don’t you get it?” Zeus told her. “Come back with me and they’ll see eventually that your aren’t like her.”

“Why should I have to prove anything to you or your men? Give me a reason.”

Zeus cupped her face and whispered, “Because I need you and Angel loves you.” He kissed her deeply and pulled her body to his. They were both breathless when he pulled away. “And I want a lifetime of that. I need you in my life. Angel loves the hell out of you already and you’ll break her tiny heart if you don’t come back to us. Lily can stay here too and they can grow up together. The club will protect her the same as they do Angel and now you.”

Marty looked at him and saw the truth in his gaze. “Tell me what I can see in your eyes.”

“I love you woman,” Zeus stated as he looked into her eyes. “After all this time, I never thought I would find love again but I found it with you. You can’t leave me behind.”

Marty stared at him for a long moment. She then walked around him toward Calvin and Lily who stood at the car. 

Zeus’s men all stared at her and shook their heads as she went by.

Memphis looked over at his brother in sympathy.

She grabbed Lily’s hand and nodded at Calvin. Turning, she walked back over to Zeus.

He stared at her with a puzzled look on his face as he waited for her to say something.

“Ok, I’ll stay.” Marty nodded at him. “Take me home Zeus. Take us home.”


Chapter One


Marty got into the backseat with Lily and told Calvin to follow the bikers. Then she looked down at Lily only to see the little girl staring at her.

 After a few moments, the little girl spoke up shyly. “You aren’t my mommy.”

“No sweetie, I’m not but I am your Aunt Marty.” 

“Really? Mommy used to tell me about you,” Lily spoke up excitedly. “She talked about you, she told me one day when she cleaned up her act… she would take me to meet you.” Lily let out a sad sigh. “I guess mommy never cleaned up did she?”

“No honey, she didn’t.” Marty shook her head. “She was thinking about you though, cause she asked me to promise to come and get you. Is that okay with you?”

Lily nodded. “Yes, it’s ok. Daddy’s place was not nice. I really didn’t like staying there when mommy left me.”

“Well, we are going to a place that will be nice and you know what else?” 

Lily just stared at her and waited for her to finish. 

Marty smiled at her. “There happens to be a little girl where we are going, she’s just a little older than you. She’s four and she lost her mommy too. Her name is Angel.”

Lily looked out the window and then she looked back at Marty. “Are you going to live there too with Angel and the biker men?”

Marty nodded. “They aren’t like Raggo’s MC. You will be safe there, I promise.”

Lily suddenly looked scared. “Mommy said that too about the man she said was my daddy, but she lied.”

“Oh, honey…” Marty took her small hand in hers. “I’m sure she didn’t mean to lie, she really thought your dad would be a good guy. He let you both down badly. I promise this place will be different. I know I’m not your mommy and I never can be, but this place will be better than ever and you will be with me always and I will never leave you. It might take us all a few days but these guys are good guys.”

“Ok, I can wait to find out. But please don’t leave me alone there. Please just don’t leave me alone,” Lily begged in a small shaky voice.

Marty wrapped her arm around the little girl and held her as close as she could in a moving vehicle. “I promise Lily. I won’t leave you alone. I promise.”

When they drove into the compound, Lily gazed out through the window and her little face showed her surprise.. Turning back to Marty she said, “It’s clean and nice. Daddy’s place wasn’t clean and it didn’t smell good either. They had bugs and trash all over the place.”

Marty wished she could burn that MC out after hearing how her sister and niece lived. “Why don’t we go inside, so you can meet Angel.” 

Lily nodded. “You won’t leave me alone, right?” She nervously bit at her bottom lip.

“No baby, when you get to know me better, you’ll find I mean what I say,” Marty told her. “I know you’re scared and getting shuffled from place to place can’t be fun but I promise I’m never letting you go and I won’t let you get hurt. I know I’m not your mom but I am the next best thing because I'm your aunt. When you’re ready, I can tell you about your mommy when she was your age and what she was like growing up. Someday if you like, I can even tell you about your grandfather. He would have been so happy to know you.”

Lily just nodded and she still looked doubtful as she stared at the clubhouse. 

“Ok, so let's go inside then.” Marty gave her a nod.

Calvin got out and opened the door for the ladies. He squatted down next to Lily looking between her and Marty. “Just remember if there is any trouble at all, I’m here. Just call me and I will take you both back home with me.” He looked over at Marty and met her gaze.

Marty nodded and took a deep breath. 

Together, they headed to the front door. Opening it, Marty walked inside.

 “Marty! Marty!” a voice called out as a little streak with reddish hair came rushing at her. Marty smiled and caught the little girl in her arms. “You came back!” Angel exclaimed. 

Marty laughed a little as she nodded. “I did.” Suddenly, Marty was thrown off balance when Lily wrapped herself around her leg. When she looked down, Lily was staring around the room in fear.

“Who’s that?” Angel asked as she wiggled to be put down.

Marty knelt and wrapped her arm around Lily’s shoulders. “Angel, this is my niece, Lily.”

“Hey Lily,” Angel whispered. 

Lily stared at her in awe. “Hi,” she whispered back.

“Angel, can you take Lily to your bedroom and show her your room and toys?” Zeus asked his daughter.

Angel nodded as she looked at Lily. “Wanna go to my room and see my stuff? I got Barbies and Little Ponys.”

Lily glanced up at Marty.

 Marty nodded at her. “You can go with her. No one here is gonna hurt you, sweetheart.”

 “Will you be here when we’re done playing?” Lily asked in a scared voice.

Marty’s heart just about broke at her fear and anxiety. “Yes sweetheart, I’ll be here when you’re done playing. I won’t go anywhere without you.”

Lily looked over at Angel and said, “Ok, I’ll come with you.”

The two girls scampered off. 

Marty slowly stood up. Squaring her shoulders, she turned and found everyone waiting for her. She walked over to a table and sat down. 

Before anyone could say anything, Diabolus shook his head. “I saw it but hell, I didn't know if I could believe my own eyes. You actually paid that bastard for his daughter? Woman, what the hell ? Now, you brought her here?”

“Yes, I did.” Marty nodded as she stared back at him. “I know you guys had good reason to hate Sam. I know that feeling very well, believe me I do. But Lily is an innocent and I couldn’t in all good faith, just leave her there. Sam was my sister and she sure as hell wasn’t the best sister ever but she was blood, and she begged me to take care of her baby. Was I not supposed to honor her last request because you all hate her?” Marty asked tiredly. “Zeus asked me to stay and I want to but if you all don’t agree, then I won’t. You, as a club have to accept me and Lily, we come as a pair, it's not just me. You know she is not her mother either. Whether we stay or go is up to you.”

“Who’s the suit?” Grave Digger asked.

Her lawyer introduced himself, “I’m Calvin Lawson. I’m Ms. Shaw’s family attorney.” 

“And just what brought you all this way today?” Grave Digger asked him.

“Two days ago, Marty called me to set up the draining of Samantha’s trust. The first trust she got from her grandfather. She also wanted papers drawn up to end this Raggo character’s parental rights. He transferred his rights to her as next of kin when he signed those papers. That will settle any legal battles in the foreseeable future. I questioned her draining the account but she was insistent about that aspect. Today when I saw who she handed all that money to, I was even more concerned.”

Diabolus shook his head. “You actually did it, didn’t you?” He looked back over at Marty. “You paid that lowlife 700 grand and he just handed his daughter over to you.”

Marty nodded. “Yes I did and I would do it again. Sam’s trust from my dad will be put in Lily’s name and that’s how it should be.”

“I also came here for another reason.” Calvin cleared his throat. “As I understand it, Samantha also set fire to your business. I got the police report and I understand there was enough damage to your structure that it will have to be completely rebuilt for it to be reopened.” He opened his briefcase and brought out a piece of paper. He handed it over to Zeus. 

Zeus gazed down at a cashier's check. He froze at the amount written on it. Looking up at Marty, he then turned to Calvin. “This is very generous, thank you. There wasn’t that much damage to the building.”

Calvin snorted. “The money Mr. Raggetti got this morning didn’t quite drain the trust. Samantha caused the fire and she should pay for damages as well. That’s what was left after the interest was tallied up.”

Zeus slowly shook his head as he handed the check off to his brother.

Memphis raised his eyebrow at the amount of  it He passed it off and the check made its way around the table. 

Diabolus was the last man to see it. He stared down at it and his eyes widened as he laid the check carefully on the table, as if he had been holding a live snake.

Tension grew in the room as not one of the men said anything about the check.

Finally, Diabolus stared at Marty and then he spoke up, “Are you trying to buy your sister out of trouble?”

“Excuse me?” Calvin looked puzzled as he stared at an angry Diabolus. “I think before this goes any further, you all should know something. Marty had no clue what I had done. That check is directly from Samantha’s account. Marty said to empty it and so I did, this should satisfy the damage Samantha created.” He paused and glanced at Marty with pride on his face. “She has never paid attention to her trusts as she’s always worked for a living. She certainly never paid attention to Samantha’s accounts that I know of. Her grandfather set up the trust the day the girls were born, so the interest payments were quite high. The money wasn’t hers and the interest on the accounts hadn’t been paid out. She told me to get 700 grand in cash and to close out Sam’s trust. That is what was left and like I said, Sam burned down your building and Sam should be the one to pay for it.” Shaking his head he told them, “Samantha has been on a downhill slide for some time now. Marty was always trying to bail her out and this is where she drew the line. Too bad, Sam never noticed before now. If Marty had shut down the money two years ago, maybe it would have turned Sam around.” He shrugged his shoulders. “But Marty wasn’t going to hold the money over her sister’s head. It was Sam’s money and she didn’t feel like she had the right to hold it over her sister. When she called me two days ago, I thought… well it’s about damn time for this. Then she told me what she wanted that much cash for. To pay off some deadbeat father for his kid? I tried to tell her not to do it but she did it anyway. As soon as I get back to Montana, I'll file the paperwork for Lily to have the other trust from her mother.”

Marty was watching Zeus the whole time but she couldn’t get much from the blank expression on his face. She finally turned to Diabolus, “No, I’m not trying to buy my sister out of trouble. Her troubles are over. They died right over there when she did.” She motioned her head to where Sam’s body had been a couple of days ago.

The men in the room all said nothing. They simply stared back at her.

Marty sighed tiredly as she looked around at each and every one of them, except for Zeus. “When Zeus asked me to come back, I thought I could make this work, I really did. I guess I made a mistake after all. It seems it is not possible because you guys still want to blame me for the lousy shit my sister did.” Then she finally met Zeus’ gaze. “I truly had hoped that…” Her voice fell away. “…but maybe things would be better if me and Lily go back home. That way, there won’t be any reminders of Sam left here.” 

Then she turned and went down the hall.


Zeus growled and glared at Diabolus. “You need to give it up brother, just fucking let it go. She isn’t Sam and she’s right, that little girl doesn’t deserve the shit you’re flinging. I asked her to come back here because I need her and so does Angel. Hell, I love her. Angel knew her heart the moment they met and she saved my daughter's life. That’s what I can’t let go of. She risked her own life to save my little girl not once but several times, man. She’s the one who gave Angel her voice back after Sam took it away from her. Now with your damned anger issues, you just booted her out the fucking door. Thanks a lot brother. Now, I’ll never be able to convince her to stay. I wanted this to be their home.” Zeus shoved his chair away from the table and stalked off after Marty.

The men at the table were silent as they contemplated their presidents’ words.

Calvin the attorney cleared his throat and shook his head. 

Diabolus growled and turned his head to glare at him. “What? You got something to say, then say it.”

Calvin nodded. “Alright then I will. Maybe it is something you all need to know anyway. Martine is  one hell of a real woman. I say that because as long as she’s been alive, she has had to fight her own sister just for the right to be alive. The difference between them is like night and day. From the time Samantha could crawl and then walk, she has always had a dark cloud around her. Marty was so different from the time she was born. And you could see a sweet soul in that child. She would smile and bring joy to everyone around her. To tell you the truth I’m surprised as hell that she is still alive. Samantha used to pull some really bizarre shit and put Marty’s life at risk so many times. She’s got scars from Sam’s bullshit, some that show and others that don’t. The last one was the night she hit her with a hammer and shattered her hand. Then Sam tried her best to kill when she slammed that hammer into the girl's skull enough to crack her head open. Marty was in a coma for a few weeks. I say the last one because their old man finally noticed that Sam had been trying to kill her. It wasn’t the first time and I dare say it probably wasn’t the last time either, but after all that, their father still made Marty promise to find her sister and bring her home. He waited until he was on his deathbed to ask her to do it and after he died, I told her she should just let it go.” He looked around at the men in the room as he paused.

They all remained silent as they stared back at him.

The attorney went on, in a loud, clear voice, “Marty refused to let it go as she had made a promise to her dad and she would fulfill it. I told her that Sam wouldn’t care about him dying or anything else but herself. She said that she had to try and find her sister one last time. And from what I hear now, that didn’t go so well. And yet again, she has to clean up another one of Sam’s messes.” He nodded at the men. Then he stared right at Diabolus. “If you would be so kind as to tell Marty that I’ll wait for her and Lily in the car.” He turned and walked to the front door.

“Well fuck,” Diabolus swore. “What a fucking mess.” 

“Ya think?” Grave Digger shook his head as he glared at Diabolus. “And you helped to make it that way. You best find your ass kneeling and begging, brother. You need to fix this before she walks out of here for the last time. Cause if she goes, we are gonna lose the best damn President we ever knew.” He glared at Diabolus then looked around at the men. “You all know Zeus built this club up to what it is today and I doubt we’d survive if we lost him.”


Chapter Two

Marty was busy putting her things into her pack and wiping her tears from her eyes as she thought about what could have been. Her heart was breaking at the thought of not seeing Zeus and Angel anymore but she couldn’t stay here.

She knew this next part would just about kill her but she had to make the break with Angel. That little girl had stolen her heart. She grabbed her pack and walked down the hall to where Angel had been moved.

She stood at the door for a moment to watch the two girls as they played together. For just a few moments in her memory, she could see the good days when she and Sam actually got along. She thought about how these two could have been her and Sam. Could have been, should have been as they were getting along so well together but then she remembered the reality of her past. She set her pack down by the door, swiped at her eyes again then stepped inside.

Lily looked up at her and smiled.

Angel noticed her and smiled as well. “Hey Marty, I was just telling Lily about my bears. Did you know she had a teddy bear? She said her mommy got it for her when she was a baby but she had to leave him behind when she left this morning. I told her that was too bad.”

Marty came over to where they were sitting.

Scooting over, the girls made room for her to sit there too.

Angel stared at her for a moment then crawled up on her lap. “What’s wrong? Why are you so sad?” she asked Marty.

“Oh baby, you’re right, I am sad but everything is gonna be okay.” Marty smiled despite her tears.

Angel looked around and saw the pack at the door. “You’re going away aren’t you?” Angel asked her. Big fat tears rolled down her soft baby cheeks. “I don’t want you to go. You can stay here with me.”

Marty hugged her hard. “I wish I could. I love you and your daddy but… sometimes adults have to do things we don’t want to. I just can’t. I have to go home.”

Angel looked up at her, wrapped herself as tightly to her as she could and bawled, “Take me with you! Please take me with you. I love you Marty. Me and Lily can be real sisters then. Don’t leave me behind!”

Marty just held her close and tried to hush her sobbing. “Oh baby, please don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart.”

“Then take me with you!” Angel sobbed.

“I can’t.” Marty shook her head. “Your daddy would miss you so much. And what about your Uncle Memphis? He’d miss you too and so would Grave Digger and the others.” She shook her head. “You are so loved here Angel.”

“But I love you too.” Angel laid her head on Marty’s shoulder. “I need you too.”

Lily slowly leaned against Marty’s side too and was crying silent tears.

“Oh, you guys.” Marty sighed heavily. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll be here for another day or two, I have some business to tend to before I go back. Also, me and Lily will come back to see you ok?”

Angel shook her head. “Please don’t go,” she whispered.

Marty didn’t say anything else, what could she say while the girls were crying like this. She just wrapped her arms around both girls and held them tight.

 Zeus watched from the doorway and his daughter’s tears were breaking his heart. He came into the room then squatted down in front of Marty and the girls. “You don’t have to go,” he whispered as he gazed into Marty’s eyes.

Marty shook her head. “You know I have to, but I will never forget this place—you and your Angel. You will always hold a big place in my heart.”

Zeus saw the heartbreak in her eyes and nodded. Then he stood and helped Marty to her feet, while Angel clung to Marty. He gently took his daughter out of her arms. Angel fought him every step of the way. She was screaming and fighting him when he stepped back.

Marty turned her tear filled eyes to Lily. “Let’s go home, Lily.”

Marty and Lily walked out of the bedroom. Marty cringed at the sound of Angel sobbing. She simply did the best she could as she just stared straight ahead.

 She almost got to the door before Grave Digger stopped her. He held her pack in his hands. “You really don’t have to go,” he whispered as he handed her pack to her.

Marty shook her head. “He won’t ever be okay with Sam being my sister. We both know that and I’m just done apologizing for her. She’s gone and we all have to live with that.” She took a deep breath and exhaled. “I’ll be at the hotel in town until I can get her remains to take home with me. I don’t want to trouble anyone here, you know as well as I do that I just can’t stay here.” She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Give that kiss to Angel for me will you? Tell her I’ll never forget her and that she’ll always have a piece of my heart.” Marty squeezed Lily’s hand and grabbed her bag tighter. She raised her head and walked toward the door.

She went outside and saw Calvin sitting in the car on the phone.

When she joined him, he looked at her and said, “I sent Lindy ahead to the hotel and she will get us some rooms.” Shaking his head he said, “This town isn’t very big so that’s all they had. I phoned the Sheriff’s office and they…” He paused and looked down at Lily. “They said your package would be ready the day after tomorrow.”

Marty nodded. She was glad to know her cousin Lindy had arrived and was here. She was small like Marty and Sam were, but where Sam was selfish and Marty was caring, her cousin was a firecracker. Her mouth had no filter and she had always been a fighter. “It’ll be good to see Lindy again. Lord, I have missed that nut.” She peeked out the window and shook her head. Then she snorted. “These guys thought Sam was bold and in your face, I’d hate to turn Lindy on them.”

Calvin shook his head. Then he chuckled, “She’d kick their asses alright. But…I think I’d pay money to see that.”

Suddenly, they could hear the sound of a siren coming toward them and they both watched as the sheriff's car pulled alongside them into the compound.

The Sheriff parked next to them as the men from the MC poured out of the clubhouse.

The Sheriff got out of his vehicle and headed over to Calvin’s car. He knocked on the darkened window.

Marty rolled her window down and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I need to see you and your attorney as well as the men here,” Waylon Hibbings told her.

Marty glanced at Calvin and nodded. “Ok.” She opened the car door.

Hibbings noticed she had Lily in the car. “Hmm, maybe the little girl should stay in the vehicle.”

With this comment, Marty had a feeling the news wasn’t going to be good for little ears so she turned to Lilly. “You can wait here ok? We’ll just be right over there at the front of the car but the Sheriff has something he needs to tell the adults.”

Lily paled but nodded her head.

Marty shut the door again to walk over to where the Sheriff and the MC were waiting.

 “What’s going on here Sheriff?” Calvin asked.

Hibbings shook his head. “I have some rather bad news to tell you all and I’m not sure how to say it.”

“Just say it man.” Zeus growled.

The Sheriff looked at Marty and Clavin, “I know you were going to see Raggo this morning to get Lily?”

Marty nodded. “Yes, I have her, you saw, she is in the car, I saw him this morning.”

“Your attorney shared with me that you were going to pay him before he’d turn her over to you, correct?”

“Yes and I paid him,” Marty admitted. “Everyone here saw me hand him the bag of money, why?”

Hibbings shook his head. “Someone followed him to that meeting this morning. Raggo was ambushed on his way home. He’s dead and the bag of money is missing.”

Marty caught her breath. She looked over at Calvin and shook her head.

“Was it one of his own men?” Diabolus asked.

“We aren’t sure but it sounds like that would be right up their alley,” Hibbings admitted. “The real problem here is those bastards are coming after you guys and your club. I could be wrong but I have a gut feeling things are about to get real hot, real fast.” He looked over at Marty and shook his head. “It might be better for you and Lily if you stayed here under their protection. If the Dragons do follow through and things do heat up, you will have better protection here than you would at the hotel. They may know that you gave him that money and they will want more.”

“She and Lily will be here,” Zeus stated. “They aren’t going anywhere the Dragons can get their hands on them.”

Marty shook her head. “It isn’t only me and Lily. What about Calvin and my pilot Lindy?

 “They can stay here as well until this is done,” Zeus said.

Calvin took his phone out and sent a text.

Marty noted this and looked down as he showed her his phone.

Diabolus growled as he stared at the Sheriff. “This feud goes beyond the last few weeks, this goes back many years.”

Memphis nodded. “He’s right. It started just after we bought this place. It had been on the market for a few years before we bought it and as soon as we moved in, Raggo started his shit and has been trying to get us out of here.”

“Now we know why,” Hibbings replied. “Maybe those other bikers know more of the secrets about this place than you do. You gotta be extra careful now.” He looked over at Zeus. “They left a very detailed message on Raggo, this morning.”

“What kind of message?” Zeus almost dreaded to ask.

“They cut off his hands,” Hibbings told them. “Then after that, they shot him in the head, totally obliterating his face. They burned out his truck with him in it. What a mess. My men are still at the scene right now.”

“Are you sure it was Raggo, then?” Diabolus asked.

“As far as I know, it was him.’ Hibbings shrugged. “You know Raggo and his truck. No one else could even ride in the damn thing. I doubt he’d allow anyone else to die in it.”

Zeus frowned and looked pensive. “That’s more like a mafia warning not a biker warning.”

Hibbings nodded. “I know but I guess that means there was at least one of them that was a descendant from the original owner of this property.”

“Other than Raggo you mean?” Grave Digger shook his head. “We found he was Alfonzo Raggetti’s great grandson.”

Hibbings nodded his head. “Well, that explains the interest he had in this place. But why didn’t he just buy the place before you got it?”

Just then, they turned to see a truck pulling into the parking lot.

 Zeus and the others knew who the truck belonged to, it was old man Jeb Willows, he ran the hotel in town.

As soon as the truck parked, the passenger door opened.

Marty saw Lindy get out and man oh man, you could tell by her facial expression she was mad as a hornet.

Lindy reached in and grabbed a suitcase, shut the door then opened the back door and got out three more suitcases. Shutting that door, she leaned in through the window of the truck and handed the driver a small bundle of bills before she turned to Marty. “Calvin sent me a text about not being safe at the hotel I wasn’t even through getting us checked in. At first, I thought he was fuckin’ crazy. Nobody in this town knows who we even are but then a bunch of damned rowdy ass bikers rode past and those fuckers are just nuts. They circled the hotel and then started throwing stupid ass Molotov cocktails at the place.” She shook her head and jerked her thumb toward the truck. “Then Bubba here grabbed his shotgun and let off a few rounds of lead at them and the shit head bikers scattered for the hills. Damnedest thing I ever saw. We got the fires out and I was waiting for you guys to show up but when I got Calvin’s text I talked Bubba into driving me out here.”

The driver got out of the truck and growled. “My name is Jeb, girlie, not Bubba. How many times do I gotta to remind you missy.” He glared at her then looked over at Hibbings and his glare got even harder. “It was them damned Dragons who tried to burn me out, Sheriff.”

“Damn, it's starting already.” Hibbings growled under his breath. “Ok I got to go. Come on Jeb, we’ll check out the damage at the hotel and I’ll start making some calls. We need to nip this in the bud or innocent people are gonna die and that’s the last thing we need or want.”

Zeus turned to Marty and said quietly, “I’ll take your things back to my room.” He moved in closer to her and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “I can’t say I’m not glad you didn’t get a chance to leave.”

Diabolus looked over at the newcomer and just shook his head. She was a small woman, like Sam and Marty. She had dark hair like Marty and she looked a lot like her. Then he saw the four suitcases behind her and shook his head. He went over and grabbed three of them to carry them inside.

Lindy grabbed the last one and followed him in.

Marty went to the car, opened the door, and told Lily, “I guess we’re staying here for a little while. Come on.”

 Lily didn’t move and her little face looked pale.

Marty paused and sat down on the seat beside her. She reached over and took the little girl’s hand. “What’s wrong Lily?”

Lily stared at her for a minute, then she turned her head and stared out the window. “I think Raggo planned something bad to happen”

“Something bad? What do you mean?” she asked.

Zeus stood there frowning as they didn’t get out right away.

 Marty looked over at him and motioned for him to come closer.

Lily looked down at her hands and whispered, “Raggo told me this morning that once I got here… to the clubhouse that I was supposed to go inside the clubhouse and stay there. Then later he would find me. He laughed and his men all laughed with him.” Tears ran down her face. “I don’t think what they had in mind was gonna be good.” She hung her head and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Oh honey,” Marty whispered as she gathered the little girl in her arms. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Zeus knelt down in the open door. “Sweetheart, this isn’t your fault. Marty is right, you didn’t do anything wrong here.”

Lily turned her head slightly and whispered, “I think he was coming here to hurt you all.”

Zeus smiled at her. “Well, that ain’t gonna happen. Come on, let’s get you and Marty into the clubhouse.”

Lily nodded and scooted out.

Marty took her little hand and they headed to the front doors of the Brother’s Clubhouse. Marty then paused and glanced over at Zeus. “There’s something you guys should know about Lindy. I think you need to be warned before…” She shrugged.

“Before what?” he asked.

“If anyone goes at her with the wrong attitude, she will go off. She may be a small woman but she gets pretty pissed off if you compare her to Sam. She’s very proud of the Shaw name and she won’t take any shit over that.”

“She’s a Shaw too?” Zeus asked.

Marty nodded. “Yeah, she’s my cousin. And she and Sam didn’t exactly get along.”

Zeus stared back at her. “I hate to speak ill of the dead, but Sam never got along with anyone.”

They stepped into the clubhouse and straight into chaos.

Lindy was being held back by Grave Digger while Diabolus was kneeling on the floor holding his nuts and groaning.

Lindy snapped her head over to her cousin. “I did warn him Marty, I really did, but the big dumbass wouldn’t quit. He kept running his damn mouth, so I let him have it.”

Zeus stared at the scene and shook his head.

Grave Digger grinned as he let Lindy go. “Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened.” He looked down at Diabolus. “Isn’t it, dumbass?”

Marty just shook her head and turned to walk down the hall. She and Lily went into the bedroom and shut the door behind them.


Chapter Three


Zeus shook his head and looked down at Diabolus who still sat on the floor. “Lindy isn’t Sam either. So I guess you found that out the hard way, didn’t you?”

Diabolus nodded but he didn’t quite trust his voice to speak. She might be a small woman but she was fierce and loyal to Marty. Yeah, she let him and everyone else know that.

“Digger, why don’t you help Lindy and Mr. Lawson find their rooms and when I get back, we can start making plans.” Zeus nodded at Grave Digger. “Until we handle the Dragons, I want revolving guards both up top and around the perimeter. Oh and make sure those fucking tunnels are secure. I don’t want any more visitors coming in here without us knowing about it.” Then he headed down the hall.

Grave Digger motioned for the visitors to follow him down the hall.

Lindy and Calvin grabbed their bags and moved away from the man sitting on the floor.

Diabolus groaned and slowly got to his feet. Memphis held out his hand and Diabolus used it to pull himself up off the floor. “Sweet Jesus, that girl can kick.”

Memphis snorted. “Yeah well, if you think we hated Sam, you didn’t see Lindy's face when you called her out for being another Shaw, did you?”

Diabolus grunted and had to agree with him. He hobbled over to the table and carefully sat down.

 Click just shook his head and disappeared into the kitchen for a moment and when he came back, he tossed Diabolus a package of frozen peas.

Diabolus gently put the package on his groin and sighed in relief.

 Memphis just shook his head and sighed. “You need to let this go brother. Like Marty said, Sam is gone and with that, so are her misdeeds.” He looked up and caught everyone’s attention. “We all need to let it go. She can’t hurt us anymore unless we let her.”

“Right and we have more to worry about than a ghost,” Captain grumbled. “Now we got the Dragons to worry about.”

“Yeah and since they declared mutiny and got rid of their leader we have no clue who stepped into Raggo’s shoes,” Knight declared.

“And we got no one to tell us either.” Diabolus growled.

“Unless we ask Lindy if Jeb called out any names at the Dragons when he was shooting at them,” Memphis suggested.

Diabolus looked up and said, “Or we can just ask the Sheriff who’s in charge. Hell, he’s dealt with these guys before, so he probably knows them better than we do.”

Memphis agreed, “At least he would know their names.” Then he turned to Click. “You find out anything more that could help us figure out why the Dragons want this place so bad?”

Click shook his head. “I’m still working on it.” Shrugging he admitted, “We found the tunnels, we found the bank safe, what more could there be?”

“That’s the real question isn’t it?” Grave Digger said as he rejoined them. He sat down and looked around the room. Then he stared at Diabolus. “I have a question for you boy and I want you to think about it before you say anything, really think about it. Do you all remember how we found the safe? Marty said the room appeared smaller than it should have been. So we measured it and sure enough, it was smaller by two feet. Then she could tell where the tunnel began because she said something made the hall seem off to her.” Shaking his head, he added, “But if I recall it right, she said something about other places inside the clubhouse that seemed off to her. Maybe there is more to this place than meets our eyes but Raggo might have known about them. The old man that built this place was his great grandfather. Maybe Raggo knows more than we do, that’s a given but maybe Marty can help us, if we let her. Maybe we should ask her what else seemed off.” He shrugged again. “I’m just saying…”

Memphis sat there and thought about what he said and nodded. “You could be on to something there, Digger.” He looked around and shrugged. “We’ve been living here for seven years so we’re used to the way things look but she just got here And she said she took classes about this very subject. So maybe there’s something she can tell us, something we might need to know about.”

Grave Digger nodded and looked over at Diabolus. “And that wasn’t the first time she helped us. She has proven herself to be a good person over and over again. Someone who has become really important to the club and our Prez.”

Diabolus lowered his head and grumbled, “I hear you. I hear you.”

Grave Digger raised a brow at him. “Maybe you do, but your mouth keeps getting you into shit. And one of these days, you might not be able to get out.”

Memphis snickered. “Plus, I am sure you want to have your balls intact. Man, that kick could have unmanned you for a long time.”

The men all chuckled.

Diabolus shook his head.

Zeus returned with Marty and they were holding hands.

Angel and Lily were right behind them and Angel’s smile said it all. She looked very happy that Marty was back and she had Lily with her.

Memphis looked over at Marty and asked, “Do you remember when you said there were places other than Zeus’s office that seemed odd to you?”

Marty looked quickly at Zeus then back at Memphis. “I remember, why?”

“Can you point them out to us?” Memphis asked. “The Dragons are still coming for us. We need to know why and hopefully how they intend to do it.”

Marty nodded. “Well, we learned this Raggetti guy was a bootlegger right? So where was his storage area? Where did he load his trucks from? Then he had three tunnels that opened up here in the clubhouse but are there anymore? Then I noticed the wall next to the fireplace.” She turned and pointed out the unused fireplace.

 No one had used the fireplace in the seven years they had lived here. In fact, they built a bar in front of it.

“What’s so unusual about that?” Grave Digger asked as he frowned.

“The walls on either side don’t match,” Marty informed them. “The wall on the right is level with the front of the stone but the wall on the left is set back several inches. It's just off.” She shrugged.

Memphis headed over and walked behind the bar to check out the walls. He turned and said, “You’re right, they don’t match.”

“Anything else?” Grave Digger asked her.

“Are you sure you want to know?” She looked around at all of them.

Memphis nodded. “Yeah, we want to know.”

Marty walked over to behind the bar and went directly to the huge mirror hanging over to the mantle of the fireplace. She grabbed a stool from the bar and crawled up onto the seat on her knees and began running her fingers up the right side of the mirror and when she got to a certain spot she flipped a switch and she had to duck as the mirror swung open.

 Everyone gasped as Marty made it back to the floor and stood up.

Looking at Zeus she whispered, “I wasn’t sure.”

Zeus stepped forward and pushed the mirror open all the way. He remembered it had been covered in dust and dirt when they first got here but after they cleaned it, they never found this switch, and they never realized the mirror was actually a door. Let alone a hollowed out area behind the door.

Everyone waited as Zeus checked out the hollow in the wall. Shaking his head he took out what he found…. a stack of money and another ledger book. When he got those out, he found another book tucked down into the crevice. He also grabbed that and brought it out to lay it all on the top of the bar. He looked around at his brothers. “What the hell?”

Memphis came forward. “What did you find?

“I’m not exactly sure.” Zeus picked up the second book he found then opened it. Something from the back pages fell out. He picked it up and found it was some kind of map. A very old map but a map, nonetheless. He looked up at Memphis then around at the men sitting around the room. “It’s a map of this place.”

They all came up to the bar and looked down at it.

Zeus studied the map. “This is what the place must have looked like back in the Twenties.” He pointed out where the tunnels were and followed them with his finger out to the grounds. Then he found something interesting. He looked up at Memphis and Grave Digger. “She was right. There is a storage room and it's connected to the tunnel that leads to the garage.”

Memphis stared at him. “Are you sure?”

Zeus handed the map over to him. “Check for yourself.”

Memphis did the same as he followed with his finger where the tunnel went and he saw the storage room but he didn’t find the door to the room. He frowned as he looked again at the storage room. “It looks like it goes under the garage so maybe the door is outside the garage somewhere.”

Zeus nodded and looked up at Memphis. “Take a couple men and check it out, but be careful. If the Dragons murdered their president, they could be moving on our clubhouse sooner than we figured. Leave at least two men on guard duty while the rest of you try to find the door. That way, one can check out the front while the other one checks out the back.”

Memphis picked Captain and Knight to go with him. They disappeared into Zeus’s office.

Diabolus got up and hobbled to the office as well.

Grave Digger shook his head and went to follow him. He disappeared into the office as well.

Marty looked over at Zeus. “What are they doing?”

“Guarding the tunnel from above,” Zeus explained. “If anyone but our men comes up from that tunnel, they will stop them.”

Marty’s eyes widened as she whispered, “Oh, dear.”

He picked up the book and shook his head. “I guess I better read this carefully, so I know what that old fool was doing at the time.”

“What good is it going to do you now?” Marty asked.

“It might give me an idea what Raggo’s intentions for this place were,” Zeus stated. “His own men might have killed him but his plan might now be theirs. We need to know what they are planning even as we speak.”

“Why would they do something like that?” Lindy asked as she came back into the main room. “Why would his own men turn on him? A little drastic, don’t you think?”

Zeus snorted. “More than likely because they knew Raggo wasn’t going to share the money or whatever his great grandfather left for him. Raggo was a piece of shit that way. He probably intended to keep it all for himself. Only this morning he got 700k in cash from Marty, so whoever killed him had to have known what was going down.”

Lindy shook her head. “Yeah, sounds like he was a real peach.” She turned to Marty and asked, “This was someone Sam had a kid with? Was the girl on dope or what?”

Marty sighed. “Probably.”

Zeus shook his head. “How she could be with that loser will forever be a mystery. But Raggo was the fourth dead body that’s shown up in the last few weeks from his MC.”

Lindy sat down in shock. “The fourth body?”

Zeus nodded. “The first one, Marty shot because he came after my daughter Angel. He was going to run her down to stab her but Marty stopped him. The second one was Donna, but that one was justified as Donna came after her first, Sam was the third body, and she really didn’t give Marty a choice, they were fighting with blades and it became the last woman standing scenario. Raggo makes the fourth one.”

Lindy’s mouth dropped open. She looked surprised at the body count. “Wow, what a mess.” She looked over at her cousin.

“I’m pretty sure it isn’t over yet,” Zeus commented.

Marty glanced over to where the girls were playing. “The only good thing out of all this mess is we got Lily away from her dad. She’s safe now and I aim to keep it that way, even if it isn’t here,” she told them both.

Lindy nodded. “That poor little girl.”

Zeus raised a brow at Marty as he stared her down. “Well, it will be here, because that is where you will be.” He then glanced at the clock and noted it had been half an hour since his brothers went through the tunnel. They should be back soon, hopefully with good news because they could use some right now.

A few minutes later, everyone poured out of his office.

Memphis came up to him as he shook his head.

Zeus saw the look on his brother's face and asked, “Did you find it?”

Memphis nodded. “Yeah, we found it and you ain’t gonna believe what else we found, brother.”

Zeus narrowed his eyes at him and growled, “I ain’t playing three guesses here Memphis. Just tell me what you found.”

Memphis sighed. “We found the door to the storage room and when we went down there we found fifty barrels, some of them were empty, but most of what we found was filled with this.” He brought up a small sack and plopped it into Zeus’s hand.

Zeus frowned as he stared down at the small burlap bag. He carefully opened it to dump it out in his hand. “What the everlovin fuck?” he growled as he studied the small nuggets of gold and gravel. “How many barrels did you say you found down there?”

“Some fifty barrels we think. Most were empty but, this…” Memphis lifted another bag up and sat it on the table, “…is what Raggo was really after. Gold.”

“Holy shit…” Lindy shook her head.


Chapter Four


Zeus took a deep breath and exhaled. “Ok, this is what I want you guys to do… First of all, we need to block that door leading to the storage room. Block it so no one will ever get through it again. Then I want cameras set up so we will know when they are here. That way, we can watch and see who knows about this stash when they come after what’s in that room.”

Memphis nodded. “We can cement the door shut. A good four or five inches of quick drying cement isn’t gonna be that easy to get through.”

Zeus stared at him. “You can get it, brother. Have a few of the boys help you load it.” He handed him a credit card. “Take our best truck.”

“I’ll get the cameras set up to watch the entrance, that’s not a problem boss.” Click shrugged.

“Let’s get with it then. I’ll call the sheriff and see if he has any idea who’s in charge now.” Zeus nodded.

“And what do you want us to do?” Lindy asked.

“Just be ready for anything, keep the girls with you, and be alert for anything that could happen,” Zeus told her.

Lindy snorted and said, “Ok, boss man.”

Marty shook her head at Lindy. “Come on, you nut, you can help me put something together to feed the troops.” She called to the little girls as she took Lindy by the arm and escorted them all into the kitchen.

Lindy sat down at the small table and watched the girls playing at a small table in the corner. She raised her curious gaze to Marty. After a few moments, she cleared her throat and asked, “So what’s the story with these guys anyway?”

Marty sighed. “I really don’t know too much about them, I mean other than Sam and another woman named Donna tried to really screw them over. When I first got here, looking for Sam, some biker had tried to kill little Angel in the alley behind the Brother’s bar that they own. I was caught right in the middle of that, as I had to save her from being killed. So finally, they figured out that this Donna person who had been taking care of Angel had actually pushed Angel into that alley.”

Lindy’s mouth popped open in shock. Then she shut it and asked, “Wait…wait. They plotted to kill a little girl?”

Marty nodded. “I think they wanted to end this MC somehow. In any way they could? But what Sam did was just as bad as that. After she moved here, she had thought she could be Zeus’s woman, only problem was at the time Zeus had a woman and a small child. Sam never learned to leave well enough alone, you know that as much as I did. Well, she ended up killing Zeus’s woman and scaring sweet little Angel into not talking for almost two years. They didn’t know it was Sam who’d caused it with her threats and Angel was too scared to tell them what happened. Then Zeus finally booted Sam out, but she never stayed out. She used a couple of those hidden tunnels to come and go as she pleased.”

“So what was her game then? Sneaking in and out of here?” Lindy asked.

“She was supposedly doing what Raggo told her to do. The Dragon’s Breath MC wants the property because Raggo’s great grandfather left something behind here that was worth plenty. His only problem is this MC has lived here for seven years and they aren’t about to move. So now, whoever took over has to find a way to get them out, so they can get to the gold.” She shrugged. “From what I understand, the guys here never knew what the Dragons were really after until just recently. They found the old man’s safe and it was loaded with a bunch of stolen money from banks the old man robbed in the twenties but if Raggo had started using that, he would have gotten hauled in for using funny money. But gold? He could sell that off in no time and have more money than he or that club could ever use in their lifetime. Now that he’s dead, no one really has any idea what the rest of the MC will do.”

Lindy nodded her head slowly as she was now putting the pieces together. “Soooo… Are you with this Zeus character now?” she smirked as she stared at her cousin.

Marty shrugged as her cheeks went pink. “I want to be. I do love him but Sam got here first and that left a bad impression that some of them can’t seem to forget. They hate her real bad and you can’t blame them, she did some wicked stuff to hurt them. So when they look at me, they see her. ”

Lindy snorted. “Yeah, I found that out when the big dumbass showed his discontent with the Shaws.” She shrugged. “It just hit me wrong and I showed him the error of his thinking.”

Marty just grinned and shook her head. “Yeah, Diabolus does seem to have a hard head. When I first came to the clubhouse, I had to show him his attitude would not work with me. He thought that because he’s big and brawny that he could get the better of me. I simply showed him that big and brawny doesn’t always cut it.” Marty paused and turned toward her cousin. “That reminds me, I need to know why he had my knife the night Sam attacked me. We couldn’t find it earlier then when Sam came after me, he tossed it to me.”

Lindy growled. “That big dummy. He damn near cost you your life.”

Marty nodded. “And I don’t think anyone else even noticed.”

Suddenly, the door was thrown open and Zeus walked in on them. “I noticed.” He looked over at Marty. “With everything else that happened we just haven’t had the chance to ask him about it yet. That’s on me honey and I plan to rectify that as soon as things settle down. ”

Lindy snorted. “I’ll bet that’s going to be as effective as telling a kid, wait until your daddy gets home. That approach never works out, boss man.”

“What do you want me to do?” Zeus glared at her.

“Not a damn thing, apparently,” Lindy scoffed.

“Please, just leave it alone.” Marty looked over at Lindy. “It’s over and done with now. I shouldn’t have brought it up. The man has his own ideas about me and no one can change that, except him.” She turned and looked at Zeus. “Just so you know, I got my knife back and I will carry it even inside this clubhouse. If any of your men comes after me, I will protect myself and those two precious little girls.” She turned her back to continue preparing something hot for supper. She was making several loaves of meatloaf, so she went back to mixing the ingredients.

Zeus came over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “You and Lily will be safe here, I promise,” he whispered in her ear.

Marty shook her head. “Don’t make promises you might not be able to keep. I don’t need them or want them. I can take care of us.”

“Just so you know boss man,” Lindy growled. “She isn’t alone anymore. She’s got me here too. I have her back now.”

Zeus nodded. “She has me too. So hopefully you won’t have to do that, if at all.”

Marty turned her head to him and biting her lower lip she suggested, “Maybe you should read through that book you found. If Raggo or his men know about the gold, they could maybe find another way in here.”

Zeus nodded. “Before I go though, was there anywhere else that looked off to you? I mean we found three tunnels but there could be more we haven’t found yet. Someplace where Raggo’s men could get in and we wouldn’t know it.”

The room went strangely silent.

Then they heard a whimper.


Zeus turned toward where the little girls were playing at a small table near the corner and saw that his daughter was looking pale while her eyes were filled with terror.

He rushed over to her followed by Marty. Zeus and Marty squatted in front of Angel.

 “I’m here baby,” Zeus whispered. “Look at me. Please look at me.”

Angel heard his words and slowly turned her head to look at him. Her lips trembled and her eyes filled with tears. “D-Daddy, I’m scared.”

“Of what, baby?” Zeus asked.

 “I can’t tell you.” She swiped at her tears as she shook her head.

“Why can’t you tell me?” Zeus reached out and took her little hand in his.

“When Sam hurt mommy, she came in another way,” Angel finally admitted.

“Can you tell me where?” he asked.

Angel slowly nodded at him. “I can show you where she came in.”

Zeus squeezed her hand gently. “Ok baby, show me.”

Angel looked over at Marty. “Will you come too?”

Marty nodded. “You bet, baby girl.”

They all stood as Marty and Zeus took each of her hands in theirs.

Lindy scooped Lily up to follow them.

 They all walked to the main room.

Angel faltered and gazed around fearfully.

Zeus swung her up into his arms and whispered, “You are safe Angel. Sam won’t ever come back to hurt you or anyone else. You are safe, baby.”

“Where did she come through honey?” Marty asked the scared little girl.

Angel buried her face in her daddy’s shoulder and they could hear her sobbing. She was so scared. Then they heard another little voice sobbing too. Lily was in Lindy’s arms but she was crying as well.

 Marty walked back over to her cousin as she looked concerned about Lily now.

Lily buried her face in Lindy’s shoulder.

“Lily, what are you afraid of?” Marty asked.

Lily shook her head.

“Please tell me what’s wrong?” Marty asked. “Why are you so scared?”

Lily turned her head and stared at her aunt. “Daddy told me that after I got here, all I had to do after everyone went ta sleep was ta unlocks the door.”

Marty stared at her for a moment then she glanced at Zeus and back to Lily. “Unlock the door? The front door or the back door?”

Lily shook her head. “The fireplace door,” she whispered.

“There’s a door in the fireplace?” Zeus asked while looking stunned.

Lily nodded then Angel nodded as well.

Zeus stared at his child. “Where is it?”

“I don’t know,” Angel told him.

Marty looked at Lily. “Do you know where the door is?”

Lily nodded then swallowed hard as she pointed at the bar. “Daddy said I had go behind there. He told me I had ta member … four up and four over. He made me say those words all the time for the last tree days ...” She shrugged her little shoulders. “I was suppose ta press on that spot?”

Marty went over to the fireplace. She went to the right side and found the line of bricks. She measured four up and four over and then she pressed on the brick but nothing happened. She tried the other side closer to the fireplace on the right side and went four up and four over…again nothing happened. She moved to the left side and did the same procedure close to the wood box and again, no movement. Finally, moving to the end closer to the fireplace she went up four and over four. This time when she pressed, the wall shifted slightly. She then looked over her shoulder and stared at Zeus. Turning, she walked over to him. She took Angel from him.

Zeus called out for Click.

Click and Grave Digger came running from down the hall. They had their guns drawn and when they arrived, they looked around and found nothing out of sorts.

“What’s going on Zeus?” Grave Digger asked. On his second time gazing around, he spotted the partially opened brick wall next to the fireplace where Zeus was standing. “Holy shit. Another damn tunnel?”

Zeus nodded. “Angel said this tunnel was the one that Sam came through when Anne died. Then Lily told us Raggo made her memorize how to get the door open.”

“What? So is he gonna come back and haunt us to death?” Grave Digger asked.

Zeus glared at him.

Marty looked at Lily and asked, “Did Raggo say anything else?”

Lily’s tears fell down her face and she shook her head. She held out her arms to Marty.

Marty shifted Angel on her hip then took Lily on her other hip and held them as close as she could. 

After a moment or so, Lily whispered, “Daddy and his friends are not good people. They are coming here ta do something bad.”

Marty held her close and asked her, “Did you hear them say what they were going to do?”

Lily didn’t say anything for what seemed a long time then she whispered, “I heard them say boom a lot and they would laugh and drink. Daddy said they were going to come in here and blow everyone up.”

 “Did he say why?” Marty asked her.

Lily raised her head and stared at her. “They were gonna get the treasure. His grandpa told him bout this place. It had lotsa treasure, then their kids an mommies and daddies would never haveta to work a nudder day. Daddy said he had an old book he found and he was gonna get the treasure. My momma told him the Brothers wasn’t gonna let him do that. He called em a dirty word and mommie said not to say it…but she said he didn’t find the book in time or he woulda bought the house himself.”

“Well, that answers one of our questions,” Grave Digger commented.

Zeus nodded. “I’d say.” He looked over at Marty and Lindy. “Would you ladies take them to the kitchen, please?”

Marty let Angel down and carried Lily, while Lindy took Angel’s hand.

As soon as they were gone, Zeus looked back over at Grave Digger. “I think we need a closer inspection of whether or not Raggo died in that truck this morning.”

Grave Digger narrowed his eyes and stared at his pres. “You think he faked his own death?”

Zeus nodded. “I think that’s exactly what he did. There is no way he would abandon the idea of finding his great grandfather’s gold. I think he just wanted us to think his men took him out. After all, why worry about a dead man coming here to kill us? His men might be stupid enough to charge our front door but Raggo isn’t. I think that while his men are risking their own deaths coming in the front he’s gonna try and sneak in. Raggo is smart enough to have a plan B in case plan A doesn’t work.”

Grave Digger motioned his head at the opened door. “And what do we do about that?”

“Get Captain back in here. I want him to rig a little surprise for Raggo and his friends. He thinks he’s going to blow us up? Well, how about we blow them to hell and back instead?”

Grave Digger smiled and shook his head while he reached for his phone. Captain was their demo specialist as well as their road captain. Digger smiled at the thought of what fun Captain was gonna have with this mission.