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Chapter One


Cobra pulled over to the side of the road. He was on his way back after a trip to Killeen to see how Lola and the baby were doing. For miles now, he had to piss something terrible and he couldn’t wait any longer. He could see the lights of Jasper ahead. So close and yet, so far away. He parked his custom Harley and hopped off, heading for a clump of trees nearby.

Pulling down the zipper of his pants, he soaked the tree and he almost groaned it felt so good. Dammit, he'd left almost too late and it was getting later in the day now. The sun was almost setting and he’d hoped to be back at the clubhouse by this time. He felt glad he was wearing his long sleeve jacket as the early evening air was cooling, since the sun headed down.

Hearing lowered mumbling voices behind him, he zipped up his pants and turned to see what or who was behind him.

There were four young guys standing around his ride, admiring its sleek chrome and fancy appearance.

He began walking toward his bike and assessing the situation. Most of the time, these kind of punks looked but didn’t touch. He frowned at the boldness of these brats. “What’s up guys?” he drawled as he got closer.

One of them seemed to be the leader and it was him, who spoke up, “Nice ride old man.”

“Thanks,” Cobra said ironically.

“Hand over the keys I wanna hear it purr,” he demanded.

Cobra raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think so. Nobody rides this hog but me.”

The punk just glared at him. “I don’t think you heard me, I. Said. Hand over the keys old timer.”

Cobra just stared at him for a moment. This was shit he didn’t need right now. Seemed somebody was looking for trouble. “Go home kid, you don’t want a piece of this.”

 All three of the punks stepped forward to intimidate him.

“Now, old man why you wanna be unfriendly for?” The leader whined a bit. “I just wanna hear the engine. Bet that’s a sweet sound going down the highway when you open it up.” He looked over at his buddies. “Huh Willis, bet that sounds sweet.”

“Yeah Dewey, bet it does.” Willis grinned as he then looked at the third guy. "Right Pete? Be nice to ride it."

Pete nodded then looking over at Cobra, he gave him a belittling look. “But then how fast can an old man ride? That’s a younger man’s game.”

“How fast can you get this beast to go on the open road?” Dewey wanted to know, as they got closer. “Bet someone like me could get it all the way up to top speed, a hundred miles an hour. Man, that would really be flying.”

Cobra paused and clocked the position of where the fourth man was, he still remained close to the bike and didn’t seem to be part of what was going on here. This seemed to be a hijacking but Cobra wasn’t going to just let it happen. He leaned back on his heels and glared at the three of them. “Now boys, are you sure you wanna mess with me?”

Dewey and Willis and Pete all looked at each other then burst out laughing.

“Yea, we’re sure old man," Dewey smirked. "We’re younger, stronger and smarter than you. That bike would bring a sweet price to us and you won’t need it where you’re going. Why shouldn’t we profit?”

Cobra shook his head. “Didn’t your daddy ever teach you not to take what doesn't belong to you?”

“My daddy didn’t teach me a damn fucking thing.” Willis growled.

“Not my fault kid.” Cobra shook his head.

“Not my fault either, you old bastard.” Willis snapped.

Dewey was on top of him before he knew it and his fist shot out and connected with Cobra’s jaw.

The hit caused his head to turn a bit as pain exploded along his jawline. Cobra shook it off and glared at the little bastard, then he took a second or two to spit some blood out. Cobra’s fist shot out and returned the punch.

Dewey staggered back and had such a look of surprise and pain on his face it was almost funny.

Cobra threw up his arm when he saw Willis throw his fist, he blocked it then threw a punch in the other kid’s direction.

“You fucker.” Willis wiped the blood off his mouth. “You fucking hit me!”

“You hit me first kid.” Cobra growled as he faced the three of them. “Now get the fuck out of here before I really get pissed.”

“I’m gonna beat you into the ground,” Dewey warned him.

Both Willis, Dewey and Pete rushed toward him and Cobra defended himself. One on one, it would have worked but these three punks gave as good as they got. Cobra was holding his own until Willis pulled out a billy club from his back pocket and began using the lead club, instead of his fists to beat Cobra with. Then Willis got a good shot to the back of his head with the club and Cobra went down hard. Pete was still pummeling him as he staggered back.

The fourth kid had rushed over about this time to possibly help, but when Cobra went down, he dragged him down as well. The kid then somehow was able to push the old man off him.

 Cobra rolled flat on his back. 

The kid got to his feet and backed away as he watched as the other three continued their attack.


Willis hit him with the club a couple more times while Dewey kicked his ribs again and again. Pete stood back and laughed.

When they finished, the biker wasn’t moving. Dewey, Pete and Willis were bloody and bruised when they finally stopped.

“Fucking hell.” Pete shook his head. “That old bastard almost took both of us out.”

"Yeah man, his fists felt like they were made of iron," Willis agreed as he swiped the blood from his nose.

Dewey snapped his head over at Danny. “Why didn’t you join in, you pussy?”

Danny glared at them. “I told you I wanted nothing to do with this. You want to rip off the man’s ride that’s on you. I just didn't want you to kill him. We could go up for murder! I’m not going down for grand theft auto either. I am so out of here.”

“Then you won’t share in the sale!” Dewey snarled.

Danny ignored him and stomped away in the growing darkness. He walked over to his own ride and threw his leg over his smaller bike. He started up the engine and drove away. When he was far enough to where he knew they couldn’t see him. He turned around and as he got closer, he shut down the engine, and walked the bike back to watch what his so-called friends were doing.

Dewey was digging into the older man's pockets for the keys to the bike.

It had been a nice ride. He knew enough about bikes to know this ride was custom built. He also knew the parts alone would bring a good price but one look at that big biker had told him not to mess with the man.

There was just something about him that told Danny he wouldn’t make a good enemy. Now he felt glad he hadn’t taken part in the jacking. Ivy blue would have his ass in a sling if she had police at her door one more time. He stayed where he was to watch the three guys.

Dewey finally held up a set of keys. They went over to the bike and Dewey threw his leg over the beast of a bike. He turned the key and the engine roared to life. Pete and Willis laughed as they listened to the powerful engine.

He watched as they drove the bike away.

Willis was on his own bike and Pete rode Dewey’s as he had ridden bitch when they got here.

Sighing, Danny knew there was nothing he could do here now.

He rode back to the house he shared with his sister. Danny just hoped that biker would wake up soon and get home okay.

When got to the small house, he opened the door, he saw his sister Ivy Blue sitting on the sofa with her two dogs, Zeus and Athena. The dogs took up most of the sofa as Ivy wasn’t a very big person but the dogs were huge. Zeus was a German Shepherd and Athena was a boxer. They were also Ivy’s protectors and the neighbors all knew not to mess with her because of the dogs.

While Danny was only seventeen and Ivy was twelve years older than he was, she had been taking care of him since their parents ran out on them five years ago. Their parents had been hippies back in the day and they hadn’t grown out of that mentality yet. They’d still rather sit around while getting high than take responsibility.

Their parents had instilled in them running away from their problems was sometimes easier than facing them head on. She hated growing up with them as role models. She was twelve when their mom had Danny, she had gotten out of their nomad kind of life the first moment she could. Then five years ago, her parents came through, found her living in Jasper, and foisted her brother on her. They told her they just couldn’t take care of him anymore and now it was her turn to do it.

Then ended up arguing most of the night and when she finally got tired of the whole mess and went to bed it didn’t really surprise her when she woke up the next morning her parents were gone and they had left Danny behind. She also found she was missing several hundred dollars she needed to pay her rent in three days’ time as well.

Now, he and his sister were living paycheck to paycheck but the burden was getting easier to deal with. Danny threw his keys on the counter and went into the living room.

Ivy looked up at him and studied him for a moment. “What’s going on?” she finally asked.

Danny shrugged. “Not much.”

Suddenly, one of the dogs jumped down from the couch and walked over to him, Zeus sniffed his jeans and began to growl.

Ivy frowned and watched the dog’s reaction, she then stared at her brother. “What is going on Danny?”

“Nothing,” he insisted. He felt a little nervous as he pushed Zeus away from his leg. “There’s nothing going on. It’s fine.” He got up and stalked off to his bedroom muttering, “You never trust me.”


Ivy Blue watched as he disappeared and slammed the door behind him. She looked over at Zeus and shook her head. “What did you scent on him boy?” She reached over and began scratching Zeus’s ears.

When she heard the shower running she looked down the hall with worry in her eyes. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, but he was just a kid and growing up the way they did, the Decker family didn’t always make the right decisions sometimes.

Two years ago, her dad had called her looking for a place to chill for the night but Ivy Blue had told him in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome. She had no time or money for him to steal since he hadn’t even bothered checking on their children for five years.

Thankfully, over the last five years, since Danny had been with her they had gotten close as siblings. She had been trying to teach him the right and wrong of things but she wasn’t sure he was listening to her.

Tonight, something just seemed off about him and she didn’t know what it was. She just hoped it wouldn’t involve the police making a late night call this time. She got up and locked the front door, turning off the lights as she made her way to her bedroom.

Ivy Blue paused while staring at Danny’s door and couldn’t help but worry just a little bit about what might be going on with him this time.


Cobra groaned and tried to open his eyes. His whole body hurt and he was freezing. He knew he shouldn’t be cold, this was Texas after all, but he felt chilled right down to his bones. Then he remembered the punks beating him and the one kid having a lead club.

Even breathing hurt at the moment. He could feel the blood on his face drying and cracking as he tried again to open his eyes. He got them open a little bit but they wouldn’t stay open without his head splitting with such fierce pain, so he shut them and groaned.

He tried to turn over on his side but the pain got to be too much. He slipped back into unconsciousness with barely a moan.

After a bit, he tried to get awake again, he saw the area around him light up as a car approached the intersection near where he laid in the long grass. The darkness of the night shadows must have hid him well and the car disappeared down the street. Red lights fading as the vehicle turned the next corner.

Cobra’s eyes again closed as his breathing slowed down and his heart began slowing down. Each beat was a little longer until the next one and his breath was a little slower in coming as his body grew colder the longer he laid there in the tall grass.


Chapter Two

Ivy Blue had been fast asleep when her door was flung open and her dogs woke up barking and growling. She sat up in bed and screamed as she grabbed the bat at the side of her bed and started swinging.
“Ouch, Ivy Blue stop!” Danny called out. “I’m not here to hurt you. Call off the beasts.”

Ivy Blue paused with her bat and just stared at her brother. “What the hell are you thinking Danny? I could have hurt you.”

“You did hurt me sis.” He glared at her. “You swing a mean bat.”

“What are you doing busting in here at…” She turned her head and looked at the clock. “…three in the morning?”

Danny sat down on the edge of the bed. “I have to tell you something. And I’m not exactly sure how to say it.”

“Just say it,” Ivy Blue told him. “It probably isn’t as bad as you think, so just say it.”

“I was with Dewey, Pete and Willis earlier tonight and they did something.” He picked at the bed sheet. “Something bad.”

“What did they do?” Ivy Blue asked with a load of dread in her voice. “And what’s it got to do with you?”

“They were prowling for something to steal and we came across this wicked bike. Completely custom and boy, was it sweet. The only problem was it already had a rider. He was taking a leak along the side of the road when we pulled up. He was an older guy and Dewey ordered him to turn over the keys, so they could hear the engine purr.”

Ivy felt a hollow spot in her gut. “And did he?”

“Hell, no.” Danny shook his head. “He told the boys to go home. Dewey, Pete and Willis started beating on him and the old man gave as good as he got.”

“Well, that’s a good thing.”

Danny shook his head. “Then Willis had to fucking cheat. He drew a billy club and beat the man half to death with it.”

Ivy Blue leaned forward and grabbed her brother’s shirt. “And you let it happen? What the everlovin’ fuck Danny?” She fell back against the headboard. “How could you do that?”

Danny got to his feet and began to pace. “I got scared okay? Haven’t you ever been scared?”

“Yeah Danny.” She nodded. “I’ve been scared before. So what happened to this older man?”

Danny shook his head. “They left him lying in the grass. I don’t know if he’s dead or alive by now.”

Ivy pushed the covers off her legs and turned her back to pull on her clothes.

“What are you going to do?” Danny wanted to know.

“You and I are going to check it out if this man is dead or alive. If he’s still alive we have t  help him.”

“And if he’s dead?” Danny asked. “What do we do then?”

“Then for once in your life, you’re going to do the right thing. You can go to the police and tell them what happened tonight.”

“Dewey and them will kill me, you know that right?” he asked

“Not if the police catch them first.” Ivy Blue huffed. “Now come on, let’s find your man and figure out whatever comes next.”


 Danny drove her small car back to the place they had jumped the old biker and when he parked the car he looked over at the last place he saw the old man. He motioned toward the area. “He’s over there. I don’t know if he’s dead or alive but if he’s still alive, it probably won’t be for very long.”

Ivy Blue opened the car door and ordered, “Come on then let’s go find out.” She grabbed the flashlight and they both made their way to where Danny saw the old man fall. The light showed the bare outline of a bigger man and Ivy Blue dropped to her knees. She almost gagged when she shone the light on his body. He’d been beaten pretty bad and he was covered in various stages of drying blood. She raised her hand to cover her mouth as she looked up at her brother. “What the bloody hell did they do to him? And why did you just stand there and let them do it?”

“He was holding his own until Willis brought out that fucking club,” Danny protested. He looked down at the unconscious man. “Is he still alive?”

Ivy Blue reached out and touched his cold skin. She searched his neck and found a weak pulse and she sagged for a moment. Looking up at her brother she said, “Yeah, he’s still alive. Come on we have to get him home where we can take care of him.”

“Can’t we just call an ambulance and have him taken to the hospital?” Danny wanted to know. “He needs more help than you can give him.”

Ivy Blue glared at him. “Yeah, we can call an ambulance for him but then you have to wait for the police and tell them what happened to him.”

Danny shook his head. “No way, I can’t do that.”

“Then help me get him back to the house and I can take care of him. One or the other, but you aren’t walking away with this. For once in your life, you will face this.” She growled. “Be the man you want so badly to be.”

Danny glared at her for a moment then bent over and grabbed the older man’s shoulders. “Grab his feet, he said as they barely lifted Cobra off the ground.

They walked him over to the car and stuffed him in the backseat.

As Danny drove back to their house, he kept an eye on the body in the back. He thought he heard the large man groan when they hit a pothole but he parked the car, turned and stared at him. He could barely see the man’s chest rise and fall and it took them a while to get him inside the house. Ivy had Danny carry him into her bedroom and they flopped him down on her bed.

The dogs watched then sniffed at the new body. Zeus laid down and wouldn’t move as Ivy Blue rolled up her sleeves and sorted out what she had to do next. She ordered Danny to strip off his bloody clothes and remove his boots. She went to the kitchen to get some supplies and when she returned, Danny had stripped off the man’s outer clothing and thrown it on the floor. He looked pale as he sat on the bed.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked as she set a bowl of warm water on the table.

Danny didn’t say a word but held up a leather vest. “I found this under his jacket.”

Ivy Blue took it from him and held it up. It was a biker’s cut, complete with patches and one of those patches said President, Cobra. Another one said Soldiers of Hades, Hondo Texas. She sat down on the bed hard. “Holy shit,” she whispered as she looked over at her brother.

“What the hell are we gonna do sis?” Danny asked her quietly. “If he dies and they find out we had anything to do with it, they will hunt us down and kill us.”

“Hondo is a long ways away from here,” Ivy Blue told him.

“But bikers like him don’t travel alone,” Danny informed her. “There has to be more of them in town and when he doesn’t come back, they will start looking for him.”

“Then we have to make sure he lives, no matter what.” Ivy glared at him. “At least, you don’t have his bike.”

Danny paled. “Dewey and Willis do though.”

“Then let his friends go after them.” She nodded firmly. “It would serve those fools right, if they caught them with it. It would teach them a lesson too.” She patted Danny’s leg. “Come on, you can help me clean him up. First, we have to wash the blood off him to see just how bad the damage is. “

She turned to the man and could see the goosebumps on his chest and arms. She reached out and touched his skin. It was cooler than it ought to be. “We have to move quickly and get him warm again. He could be going into shock and that might end up killing him if his body core temp gets too low.”

Both she and Danny worked together and they had him cleaned up in no time. The man had a vicious cut over his left eye and she carefully taped gauze over it. Giving him almost a pirate’s patch. She had checked both his pupils' reaction to light and his eyes didn’t react like they should have. She figured he had a bad concussion.

She checked the back of his head and found a pretty good sized lump back there as well. She lowered the light level and piled on the blankets when she was done. She looked up at Danny who was sitting there staring at the other man. “That’s all we can do for now. Now, we have to wait until his core temp is level again and he tries to wake up, so he can tell us how he’s doing.”

“What is the worst of the damage in your opinion?” Danny asked.

“The concussion,” she replied without hesitation. “He’ll be out of it for a while, how long depends on how bad his concussion is, once we get him warm again.” She looked Danny over and she could see he was tired. “Why don’t you go back to bed? I can watch over him from here.”

Danny looked over at the window and took note the sun was coming up. Suddenly, the adrenaline wore off and he was extremely tired. “Yeah, ok.  I’m going to bed. You should get some sleep too.”

Ivy Blue watched as Danny stumbled from her room and went down the hall. She checked on the man once more and then laid down beside him on the bed. Pulling the blanket up around his shoulders, she couldn’t help but admire his body. He  didn’t have the body of a younger man anymore but wow, he was something else.

His skin was layered in pure muscle and it looked tanned from years of being exposed to the sun but it wasn’t the leathery kind of exposed to the sun type. His chest was wide and his shoulders were broad. He was covered in tattoos and while she didn’t usually like tats, they seem to fit him somehow.

His hair was dark but had a unique red tone to it and she’d never seen that color before. He wore it on the longer side and it had streaks of grey in it, the same as his facial hair. His beard was trimmed nicely but again, it was a salt and pepper color. Red with grey. For an older guy, he wasn’t bad looking.

She knew his eyes were different. They were almost a violet not a blue, brown or green. She hadn’t really paid that much attention to the color when she tried to determine if he had a concussion or not.

There wasn’t much room as it was a full size bed and the injured man was more in the middle than on his own side but she felt so tired she would make it work.

She closed her eyes and stretched her body out next to his. She had to face him as that was her position to sleep in and the last thing she saw was the contours of his bare chest. Reaching out, she brushed her fingertips over his chest. She could feel his muscles, the dips and valleys of his chest. The fine hairs on his chest gave him a texture that she’d never thought about before. She smiled as she realized she liked the way he felt under her fingertips. She liked him just fine. Closing her eyes she was fast asleep in minutes.

 Pressed up against him, Ivy shared her body heat. A few minutes later, Zeus jumped up on the bed and he laid on the other side. The bed was full but Athena jumped up there as well and laid her body across Cobra’s feet.

With all four of them in such close proximity, the coldness he’d had before began to leave as his large body warmed. His heartbeat got a little stronger and his lungs began to recover. One of his ribs was fractured but it wasn’t broken even from where Willis had smacked him in the chest with the billy club.

It took a while but Cobra’s body warmed again. When his body core temperature leveled out, his body began the long process of healing. He was past the danger zone and Ivy Blue didn’t know it yet, but she had saved his life.



Chapter Three


Cobra awoke from his stupor around mid-morning. He finally felt warm again, but when he tried to open his eyes, pain assaulted him and he groaned. He felt something move to his left and then something sniffed his head. Wait a minute… Sniffed his head? He tried to open his eyes for a second time and when he cracked his eyes open, he saw the face of a huge dog lying on the bed next to him. He knew he shouldn’t move unless he wanted the dog to attack him, so he laid very still.

He tried to figure out where he was but nothing made sense to him. The last thing he remembered was arguing with three punks about his bike and hitting the cool damp grass after being smacked in the head with a Billy club.

Getting his eyes to open further, he saw he was in a bedroom in a house somewhere. The dog to his left was still sniffing him and when Cobra looked down, he found himself looking at bare skin. Someone had undressed him? He looked toward his feet where he felt a heaviness he couldn’t identify. Oh great, another large dog laid across his feet.

Where the fucking hell am I anyway?

He turned his head to his right and he wouldn’t have been surprised to find yet another dog. He was both pleased and disturbed to find a young woman. Pleased to find she had shoulder length brown hair but he couldn’t see her eyes as she was sleeping at the moment. Cobra felt a bit disturbed to know that she had brought him here without his consent or knowledge. Wherever here was.

Then he realized she had her hand on his chest and Cobra had to wonder why that didn’t bother him like it usually did. When Nora left him so many years ago, he felt betrayed by a woman’s touch. For five years, he couldn’t stand a woman to touch him, muchless caress him. He was mistaken in his belief that her hand had killed his brother.

Even after she was dead, he could barely stand a female touching his skin. It was only recently after he found out the truth about Nora that he’d begun to notice women again. Now he found himself in bed with one without the pleasure of fucking her first.

Cobra frowned. Then slowly looked around the room. She had tried to make the place livable but not even this could change what this room was. Poor quality, the walls were painted a bright enough color but he could see the walls were old and dingy underneath. Turning his head, he could see a window in front of the bed but of the nine separate panes two of them were cracked. Not broken but cracked, nonetheless. He could feel the cool breeze coming through the cracks.

The floors, what he could see of them were clean but most of the flooring not covered by area rugs was stained and badly in need of replacing. Then he carefully laid his head back down on the pillow. Pain washed over him in waves and he had to close his eyes again. He groaned but could do nothing more than that as he slipped back into unconsciousness.


Ivy Blue woke up when the man next to her groaned. She sat up quickly and checked him over carefully. She couldn’t tell if he’d opened his eyes or not, but she did feel he was warm again and his color looked better. She felt glad it was the weekend and she had at least two days off, so she could take care of him properly. At least, she could give him that much.

She got out of bed as carefully as she could and walked down the hall to the bathroom. After she finished, she looked in on her brother and found him still sleeping.

She shook her head, so much for him being so worried about their guest. Walking back to the kitchen, she made a pot of coffee. When it was done, she poured herself a cup and walked back to her bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed and studied her guest closely. She figured he was close to a man her father’s age but she noted, he had taken considerable better care of himself than her father had. He didn’t have the dreaded middle age belly or sagging muscles so many men of his age had. His body was still in its prime.

While Ivy sat looking at him, she started thinking. There might be a little snow on the roof but the walls were still strong. She giggled to herself. Not only that but he didn’t smell old. After she washed the blood off him, his own aroma returned and as they slept, it calmed her greatly.

The touch of his skin was soothing to her and the few hours of sleep she’d gotten she was beginning to realize were the best she’d had in a very long time.

Her gaze now landed on his face and she noticed his eyes were open just a crack but they were open. She got up slowly, went to the kitchen and poured another cup of coffee.

When she returned his eyes followed her but the man didn’t say a word.

She set the cup down on the table next to her bed and snapped her fingers for Zeus and Athena to move.

Zeus jumped down off the bed slowly, so as not to jolt Cobra, Athena crawled down as well and both sat waiting while she helped raise the man up without causing too much pain.

She had wrapped his ribs after cleaning him up, so she had to be careful because she’d seen his bruises from the fight. Next, she placed a second pillow behind his shoulder.

 Cobra closed his eyes and waited for the pain to subside some before he looked at her again. “Who the hell are you and where the hell am I?” He growled.

Ivy Blue sat down on the edge of the bed facing him and handed him the coffee. “My name is Ivy Blue. My brother and I brought you here after the fight you got into last night.”

“Four little ass punks.” Cobra growled. Then he remembered something that had gone down the night before. “Your brother, was he the one on the bike? The only one of the four that didn’t beat me half to death?”

She nodded.

With a sigh, he sipped his coffee. He groaned as the flavorful brew slid down his throat. Then he leaned back against the headboard. Looking her in the eyes he asked, “They take my ride?”

Ivy Blue nodded.  As much as she wanted to defend her brother, she also wanted to defend his actions and not bring him into this. What happened next was between Danny and this man.

She hung her head low and whispered, “He didn’t tell me for a couple of hours after what happened. As soon as he did though, we went to find you. We brought you back here and cleaned you up. I’m sorry he was involved in all of this.”

Cobra sipped his coffee but didn’t say anything. He was in no shape to even defend himself right now, let alone do anything to anyone. “Your brother lives with you?”

She nodded.

“Where are your parents?” he asked. “Your brother seems a little on the younger side not to be living with them instead of you.”

Ivy Blue scoffed while thinking about her selfish, hippy parents but didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to have to tell him anything but she did tell him this much, “My family is none of your business mister.”

Cobra’s eyes narrowed at her tone but he didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Then he said, “My road name is Cobra not mister.”

She nodded then got up. She saw his cut and figured that had to be his name. Reaching for his empty cup, she told him, “You should try and rest some more. You’ll feel better and later, you can call someone to pick you up.”

“You kicking me out already?” He couldn’t explain it but he almost felt hurt by her rejection.

Ivy nodded. “I’m sure you got friends that are worried about you and I don’t need them coming around here. My landlord doesn’t want us bringing trouble down on him.”

Cobra snorted and looked around the place. “I don’t know what you pay every month but I’m pretty sure it's too much for this dump.”

She hung her head, speaking softly through her shame, “Yeah well, when you can only find part time work, you do what you have to do.”

Then she walked out the door closing it quietly behind her leaving Cobra feeling the bite of her words.

Cobra laid his head against the headboard and closed his eyes in disgust. Not at her but at himself. It was like he kicked her in the teeth without meaning to.

He slid down and got comfortable in the bed and looked over at the dogs still waiting. “Well I guess I blew that, didn’t I? Damn…” He started to shake his head but when the pain returned, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


By late afternoon. Jett, Thor and Gunner swung their legs over their bikes and looked at one another.

“He’s a day late. Lola said he left yesterday in plenty of time to get home before dark,” Gunner said.

“We all know what his bike looks like, it shouldn't be too hard to find if it's in town.” Jett shared.

Thor shook his head. “This is so unlike Cobra. He always lets someone know where he is, even if he stopped somewhere along the way to meet a woman.”

“Have you tried his phone?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Yeah, it's turned off but that doesn’t make any sense either,” Thor stated. “He never shuts it down, especially now since Lola is pregnant. He just wouldn’t do that.”

Gunner looked up and saw several other brothers sitting on their bikes waiting for the order to look for the missing man. He nodded at the troops and commanded, “Ok, we go two by two and if we find him, we let the others know.”

Everyone left the compound.

Jett and Thor rode off together. An hour and a half later, they rounded the corner near an auto repair shop and Thor pulled up short.

Jett scooted past him then swung around and parked next to him. Looking over at his brother he asked, “Why did you stop so short?”

Thor nonchalantly nodded at the open bay in the repair shop. “Does that bike look familiar to you?” he asked as his eyes were fixated on the bike in question.

Jett snapped his head around to glare at the shop doors. His eyes widened at the sight of Cobra’s bike sitting just inside the bay doors. “Fuck me,” he whispered.

Thor nodded. “And you know as well as I do, Cobra would never bring his ride to a place like this.” He reached for his phone and called in his position to Gunner. Shutting down his phone, he pushed it back into his pocket and

They both sat on their rides and stared at the shop.

A few minutes later, they heard more bikes coming their way and then suddenly, there were ten bikes all around them.

Gunner followed their line of sight and sucked in his breath. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

“You know this place Gunner?” Jett asked with a growl.

“Yeah I know who owns it,” Gunner admitted. “Joel is an honest business man usually but he has a pig of a little brother. Henry is always looking for a get rich quick way of doing business and his kid Dewey is the same way. Cops caught him last month trying to boost a car.”

“The kid didn’t go to jail?” Patriot asked.

Gunner shook his head. “Joel and Henry have a third brother Peter who’s on the police force, he smoothed things over and no charges were filed.”

“Well let's go find out about the bike.” Jett snarled. “Lets see what they have to say about this.” Gunner, Thor, Patriot and Jett started their engines and drove across the street right into the shop. They parked in the bay next to Cobra’s bike.

The men all got off their bikes.

 Gunner and Thor checked out Cobra’s ride to see if everything was still good on it. They noticed a few new scratches but otherwise it looked okay.

 A few men were working and noticed the bikers, as a young teenage boy came out of the shop office with an older man.

The older man looked nervous about the confrontation. “Can I help you guys?”

“I need to know where you got this bike,” Jett growled as he turned to face the pair.

“It belongs to me.” The younger of them said as he glared at Jett.

“Why do I doubt that very much?” Jett drawled as he turned to look at the kid. “Where is the owner?”

“I told you I own the bike, free and clear.” The kid bluffed.

“When did you get it? And from who?” Thor wanted to know.

“I don’t have to tell you shit man. Ain’t none of your business.”

Gunner looked at him for a moment then looked over at Joel. “This is stolen property and if its owner isn’t alive anymore, cuz I know he wouldn’t give this bike away to a kid, this kid is gonna be in big trouble, you hear me?”

Joel paled and nodded slowly. “Dewey, you best be telling these men what they want to know.”

“I don’t have to tell him shit.” Dewey growled.

“Tell him you little punk!” Joel nearly screamed at the kid. “This is one mistake you can’t hide. If you did something to the owner, you best tell them or there won’t be enough of you left for your dad to bury.”

“Where is he kid?” Gunner asked.

 He and Jett walked toward Dewey.

Everyone standing there watching, backed away from the bikers.

Dewey began to sweat a bit but he tried to be tough. “I bought it three weeks ago from a guy over in Tyler.”

Jett stepped forward and grabbed the kid by the shirt, pulling him closer. “Where’s your bill of sale?”

Dewey gulped then whispered his next lie, “Didn’t get one.”

 “Wrong answer punk.” Jett hefted him a bit higher off the ground. “You need a bill of sale to get the bike registered fool. Now, where the fuck is Cobra?”

“Who is Cobra?” Dewey wanted to know. He was beginning to shake now as he knew the game was up.

Gunner took note of the bruises on the kid's face and knuckles. He could almost guess what happened. “How many of you were there?”

“What are you talking about?” Dewey frowned as he turned his frightened gaze to him.

“He asked you how many of you little bastards did it take to put him down?” Jett got right in the kid’s face. He could smell his fear now.

“Joel, you’d better tell us what we want to know or it will be that much worse for you,” Gunner told the older man.

“ I have no idea what went down last night,Gunner.” Joel shook his head. “Dewey brought the bike in looking for a quick sale. I told him no deal, that it's a custom bike and I knew it didn’t belong to him. I just knew it.” He glared over at Dewey. “You better tell them what they want to know and beg for mercy, kid.”

“How many of you little bastards did it take?” Jett repeated his earlier question.

 Dewy was silent for a full minute.

Jet lifted him completely off the ground by his t-shirt.

Dewey now looked good and scared as he blurted out,“Four, there were four of us there but Willis had his lead billy club with him! He knocked the old man out, not me. All I wanted was the keys. That old man thought he was tougher than we were. We had to show him different. That’s all!” he cried out as he faced the wrath of Jett and three other angry looking bikers.

Gunner and the men all looked at each other.

For the first time, they were truly scared for their man, Cobra.


Chapter Four


Thor got on his phone and called for someone to bring a truck from the compound.

After twenty minutes, they had the bike loaded into the truck. Jett zip tied Dewey’s hands behind his back and tossed him into the backseat.

“You can’t do this, its kidnapping!” Dewey screamed as he struggled against his bindings.

“Shut up kid.” Jett growled. “We’ll let you go as soon as you tell us what happened to Cobra and where you left him. The quicker you talk, the quicker this will be over for you.”

Joel watched the proceedings and wrung his hands with worry. He knew Henry wouldn’t be pleased but at the moment there was nothing he could do. Gunner and his boys were law abiding citizens but he wasn’t sure the others were. He did know he wouldn’t want to go up against the bikers. This situation wasn’t going to sit well with either of his brothers and as usual, they would put the blame on him.

Dewey looked at his uncle and even Joel could see the fear on his face.

“Call my dad and Uncle Pete, Uncle Joel. Call them before they take me away.”

“Shut up kid.” Gunner growled. “It's not our fault you refused to talk to us and answer a few questions.” Then he turned to Joel and asked, “How old is he?”

“He just turned eighteen the day before yesterday,” Joel replied. “Why?”

“Just needed to know if we were dealing with a kid or an adult. Hell, he’s old enough to know better at any rate.” Gunner shook his head. “Didn’t his daddy ever teach him not to touch what didn’t belong to him?”

Joel shook his head. “His dad never taught him anything, that's why he is the way he is.”

“Well, it's never too late for the lessons to commence.” Gunner nodded.

“What do I tell my brothers?” Joel asked hesitantly.

“Tell them paybacks a bitch.” Gunner swung his leg over his bike. “Who else was with him last night? It would be easier if we knew now rather than later.”

“Willis, Pete and Danny,” Joel offered finally.

Gunner nodded. “I know the little punks, although I’m a little surprised by Danny being involved.”

Joel shook his head. “Dewey said he just stood there and watched. He called the kid a pussy for not helping.”

“What the fuck did he say happened exactly?” Jett paused and looked over.

Joel paused because earlier he said he didn’t know anything but he quickly thought better and began telling what Dewey told him went down, “Said they were out cruising when they saw Cobra’s bike parked along the road. They stopped and interrupted him answering nature’s call and Dewey asked him for the keys. He wanted to hear the engine but Cobra disrespected him by telling him to go home. Dewey being Dewey took the first swing and your man Cobra gave it right back. Willis, Pete and Dewey returned the favor and when they were losing, Willis brought out his billy club. Things went downhill for your buddy after that. When he was out for the count, they left him there and took his bike anyway.”

“Where did all this go down?” Thor wanted to know.

Joel shook his head. “Dewey never said.”

“Well, don’t worry about your nephew,” Gunner assured him. “We won’t hurt him too bad. We aren’t looking for blood at least not right now. We just need to find Cobra.”

“I hope you find him before anything happens to hm.” Joel sighed.

“You mean other than being beat half to death and left exposed to the elements without medical help?” Gunner growled.

You know I have to call my brothers right?” Joel asked.

Gunner nodded. “You tell them not to interfere or blood will be spilled. They have a 50 / 50 chance of it being their own.” Gunner kicked the starter and any words from Joel would have been drowned out by the growl of the engine.

Joel stood there and watched as the entire cavalcade moved down the road and back to the compound. He reached for his phone and dialed his brother’s number. He hated doing it but it had to be done.


Danny got up just a bit after  noon and stumbled into the kitchen. When he saw Ivy standing there he asked, “How is the big guy doing today?”

“He woke up earlier, seemed to know what he should know, so I think he’ll be okay.” Ivy Blue then noticed his clothes. “Are you going out?”

Danny nodded. “I need to talk to Dewey. He was a little cray, cray last night but now, he’s had a chance to settle down. He needs to return that bike before anyone realizes it's gone.”

“It might be too late for that,” Ivy reminded him.

“Then we have to hope the bikers are willing to trade then huh?” Danny suggested.

“Trade? Trade what?” Ivy grumbled. “You got nothing to trade with.”

“Sure we do.” Danny nodded. “We got him, don’t we?”

Ivy just stared at her brother in shock. “You can’t be serious? They will seriously fuck you up if you try something stupid like that.”

“I’m not the stupid one that got us into this mess,” Danny grumbled. “Hell, it's not like we wouldn’t have let him go anyway. This way, we all get out with our skin still attached.”

Ivy Blue just watched her brother leave the house. She couldn’t believe his attitude. Shaking her head, she could see traces of their father in him and that sadly shook her to the core.


Danny hurried over to Dewey’s house. He pulled over when he got closer and found Dewey’s dad outside talking to the police. He recognized the officer as being Dewey’s uncle and the two men were arguing hotly. He parked his bike and got closer to see if he could hear what the two men were arguing about.

“I don’t give a shit who these men think they are!” Henry shouted. “I want my son back.”

“Well, the little bastard shouldn’t have fucked up last night then huh?” Complained Peter. “I warned you the last time you needed a tighter leash on the kid and you just turned your back on me, well this may be one scrape I can’t get him out of.”

“What about the other boys that were there? Willis, Pete and Danny?” Henry growled.

“They picked up Willis and Pete already,” Peter told his brother. “None of the boys know where Danny lives, so they don’t have him yet.”

“Did you find the old biker?”

“No, there’s no sign of him where Dewey said they left him, so he could be anywhere by now.”

Henry snorted. “We need to find the old bastard. We can trade him to get the boys back.”

“And if he’s dead already?” Peter asked. “What do we do then?”

Henry stepped right up and fully stared his brother down. “I said we would trade him for the boys, I never said anything about him breathing when we traded him back.”

Danny froze for a moment. He couldn’t believe what Henry just said. He knew he had to get out of here and stay hidden until this was over. He didn’t dare let Henry or Peter find him and he didn’t want to think about the bikers finding him or Ivy either.

When he got blocks away, he gave Ivy Blue a call. When she answered the phone, he told her, “You need to get the biker out of the house and hide him. He can’t go back to his MC right now. Henry and Peter Crowley are looking for him and they plan to trade him for Dewey, Willis and Pete.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Ivy Blue asked.

“They plan on trading his body back,” Danny told her.

“What?” she gasped.

“You heard me. Sort of a, this is what you get when you fuck with us gift.”

“What about you?”

“Me?” Danny snorted. “I’m gone. I’m leaving the city for a while. At least until this mess dies down. Dad called me the other day and said he’s close so maybe I’ll join him for a while. You stay hidden as well. Don’t let them get you, they will not be nice.”

His words broke Ivy Blue’s heart. “Damn you Danny. You’re running away again, aren’t you?”

“Sis, I can’t stay and risk them finding me. You’ll be okay. They aren’t after you. You didn’t have anything to do with this. They can’t hurt me if they can’t find me.” He paused then said, “Sis I love you but I’m not the strong man you think I am. I’m more like Dad than you realize. I tried I really did but I’m just not you. It’s time you realized that. Time we both did and just get on with it. I’ll be back someday.”


“Don’t bother finding me again, if you leave me now. I won’t be there for you anymore,” Ivy Blue whispered as she hung up the call. She sat there for a moment then wiped the tears from her cheeks and got to her feet. She didn’t know how much time she had to find another place but she knew she had to get Cobra out of here and safe. She wouldn’t let Henry or Peter Crowley use him to free the boys.

She got moving and threw some things into a bag. She might not be able to come back here again, but she couldn’t take more than she could carry. She could kill her brother right now but that wouldn’t help her at the moment.

She carried the bags out to her car then returned for Cobra. She didn’t think he was strong enough to move far if at all, but she wasn’t going to leave him here to die either. She opened the door to her bedroom and found him asleep on the bed. Both dogs were laying on either side of him.

She busied herself getting his clean clothes set up and then she woke him up. “Come on big guy, we got to move quickly.”

“What the fuck are you blathering about. I’m tired. Let me sleep,” Cobra grumbled.

“Sorry big guy, no can do.” She bent over and tried to get him into a sitting position.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Cobra growled.

“Trying to keep you alive you big bastard. Now come on, I can’t do this by myself.” She snarled at him.

“Just tell me why,” he commanded.

“You know the boys that beat you up last night?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Yeah well apparently, your MC brothers found them earlier today and took them hostage. Dewey’s dad found out and is planning on using you to trade for his son.”

“What's wrong with that?” Cobra wanted to know. “I doubt it will happen but that’s another story.”

“No you bastard, you don’t understand. He’ll trade you for Dewey but when it comes down to it, he plans to trade your body for his son. Sort of a fuck with me and I’ll fuck you right back kind of deal. We have to get you out of here and contact your friends before he finds us.”

“Where is your brother? He can help me better than you can,” Cobra grumbled.

“Danny is in the wind.”

“What? What did you say?” Cobra glared at her with a look in his eyes that didn’t bode well for Danny.

“Never mind that right now,” Ivy Blue griped. “We got to go.” She called the dogs off the bed and pushed the covers down. She blushed at the sight of his tighty whities but reached for his pants and got him standing long enough to pull them up around his tight hips.

Cobra hissed when her fingers pulled up his zipper.

She threw his shirt around his shoulders but didn’t bother to button it.

“Wait a minute, where’s my cut?” Cobra grumbled as he looked around the room.

“Your what?”

“My vest.” He glared at her.

Ivy Blue rolled her eyes and opened the wardrobe to grab his vest. She shoved it at him then knelt to slip his boots on. When she was done, she stood and assisted in helping him to his feet. She had to allow him a minute to get his balance but then she snapped her fingers for the dogs to follow and they walked slowly to the back door.

She had pulled the car as close to the back door as possible and she struggled to get him inside the vehicle. She opened the back door, let the dogs in and scrambled around to the driver’s seat.

Getting in, she started the car and pulled out into the alley. Driving slow, she came to the end of the alley and was about to pull out into the street when a car sped past her. It was a police car and she knew very well who was behind the wheel. She turned in the opposite direction and pressing her foot down, they drove away.

“A friend of yours?” Cobra asked as he saw her wipe a tear off her cheek.

“That was Dewey’s uncle and probably his dad,” she while keeping her eyes on the road.

“The same pair that would have traded my body for their boys.”

She nodded and continued to drive through the late afternoon.

“Why don’t you just take me home to the compound?” Cobra finally asked.

Ivy Blue looked over at him. Then returned her focus to driving. For a long moment, she sat there silent then she said, “I need to think about this for a moment. We’re going somewhere where I can do that.”

“This counts as kidnapping, sweetness,” Cobra drawled.

“I know.” She hung her head. Then she swung her gaze over to him. ‘But you see, I’m not ready to give you up yet. I just can’t let you go. For the first time in my life, I’m going to take what I want and I want you.”

Cobra raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Well, damn… why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

 Ivy remained silent as she drove.