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DeeDee looked at Patriot instead of anywhere else. She did not want her disappointment to show. Maybe Gunner wouldn’t acknowledge who she was. Who could blame him? For all she knew, she would have to leave here soon.

Patriot raised a brow at the long silence as he finished wrapping her shoulder and was cleaning his mess up when DeeDee got up and went over to the bed she had used earlier.

Gunner growled, “Where do you think you’re going?”

DeeDee looked over her shoulder at him. “I’m going to bed, why?”

“You’d rather sleep in here than with me?” He scowled at her.

“Of course not, but I thought you were finished with me,” she whispered.

“Not by a long shot woman. Not by a fucking long shot.” He looked over at Patriot. “Her name is DeeDee Racer and she’s Dana and Winona’s mom. As you can see at one time she was my old lady.”

Patriot looked at them both in shock. “This is Blacky’s cousin?”

“Not by choice,” DeeDee snapped. “But you can’t pick your family, can you?”

“Are you going to tell the girls?” Patriot wanted to know. He had no doubt she would be accepted by Winona but Dana was another story.

“I’m going to tell everyone in the morning,” Gunner stated. “I think it would be fitting just before we hang Blacky that he knows his plan didn’t work. You see the reason she left me was that Blacky threatened my life and that of the brothers. He threatened to ambush me and put the blame on her. She couldn’t let that happen, so she left the club. Then months later when the girls were born, he was going to let her bleed to death and he gave one of them to his addicted sister Sheila and brought the other one home. He needed an ace if anything happened.”

Patriot shook his head. “Now that sounds like something he would do, the bastard. It’s only too bad we didn’t get our hands on the money Yeta paid him with to betray the club.”

“Who says we didn’t?” DeeDee asked quietly.

Both men turned to stare at her.

“Do you know where the money is?” Gunner asked.

DeeDee nodded. “Years ago, I found him in Lake Charles. He thought I was dead already, so he didn’t hide his actions. He just carried on normally and he went to where his stash was hidden to add to it. I found out he bought diamonds with the cash. So when he left it there, I took it. I overheard him tell a buddy of his that the diamonds were well hidden in plain sight and that this was his retirement account and that someday he would come back for them.” She shrugged. “If he does go back for them one day, he won’t find them where he left them. The best part is he’ll never know I took them.”

“Well, that’s a given but I think he deserves to know where all his ill gotten money ended up don’t you?” Gunner smiled.

“And just where will it be going?” Patriot asked. “The club will never accept it. They would consider it blood money.”

Gunner nodded. “I know but I really want to stick it to the man.”

“Can I make a suggestion?” DeeDee asked.

Gunner and Patriot turned to her.

“Please do.” Gunner nodded.

“How would you guys feel about doing something that would help kids?” She suggested. “He exploited them in his skin business. So how about you turn that around and help disadvantaged kids. Something like a club, they can go to. Like to stay off the streets. It humanitarian and it’s for a good cause. That would really piss him off.”

Patriot grinned. “I like the way she thinks and she’s right. He never helped anyone except himself a day in his life. Knowing that his money would be used to help kids would really burn his hide.”

“I can bring it up for a vote in the morning,” Gunner told them. He ran his hands over his face. “But right now, we all need to get some sleep. I’m tired and getting too old to stay up all night.” He held out his hand to her.

DeeDee took it.

Without a word, he led her back down the hall to his bedroom closing the door behind them.


Morning came all too quickly and when DeeDee woke up, she leaned over and brushed Gunner’s lips with a kiss good morning. He was still sleeping when she got up and dressed. She took one long look at him before she turned and made her way to the kitchen where she met the wise eyes of her oldest daughter over a bowl of scrambled eggs.

“How is your shoulder feeling this morning?” Winona asked.

“It’s good.” DeeDee blushed.

Winona stared at her, studying her intently. “What’s up? You look like something happened last night. Did something happen last night?”

“Mind your own business baby girl.” Gunner growled from the doorway.

Winona turned and looked at her dad then frowned. He had the same bemused look on his face as Lucille did. She smiled. “Ok dad.”

“I’m glad you got breakfast served right away before the Lost Sons leave for home,” Gunner said as he looked at DeeDee. “We got some news to share with them and I wanted to do it over a good meal.”

Winona nodded but looked back and forth at him, then Lucille.

“Maybe we should tell the girls separately?” DeeDee suggested. “The club might want to air their objections if they have any.”

Gunner nodded. “That works for me. Let me go collect Dana and Boone.” He returned a few minutes later with the others and then faced them all. “We got something to say to all of you before we tell the brothers. It might not be what you want to hear but it is what it is.” He looked over at the woman they all knew as Lucille. “Girls, this woman isn’t who she claims to be. She’s someone very close to both of you. Her name isn’t Lucille Rodman, it’s DeeDee Racer.”

Dana and Winona both gasped when they heard her name.

“Mom?” Winona whispered. “You’re my mother? Why didn’t you ever tell me?” She sat down hard on a chair.

“Honey, I didn’t know for sure,” DeeDee explained. “I only knew when you told me where you ended up.” She shook her head. “But by then, I couldn’t tell you over the phone.”

“Well, isn’t that convenient?” Dana said with a sneer.

Winona got up and turned on her sister. “Watch your mouth, you little bitch.” She snarled. “I’ve about had it with you and your contempt. Every time you open your mouth, you show me how little you care about our father, these men he calls his brothers and what this club stands for. They did the best they could to raise you up, give you somewhat of an easy life and you look down on them every time you turn you head.”

Dana gasped in shock as she stared at her sister.

Winona placed her hands on her hips and went on, “I’ve been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now you’ve gone too far. You don’t even know this woman, you don’t know what her life has been like or what she lived through all those years ago when she gave us life. The least you could do is find out what happened before you start mouthing off your contempt. I’ve known her for three years and she’s a kind, honest woman. She’s the kind of woman who would step up and give you everything and you wouldn’t even have to ask for her help. That’s something you wouldn’t know about though isn’t it? You just take and take then expect even more. It’s time for you to grow up and stop acting like a selfish fucking brat. I’ve grown very fond of her and I will not tolerate your attitude aimed at her. So unless you want matching black eyes, I suggest you just shut your pie hole and listen for once in your selfish life.”

Gunner and Boone were rocked by Winona’s statement.

DeeDee was never more proud of her daughter.

Dana was shocked to her core. No one had ever called her out before. She opened her mouth to let her sister have it but before she could say anything, she stopped when Winona curled her hands into fists.

“I will lay you out like a dirty rug flat on the floor, so don’t push this.”

Dana snapped her mouth shut but glared at her.

“I suggest we go out there and let everyone know what’s going on at the same time, so I don’t have to tell this story more than once.” Gunner cleared his throat after recovering his shock at Dana getting told off so appropriately and succinctly. “It’s time to clear the air on more than a few things.” Looking at Dana he suggested, “You don’t have to like it but I suggest you listen to the facts before you open your mouth. Don’t forget you’re still on probation due to your own acts.”

Gunner grabbed DeeDee’s hand and dragged her out of the kitchen.

 Dana lifted her nose, glared at Winona then turned on her heel and stormed out of the kitchen.

Boone looked over at his woman and grinned. “I wondered what it would take to ruffle your back. Now I know.”

Winona glanced at him with tears in her eyes. “You don’t know what that woman means to me,” she admitted. “When I opened up the bakery, I was struggling. I was so out of my element, I didn’t know which way to turn. Then she showed up and we just worked, you know. It was like meeting someone I was supposed to know all my life.” Shaking her head, she added, “I guess maybe I was.”

Boone nodded but remained silent as he took her hand in his.

She stared at Boone. “What are the odds this circle came around again? It all comes back to where it all began.”

He just shook his head. “Well come on, I gotta hear this explanation.” Boone grabbed her hand and dragged her out into the dining room.

Everyone was already seated and some of them were eating already.

As soon as Boone and Winona took their seat, Gunner got to his feet commanding the attention of the room. “Something has come to my attention and I want to share it with the rest of you.” He looked over at Moose and said, “We need to get Blacky up here to face new charges.”

Moose got up and left for the basement.

 Gunner looked down at DeeDee, “Can you get the money?”

DeeDee got up and went down to her bedroom.

When she returned a few minutes later, Blacky was being led into the room. His hands were tied behind his back and when he passed her, he took note of what was in her hands. His eyes narrowed and he lifted his eyes to her as he snarled. “You fucking little bitch.”

Moose shoved him over to a chair and sat him down hard. “Shut your mouth motherfucker,” Moose grumbled. “It’s time to listen.”

DeeDee walked over to where Gunner was waiting for her. She handed him the package in her hand and sat down again.

Winona was on her other side and reached out her hand to her mom.

DeeDee grabbed her and just held on. She wasn’t so much afraid of Blacky but she was nervous about how Gunner’s MC would receive her story.

“Most of you know our history,” Gunner began. “For those of you who don’t, this club was started by six men. I was one of those six men. Blacky was another. When we began, we chose to go legit and we also began a bounty hunting service. When he asked if he could start his own business adventure, we didn’t object. As long as it didn’t affect the club we pretty much let the guys do what they wanted. Most of the men took jobs outside the club, they would come and go as needed. Blacky was the only one that didn’t tell anyone what he was doing. And we all now know what that was. Then I met DeeDee Racer. She was Blacky’s cousin but as he was part of the MC, I didn’t care. She and I were an item and in time she got to be my old lady.” He paused and shook his head. “I didn’t realize back then how much Blacky hated me and this MC and everything we stood for.” He turned his head and glared at the other man.

Gunner went on and on and the whole story finally came out. Everyone listened as he explained the events of the past. He told them why DeeDee left the club and what happened when his babies were born and what happened next. He told his brothers about how Blacky left her to bleed to death after Dana was born. Then he told them how DeeDee found Winona and how she found her way back to the club.

When he was finished, every man sitting there knew what happened. Including the fact DeeDee had taken his ill gotten money that he’d received from Yeta.

Gunner opened the package and the diamonds spilled out on the table. “Blacky is already under a death sentence for his actions against the club. Yeta is probably already dead but now we have to decide what to do with the money he accepted to betray us.”

“That money is mine!” Blacky shouted. “Mine… not yours. You don’t have to worry about it at all. It doesn’t belong to you or this club.”

Moose slapped him upside the back of his head. “Don’t worry bastard. You can’t spend it in hell anyway.”

Blacky turned his head and glared at the other man. “It still don’t belong to you.”

Gunner nodded. “He’s right. It doesn’t belong to us but as his only living relative, it could pass down to DeeDee. By law, she could prove her right to collect it after his death. She even suggested a use for the money he betrayed us for.”

Dana snorted but with one look from her sister, she shut her mouth.

“What does she want to do with it Boss?” Gypsy wanted to know as he turned uneasy eyes on the woman.

“She suggested opening up a club for kids. Give them somewhere to go other than the streets. That way, the club isn’t involved and doesn’t have to claim it. I’m sure no one here wants anything to do with this money and this gives us a way to do something positive with it.”

“You have no rights to that money!” Blacky screamed at them.

“Who’s gonna run this club?” one of the brothers asked.

“With that kind of money we can offer the town something decent,” another brother chipped in.

“Her idea ain’t half bad.” Tate nodded. “I know I got no say in any of this but if the club ran it, you could turn that money into something good.”

Gunner looked at his men. “It’s up to you guys. Blacky and Arizona are facing Tribunal justice today. We got time to think about it. I just wanted to get this out to you.”

“Can I say something here?” Tate called out.

Gunner turned to face him. “What is it?”

“If you guys do this, and if you need some help please keep us in mind. The Lost sons would love to help with something like this. There is no better way to build an alliance then to work together and this is something we could do together.”

Gunner nodded. “It’s up to the men. But you’re right, we could do this together and it would benefit both clubs.”

The men began to talk amongst themselves and one by one, they got to their feet.

Gunner looked at them all. “What say you all?”

“Aye, we all agree to do this and we all agree to join with the Lost Sons.” Gypsy nodded.

Gunner sat down and took DeeDee’s hand. Turning his head, he smiled at her and brought her fingers to his lips in silent salute.

Time would heal their hearts and time would lessen the betrayal of what Blacky had done to the club.




Chapter One


Dana sat back and watched along with everyone else as Gunner explained what happened twenty five years ago. When he spoke of what Blacky had done in chasing DeeDee away and then leaving her to bleed to death after she had Gunner’s babies.

Dana shivered as she stared at the bound man and she realized she could believe it. She often thought there was something evil about Blacky. Turning her head back to look at her father and the woman who claimed to be her mother, she caught another pair of eyes watching her.

His eyes. The man they called Jett. His cut said he didn’t belong to the Lost Sons but instead his said Soldiers of Hades, San Antonio Chapter on it. He was one of Cobra’s men but they had come here to collect Becky. He had also rescued her.

Then he kissed her and blew her away. Her fingers went to her lips and at her slight touch, she remembered the feeling of his mouth on hers. Looking back at him, she saw him smile slightly. She ducked her head and her cheeks colored slightly.

Her movement caught the eye of Cobra and he frowned, as he looked first at Dana then at Jett. Shaking his head, he turned his attention back to what Gunner was saying.

The idea of the club for the kids sounded great to Dana and she wondered why she even cared for a moment or two. They certainly had enough money to do it she supposed.

The men sat there thinking about the proposal and the more they discussed it, the more they seemed to like the idea.

Looking around, Dana could see the idea was brewing in the Lost Sons head’s as well. Her eyes again stopped on Jett. Damn, they seemed to look right through her? How did he do that? Make her feel like she was sitting here naked?


Jett was watching Dana’s face as her father told them about what happened twenty five years ago when Dee Dee was forced to leave the club. He’d seen the slight sneer on her face like she hadn’t believed a word being said.

He knew she had an attitude but he was alpha enough to know he could change that. Shaking his head he thought, why the hell, of all the women in the world it was her that made him want more? But he’d felt the connection between them when he touched her back in that shack and this was the only woman he’d ever felt it with. His grandfather always told him he would know when he found the one woman that was meant to be his.

He looked over at Blacky and could feel the hatred pulsing off the man. Greed and hatred emanated from him like an invisible wave of a dark bitter feeling. He had almost killed his cousin DeeDee and her daughter Winona. He had done the right thing for Dana but that was only to look good to the men he’d betrayed in the first place.

Jett had seen the look on Dana’s face when Gunner explained who Dee Dee actually was and Dana didn’t seem to believe it. Or maybe she just hadn’t wanted to believe it. He’d heard what the brothers thought about her, so he understood she was a spoiled little bitch but maybe she could change. He knew she would have to change for a couple of reasons. One, she now had a mother and a sister to share in being a part of Gunner’s family and from what he’d seen of Gunner, the man wouldn’t tolerate her so called snits any longer. And two, if that wasn’t a good  enough reason, Jett wouldn’t allow her to be a brat and still be with him. He couldn’t and wouldn’t put up with that behavior, not from his woman anyway. She would have to prove herself worthy to be with him. Was this egotistical thinking? Maybe. But he would not be shackled to a bitch in heels. She could be sassy and that wouldn’t bother him none. It would be her selfishness that he would draw the line at.

He sat back in his chair and watched her for the rest of the meeting. He wasn't making up his mind. No. That wasn't really an option to him. He already knew he needed to pursue this woman and make her his own. It would take some effort, this he knew, but the feelings and the fire they could have between them, would make it worth it.

At the end of the meeting, Cobra called both him and Thor over. “I think if there is going to be an alliance between the Lost Sons and this group, we should get in on it as well.”

Thor nodded. “I agree. A club can’t have too many alliances. Whether you come back to San Antonio or not, this group and the Lost Sons are both worthwhile MC’s. And something like this club for kids? That’s just golden isn’t it?”

Cobra nodded. “I think so. Maybe if it works here, it will back home too. We all know there’s enough kids on the streets with nothing better to do than cause trouble. If we can get them into something like this club? Well, that will benefit them won’t it? Make them into better human beings.”

“You don’t think sponsoring a club like this would ruin our MC image?” Thor wanted to know.

“Fuck no.” Cobra shook his head. “This would tie us to the community and show them our strength.” He paused and looked around the clubhouse. “I’ve been watching the Lost Sons and Gunner and his men. I like what I see here. From what I’ve seen, these clubs are totally legit, just as we are, but our rep still has a long way to go before people would accept us. They think we’re outlaws just because of our pasts.”

Thor chuckled. “Yeah, they thought we were bringing drugs and guns through the town. We got the bad rap most MC’s have. We were tough but for a different reason.”

Cobra nodded. “We’ve kept quiet for reasons the community wouldn’t understand but I’m beginning to think we should clue them in.”

“I think if we’re going to be part of this, one of us should be here from the get go, starting with the planning, all the way through the opening,” Jett commented.

Cobra looked at him for a long moment before he asked, “And you want to be that person, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do believe I want that.”

“Because of Dana?” Cobra wanted to know.

“Maybe.” Jett didn’t commit one way or the other. “Damned if she doesn’t have a lot of growing up to do first.”

Thor kinda snorted but asked quietly, “And you think you are man enough to handle her?”

Jett turned to look at his friend and brother. “Yes, I do,” he stated emphatically.

“Well, good luck with that brother.” Thor shook his head. “I hope for your sake, you can find that spark in her.”

“Just be careful as she still thinks of herself as club princess,” Cobra warned him. “She hasn’t seemed to realize yet that she will have share the title.”

“I would never disrespect Gunner or this MC,” Jett answered. “You know this Boss. At least I hope you know that.”

Cobra nodded and watched as Tate joined them. Cobra turned to him and said, “Jett wants to stay here and get in on the planning from start to finish.”

Tate nodded. “As do my boys. We had planned to leave already, but Annie doesn’t think Becky should be moved yet. Even though we’re only five hours away, she wants her sister to get a little stronger first. And I imagine this Patriot agrees with her.”

Gunner joined the conversation as the men were talking, and the three men in charge of their own MC all grinned.

“Indeed, and Patriot has taken a liking to little Becky,” Gunner said, then turned to Jett. “And just what are your intentions?”

“I’d like to know if you are serious about what you said, you know about building a club for the kids?” Jett stared at Gunner.

“I am.” Gunner raised a brow at him.

“Then I’d like permission to stay and see it through from beginning to end. The Pres and I were just talking that if this works here, we might take it back to San Antonio and do it there too.” Jett straightened his shoulders and stated, “I also think you should know I am interested in your daughter Dana.”

Gunner paused and stared at him. Then he shook his head. “Boy, you might be biting off more than you can chew with that one. She’s a spoiled brat in case you didn’t know it. I love her dearly but even I know that much.”

Jett nodded. “I know, and she’s got a lot of growing up to do but I believe I can work with that if you will allow me to. My methods might just teach her a thing or two. Only problem I can see is if you or your men might interfere with my methods.”

“Long as you don’t hurt her, I’ll hold my tongue, but if you raise your hand to her in anger, I will beat you within an inch of your life.” Gunner just stared at him.

“Only a coward hits a woman in anger,” Jett stated.

“Make sure you remember that,” Gunner said in his quiet tone.

“I’m not that kind of a man. I have honor,” Jett told him. “I was raised by a single mom and she taught me respect for all living creatures. I also served my country and they taught me that there are other ways to make a point and I learned those lessons well. But I’ll tell you right now, should you accept my terms, she will be mine to protect, mine to teach and mine to reshape.”

With that, Jett moved away from the group.


Gunner watched him leave. Then he turned to Cobra and asked, “Is he a good man?”

Cobra smiled. “Jett is one of the best men I know and that says a lot in itself. I trust all my brothers but I’m beginning to expand that thinking.” He paused then told Gunner a bit of his own story, “I had me a woman when I was younger. I loved her but not well enough. I was a brash young man come to find she had betrayed me and my club. But only much later, I learned the truth. Someone lied to me about what he’d done and she took the blame for it. I didn’t know she was carrying my kid when she left, pretty much the same story of your woman, only I caught up with my woman five years later, and I still believed the lies my brother told us. My woman died because of those lies and I didn’t know whether to believe her or not about the daughter she told me, I had. It took me twenty years to find her and she was full grown by then. She flat out told me that I was too late to make a difference in her life and that her need for me as her daddy was gone.”

Gunner shook his head and looked troubled by this sad tale.

“It’s a hard road to travel getting to know my daughter but I’m willing to put in the time and effort. You and me we’re sort of in the same boat but not quite. Your daughter wants to know you and you got your woman back. That’s something I can never change.” He shook his head. “Maybe I’m getting too old for this kind of life but I ain’t willing to give it up just yet. Take the time while you can, get to know your woman again and get to know your girl. Jett will take good care of Dana. It is like this…who knows what the future holds for any of us?”

Gunner thought about the other man’s words for a moment then nodded. “I guess it’s time to end one chapter and begin another. Blacky and Arizona need to be dealt with. You and Tate are welcome to stay for that if you like. I’m not sure how the Tribunal has decided or what they will do but the ending will be a fitting one for both of them.”

“You aren’t sentencing them?” Thor asked.

Gunner shook his head. “I can’t. This is their decision. When Blacky sold us out, he put not only my life on the line but theirs as well. This has to be their decision. Me? I’d like to string them both up by their balls and let them hang but it was my family he destroyed so the club has to find a solution that’s fair and just. I can’t override them. What kind of president would I be if I allowed my own anger to override club law?”

Cobra looked a bit stunned by this as he wished he would’ve had the same fairness all those years ago.

Gunner shrugged. “After justice is served there will be a vote as to whether or not they feel confident in my abilities as President. I wouldn’t blame them if they voted me out. That’s club justice too.”

Cobra nodded. “It is isn’t it?”

Gunner shrugged his wide shoulders. “I’m not sure I want my woman to witness this but that’s her choice too.”

A few minutes later, the club got to their feet and a judgement was made toward Blacky and Arizona.

Tate had decided to stay and see justice for everything this man had done to this MC.

Winona and DeeDee went to the kitchen and Dana went to her room.


When Dana left, Jett walked down the hall behind her and just after she closed her door, he opened it and walked inside. Shutting the door behind him, he turned and stared at the wide eyed girl in front of him.

Without saying a word, his hands went to his belt. He unbuckled it and drew it slowly through the loops in his pants.

“What are you doing?” she whispered as she watched his every move.

“You and me are going to have a come to Jesus meeting or maybe you could call it a come to righteousness meeting.”

“We are?” She watched him as he took another step toward her.

“Yup we are and this is gonna hurt you more than it will hurt me but this is me setting some rules.” He stared at her. “Rules, you are gonna have to learn and learn them you will.”

“Why? Why do I have to learn these rules?” she brashly asked him.

Jett stopped about three steps away from her and watched the vein in her neck as it pounded with anticipation. “Because your dad didn’t discipline you right. You’re a brat and I can’t tolerate brats.  You owe your father and every man here an apology for your bad behavior and you owe your sister and your mother one too. Hell, you owe the whole town one probably.”

“I do not.” She tried to state this with a stern voice even though she knew he was right.

Jett smiled. “Yes, sweetheart you do but this one time I’ll give you a choice, the belt or my hand. You will take your  punishment either way but I’ll give you a choice this first and only time.”

She sucked in a breath as his words finally set in. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, I dare. The question is will you be a grown woman and accept it or a spoiled brat and fight me all the way? One thing you should know, there is no one here that will protect you except me. I’ve made that very clear with your dad. He told me that neither him or the brothers will interfere, so I guess you’re on our own here.”

With her eyes rounding in her face, Dana took a sudden step back.

Jett took a quick step forward.

Her gaze met his and she knew he spoke the truth. 

He stared at her with hard eyes as he spoke clearly, “I’m not going to beat you but I am going to give you a spanking. One that I am sure you have never received in your childhood. After all that you have said and done, I figure it’s the least you deserve.” He moved in closer.

 Looking shocked, Dana could no longer deny what he was actually going to do. She began to tremble as he took the last step that separated them…

Jett pushed right up against her shaking body. “So which do you prefer?”


Chapter Two


Jett moved in closer until Dana could no longer deny what he was going to do. He really was going to spank her. She swallowed hard and then his scent hit her. Her heart began to race and she began to tremble as he took the last step that separated them…

Jett asked, “So which do you prefer?”

“I’m a grown ass woman!” Dana protested. “Not a child.”

“Your point?” He stared at her face.

“You spank children, not women.” She tried to tell him.

“Some women need to learn lessons they didn’t learn as children. You have no respect for anyone but yourself and that’s not what I want in my woman.”

“I’m your woman?” Dana was surprised.

“Not yet,” Jett told her coldly. “You have a lot to learn before I make you mine and I’ll be the only one to teach you what you need to know. You got that?” He shook his head. “I will not tolerate cheating. First and last warning on that subject. Don’t press it or you’ll lose. I also can’t and won’t tolerate liars.”

Dana shuddered at the thought she could lose him before she even had him. “I still won’t allow you to spank me. That’s just outrageous!”

“Then you aren’t ready for me.” Shaking his head he said, “I thought you were woman enough for me but I guess you aren’t and maybe you never will be.” He leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “Too bad, I thought you were the one but you aren’t, are you?”

Dana leaned back and looked into his eyes. She could see the disappointment in his gaze. His scent surrounded her and suddenly she was interested in pleasing him. “I could be but I don’t tolerate pain well. Can you just skip the spanking part?”

Jett took a step back. The look he gave her was anything but friendly. “No I can’t. I always start something on firm ground. You earned this spanking. I told you I would never beat you but I will spank you when you need to learn your boundaries. You have a long way to go to earn my trust, to learn what I will and will not accept as far as your behavior goes. I realize I have to prove myself to you as well, to prove that you can trust me and to be there for you at every turn and that I would never really cause you any harm. This is only the first test for both of us but you aren’t ready for me yet.” He took another step backward and began threading his belt back in the loops on his jeans. “Let me know when you’re grown up enough to be my woman. I’ll wait but I won’t wait forever.” Then he turned and walked out of her bedroom.

Dana was left in shock. She felt like she'd just lost something big. No one had ever walked away from her before. Well, not like he just did anyway, and she wasn’t sure what to do next. Her fingers touched her lips and she remembered well the feeling she had when he kissed her. The way her body felt. She wanted more, she wanted to explore what her body was telling her they could be together, but she wasn’t going to let him spank her. No way. She marched over to the door and slammed it shut, screaming out her frustration as she stomped her feet.


Jett walked back to the main room just as the entire clubhouse heard her scream and her door slamming.

 Gunner looked over at Jett with a frown.

Jett shrugged but didn’t say anything. In his mind, there was nothing to explain. He hadn’t touched her.

Boone and Cobra joined him as he poured a cup of coffee.

Jett sat back and stared at his president, then turned to Boone. Holding up his hand, he addressed Boone first, “I didn’t touch her. I know you don’t know me at all but I would never hurt a woman, especially one that I consider mine, but I will show her just how far I will go to make her aware of what isn't acceptable behavior. Only a coward hits a woman in anger and I’m no fucking coward. Cobra wouldn’t have anyone in his MC who was.”

Cobra nodded but din't say a word.

“What was the scream all about then?” Boone asked

“Because she didn’t get her own way.” Jett smiled. “She has to learn just how things will go if she pulls crap on me. I’m not going to let her shit go and I’m not going to give in just because she wants it.”

Boone grinned. “Good for you. If you can tame her, then you’ll have this club’s undying gratitude.”

Some of the men close by chuckled.

Jett shrugged. He didn’t need anyone’s gratitude, but he didn’t say anything.

 Winona came out of the kitchen with a coffee carafe. Bringing it over to their table, she sat it down then she nodded at Jett before turning to Boone. “Mom and I are looking for places for the bakery later today. Just so you know where we are this afternoon.” She patted his arm then went back to the kitchen.

 Boone watched her go then shook his head. Running his hands over his face, he grumbled, “I suppose that means I better find us a place to live then.”

“What’s wrong with living here?” Cobra asked.

“I’m not risking her life again,” Boone told them both.  He didn’t say anything further but instead, he got up and went over to Gunner’s table.

Jett narrowed his eyes as his gaze followed him over to the other table.

“Hmmpf.” Cobra leaned on his elbows and sipped his coffee.

 Jett figured Dana must have done something to make Boone feel like his woman would suffer while living under the same roof with Dana. He took a deep breath then stated, “She has a lot to answer for doesn’t she?”

Cobra nodded. “Yes, she does.”

After some discussion at the other table, Gunner and the rest of his group got to their feet.

Moose and another brother went down to the basement and returned a few minutes later with Blacky and Arizona.

Both men had their hands tied behind their backs but Blacky was fighting what he knew was coming.

Looking a bit pale, DeeDee immediately got to her feet and went to the kitchen rather than face his tirade.

Moose led Blacky over to the chairs they'd this morning for the Tribunal hearing and sat him down on it.

Arizona sat down next to him without fighting.

Gunner whistled to get everyone’s attention. Looking around, he waited for quiet. He stared at Blacky and stated loudly, “You have been tried and convicted MC style by a Tribunal made up of  your peers. They sentenced you and Arizona to death for your betrayal. Now that sentence will be carried out.”

“This is murder any way you fucking slice it, you are all cowardly bastards!” Blacky shouted.

“And what would you have called it if your plans would have been carried out against us?” Gypsy called out. “That would have been murder too.”

“That would have been justice served.” Blacky sneered.

“Shut your fucking mouth you bastard.” Arizona growled. “You’re just pissed that they caught you before you had a chance to get away.”

“I would like to make a suggestion,” Tramper spoke up.

“Go ahead,” Gunner replied with a nod.

“Anything less than a painful death would be too quick. I think we all agree with this. Blacky has sent enough people into hell and he deserves the same kind of death. A bullet or a rope would be too kind on our part. I think we should let the hounds of hell take him home.”

“Meaning?” Boone asked.

“In the woods behind the property I’ve seen wolf tracks and animals that were torn up. I say leave him to be devoured by the wolves.” Tramper’s expression looked steady and firm.

As this thought set in, Blacky paled by two shades.

Arizona gasped loudly.

Many heads nodded as Gunner looked around the room.

“They will take him to hell piece by piece,” Gypsy told his brothers.

Gunner looked over at Boone and nodded.

“So be it,” Boone called out. “We’ll take them both to the woods and leave them to the wolves.”

“You can’t do that!” Blacky began to sweat now, as he looked stark white. “It’s inhumane.”

“The crime fits the punishment,” Boone assured him.

“It’s barbaric!” Blacky screamed as he fought his chains.

“So is what you did for over twenty years,” Gunner stated. “You ruined lives for your own a gain. You plotted against your own brothers in this MC that you helped to establish and you even schemed and hurt your own family. You set this club up to be murdered by wolves, like the cartel and the Russians. It is fitting.”

Blacky glared at him. “I just wish I would have ended your life before I got caught.”

Four men hauled Blacky and Arizona out of the clubhouse.

 “No one should die like that! You motherfuckers!” Blacky kept cussing and swearing the whole way.

Only when they were far enough out of range did the rest of the brothers sit down. No one said anything but Gunner got up and began pouring shots.

Boone and Gypsy then got up and began putting bottles of whiskey and glasses on each table.

They all silently sat with a whiskey shot for a long few moments as the clubhouse went eerily quiet.

Gunner finally stood and raised his shot glass. “Never say die to save your soul.”

The men all stood and the shuffling made noise in the clubhouse as they all raised their glasses and downed their shot.

An hour later, the men returned and as night began to fall.

Gunner looked up at them. “You secured them well enough, so they couldn’t get free?”

Moose nodded. “We even left the scent of blood to call the wolves.”

Suddenly, they all could hear the screams from far away.

Tamper shook his head. “Arizona begged for mercy so we cut his throat before we left. He was just a stooge for Blacky. He still deserved death, so he paid for his part in Blacky’s plot.”

Gunner didn’t look happy about any of it, as all he did was nod.

The room was silent, but the men began talking again and it seemed that this was a thing of the past now.

Gunner got up and went to the kitchen. Both Dee Dee and Winona were just sitting there.

DeeDee looked subdued, so he went over to her and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m sorry baby. I know he was family.”

DeeDee shook her head. “I’m not sorry. At least I don’t have to look over my shoulder anymore waiting for the knife he’d stick in my back. Our daughters are now safe from that anyway.” She sighed. “I just wish this was the end of it.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Winona asked.

“Blacky and Jared had their fingers in so many pies I’m not sure you’ll ever find them all,” her mother explained.

“Well, he left a lot of paperwork behind and I haven’t read through it yet, so we’ll possibly find some answers there,” Gunner told them. He looked over at Winona. “Maybe until we do have the time, you would reconsider staying here where you’re safe?”

Winona stared at him for a moment then asked, “Only if I have your permission to slap her if she starts something.”

Gunner chuckled. “I don’t think she will. Jett’s claimed her and he looks like he is set on straightening her ass out. But yes, you have my permission.”

Winona nodded as her lips were set in a firm line. “I won’t start anything, but I will finish it.”


Dana made her way to the main room. She sat at a table in the corner and stared at Jett for a long time. The longer she sat there the more attitude she seemed to get. It began with her tapping her foot and then she began tapping her nails on the table.

He just sat there. He kept his eyes blank of expression but he could see her ire rising.

Dana hated being ignored and Jett was ignoring her. She knew it and so did he. She wanted to make sure that showing him her temper was just who she was, but she also didn’t stop to think as she sat and fumed about the right way to get his attention. When the door from the kitchen opened and both Winona and DeeDee began carrying in dishes of hot food out, Dana sneered at them.

A couple of the brothers got up and helped carry out the heavier dishes while Dana just sat there.

When Gunner got up to start the line, he pulled DeeDee in line in front of him.

Boone did the same for Winona.

Dana huffed as she got up and cut in line behind Boone.

Jett stood up and went over to her then pulled her away from the line.

Dana glared at him as she was led by Jett to his table, once there, she snarled under her breath, “What the hell are you doing?”

“You did nothing to help, so you’ll wait your turn,” he told her in a low voice.

 Dana looked perplexed. “But I’m hungry.”

“And you’ll eat when it’s your turn,” Jett assured her.

“There won’t be any food left by then,” she complained.

“You can fix yourself a sandwich.”

“You’re being unreasonable and an asshole,” she spat at him.

He raised a dark brow at her whiny tone. “You need to learn a few rules in life. One is that you will start pulling your own weight around here. You earn what is yours, you aren’t privileged unless you work for something.”

Dana just glared at him. She saw most had filled their plates, so she pulled away from him and quickly got to the end of the line.

 Jett followed her, they both saw there wasn’t much food left, but there was enough for the both of them.

Filling her plate, she went back to the table and sat down.

Silent, Jett sat down with her. He picked up his fork and began eating his supper. He continued to ignore her.

 Finally, she threw her fork down on the table. “Are you going to ignore me altogether now?”

“Sweetheart, you got a lot to learn and it seems you are unwilling to change anything. So for me, you are a person non grata.” Jett nodded.

“And you’re going to make me what? A person grata? Teach me some stupid rules?”

Jet looked at her for a minute before he spoke, “You aren’t ready for more than that. I have lots of patience but I won’t wait forever.”

“You think you’re all of that and more, don’t you?” Dana shook her head.

 “You felt the spark between us. I’ve never felt that before with any other woman. My grandfather always told me I would find the one woman I was meant to be with one day. I found her in you, but you aren’t even a woman yet. You’re too much of a selfish little child and that’s not how my woman will be.”

Dana, being curious asked, “What if I don’t want to wait ?”

“You have to prove yourself, not only to me but to this club. And you have a long way to go to get there.”

“What do I have to do to prove myself to you?” she wanted to know.

“I think you know what you have to do.” He smirked at her. “My demands haven’t changed since this morning.”

“Still not a child.” She laughed while shaking her head.

“Just an FYI, your daddy isn’t going to protect you anymore. You misbehave now and you’re toast. These men have had their fill of taking your backlash. I’m the only thing standing between you and them and you have to earn my protection, so you might wanna think about that.” Without even looking at her, he picked up his plate and walked away to the kitchen, leaving her alone at the table. 

Dana watched him go and looked around the room. Eyes were looking back and none of them were friendly. She shivered and watched as several of the men began clearing their tables. None of them came near her so she was left to clean up her mess herself.

When she entered the kitchen, there was laughter all around… that is, until she walked in.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and what they’d been talking about to just watch her to see what she would do.

Dana could feel the rejection. It was true, no one would give her the time of day or even really look her in the eyes.

Jett again, acted like she'd never entered at all as he steeped to the sink and helped to clear the plates.

Gypsy grabbed them from him and dunked them into the sudsy water.

Dana looked around at the scowling faces. She could feel their distrust and their dislike for her. It was so thick in the air, it came at her like waves of bad vibrations. It was like they thought she had a knife hidden behind her back and might stab anyone of them. It seemed ridiculous to her.

 This rejection from so many sank in though and it stung but she was too proud to let it show. She set her dish on the counter next to Jett and stomped her foot as she did so. Then she marched out.

She could hear their voices as she went through the door, so she stopped to listen.

“Such a fucking selfish bitch…”

“Yeah, she walks around like she has a damn crown on her head and we are just her servants.”

“A useless person who does nothing to contribute,” another of the brothers agreed.

Then she heard Jett reply, “People can change though.”

Dana smiled to herself. At least, he defended her.

“Yeah people can, but not her,” Gypsy replied with a scoffing tone. “She’s still that 10 year old child that ran around here demanding everything from her daddy. Like that stomping she does? She was doing that at eight and that hasn’t changed.”

Dana’s shoulders drooped when she heard no reply from Jett. She sucked in a breath and rushed to her room.



Chapter Three


Dana spent a lonely night crying in her room over the things she’d heard from the kitchen. She hadn’t realized how badly she’d treated everyone. She knew she had no one to blame but herself but seriously, she’d been the Pres’ only child, so she’d felt entitled all these years.

Now, not so much. Her world had changed the moment Boone brought Winona into the clubhouse and she’d feared from that day on about how things were changing. Her sister was now taking her place with her dad and the club while she was getting pushed out.

Just before dawn, she rose from her bed and went over to the window to watch the sun come up.

She stood there watching the light chase away the shadows and thought about what all was happening to her life. Thoughts were swimming round and round in her head and soon it began to ache. That and the fact she hadn’t slept much if even at all during the night. All her inner turmoil made her feel overwhelmed.

She couldn’t stay in her room anymore so she escaped to the main room. She heard sounds coming from the kitchen and knew Winona and Lucille or rather that DeeDee would be in there.

They were both busy with work at the island. When the door flew open and slammed against the wall, it hit so hard that it didn’t swing closed like usual.

DeeDee looked up to see Dana walk in like she owned the kitchen and she stood still. As if waiting to see what this would be about.

Winona twirled around and glared when she saw it was Dana. Then she too, waited to see what she wanted before she said anything. There was no telling with this girl. She would most likely be the bitch she was though.

“I need to know something before I make up my mind about the story you told us,” Dana began while glaring at DeeDee.

“What do you want to know?” Dee Dee asked. “I told you guys everything there was to tell. I didn’t hide any secrets.”

“But you never really answered the big question of why, did you?” Dana repeated. “Why did you wait twenty four years to come back here. You knew where I was all this time. You knew where Dad was and still you stayed away all this time.”

“I told you why. I stayed away to keep both you and your dad safe from Blacky. As long as I did that, he wouldn’t hurt either of you. But if there was a still chance I would talk about what he was doing, Blacky wouldn’t dare hurt you. If I came forward, he would have ambushed your dad and started killing the brothers. I couldn’t chance it”

Dana shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe, I just don’t believe you. Did you ever think of that? Oh, I know Blacky is capable of the things you claimed but maybe I don’t believe you didn’t have a choice.”

“Is everything so black and white in your world?” Winona asked.

Dana glared and nodded. “Yeah, it is. It’s either black or white for me.”

“You don’t have shades of grey in your world?” Winona asked.

“Shades of grey are nothing more than lies,” Dana sated.

“Oh My God, shades of grey aren’t lies,” Winona exclaimed. “They’re just the things in between that no one else might know about. Everyone has them, my shades of grey would be what nightmares are made of. My first shade was when I was three. I remember being locked in my bedroom for three days, no food, or water and I was so hungry. I could hear people on the other side of my door but they didn’t hear me. I cried and screamed for my mom but she never came. My dad came instead and he wailed on me good for making too much noise. He told me I was bringing him down off his high and he wanted to teach me a lesson. I was so happy when one of his friends called him away. I was hurt and curled up in the corner for another two days before they came to get me.”

Gunner, Boone and Jett moved to the open kitchen door. Tate, Cobra and several others were behind them and they all could hear her words clearly. They heard the anguish in her voice as well.

“Then when I was five, they left me alone for three days. No food in the house and no money to buy anything. I had to wait until dark and go outside to rummage through the neighbor’s garbage cans for something to eat. To them, it was garbage but to me it was my dinner. It wasn’t so bad as long as no one caught me. I couldn’t do it very often because when Sheila and Mike were home, they were often up all night long, getting high with their friends.”

A tear rolled down DeeDee’s cheek as she stared at her.

“Then I turned eight. Mike and the others began to notice I was growing up. From that day until I turned twelve, I had to have eyes in the back of my head. I had to wonder if today was the day one of their friends was going to drag me out of the house to sell me to some pervert on the street for the cost of a fix. Blacky used to come around sometimes to keep an eye on me and that scared me even more than the thought of being alone. His watching gave me the creeps. When they disappeared again for so long, I couldn’t take it anymore I got the hell out of that fucking house. I’d already overheard Blacky tell Mike he’d better keep track of me because he was working on finding a buyer out of the country, so that someone named Gunner would never find me. I was living on the streets for a while when I found Mrs. George and she took me in. For the first time in my life, I knew what having a mother meant even if she wasn’t mine.” Winona turned her head and glared at Dana. “So yes Dana, shades of grey are certainly NOT lies. There are no absolutes in life and not everything is black or white. At least, you had someone who cared about what happened to you. So, I can understand why Mom didn’t dare to come back here.”

DeeDee sniffled through the tears falling along her cheeks as she spoke quietly, “But that doesn’t mean I didn’t see you from time to time.”

Dana turned to look at her.

“Yes, I knew where you and your dad were. I was here, when I could no longer stay away from seeing either of you. I would come and stand just outside the fence line and watch you play outside or stand in the shadows when I knew your dad was coming home. I longed to march right up to you and take you in my arms and tell you who I was but I knew I couldn’t do that. If Blacky knew I was still alive he would have cut my throat. But as evil as he was, he would have made me watch as he hurt you first. He would make sure I saw it, just like he’d told me when I had both babies that night. I knew what I was doing was wrong but there were times I just couldn’t stay away. I had to see you and your dad.”

“You could have trusted Dad enough to protect you, protect us. But no, you couldn’t even do that could you?” Dana shouted.

“How do you trust something you can’t always see?” Winona quickly asked. “Blacky was someone you couldn’t trust. He’d lie straight to your face but, given the chance he would slit your throat and walk away, then lead a search for the guilty party.” She shook her head. “So, no Dana, mom did the right thing, she stayed away for the right amount of time.”

“Says you.” Dana snarled. “She was with you for three years. She chose to be with you over me or dad. You got to know her while I didn’t. She’s as much a stranger to me as you are.”

“Shades of grey sister,” Winona told her.

“You are not my sister!” Dana yelled. “I hate you. And I hate what you have done to my life!”

Winona froze then looked over at her mother.

DeeDee could see the heartbreak in her daughter’s eyes and she was unsure of what to say to help her through this.

Winona simply turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Everyone moved to let her through but they didn’t say anything.

Dana turned to leave the room and finally, she saw everyone standing there behind her. Her cheeks flushed red at the condemning look in their eyes and her heart sank at the look in Jett’s eyes.

His eyes were cold and disapproving as he glared at her, then he turned his back on her and walked away.

Dana realized she just made a mistake as soon as the words were out of her mouth. She hadn’t expected anyone else to be listening. She hadn’t expected anyone to overhear her tirade.

Gunner pushed by her into the kitchen.

Turning to look at him, her father was now standing with Dee Dee. He was consoling her and not paying any attention to Dana at all. There was a time when her feelings were all that mattered to him but that time was gone now.

Looking enraged, Boone stalked toward her.

Dana sucked in a breath and for the first time in her, life she felt afraid of him.

 “You didn’t win any points here today, I hope you know that. You are a cold bitch Dana and that hasn’t changed any. Your sister was opening her heart to you and you just spit in her face. Yes, she had your mother for three years but you… you had your dad all your fucking life. She would have given anything to have someone who cared even a little bit about her, and you just threw the best thing you had away with your big fucking mouth.” He turned and walked away.

 All the other men cleared out too, after a giving her some dirty looks.

Dana let out a long breath as she stood there alone, feeling very unwanted.


Boone walked over to the bar and poured himself a shot.

Jett and Cobra joined him. Neither of the other men said a word but then they didn’t have to. They had all heard the tirade Dana had been on.

They could only imagine the heartbreak Winona was going through at the moment.

“What are you going to do?” Cobra finally asked him.

“I’m going to get her away from here as soon as possible,” Boone told the other men. “It’s gonna break Gunner’s heart but I won’t put her up for any more of that shit. Dana just crossed the line and there’s no coming back from that.”

“I agree.” Jett nodded. “She’s going to wish she never did what she just did.”

“I better go find my woman,” Boone said. “She always needs a few minutes alone first. Winona hates to cry in front of strangers. She doesn’t trust easily and she doesn’t know yet that she can trust us.”

“You go find that woman of yours and you hold her close.” Cobra urged him.

“And I’m going to find mine and give her a lesson she should have got as a kid,” Jett vowed.

“Just remember Jett, this is a fine line you’re walking,” Cobra warned him.

“I know but what she did was wrong and everyone knows it.”

“Yup, they sure do and I think she does too,” Cobra agreed.

Jett walked away to find Dana. They had a date with destiny.


Boone figured Winona would have gone to their bedroom but when he opened the door, she wasn’t there. He turned to go back to the main room but something caught his eye. The closet door was open and he slowly walked toward it. He reached out and pushed it open even further. Her side of the closet was empty. All her clothes were gone.

His heart stopped beating for a moment and he had to sit down. Winona was gone. He felt someone had just ripped his heart out of his chest. He didn’t know if he could find her but she was his reason for breathing, so he had to bring her home again.

He got up and walked back to the kitchen.

Gunner and DeeDee were still there when he walked in. Gunner looked up and saw his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Winona’s gone,” Boone told him without emotion.

Dee Dee rushed toward him. Grabbing his shirt, she bunched it up in her hands. “What do you mean, she’s gone?”

“She’s gone. Her clothes and everything is just gone.”

“Fucking hell!” Gunner swore and he ran his fingers through his hair. “We gotta find her.”

“What if she went home to Louisiana?” Dee Dee asked s she looked pale and scared. “That place isn’t safe for her now.”

“What do you mean?” Boone asked. “Why isn’t it safe?”

“One of the reasons I came here rather than call her back was because Blacky’s goons were watching the shop. I noticed them before they noticed me but I was never so glad Winona wasn’t there when they came to call. They may have been there tracking me, but now I’m not so sure. They don’t know Blacky is dead yet, so they could still be looking for her. I don’t want them to find her or she could be in real trouble.”

“God dammit!” Gunner swore. “We gotta find her before they do. We can and will protect her against them but we gotta find her first.” He turned to DeeDee again. “Is there anywhere else she might go?”

“I don’t know.” Dee Dee sobbed as she wrung her hands. “She might stay here in town. Yesterday, when we found the bakery there was an apartment on the top floor. She might go there for now. She just needs a place to think for a while.” She shrugged. “She does that from time to time. Over the last three years when things overwhelmed her, she would just shut herself away for a day or two to clear her head.”

“I think after what she’s been through, she’s earned that much but please understand we have to protect her now.” Gunner sighed. “We have to bring her back to the safety of the club.”

Dee Dee shook her head. “I’m not sure that’s possible anymore. Dana has made herself very clear on that point. I can take it but for Winona, there’s no reason for her to. She’s had enough abuse and rejection in her life before she even came here.” She hung her head. “I know I made a huge mistake twenty five years ago and I should pay the price for not trusting you back then, I know I failed you and our daughters by doing what I did.”

“You did nothing of the kind woman.” Gunner frowned. “You did the best you could back then and you were right. Blacky would have ambushed me and turned it around on you. And everyone would have believed him too.” He shook his head. “You did the right thing.”

Someone from behind them cleared their throat.

Gunner and Boone turned to see Cobra stand there.

 “Just thought you might want to know Jett is with Dana at the moment. What’s going on here?”

“Winona left the clubhouse after Dana’s little stunt,” Gunner informed him. “We need to find her quick and get her back under our protection because Dee Dee just informed me Blacky’s goons could be waiting for her to return to Moss Bluff. They don’t know Blacky’s dead yet, so they are still under the assumption he’s gonna sell her.”

“Tell you what…” Cobra smiled with a glint in his eye. “Why don’t you let us take care of those boys while you look for Winona? She couldn’t have gone far yet, right? My guys haven’t had a good round in a long while so this will be fun for us. Everyone needs to unload some steam and a good fight always seems to do just that. We’ll be back in a day or two and by then, we’ll be able to start working on those plans for the kid’s club.”


Jett walked to Dana’s bedroom door and opened it without knocking.

She turned and gasped as she faced him.

He shut the door behind him and locked it before slipping the key into his pocket.

Alarmed at his actions, she took a step back, holding her breath. When she couldn’t hold it anymore, she exhaled and whispered, “What are you doing here?”

“Your time is up woman and I’ve come to collect. What you did earlier was way over the line and I won’t tolerate such behavior from you,” he told her calmly. “Now you might not care that you not only hurt your sister but you hurt your mama and daddy and every one of those men that helped raise you. Winona was right. Life is so much more than just black and white and you are going to find that out right now. I’m afraid that you are going to experience some shades of pink now.” He grabbed her arm and hauled her close to him. He wanted to feel her lips on his but he knew he couldn’t, not until she felt his wrath for her words this morning.

“I’m sorry for what I said,” she whispered.

“No you’re not. But by god, you will be and you’ll apologize not only to Winona but to your parents and the men of this club too.” He tightened his grip on her shoulders and sat down on the edge of the bed taking her with him. Without another word, he hauled her over his lap and held her down with his leg.

Then he reached around to her belly and undid her zipper of her jeans. Hauling them down along with her panties, he bared her ass.

Dana gasped and seemed so shocked, she didn’t even move.

Looking down, he paused. Dana’s bare ass cheeks were plump, smooth and so dammed creamy. He paused and admired her for a moment knowing that when he finished, her ass wouldn’t be so creamy anymore. “Before we start, I have one rule. There will be no screaming, not unless you want whoever comes to that door to see exactly what I’m doing. I don’t have any reason to worry but you might be embarrassed. And if someone breaks down the door, they will see everything, I assure you.”


Dana just lay over his lap, still not believing that this was actually happening.

He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her ass cheeks. The slap was meant to hurt and it did.

Dana struggled now, but his powerful thigh pinned her neatly and she grew breathless while trying to fight his hold. She had to catch herself in order not to scream as the smacks echoed out in the room, but she did it. She bit down on her lip to keep from calling out.

Jett kept up the slaps until she couldn’t stand the pain anymore. She cried out but not very loud, as she didn’t want anyone else to know what was going on. The smacks went on, her cheeks stung as tears burned her eyes, and her whimpering grew.

When he finally stopped, she’d received at least two dozen slaps.

 Finally, Jett pulled up her jeans, stood her up and told her to get presentable that she had some apologies to make.

Tears were running down her face by the time he was done. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

Jett reached for her hand and brought it to his crotch.

When she felt his hard cock, her eyes widened.

“So am I little one,” Jett whispered. “So am I.”

A knock sounded on the door and Jett turned his head to stare at it.

“It’s Cobra.”

Jett got to his feet and walked over. Taking the key out of his pocket, he unlocked the door and glared at his president.

Cobra stared at Jett for a moment with a raised brow, then asked, “Is she okay?”

“She’s fine.” Then he raised his head as he heard a commotion down the hall. Looking back at Cobra he asked, “What’s going on?”

“Winona left after her conversation with the brat this morning. DeeDee told us about Blacky’s men out there looking for her. We’ve got to find her before they do. Some of the boys and I are going to Moss Bluff to track down these so called men who’d tracked her that far. We need to find them before they find her cuz they don’t know Blacky is dead.”

Jett turned his head to glare at Dana. “Shades of grey little girl. Shades of grey. You might be safer if you stayed inside your room until we get back with your sister.” He stepped out of the bedroom and pulled the door shut.

Dana just stood there staring at the door in horror. She never meant for this to happen but it had. She sat down on the edge of the bed and gasped at the pain she felt and swiftly rose back up while wincing. She barely paid any attention to the sound of the key turning in the lock as she finally thought about her sister’s words this morning.


Chapter Four


Boone pulled up in front of the empty shop DeeDee and Winona looked at yesterday. The shop was just a small mom and pop kind of place but it was big enough to start out in. It was in a good part of town at least. And not too far from the Savaged Souls.

He sat there and turned off his bike while staring at the building. He prayed she would be here and not between here and Moss Bluff. Swinging his leg over the bike, he walked to the back door. He saw her sweet ride parked crooked and said a silent prayer since she was here. He tried the handle and found it opened under his hand.

His heart began to beat stronger and harder as he prayed she would be upstairs. He mounted the steps and when he reached the top, he looked around at the empty apartment. There wasn’t much for furniture, just as old chair and tray table. He took a step into the almost empty room and looked around.

He finally saw her sitting in a huddle in a dark corner. Tears were rolling down her face, some were fresh and some had dried. His heart cracked open when he saw the forlorn look in her eyes. Boone walked closer to her and finally sat in front of her. Reaching out to brush the hair away from her face he said, “Sweet girl, you’re breaking my heart here.”

“I’m sorry.” She could barely speak her voice was so ragged from crying. “I love my dad and my mom but I can’t stay there anymore.”

“I know babe. And so does Gunner I think. It tears his heart out but he understands. He’s really pissed at Dana at the moment but he knows she crossed the line this morning.”

Winona shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, there shouldn’t be any line for her to cross. I get that she hates me but I didn’t do anything wrong here. I just went on a dammed vacation.”

“And you found your family. I found the one woman I could love,” Boone reminded her gently while kissing her lips as he pulled her onto his lap.

“It should have been the happiest day of my life right?” She reasoned as she rested her head on his shoulder. “But it wasn’t. I mean meeting my dad was wonderful but Dana? I can’t go back there. I’ve had more than I can take from her already. If Gunner wants to spend time with me he can come here, I just can’t go back there, Boone. I just can’t. I hope he understands that.”

“I think you should know Jett is staying here to help with the kid’s club and he’s claimed Dana,” Boone informed her.

“Then I feel sorry for him.” Winona pointed out.

Boone almost cracked smile at her tone. “Your dad wants you to come back to the clubhouse.” Boone began but paused when she shook her head. “Sweetheart, you don’t understand, and I need to tell you the reason why. When DeeDee came here it was because a few of Blacky’s men were watching your shop in Moss Bluff. They don’t know his franchise is all but gone and he’s dead. You need our protection until this is settled and the best way we can protect you is under our roof.”

“Oh Boone.” She reached out and cupped his jaw. “I do love you and I also love Gunner, my mom, and the rest of the guys, but I can’t go back there. No, I won’t go back there. Mom and I will be okay right here during the day. I can lock up tight at night and I’ll be all right.”

“I’ll be right here with you, you know that right?” Boone told her gently.

“You will?” She looked astonished at his statement.

“Well, of course. You’re my woman. I go where you go and vice versa. I’d rather be at the club though. There’s strength in numbers.”

“I know that’s why I think you should stay there.” She sighed heavily.

“No way, you aren’t sleeping anywhere but in my arms and in my bed,” Boone assured her. “I have to let your dad and the club know where you are baby.”

“Well, let them know but also let them know I can’t come back there. Dana belongs in that place and I don’t.”

“You’re his daughter too, you know,” Boone reminded her. “You know you are Gunner’s first born.”

Winona shook her head. “Doesn’t matter. She’s been there all her life. Many would consider me broken. And I suppose in many ways I am but I don’t have to take her abuse and I won’t.”

“Aww baby, you aren’t broken. You have been through hell and you are still strong and stand up for yourself, but certainly not broken. Ok, let’s go back to the club and grab my clothes.”

“I’ll wait here for you to come back.”

“No babygirl, I won’t make you go inside but at least say bye to your dad. Do it for him and yourself. I know he’d appreciate that much anyway.”

Winona pressed her head against his chest. taking a deep breath in and letting it out. “Alright, that I can do but I will not go inside.” She passed her fingers across his lips. “And please don’t make me when we get there, and I’ll walk away if she comes out. Just warning you.”

He sighed. “Damn, you are as stubborn as your dad, you know that?”

 A few minutes later, they pulled into the compound.

Cobra and the rest of them hadn’t left yet, and they were standing around their bikes getting packed up to depart but when they saw her sitting on Boone’s bike, they knew they didn’t have to go. Cobra shook his head. “Hell and damnation girl. We were looking for a good fight.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you.” She swung her leg over the back of Boone’s bike. “I’m sure those boys need a good lesson in manners.”

 Boone stood up from the cycle as he nodded to the men then he broke off to go inside.

Cobra and the guys watched and when she didn’t join Boone, they looked at her.

“You aren’t going in?” Jett asked.

“No I’m not.” She just looked back at them. “I’m tired of being told I don’t belong here, that I don’t mean anything to anyone living here. I’m just tired of the bullshit.”

Cobra nodded. “I don’t blame you sweetheart. But you need to forgive your daddy.”

She shook her head. “Gunner hasn’t done anything wrong. Mom didn’t either and neither did anyone of the Savaged Souls. But I can’t and won’t stay here and subject myself to anymore of her crap. She belongs here I don’t and she’s made that perfectly clear.”

“She’s wrong though isn’t she?” Jett asked. “You belong here as much as she does.”

Winona slowly turned her head to look at him. “Maybe once upon a dream ago, I thought I did. But now I know I don’t and never did. I learned a long time ago not to stay where I wasn’t wanted. But hey, you’ll all be welcome in my place once we get it up and going.”

Gunner and Dee Dee came out of the front door and moved over to where she was standing.

Winona looked at them and smiled sadly. “I’m sorry to worry everyone but I’m ok. I’ll just stay at the apartment for now. Boone and I can look for another place once the dust settles.”

“But honey,” Gunner started.

Winona held up her hand, “Dad, please don’t. I’m fine, we’ll see each other as often as you want. Hopefully, mom will still work the bakery with me. I’ll be just fine.”

“You should be here,” Gunner insisted. “This is your home too.”

“Oh daddy, at least I got to finally meet you. That’s all I ever wanted you know?” She brushed a tear away from her eye. “Growing up, I prayed that Mike and Sheila weren’t my real parents. I used to dream of finding my real parents. To finally meet you and mom. Now that I have, I’m good. I know the truth now and I’m good.” She smiled. “However, I would love the opportunity to get to know you both better.”

“Well, you got that baby girl.” Gunner drew her into his embrace and hugged her tightly.

DeeDee sniffed back tears and patted her arm.


Dana stood at her bedroom window and tears rolled down her cheeks at the scene outside. One part of her wanted to stomp her feet but a small part of her regretted what she’d done to tear her family apart the way she did.

She saw Jett lift his head and turn her way. His eyes were distant and she feared she’d lost him before she even had him. She’d felt the electricity between them when he’d charged into her room earlier. She also remembered the pain of his punishment. The feeling deep in her belly and the feeling of his hard cock in her hand just before he left her here. She hoped he came back to her soon. She couldn’t wait to see where this would go.

She knew he was staying to help with the new club but lately she hoped he was staying for another reason. But with all the trouble she felt he hadn’t seen her at her best. She was afraid now. Afraid she was going to lose her place in the roll call here and that was something she couldn’t do.

When Blacky brought her back here twenty four years ago, she automatically became club princess and now, she was losing her title to an outsider. Looking beyond her father’s shoulder, she saw Winona. Her eyes dulled and she did stomp her foot even though no one else could see her.

Now that Winona was leaving, she knew she could get the princess title back as long as Winona didn’t come back. Dana narrowed her eyes and looked beyond Winona to glare at DeeDee. She didn’t understand why she never came back until now. She said she came back from time to time but Dana wasn’t sure she believed her. Yes, she had her dad all these years but didn’t DeeDee understand she’d wanted her mother too?

Now, she was full grown and she no longer needed a mother. Winona had her for three years but Dana didn’t. She felt she somehow missed out on something but she didn’t know what.

She and Winona were worlds apart. Winona was so perfect. She could cook and bake and Dana couldn’t even fucking boil water. Now Dana felt like she was lacking in even more ways somehow. Everyone here had been comparing the two women and she could tell she was falling short of their expectations. She never had before, sure some of the men didn’t like her. But they were going to have to accept that Winona wasn’t living here anymore, and that she would get her position back.

Then she would start on getting her father back.  He so deserved more than DeeDee.  She had betrayed him once and once had been enough. Dana didn’t think she deserved a second chance to break her father’s heart all over again. She would have to start planning to rid the club of her too.

For now though, Dana considered, she had to get back in the club’s good graces. Without Winona here, she might have a chance to pull it off, all the while plotting to get rid of this DeeDee person. She looked back at Jett and saw the disappointment in his eyes now. She would have to pull back her feelings in front of him or lose him and she refused to lose him, not until she had him of course.

She moved away from the window and watched from the shadows as Cobra and his men got on their bikes and took off for Louisiana. Something about Blacky’s men tracking Winona? Or was it DeeDee? Shrugging, she realized she didn’t really care, but then the thought came to her that she might could use them to get rid of both women.

She sat down on the edge of the bed again and winced. Her ass was still tender from Jett’s spanking this morning. Her heart began pounding in her chest as she remembered how his hand had felt on her bare ass.

When she could no longer hear the roar of the bikes, she got up again and went to her window. Winona was still there talking to Gunner and DeeDee. Now she didn’t have to hide her animosity for both women so she didn’t bother. No one was looking anyway.


Winona was waiting for Boone to return. “I’m sorry for worrying you guys.”

“Oh, honey.” Dee Dee hugged her. “We just needed to know you were okay.”

 Gunner nodded. “I don’t blame you for walking out on that. Your sister stepped over the line. I don’t know how to control her anymore.”

“Dad, she’s a grown woman, you can’t control her.” Winona shook her head. “Like I told Boone, I don’t have to live here, but I would still like to get to know you better.” She glanced over at DeeDee. “I’m hoping you’ll work with me at the bakery at least until I get used to it again. But most of all I just want to be happy. I finally found you guys and I don’t want to lose you again.”

“I will always be there for you,” DeeDee said through her tears.

“You belong here,” Gunner argued as he gave her that hard glare of his.

Winona shook her head. “No Dad, I don’t. Dana grew up here, she fits in here. I don’t. And I’m fine with that.”

“You’re my kid too.” Gunner growled. “There could be room for both of you here.”

“No, I think we both know she would never let that happen and I’m not going to fight her anymore. I have you and mom in my heart and that’s where I’ll keep you. You can come over and see me anytime you like. Just make sure you tell her she’s not welcome there. I don’t think she would show up anyway but I won’t tolerate her antics in my shop.”

Gunner hung his head and nodded. “I’ll tell her and I’ll stand by your request.”

“Do you have to go tonight?” DeeDee asked. “We haven’t even had a chance to clean the place up yet.”

“I think its best,” Winona said quietly. “I can clean the place up. We may have to sleep on the floor until we can get a bed in there but I’ve done that before.”

“We can bring some furniture over for you guys. We got plenty here,” Gunner offered.

“And we can help you clean up today,” Dee Dee added. “There’s still plenty of daylight.”

“Gonna miss you, sweetheart.” Gunner stared at her. “The guys are going to revolt now that you got them spoiled with your cooking.”

Winona threw her head back and laughed. “Mom will win them over in no time. She’s better than I could ever be. Who do you think taught me to cook?”

Gunner looked over at his woman and grinned. “I remember well her cooking from twenty five years ago. She was just starting out back then but she sure could cook. Come to think about it, I should have known who she was as soon as she started cooking here.” He stared at both women. “I can’t tell you how glad I am that the two of you are here, where you belong.” He kissed Winona’s cheek. “I’m going to go talk to the brothers, so we can get you moved properly.”

Gunner left DeeDee and Winona talking about the bakery and what they needed to do to get it open. He went inside to announce to the men what he hoped would be something they wanted to do.

He headed to the main room and cleared his throat then called out for Boone.

 The men all stared at him as the room became silent.

Once Boone entered the main room, Gunner then said, “Men, you do not have to help in any way but due to Dana’s actions this morning, our Winona will not return. She found a place and Boone our VP is moving out also. So, I need to see a raise of hands. Who will help clean and move furniture for them? We need them settled by nightfall.”

The room burst with noise. Mostly grumbling at first, due to the brother's anger over what Dana had done. Then hands went up and chairs were pushed back as the men looked to Gunner and their VP to see what they could do to help.



Chapter Five


 Dana had opened her door and listened to what her dad was saying. She also heard  what the brothers said about helping Winona move. Then she slowly closed the door. Walking over to the window, she watched as many left the clubhouse.

When they began hauling furniture and supplies out, Dana felt a rage begin to grow inside her. Her father was going out of his way to make sure Winona was comfortable while ignoring her altogether. He hadn’t even been in to see her since this morning. They were all willing to help Winona, while no one had come to see if she was okay.

Even Jett had left with Cobra, leaving her alone. Well, she was tired of being cooped up in her own room. She had more rights to be there than they did. She marched over to the door and jerked it open. Stepping out into the hall, she was almost run over by a couple of brothers carrying a bed frame out.

“Watch it,” she yelled as she backed up to avoid getting run over.

“You watch it, your highness,” one of them grumbled.

Dana stomped her foot but didn’t say anything else. When they moved past her, she continued down the hall to the main room. The room was almost empty but there were still just a couple of the brothers there.

She only knew one. The club called him Skipper because of the nautical cap he always wore. The other brother was called Scorpion but she didn’t know him at all. She went over to a table and poured herself a cup of coffee. Sitting down at a table close by, she ignored the brothers that is until Skipper joined her at her table.

 “So how goes it Princess?” he said snidely. His tone mocked her. “Are you happy now that you got rid of your sister?” He sipped his coffee. “Who’s next on your agenda, your own mom?”

Dana sneered. “Maybe. Maybe I’ll get rid of you too.”

Skipper chuckled. “Oh, I don’t think so bitch. Your dad needs me but I’m thinking he’s learning he doesn’t need you.”

Dana raised her head and glared at him. “My father will always love me.”

Skipper nodded. “Maybe you’re right on that but he sure doesn’t have to need you. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like you much at the moment.”

Dana grimaced. “Don’t you have something you should be doing right now, other than bugging me?”

Just then, Harry and Annie came out of the hall leading from the infirmary where Annie’s sister Becky was still recovering from her injuries. They should have left this morning with Tate and the other Lost Sons but stayed behind so Becky could continue to recover. Harry had another reason for staying as well. Cobra and his men wanted to stay to be in on the planning of the kid’s club in the coming days.

Dana watched them carefully as she thought maybe Annie had something else going on. Something she wasn’t willing to share with anyone else just yet. She didn't trust the Lost sons, no matter what her dad said. It wouldn’t hurt anything to keep an eye on this Annie.


Annie sat down at the table and Harry sat down with her. After a moment or so he asked, “Honey, what’s going on with you? You seem so wound up. What’s wrong?”

Annie leaned closer and whispered, “I’ve found proof my dad was working with Blacky. Gunner allowed me access to Blacky’s files and I found the connection there. But I found more than just that. I may have found another of Blacky’s recruits here in the club.”

Harry froze and slowly lowered his cup to the table. “Do you know his name?”

Annie nodded. Without saying anything out loud, she moved her head around and found Scorpion staring back at her. Then just as slowly, she turned back to Harry and sipped her own coffee.

Scorpion got up and walked out of the club.

A moment or so later, they heard his bike start up and drive away.

Harry let out a sigh and wiped a line of sweat off his brow. “Maybe he won’t be back.”

“We still have to tell Gunner and Boone. They need to know they have another traitor in the house,” Annie told him. “Blacky said he had four men and this man only makes it two. There should be two more since they did away with Arizona.”

Harry nodded. “Could be but these men saw MC justice today, do you really think they want to be discovered now?”

“No, but do you think a man like Gunner will settle for having traitors in his club?”

Harry shook his head. “No, I don’t not any more than I think my own dad would.” He looked at her carefully before he asked, “Are you sure you’re okay with your dad facing MC justice? I know you said you were but I want to ask again.”

Annie nodded. “When my father left us behind, he stopped being a husband and a father. Any man that can do that, doesn’t deserve the title of a dad. And he was never a good man from day one. I used to watch my parents fight all the time. He had no boundaries. She took his abuse and protected us most of the time. Until she couldn’t anymore.” She shook her head. “I don’t know why but she loved that sonofabitch until the day she died.”

Harry didn’t say anything, after all what could he say? Sometimes love causes people to do strange things.


Winona slowly climbed the steps to her new apartment and once she entered, she leaned against the wall for a moment. She still felt wrung out but her tears were gone at least. The sun was on its way down and they had a lot of work to do before they could go to bed tonight.

Then everyone began invading the small apartment, as they all got busy cleaning and setting up furniture. When they were almost done, Winona called for pizza.

As they were all sitting there eating and talking, Gunner received a text from Cobra. He looked down at his phone and growled at the message he found there. He looked over at Winona then over at Dee Dee.

“What is it?” Dee Dee asked. The pizza she had just eaten now felt like a lead ball in her belly.

“When Cobra and his boys got to Moss Bluff, they found the bakery burned to the ground.” He looked over at Winona. “I’m so sorry baby.”

Winona set down her half eaten slice of pizza. Swallowing hard, she shook her head. “It doesn’t matter dad. I was never going back there anyway.”

“It does matter.” Gunner growled. “Those bastards had no right to burn you out.”

“It might not even have been Blacky’s men who did this,” Winona told him. “Mrs. George’s family was pissed when they didn’t get what they wanted from her when she died. It could have been them or Blacky’s men.”

DeeDee went over to her daughter and pulled her into a hug. “I’m so sorry baby.”

“You didn’t do this.” Winona shook her head. “It could have been either party and we may never know for sure. All we can do is start over and hope this doesn’t follow me here.” She looked around the room. “I cannot, no I will not bring this mess here. If this was the George family, they got their revenge. I lost everything she left for me. It hurts, yes, but I can rebuild. With this place, I can make it into something better. She gave me so much growing up and she taught me to never give up on my dreams. I can’t let her down and I refuse to give up. Her family is rotten to the core and all they wanted was the money she and her husband worked a lifetime to get.” Winona chuckled. “Instead, she left them all one dollar each so they had no recourse to sue the courts.”

“How much money are we talking about anyway?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Five hundred thousand dollars,” Winona told them.

One of the brothers whistled.

Winona nodded. “I bought the building and set up the bakery with almost half of that money. I banked the rest of it and began putting money aside for expanding. I have enough money to start over and this time, they have no fucking claim to the money.”

“They had no claim to the money the first time.” Boone growled.  He looked over at Gunner. “I want this place wired with video and sound.”

“You’ll get it.” Gunner nodded. He got up and walked to the window overlooking this part of the city. He saw a warehouse nearby that he thought would be useful for the kid’s club. He called Boone over and pointed to the warehouse. “I think we could settle there and that way we can watch over this place as well.”

“We need to get together and decide what we want to offer the kids as far as benefits and such,” Boone suggested.

“And we will but first, we get my daughter’s bakery set up.” Gunner smiled and nodded. “Along with setting up protection for Winona.”

“I had insurance for the place in Moss Bluff,” Winona offered.

“Don’t you worry,” Gunner assured her. “We’ll be checking with the police and the arson squad about who did this.”

Winona shook her head. “What more can go wrong?”

“Don’t say that girl,” Gypsy shushed her. “You’re almost inviting more trouble saying things like that.”

“Well, what more trouble can find me?” Winona asked.


Dana glared at Annie and Harry. They hadn’t said a word to her the whole time. She felt slighted. But nobody else other than Skipper had spoken to her either. She’d seen Scorpion get up and walk out. She wondered why he did that but she didn’t really care.

She finished her coffee and wondered when and who was going to prepare dinner. When her phone pinged, she looked down and saw a message from Jett. She smiled softly but that smile turned into a frown when she read what he had to say.

He texted …We aren’t going to be able to come back tonight as someone burned down Winona’s bakery in Moss Bluff. We’ll return sometime tomorrow after we speak spoken to the police.

Dana’s eyes blurred with tears as she realized she was going to miss him. Shaking her head, she wiped them clear and realized this had to do with Winona again. Damn, she was always messing everything up!

Just then, her phone pinged again, and Dana frowned as she noticed it was an unknown number, so she waited for the message to come up. When it did, Dana gasped and began to tremble.

The message read: “Dana, I’m watching you and I’ve learned something interesting, your family doesn’t seem to want you anymore. But don’t fear, I still want you. I’ve watched you grow up and decided that I want the pleasure of breaking you. You are such a spoiled little shit I can’t wait to teach you some manners. Your father and the brothers have spoiled you rotten and now, it’s finally starting to show. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you better than they ever could. In fact, I might even enjoy it but I can guarantee that you won’t. I know you don’t like pain that much. I can’t wait. To me, you’re no club princess and I’m no prince. I’m going to enjoy watching you bleed when the time is right. I’ve always heard it’s possible to see the exact moment the soul leaves the body. I can’t wait to see if your soul is bound for heaven or hell. Which do you think will come for you? The light or the shadows? Your time is running out… wait for me. I’m closer than you think.”

Dana lifted her head to look around the main room and saw only Harry and Annie sitting at the other table. Skipper was also sitting alone at a table, the place was eerily quiet . She needed her father or Jett and right now, neither one was here.

There was nothing left for her to do but forward the message to her father’s phone and wait. She closed her eyes and prayed he wouldn’t blow it off. Then she took a deep breath and pushed herself to her feet. She stumbled to the hall and walked down to Rigger’s room. Knocking on the door, she heard him call out.

She opened the door and held out her phone.

Rigger looked at her pale face and trembling hands as he took the phone from her. He looked at the message and his eyes widened.

“I sent that to my father. I’m hoping he asks you to trace it. Please help me.” Dana stumbled over to his bed and sat down. “I think I’ll just stay here until he gets back.”

Rigger nodded and turned to his computer to track down the phone number. A few minutes later, Rigger’s phone went off.

It was Gunner and he wasn’t happy.



Chapter Six


Winona was wrapped in Boone’s arms as she sat on his lap, when her phone pinged with an incoming message. She almost didn’t bother looking at it because she was just too tired. Everyone was just finishing eating the ten pizza’s Gunner had ordered.

She dug her phone out of her pocket and glanced at the message.

 Winona: You think you are so smart, don’t you, cookie maker? You got the VP in your bed, the brothers literally eating out of your hand and Gunner wrapped around your pinky finger. Well, you are not smarter than me. I will pay you back for all that you have done. I also have plans for your spoiled bitch of a sister. Your time is running out… wait for me. I’m closer than you think.

Her eyes widened, as she felt sick and began to tremble.

Boone sat up and looked down. He read the words on her phone and swore viciously.

Just then, Gunner’s phone pinged with a message. He peered down at it and growled. Then he looked over at Boone noting the look on his VP’s face.

Boone looked up at Gunner. “Dana got one too?”

Gunner nodded.

Boone tightened his arms around his woman and just held her as he passed her phone to her dad.

Gunner read the words of the message and nearly broke the phone he was so pissed. Gunner looked over at Winona and shook his head. “Baby girl, I know you don’t want this but you have to come back to the compound with us. In fact, we all need to get back there right away. You aren’t safe here tonight and I will not allow you to put your life on the line because of that bratty sister of yours. There’s safety in numbers and we have to protect you.” He got up to move away from the group to make a call.

Winona just wrapped her arms around Boone a little tighter. At least while being held by him, she felt safe.

Boone tipped her face up to his. He could read the fear there but he could also read the trust she had in him and Gunner. “I love you, I hope you know that,” he whispered

“I love you too,” she whispered back. “This has to do with Blacky doesn’t it?”

“I think we’ve only just started to understand and begin to dismantle Blacky’s empire,” was all he could say.

Winona planted her face in Boone’s chest. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled his scent and it calmed the fear inside her. She really didn’t want to go back but she knew she had to for her own safety. She couldn’t be selfish and make Gunner worry about her unnecessarily. Or divide the men he counted on for the safety of everyone.

She already felt guilty enough taking Boone away from the club. She took another deep breath and made up her mind. She would go back. She would just have to overlook Dana.  She raised her head to Boone and whispered, “I guess we have to go back, huh?”

“I’m sorry baby, but it would be for the best.” Boone nodded.

“Ok, I’ll go, I won’t say anything to her, but I won’t take her shit either.”

“I’ll be there with you and she’d better not dare pull any shit with you,” he told her.

Winona snorted. “Don’t bet a dime on that, cause you’ll lose. I can’t promise I won’t punch her, but I’ll do my best to walk away rather than start anything.”


Gunner was still over in the corner talking on the phone. He forwarded the message from Winona’s phone to his then sent it to Rigger. He came back to where his daughter and the men were. “We need to go back to the compound and lock it down. We may have another traitor in our ranks and we need to find him.” He looked over at DeeDee. “This bastard is only beginning his game. He wants to destroy me for some reason and he thinks by threatening my girls that he can hurt me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes after you as well.”

DeeDee looked back at him and she paled a bit.

“Well, we aren’t going to let him get close to you or yours, boss.” Gypsy growled.

The other men there nodded in agreement.

“We might have more than one though boss,” Tramper told him. “Remember Blacky claimed he had four of his own men? Arizona was the only one we’ve found so far.”

Gunner scowled and ran his fingers through his hair. “We have to get back and find out who they are and neutralize them. I just found Winona and DeeDee and I’m not going to lose either of them. I don’t want to lose Dana either.” He moved away and sent a text message to Jett. The other man needed to know what Dana was going through. Then it would be up to him what he did. He again came back to look around at everyone. “Let’s go back to the compound and find the other three traitors. This club needs some damn peace.”

An hour and a half later, they arrived back at the compound. In the meantime, Gunner and a few of the men set up cameras wired for sound with alarms on the bakery to make sure it was safe. Someone had already burned down her bakery in Moss Bluff, he didn’t want them to do the same thing here.


The sound of the bikes arriving had Dana leaving the table in the main room and opening the door. She stood there with her arms crossed over her chest as she glared at Winona and DeeDee as they got off the back of the bikes. When Gunner got closer she said, “I wasn’t sure you got my message.”

“Of course, I got your message girl. You sent it to me, didn’t you?” Gunner growled.

“There was a time when you would have come home right away, not linger for an hour before coming back to check on me,” she reminded him.

“Yeah well, things have changed. I had stuff to do before I came. I had to get your sister some security at her bakery.” Gunner glared at her.

Dana gave a harrumph but didn’t answer him. Instead, she turned her head and glared at Winona. “Rigger and Annie have been busy here too.” She now turned to DeeDee and said in a sly tone, “Why didn’t you ever tell us Blacky had a brother?”

DeeDee looked shocked and frowned. “Because he doesn’t have a brother anymore, he died way back when.”

Gunner nodded. “Caden was killed because Blacky interfered with this club, causing his own brother’s death… and I was voted in as President and since then this club has been legit.”

Dana sneered not looking at her father, just at DeeDee. “Not according to what Annie found. He does have a brother named Caden and a half brother named Tanner.”

 “Tanner Hall?” DeeDee shook her head. “He’s not Blacky’s brother, never was, nor ever will be. Oh, he wanted to be but he’s not. His mother listed Blacky’s dad on his birth certificate and lied about it for most of his life but when it came down to it, DNA proved he wasn’t Tanner’s father. Blacky’s dad did have an affair. He strayed like an alley cat and Tanner’s mom was one of those women but the baby she had wasn’t his. Blacky’s dad threw her, Tanner, and the real father out of the town we were living in.” DeeDee looked up at Gunner. “Tanner didn’t take it well at all. He punched the Blacky’s dad right in the mouth before he left, then vowed he’d get his revenge on the old man.”

“And just why should we believe anything you say?” Dana asked snarkily.

“Little girl…” Gunner growled low. “Don’t start shit you can’t back up. DeeDee explained this and I believe her.”

“But dad,” Dana whined.

Gunner held up his hand stopping Dana from saying another word. Then he took DeeDee’s hand and walked into the clubhouse.

His movement caused Dana to step back, forcing her away from the door.

The rest of the group followed in behind them and each of them glared at Dana. 

Gunner walked over to the table where Annie, Harry and Rigger were working on their computers.

DeeDee went with him, as he wouldn’t let go of her hand.

Annie looked up and apologized to DeeDee, “I’m sorry Dana jumped to conclusions as she has been listening to what all we have been finding. We did find a DNA blood test between Tanner Hall and Blacky’s dad, Terrance Wilder. You are right, they are not related.”

DeeDee shrugged. “That doesn’t mean Tanner ever accepted it, even with the proof he had in his hands. He grew up in Blacky’s shadow, so all his life and with his mother’s lies about who his father was it only fed his hatred of the power Blacky held.”

“Do you know what he looks like?” Annie asked. “Cuz that would really help identify him.”

DeeDee shook her head. “I haven’t seen Tanner in like twenty five plus years. I’m sure he’s grown into a man, whereas the last time I saw him, he was a boy of fourteen.” She thought for a moment then looking up at Gunner she said, “There was one thing that I do remember about him though, Tanner was always getting into trouble as a kid and one time he lost part of his little finger on his right hand. So that might help to identify him?”

Gunner snapped his head up at that little bit of information. He slowly turned his head to look at his VP. Boone nodded and together they said, “Scorpion.”

Annie nodded. “He was here earlier but left in a hurry. It was while Skipper was talking to Dana. Shortly after that, she got a text message that shook her up badly.”

“He’s been here for two years.” Gunner looked pissed. “That bastard has been living here for two fucking years! Watching and waiting for just the right time to pounce.”

“Makes a person wonder if Blacky knew one of his recruits was his hated imposter brother?” Boone put the question out there.

Gypsy stepped up. “Yeah, he knew exactly who Scorpion was. You don’t forget someone who grew up hating you like that very easily. Those two hated each other but Blacky has been making sure not to spend much time here over the last couple of years.”

“He might not have but he always knew exactly what we were doing all that time didn’t he?” Tramper suggested. “He planted his spies here watching and waiting.”

 “Well, that’s all fine and good,” Dana interrupted. “But what are you going to do about this creep that sent the text messages dad? Skipper was talking to me earlier and he wasn’t very nice to me. Then Scorpion got up and walked out. It was after that when everything went to hell for me.”

Annie then quickly spoke up, “He did just get up and walk out. We all heard him leave. I was reading through those files you gave me Gunner, and I found out my dad had ties to Blacky’s empire. I also found that Scorpion was another of his lackeys. I knew about Scorpion when I came into the room and I was a bit nervous when I saw him in here. He must have noticed and suspected his secret was out.”

Just then, one of the brothers came into the clubhouse. He had something in his hand and when he came over to Gunner, he tossed it on the table. It was a cut. “I found this in the bushes just beyond the gate.”

Gunner lifted the leather vest with their logo on it. His eyes grew hard when he read the name stitched in the leather. It was Scorpion’s cut. He crushed the leather with his fisted hands. “Well, he is the second traitor. That leaves us two more to dig out.” He looked around at his men. “Shoot that bastard on sight if you see him or if he comes back here. He gets no mercy.”

Gypsy snorted. “Don’t worry about that, boss. He won’t get any. I despise fucking traitors.”

Dana sat down at a table frustrated that no one was paying her any attention since miss goody two shoes interrupted her.

 Annie looked first to Harry then to Gunner. Clearing her throat, she said, “That’s not all we found.”

Gunner glanced over at her. “Don’t fucking tell me there’s more?”

“It might not mean anything but we did find a pattern in your business searches.”

Boone frowned. “What kind of pattern and what searches?”

“I didn’t really see it at first. Someone used your net while doing the searches. And he was good, very good. Then, while I was showing Rigger and Harry these searches, we all were taking another look. Someone here was looking for a certain group of people. These people are very bad. Whoever this person is, he’s waging a war on the cartel while being a member of the Savaged Souls. I searched the records and he’s managed to find and kill a number of cartel players.”

“What the fuck?” Gunner swore. “Are you sure about your information?”

Annie nodded. “Together, we’ve found seven deaths so far and he has a list of fourteen men. But we also found out that he didn’t start looking for these guys until about a year ago.”

“Anything else?” Gunner snarled while looking fit to be tied.

“Yes, something was left at each murder scene,” Rigger answered this. “A card, like a business card but not quite, it is red with black printed words, ‘For my father, Blood for blood.’ Then there’s always a number on the card. And Boss, the last murder wasn’t that far away from here.”

“How did these men die?” DeeDee asked, as she looked ashen.

“You may not want to know, it’s pretty gruesome,” Harry told her.


DeeDee had a sudden memory shooting through her mind as it came back in living color and she gasped as her knees weakened, and she started to fall.

Winona grabbed her before she could collapse.

 Gunner rushed toward her to catch her up into his arms. He carried her over to a chair and sat down with her.

She clung to him and wouldn’t let go. For a few minutes, all she could do was shake. Finally, she regained control and looked up into Gunner’s eyes. “They were tied between two trees. One wrist to each tree, then his belly was cut from hip to hip. His guts were spilled on the ground in front of him. Then there’s another cut, it’s an x on his chest all the way to his bones. His ribs were crushed and his heart ripped from his chest. Then his throat was cut and his tongue cut from his mouth.”

Dana seemed to gag as she looked away from DeeDee.

Annie gasped and raised her hand to her mouth. “Oh, my God. How did you know about that? It is information, only found in sealed police reports.”

“I saw it once as a kid.” DeeDee trembled as she replied and tried to hold her shaking hands together. “My dad belonged to an MC when I was growing up. They were called Antichrist Disciples. They were truly the worst of the worst. Blacky’s dad was president and my dad was VP. They’d barely escaped a raid from the FBI, so they figured they had a traitor in their club. They’d blamed an innocent man for it. When the time came and they found the real traitor, the club knew he was an innocent man. They’d already caught the real traitor but Blacky’s dad hated this other man and he just wanted him gone, so he went ahead with what he called MC justice. The man had a wife and two young sons. They’d tied them up and made them watch what they did to their father. The Disciples at that time were in league with the cartel and they had men there to witness what happened. It could have been this fourteen?” She nodded at Annie. “The cartel knew this man was innocent and yet, they did nothing to stop Blacky’s dad.”

“What happened to the boys after that?” Boone asked.

“One of the boys got himself killed that day. He was ten years old. Once they were done torturing and killing the man, they untied the wife and sons. One of the boys took his pocket knife out. Then rushed at Blacky’s dad and cut him. Blacky’s dad laughed and then slit his throat in front of his brother, mother and everyone else standing there. The other boy was grabbed by his mother and she held him back. That night, she and her youngest son escaped the compound and we never saw them again.” Tears tracked DeeDee’s cheeks as she hung her head. “My dad and uncle were sadistic, vicious, cruel men.”

“What was the boy’s name?” Tramper asked.

“Ricky Mann,” she whispered.

Gunner looked over at Boone and the rest of his men. “Well fuck, that’s Endo! He’s been using our business as a way to hunt down the cartel men who didn’t stop his father’s death.”

DeeDee nodded. “I think he finally killed my uncle and my father as well. They were killed the same way, ten years after Ricky’s dad and brother died. He completely destroyed the Disciple’s MC. He killed them all then burned the club to ashes.”

“Endo hasn’t been around for weeks now,” Gypsy told them.

Gunner looked down at DeeDee. “Maybe that’s why Blacky never made his last name known for all these years. He knew about this revenge killer.”

She shrugged. “Could very well be. Blacky, who’s real name is Jackson Kyle Wilder by the way, they both tried to be as bad as they thought uncle Terry was. Only I think they went too far when they began kidnapping women for the sex trade.”

“Amen to that.” Gunner growled as he looked around at the brothers. “We need to keep watch. I want men on the roof. Everyone takes a walkie. And I want every entrance to the club manned with a guard.”




Chapter Seven


Jett groaned and tried to open his eyes. His body hurt all over. He couldn’t remember what happened. After another minute or two, he realized that he couldn’t move his arms and when his eyes finally opened, he frowned when he saw his wrists were tied together with thick, heavy duty zip ties. “What the fuck?” he muttered. The zip ties were attached to a hook hanging from the ceiling.

He looked down at his clothes and found they were torn and bloody. He could see dried blood on his body but he had no clue as to why or what happened. Then he heard footsteps coming toward him and lifted his head.

Out of the shadows came an older man. His face and head were covered in white hair down to his shoulders. His beard was hanging down beyond his chest and he sported a red eye patch with a black skull covering most of the patch. He wasn’t a thin man but he also wasn’t a thick man either, but somewhere in the middle. He also wore a cut of an MC club called the Antichrist Disciples.

The name on the patch said President but Jett didn’t know who he was. He’d never heard of the MC before. “Who the hell are you?” Jett grumbled. “And why am I here?”

The old man sneered. “You are here for my amusement. As to who I am, I’m your worst fucking nightmare.”

“What the hell happened to me?” Jett growled.

The old man shrugged. “I ran your bike off the road.”

Jett frowned. “Why? I don’t even know you man, why would you do something like that?”

“Because I wanted to. That’s why. I’m going to use you to get to someone who had my son killed. Blood for blood. I want my revenge and I want the man who took my MC down. I’ve been watching you bucko and you’re my way into the Savaged Souls MC.”

Jett frowned. “But I’m not one of them. I belong to the Soldiers of Hades MC.”

“Oh, I know but you want one the daughters of the president and she’s one of them isn’t she? I can use her to get to the ones I really want. I want Gunner and DeeDee along with Winona and Dana. Then I want the man who murdered my family to feel my wrath before I kill him.”

“How do you know this man is even there? And who the hell is your son?” Jett snarled.

The older man straightened his shoulders. “I know he’s there. I’ve been watching this group for a while now and I’ve seen this murdering bastard come and go. My son was a member of this group even though he was working his own trade and hustle. It was shortly after I found DeeDee that she led me to find this group. After watching them for a few weeks, I found that murdering bastard. I waited for over twenty years to find that punk and now I’ve found him and I’m not letting him go.” He began to pace. “It took me over a year to recover from his attack almost twenty fucking years ago. I had to go into hiding to recover and I hate hiding. Only a god dammed coward hides but I had to get my strength back. Then when I went looking for the bastard, it took me eighteen years to find him.” He fisted his hands as his eyes burned with pure hatred.

Jett could almost feel the rage in his body pulsing out in waves of hatred. He tried to wet his lips but had no spit to do it with. His throat was dry and scratchy. “So, why did you bring me here?”

“I told you I’m going to use you to get to Gunner and DeeDee. Then I’m going to get to Gunner’s daughters. They sentenced my boy to death. I want to watch Gunner and his tramp go crazy waiting to see if I’ll kill his girls or not. I heard they dragged my boy out to the woods and bled him waiting for the wolves to finish him off. Maybe I’ll do the same thing for their kids.”

“You’re insane.” Jett growled.

“I don’t fucking care!” the older man shouted. “He killed my son. He murdered him almost as if he stuck a knife in his back.”

“Actually, if you are referring to Gunner, he did nothing of the kind,” Jett informed him. “Gunner wouldn’t vote on Blacky. He wouldn’t use his position as President to sway the vote. It was a tribunal decision.”

“I don’t care!” he shouted and he stomped closer to where Jett was.

He struck Jett’s face with a clenched fist and hard enough that his head snapped back. Fresh blood washed down from his broken nose.

The other man stepped away. He walked over to the table and grabbed up Jett’s phone. Going back over to Jett, he reached up and using Jett’s thumb he opened his phone and took a picture with the camera app.

Jett’s body then sagged as unconsciousness claimed him again.


Dana sat alone in the main room of the club. The guys were all on guard and the front gate was locked tight. She thought Jett would have been here long before now, but he wasn’t here yet. She was beginning to think he wouldn’t come back for her and he would have a good reason.

Everyone else had gone to bed a long time ago. So Dana was sitting in the dark waiting for someone who may or may not return to the compound. She’d been hoping he would come back for her but now her doubts were creeping in and she was beginning to wonder if she’d misread the promise in his words.

She felt so alone. She began looking back on her actions and realized she had put herself at the bottom of the barrel. She had slunk as low as she could go. Her heart was breaking but she couldn’t even shed a tear. She realized just how wrong she had been for treating Winona and DeeDee like shit but, she just couldn’t keep herself from snapping at them. Things had been changing around here and she couldn’t handle change. She hadn’t wanted her dad to love anyone but her. She knew this was selfish on her part but that was how she’d always felt growing up.

Then Winona came through the doors and things were being ripped from her. Everything in her life was slipping away and she couldn’t stand it. Pulling her legs up on the chair, she wrapped her arms around her knees and stared at the phone in her hand. For the first time in her life, she felt broken and sad. She let out a long sigh. And she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t heard from Jett.

Had he already changed his mind and given up on her? She didn’t want to even think about that. She didn’t want it to be over, not yet. When she looked at her screen, it was still blank and her hand began to tremble. She laid her head on her knees and closed her eyes. Her mind was going a mile a minute and coming up with no real conclusion. Did they run into trouble when they went to Moss Bluff? Or did they just go back to where they'd come from? Did Jett just decide that she wasn't worth the effort?

Her head pounded as her thoughts were going round and round. She kept trying to hold on to her hate for Winona and DeeDee but Jett's words kept drifting in. 'My woman will be a real woman, not a spoiled child.' She heard the clock in the kitchen begin to chime, noting that it was four in the morning. Dana held her hands over her ears, as she wanted to scream.

Then she heard the pinging on her phone, announcing she was getting a message. She sucked in a breath with anticipation. A smile crept across her lips…It was from Jett! She gasped and almost screamed as a photo popped up on her screen. Blinking at the image, she started to tremble as her hand went to cover her mouth. Jett was bleeding while hanging there with his hands tied to a hook on the ceiling.

He looked like he’d gone three rounds with a prize fighter and lost. His clothes were torn and his body bloody. His face was all beat up and she could see fresh blood below his nose. His eyes were swollen with blood running down from his wrists where the ties were digging into his skin.

Her heart broke. Taking in the whole picture, something clicked in her mind about the background— it seemed familiar to her. Wracking her brain, she found something behind Jett that seemed very familiar to her. Her eyes widened as she realized that she knew where he was.

She might not know how he got there or who took him but she did know where he was. She figured the sun would be up in a couple of hours. She looked down the hall to where her father was. She should tell someone about this but who? Would anyone even listen to her?

Looking down at the picture again, she began to shed tears when she realized she did care for him. Cared for him a lot. She couldn’t stand that he was suffering. She wiped the tears away and knew what she had to do. She had to save him. She was all alone in this, as the club hated her.

She went to her bedroom and changed her clothes. Slipping on her shoes, she remembered had GPS in her sneakers. She made sure she had them on and prayed they still had the GPS unit working. If it was, they could track her and find them both if something went wrong.

Just before she left, she forwarded the picture she got to father’s cell, then to Boone’s phone. She knew they might not see it until they woke up but it was the best she could do for now.

Dana then made her way down the hall to the kitchen. She would have to sneak out using her old way to get out of the compound, but she was determined to leave undetected. She hadn’t used the back way in a number of years but when she was younger, it had worked a number of times for her to escape so she could go party with her friends.

Keeping to the shadows, she made it all the way to the back fence line before she hit her first obstacle. A year or two ago, the men had secured the fence line so it wouldn’t be easy to get through. She paused for a moment to think about the fact that there might be someone waiting for her on the other side but that thought was fleeting as she imagined what Jett was going through. He could be dead by the time anyone came to rescue him.

She began to climb over the fence. Once she reached the top, she took a deep breath and jumped down on the other side. Then she ran into the tree line and disappeared into the darkness.


The sound of the fence sensor woke Rigger up from sleep. At first, he didn’t know what the sound was but then he sat up quickly and looked over at his security monitor. When he saw a flashing red light, he bolted up to check it out.

He checked the tapes and saw Dana climbing up and over the fence, then jumping down on the other side. Rigger looked at the time and debated on whether to wake up Gunner or not but decided he didn’t want to have his ass kicked by his prez. Yes, the girl was exasperating and violated the lockdown orders but she was also his daughter.

He pulled his pants on and walked down the hall to Gunner’s door. Knocking softly, he hoped not to wake DeeDee.

Gunner yanked the door open a couple of minutes later, glaring at the other man. “What the fuck Rigger?”

“I’m sorry boss but you need to see this.”

“Let me grab my phone,” Gunner mumbled going back into the bedroom. When he returned, he motioned for Rigger to lead the way.

Rigger walked back to his bedroom and rewound the security tapes. “The alarm woke me and I saw this. Dana set off one of the sensors.”

Gunner watched as Dana went over the fence and disappeared into the trees. He swore under his breath and opened his phone to call his daughter. He paused when he found that she’d sent him a message and went to open it. What he saw shocked him. “Son of a bitch!” Gunner swore. He looked over at Rigger. “Wake everyone up. Dana’s going to get herself killed. We have to find her.”

Rigger nodded and went out into the hall to bang on the doors.


Gunner spun around and walked out of the room. He went down to Boone’s door and pounded on it loud enough to wake the dead.

When Boone answered the door, he stared sleepily at his prez. “What is it boss?” he asked grumbling.

“Dana snuck out and look what’s on my fucking phone.” Gunner growled as he shoved the phone in Boone’s face.

Winona appeared behind Boone and gasped at the photo she saw on her dad’s phone. “Oh, my god… what happened?”

“I’m not sure yet but your crazy sister jumped the fence and is out there somewhere alone without backup.” Gunner felt like he was gonna lose it at any minute. “Shit! I need to let Cobra know he’s down a man.”

“Oh, that’s not going to go over well,” Boone replied.

“He’ll want to be here when we find him. Can’t blame him for that,” Gunner said as he hit speed dial. He glanced over at Boone and muttered, “Get dressed, we need all hands on deck.” He walked toward the main while room flipping on lights. Texting on his cell, he informed Cobra as the men began to wake up.

Boone joined him with Winona a few minutes later with his phone in his hand. “She sent it to me too, boss.”

“Didn’t she think we would need an address to go with it?” Gunner growled.

Boone shrugged. “That girl doesn’t think, she just leaps.”

Rigger had joined them with his laptop and was busy searching for something. He looked up at Gunner. “Boss, she’s got her sneakers on. We can track her and see where she’s going.”

Gunner and Boone went over to where Rigger was sitting and they watched the little red dot on his screen. “At least there’s that,” Gunner grumbled.

Boone nodded as he looked surprised. “Well maybe, she was thinking after all?”

Gunner studied the dot. “I’m wondering how Jett got taken and Cobra didn’t know it? They haven’t come back from Moss Bluff yet. What the fuck is happening out there?”

Rigger just shook his head.


Winona went to the kitchen and found her mother there making coffee.

DeeDee looked worried. Staring at Winona, she asked, “Why would she do something like this?”

Winona went over to her mom and wrapped her arm around the older woman’s shoulder. “I don’t know, she has never showed good sense but this isn’t a good thing.”

“Did you see what all the fuss is about?” DeeDee asked her.

Winona nodded. “Someone has Jett tied up and they’ve beaten him badly. There’s nothing else there, not even a message, just a picture of Jett. He’s hanging from a hook in the ceiling. He looked to be in a warehouse of some kind.”

DeeDee gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. “And Dana just left the compound? What does she hope to do, rescue him by herself?”

Winona shrugged. “I don’t know but she put herself, Jett, and this club in danger by leaving here tonight.”

“Oh, my god,” DeeDee trembled. “Why would she do something like this?”

Winona sighed and looked at her mother. “Didn’t you do the same thing to dad when you left here to keep him safe? Do you think your daughter would do anything less for her man?”

DeeDee shook her head while looking confused. “You think she loves him?”

Winona nodded. “Only love would give her the courage enough to break the rules like this. To even put herself in danger for someone else. She’s too selfish to do it for just anyone or anything other than that.”

“You could be right about that,” DeeDee whispered after she thought about it for a moment. “Maybe there’s some hope for her yet.” She looked hopeful as she got out the trays to put all the coffee mugs on.

Winona didn’t feel convinced of this part. “Let’s just pray the guys can find her alive to see if there is any hope at all for her,” Winona said as she finished gathering cups and stuff for the coffee her mom had made.




Chapter Eight


Gunner’s heart pounded in his chest as he placed the call to Cobra. This was absolutely the last phone call like this he wanted to make but he had to tell him, as much as he knew anyway. Without knowing the whole story, he didn’t really have that much information to give him.

“What the fuck are you calling me for at this hour?” Cobra snarled when he answered.

“Just wanted you to know you’re a man down,” Gunner told him.

There was silence on Cobra’s end of the call then he asked, “What the fuck, are you sure?”

“I’m sending you all we know.” Gunner forwarded the picture Dana had sent him and Boone.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Cobra snarled after a few minutes.

“We’re on lockdown due to a threat to my club. Both my girls got a text threatening their lives and the club. Dana was waiting for Jett to come back after everyone else had gone to bed. I get woke up at four this morning with my IT guy telling me Dana went over the fence. I grabbed my phone to give her hell, only to find that picture.”

“Holy shit,” Cobra swore. “We know she contacted Jett last night with that threat and he fucking took off for Jasper around seven. He should have been there around ten.”

“Well, he never made it,” Gunner affirmed. “We haven’t figured out where he is yet, but I think Dana knows where he’s being held. Foolish girl took off to get to him.”

“Damn Gunner, no offense man but is she fucking stupid?” Cobra retorted. “He won’t be alone and if the man who did this to him is still there, she’s gonna be in a helluva lot of  trouble.”

“We’re tracking her and as soon as we get an idea of her direction or when she gets there, we’ll go get them both. I just called to let you know he’s MIA and appears to be in a bad a way.”

“We’re on our way,” Cobra replied. “I’ll leave two men behind to pick up the fire reports we need, but the rest of us are on our way back. We’ll be there in a couple of hours. Keep me informed and especially, the location.”

“Be careful out there. We don’t know who this mother fucker is or what he wants and until we do... we’re expecting anything.”

“Find him, get him back, man. Then you and I will find this fucker together and we’ll make him pay for what he did. I’ll be there in two hours.” Cobra hung up the call.

Gunner ended the call and slid the phone into his pocket. Looking over at Boone and catching his eye, he shook his head.

DeeDee and Winona came out of the kitchen with hot coffee and sandwiches. Everyone was up and mostly watching Rigger’s laptop, monitoring Dana’s progress.

DeeDee wandered over and got a look at the picture sent to Dana. She frowned then gasped. Looking over at Gunner, she had tears in her eyes.

Gunner came over to her and reached out to pull her into his arms. “What is it?”

She held out a trembling hand to point at the picture on one of Rigger’s monitors. “Is that where Jett is being held?” she whispered.

“As far as we know…why?” Gunner asked with a frown.

 “I know where that is.”

Gunner’s gaze rose to catch Boone’s eyes. When he looked down he asked, “Where?”

“This is the old warehouse down by the slaughter house. When we were young, this was the place we used to party at. It wasn’t as run down as it is today but look...” She pointed at a fading sign against the back wall, a sign of a Brahma bull.

Gunner shook his head. “I should have known that myself. Damn, I can’t believe I missed that.” He looked up at the others. “I know where he’s being held. Let’s get there before Dana gets herself into even more trouble.”

“How many men do you want to go boss?” Boone asked.

“No more than four. The rest stay here on alert in case this is a ruse.” He looked around at his men. “I want two people on the roof and Rigger will watch the cameras until we get back. Nobody gets in and nobody but the five of us leave.”

Four men got to their feet along with Gunner, leaving Boone behind to watch over the club.

They took two trucks rather than their bikes. They would have needed one truck anyway for Jett. Hopefully,, they wouldn’t need the second truck for Dana, but they had it anyway.

Gunner drove the lead truck, as he knew where they were going. When they got close to the river, he saw someone dart into the shadows. He stomped on the brakes and put the vehicle in park. Opening the door, he called out softly, “Dana, get your ass back here.”

A few moments later, Dana slowly came out of the shadows.

“What the everlovin’ fuck are you doing girl?” Gunner snarled.

“I had to try and save him daddy.”

“Why didn’t you come to me, baby girl?”

Dana stared at her father and said, “I wasn’t so sure you would help me or not.”

“About something like this, damn sure I would help girl, you should have known that.” Gunner shook his head. “This is club business and you should have woken us up. Fuck, come on and get in the truck so we can get Jett.”

Dana got in the backseat.

 Gunner drove closer to the warehouse in question. They stopped a ways away, so their trucks wouldn’t be heard. Then they all moved in closer on foot.

Gunner motioned for the men to surround the building Then he grasped Dana’s hand in his and together, they went inside. He wasn't letting her out of his sight in case this was a trap just to grab her. He looked at her and motioned with his finger over his lips as they made their way through the dim light.

When they stepped out into the vastness of the main room, they found Jett still unconscious while hanging from the ceiling.

Gunner quickly turned and wrapped his hand over Dana’s mouth to stop her from calling out.

Staying in the shadows, they made their way closer. Gunner hauled his daughter down beside him as he gazed around at the empty warehouse. When nothing moved, he slowly got to his feet and quietly stepped out of the shadows.

Then he heard a  metallic click as someone in the shadows primed a gun.

Gunner froze, knowing he was exposed to an enemy. “Who the hell are you and why have you taken one of my men hostage?” he called out.

Dana was still in the shadows and she seemed to know better than to make herself known.

“Which of those bastards of Savaged Souls are you?” A gruff voice called out, echoing in the empty building. He coughed to clear his throat. “Which one of the bastards are you?” His voice sounded scratchy and hoarse.

“They call me Gunner, now who the hell are you?” Gunner growled.

An older man moved into the moonlight beams of the warehouse. He had long snowy hair and a beard that came down to touch his chest. He was holding a Smith and Wesson in his hand, aimed at Gunner’s chest.

“Who the fuck are you?” Gunner demanded for the third time.

“I’m the man that’s gonna take your life, take your woman and daughters too. Maybe I’ll carry them off to the woods and make them bleed for the wild pigs to enjoy. Blood for blood. You took my kid’s life. So, I’m going to take your whole fucking family.”

“I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.” Gunner shook his head.

“You did that to my son!” the old man screamed except his voice was all but gone now, so it barely came out as a whisper. He seemed so full of rage that his hands were shaking. “Then I’m going to hunt down a man I’ve been looking for, for eighteen years. Him, I’m going to skin alive. Yeah, skin that bastard alive and listen to his screams and see if they match the screams I’ve been carrying around in my head for the last twenty years as I watched him destroy my MC.”

“You’re talking about Endo, aren’t you?” Gunner asked.

“What the hell? What do you think you know about it?” the old man snarled.

“I know you killed his father and he was an innocent man. I know you killed his older brother for no reason too.” Gunner glared at him.

“Oh, I had reason to kill that bastard,” he grumbled. “I had damn good reason to do what I did.”

“Oh, yeah?” Gunner nodded. “How did he hurt you that you would order his death, a gruesome death I might add?”

“He fucking betrayed my club.”

“I heard he was innocent, that someone else brought in the FBI.” Gunner shared what he knew.

“Mann was fuckin packing up to leave the club. Once you’re a Disciple, you belong for life. There is no way out except for death. He was talking to some of the other guys as well. They never came forward but I knew there were at least two more guys looking to leave. I couldn’t let that happen. It would undermine my position as President if I did nothing.”

Gunner frowned as he stared at the other man. “I thought you were dead a long time ago?”

“I damn near was dead. That little fucker cut my belly open then he cut my fucking throat. But I was able to crawl away and I lived. It took me a year to recover and I had to hide for a long time before I could get a fix on where the little bastard was.” He began to pace. “Then I came here and found my son. Blacky ran away from me years ago but I finally found him. Watched over him for the last five years and he never knew I was there.”

“Then you knew all along what he was doing?” Gunner asked.

The other man shrugged. “Moving skin? Yeah I knew, it didn’t make no nevermind what he did for a living.”

Gunner growled and his hands fisted but he didn’t move.

“What?” The older man scoffed. “You hunt people down for a living. And they pay you big money for it too. What’s wrong with what my kid was doing?”

“At least what I do is legal. Selling people for profit isn’t and it’s cruel as all fuck as if you didn’t know.”

Just then something flashed from one of the windows.

The old man managed to dodge out of the way as the retort of a gunshot echoed in the vast warehouse.

Gunner ducked as a bullet was fired in his direction. Then all he could hear was footsteps running in several directions at once.

A couple more shots were heard and then nothing. 

Slowly, Gunner’s men joined him.

Gypsy looked over at him and shook his head. "Gone."

“He got away boss,” Tramper added.

Gunner let out a breath as he nodded and looked around for his daughter.

Dana came out of the shadows crying.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

Dana sniffled as she stared at Jett beyond her dad and the men. “Can we cut Jett down now?”

Gunner nodded. “Keep an eye out men. Let’s make sure that fucker doesn’t get in our way.” He went over to Gypsy help get Jett down. He reached up and cut the zip ties that held him.

Dana had tears in her eyes as she watched her dad release Jett.

As they lowered him, Jett groaned out. But they didn’t stay too long to check him out. Three men lifted him up and carried him out of the warehouse.

Dana laid her head on his shoulder, all the way out to the truck. She let go long enough to crawl into the backseat then held him on her lap after they got him in.

Jett groaned as he tried to come to, but he fell back into unconsciousness just as quickly.

 Gunner drove the truck back as swiftly as he could.

The sun was just peeking over the eastern horizon when they got back to the compound.

When they pulled up, more men poured out of the clubhouse and helped carry Jett into the club. They took him to Patriot’s infirmary and he began his work.

DeeDee put her arm around Dana’s shoulder as they watched Patriot work on Jett. “Are you okay honey?” DeeDee asked.

Dana glanced at her mom and nodded. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

Gunner motioned for everyone to move to the main room.

Dana shook her head as she refused to leave the infirmary.

Once they were all in the main room, Gunner ran his hands over the back of his head and looked at his men. “Well, we know some of what happened. We have to talk to Jett when he wakes up but we know who the man that took him is.” He looked over at DeeDee. “I think he's your uncle, the previous President of the Disciples.”

DeeDee sat down on a chair hard as her face went white. “But how is that possible? He died years ago.”

“Apparently not,” Gunner surmised. “He told us that much. He said he survived the attack on him and crawled away. That it took him a year to heal and then he started looking for Endo.”

“What does he want?” Boone asked.

Gunner looked over at his VP. “Blood for blood. He thinks I ordered Blacky killed.”

“But you didn’t,” Boone protested.

Gunner shook his head. “I don’t think that matters to him. He found nothing wrong with Blacky selling people into the sex trade.”

“What did he look like?” DeeDee asked.

Gunner shrugged. “He was an older man with long white hair and a long white beard. He had a crazy look in his eye.”

“His eye?” she questioned.

“Yeah, he wore a patch over one eye.”

Boone felt Winona trembling beside him. He turned to her with concern on his face. “Baby, what is it? Are you all right?”

“No, I don’t think I am,” she whispered. “I just remembered something. A man fitting that description was watching the shop off and on over the last six months. He would just sit on his bike out front and stare at me when I was working. It didn’t bother me at first, but after a while, it started freaking me out. He made absolutely no secret of the fact he was watching me and I didn’t know why.”

DeeDee moved over to her daughter and wrapped her arms around Winona’s shoulder. “I remember you telling me about him.” Looking over at Gunner, she told him, “He was a tall man with snow white hair. He hid his face with a white beard and he always wore dark glasses but what made him stand out was the eye patch he always wore. One time he was standing close enough to the front door that when he took off his sunglasses, I noticed the eye patch was red and decorated with a black skull. I remember it because it gave me the shivers just looking at it.” She shuddered.

Gunner scowled. Glancing at his men, no one seemed to know anything about him. Looking back at the women he asked, “Did either of you notice anything else about this bastard? That sounds exactly like the crazy man I met tonight.”

Winona frowned as she tried to remember. “I think… He had some kind of tattoo on his neck. I couldn’t see it clearly, but it was a swirl of red and black. It covered one side of his neck and looked like it would cover part or all of his shoulder as well. He used to come around every other week. I never knew when he would show up. I think that’s why I needed a vacation so bad. It was almost time for him to show up again, a few weeks ago.”

“I know you were very stressed out before you left.” DeeDee nodded.

“That was part of it. This guy really gave me the creeps. It was almost like I could feel his hate, but how would he know who I was? At that time, I didn’t even know who I was.” Winona clasped her hands together with worry.

“He did say he found Blacky a few years ago. Maybe while watching him, he saw something in you that made him aware of you at some point.” Gunner shrugged. “Who knows how he figured it out? Al I do know is that he wants me and mine dead and he’s still out there, watching and waiting for the chance to get to us.”



Chapter Nine


 Dana sat down beside Jett’s bed and hungrily searched his battered and bruised body. Patriot had cut his shirt off and his chest was exposed to her eyes. The blood had been washed away, so his injuries could be observed. He looked so beat up that she cringed in sympathy.

When she heard the whole story, she knew he had come back for her. The feelings she had was something no one except her dad had ever showed her and even her dad was not one to overly share or show it. Jett had actually come back to help her. Maybe there was someone for her. He could be her someone. She had always felt so alone and thought because of her behavior no one would ever care about her but this man did. Despite knowing some of what she'd done and being disappointed in her too. He still cared enough to come back here when she needed him. No one had ever done anything so selfless for her before in her life.

He cared about her when no one else did. For the first time in her adult life, she could see herself more clearly. Like the time when she hadn’t cared what happened to Winona when Blacky had taken her. At the time, all she cared about was that the other woman was gone but now... she realized her sister had been in real danger. The kind that had hurt Jett. She sat there thinking about all the things she’d done and the recent events in the club.

Looking at Jett’s bruised and bloody body, she wanted to scream. He shouldn’t have paid the price for what was essentially her fault.  She had been following Blacky all those years and she should have told her dad what he was doing. Now because she had been the selfish brat everyone called her, she'd put them all in danger. This old man was a monster and he wanted to kill her father and she had to do something to stop him

Dana reached her hand out to Jett and was surprised to find it was trembling. She pulled it back and held it to her chest as tears rolled down her cheeks. Brushing them away, she tried again. Reaching out, she touched his chest with trembling fingers.

His skin was warm as her fingers barely brushed across his sleek chest. She then looked up at his face and saw his eyes were looking back at hers. Dana went to pull her hand back but Jett reached out and took her hand replacing it on his chest.

Tears rolled down her face as their eyes locked together. Neither said a word as she could feel the heat beneath her hand. She leaned closer and laid her forehead against his briefly. Closing her eyes, she brushed his mouth with her own. Then she backed up and stood tall. With tears in her eyes she whispered, “This has to stop, I might know a way to stop it. I almost lost you and it hit me hard, so I can’t just not care anymore. I just hope daddy and the men will listen to me.”

Jett squeezed her hand. “You can make them listen. You are the club princess.”

Dana wiped at her tears and smiled sadly while shaking her head. “I’m not you know. That isn’t my title anymore and I’m ok with that but thank you. You were coming back for me weren’t you?”

Jett nodded. “Yes, I was.”

“I came for you too. I snuck out of a lockdown and went to find you.”

Jett frowned at this information. “I heard what that bastard had to say.” He winced as he moved trying to get comfortable. “He ran me off the road about five miles out of town. He was going to use me to get your dad to come to him and then he was going to take him out.”

Dana nodded. “We know. But everyone here is still in danger and I have to tell them what I know. Because of my actions before they might not listen but I have to tell them anyway.”

“You go, apologize and then make them listen to you,” Jett told her.

 Dana nodded. “I have a lot to make up for. I need more time too. I realize that maybe I got that time now. I have to tell them what I know. No more secrets. They may not want me around afterward but I can’t let them face this without telling them what I know about Blacky.”

“Just be honest.” Jett assured her.

“What’s going to happen to me? I could lose everything because of the secrets I’ve kept.” Dana suddenly felt scared.

“You just might,” Patriot spoke from the doorway. “You’ve treated this MC like shit for far too long.”

Dana turned to acknowledge him. “I realize that and I’m sorry. All my life I’ve grown up here in a house filled with all you guys but I wasn’t, you know... a guy? I was a girl in a house full of men. I always felt so alone and that I was missing something but I never knew what that something was. I was struggling but no one ever saw that. You guys had each other but I had no one I could talk to, no one I could confide in. Even in school I was never close to any girls.” Shrugging she said, “I acted out because I was lost and didn’t have a clue what I needed.” Dana then looked back at Jett. “When all I needed was someone to believe in me. To need me. Then Winona came here and I still didn’t know what I was doing. All I could see and feel was she was replacing me and I couldn’t stand that. I didn’t want to lose what little I had and I didn’t want my dad to love anyone but me. That’s the way it has always been. I felt I had to hold on to what I had. Things around here were changing and…” Her voice trailed off. “I became a bitch but in the end, I only hurt myself didn’t I?”

“No, you hurt all of us and you hurt your sister more with your words and actions than she may never be able to forgive you for,” Patriot told her.

“But I hurt me the most.” Dana swiped tears from her face. “Admitting the truth means I have to admit that as well. I realize she is my sister and DeeDee is our mother and both of them…are what had been missing all my life. I know that now. I can see now what I did was wrong. Last night when I was sitting all alone. I knew what I had to do but now, I’m scared no one will listen.”

Jett nodded. “Make them listen. When this is over, truly over, you will come with me. We can either go back to Killeen or we can start over in Hondo. But you will never be alone anymore. You will be my woman and I’ve got your back.”

Dana smiled and squeezed his hand. “I know and I want to be your woman so much.” She kissed his lips tenderly then said, “I’ve got your back too.”

When she let go of his hand she squared her shoulders and turned to face the door. Without saying another word, she took the first step to face her destiny.


Gunner ran his hands over the back of his head and looked more than a little frustrated as he faced his men. “We have to find this bastard and put him down before he can strike again.”

“I may be able to help with that, daddy. If you’ll give me a chance,” Dana called out as she stood in the doorway to the main room.

Everyone swung their gazes over to her.

She could see the mistrust and anger on their faces.

“Oh, hell no,” one of the men called out. “You’ll more than likely get us killed!”

Dana stood there with her heart breaking on the inside but outside she hoped she showed no feeling. She just stared at her father and prayed he would at least hear her out.

Gunner stood there shaking his head. “Dana, I really don’t have time for your shenanigans right now.”

“Dad,” Winona called out as she came up to his side. Gunner turned toward her and she grabbed his arm. “Maybe you guys should hear her out. I know I have no say in club matters but at least hear her out.”

Gunner stared at her for a moment then turned to Dana. “Fine, so what is this all about then?”

Dana swallowed hard. Moving forward she looked only at her dad. “I’ve known some of Blacky’s secrets for a while now.” She paused when she heard grumbles from the men around her.

“You knew he was peddling flesh and didn’t think we might want to know about it?” Gypsy growled.

Dana stared at him and shook her head. “I wasn’t ever sure. I never got that close to him to actually see what he was doing. I just followed him from place to place but I did see some of the people he met with. And I saw the places where he went to handle his business.”

“And how the hell does that help us?” Tramper asked with anger in his tone.

“I’ve seen that old man before,” Dana admitted. “He’s been here for the last three years or more I’ve seen where he stays when he’s in town. He’s been watching Blacky too, for at least that long.”

The room was quiet for a long moment. Tension was riding high as the silence seemed filled with rage.

“Where have you see him?” Boone demanded at last.

“There’s a shack down by the water not far from the warehouse Blacky used. It’s almost hidden from view by some trees closer to the road but from where it is located, you can see the road and the cars coming and going. He also has a place in town, over by main street. It’s an abandoned garage called Vulture’s. He stays there sometimes when Blacky was working street kids.”

Gunner frowned. “Working street kids? What the fuck are you talking about?”

Dana shrugged. “Blacky ran a street gang, peddling his drugs. He manufactured his own designer drug. The kids called it Rum Shot.”

Everyone in the room gasped. They knew of that drug.

The cops busted the street gang running it because kids were dying after taking it. Something about the drug using a reduced version of rum that when it was reduced it became too strong, becoming lethal. The kids were busted but Blacky was protected because they couldn’t identify the seller. Not that they didn’t want to, as the seller would be facing homicide charges but they didn’t know who was behind the drug. Blacky had protected himself.

“That sonofabitch!” Gypsy exclaimed.

“How often was the old man here in town?” Gunner asked her.

Dana shrugged. “I’ve seen him maybe half a dozen times in the last year. But I’ve seen him a lot more recently though.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Boone asked.

“He’s been here almost daily for several weeks now.”

“Did Blacky know his dad was here?” Tramper asked.

Dana nodded. “Yeah, he knew. They met from time to time.”

“So that bastard was playing one end against the other and he knew his dad would come after us after he was gone.” Boone growled. “He knew this was coming.”

The group exploded with rage as different shouts and swearing could be heard.

“So this was Blacky’s last fuck you to the club.” Gunner seethed. Then put his fist through the wall closest to him.

Dana’s eyes went wide as she stepped back.

“He knew his old man was out there waiting,” Boone added.

“And he knew his old man would come after Gunner and his family,” Gypsy stated. “He set this up.”

“He wanted to bring this club down if he ever got caught.” Tramper glared.

“Well, he’s getting his wish isn’t he?” Gunner muttered.

“Like hell he will!” Boone shouted. “We’re not going down like this. We are the Savaged Souls and no one is gonna take us down from beyond the grave.”

The men erupted around him.

Gunner smiled and looked over at DeeDee only to see tears in her eyes.

Someone whistled loudly from the main door.

Everyone turned to see Cobra and his men standing there.

“What the hell is going on here?” Cobra snarled.

Gunner grinned. “You made good time.”

“Where’s our man?” Thor, Cobra’s VP glared at him. “Is he still alive?”

“Yes, he’s still alive,” Dana told them. “He wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Cobra turned his angry gaze to her and snarled. “You almost cost me a good man little girl. He’d better be alive and breathing or his blood would have been on your head.”

“Boss, I’m good,” Jett called out from behind Dana as he slowly entered the main room.

Dana whirled around and rushed over to him. She tucked herself under his arm and assisted him to the nearest chair to sit down in.

Cobra moved to get a closer look at Jett and looked him over carefully. “Boy, you’re lucky to be alive. We found your bike and you can’t even recognize that it was ever a bike.”

Jett nodded. “That bastard admitted he ran me off the road on purpose. He wanted to use me to get to Gunner and his family. He’s looking to take down this club.”

“Do we know who the hell this fucker is?” Cobra asked.

“We do and we know where to start hunting him down.” Gunner nodded as he glanced over at Dana.

Cobra rubbed his hands together. “Good, let’s hunt him down and hang this fucker out to dry.”



Chapter Ten


Terrance “Boomer” Wilder hissed as he sat down on the only chair left at the abandoned garage in Jasper. When he ran from the warehouse, he’d come back here through the back streets and side alleyways. He didn’t know how many men Gunner brought with him but he’d been surprised when they got there so fast.

He should have known Gunner wouldn’t come alone, he thought for sure he had more time to get his trap set up. Damn that man! How had he known where to find them?

Boomer stripped off his jacket and saw the big red stain on his t shirt. He knew a bullet had grazed him when he ran from the warehouse but he couldn’t exactly stop and check it out. The bottom right side of his shirt was soaked with his blood and now an hour after he’d been hit, he checked see the damage.

Some of the blood had dried and when he went to pull off his shirt he winced as the shirt ripped open the wound. His skin there felt on fire and started bleeding again. Boomer groaned and muttered, “That lousy fucking bastard. I’m gonna enjoy killing him.”

He stumbled to the filthy bathroom and ran the water until it was warm. It came out of the spigot brown and smelly but as it ran it cleared up a little. It wasn’t real clear when he began bathing his big belly to wash off the blood that stained it. Boomer hissed as the water hit his torn skin but he didn’t stop. He continued to bathe his belly and finally he shut the water off and using his shirt he dried off his belly.

He moved back to the chair and began checking out his wound. The graze was clean but slowly oozing blood. Boomer dug around in his duffel till he found the gauze and ripped the package open and formed a bandage big enough to cover the wound. Pulling the tape out, he taped the gauze to his hairy belly and groaned when the tape pulled at his hair.

He snarled and threw his arm over the table clearing it off of what medical supplies were there. “Damn it to hell.” He swore. Looking around the dirty stained garage he spoke aloud. “I should be in a clubhouse with my own men around me instead of this dump, alone and on the run. How the hell did my life get so fucked up?” He crawled over to his makeshift bed and laid down. He was tired and sore but he knew he couldn’t leave here yet, he had to wait until it was dark so as not to be seen by too many people. He didn’t want to be remembered if he could help it.

But he knew how. Boomer pursed his lips and thought back to the day his life fell apart. It was the day when he’d called a judgement on Antony Mann. He hated Mann and wanted any excuse to get rid of him. Then his club had been busted by the FBI. While the others were hunting down the traitor in his group he put the blame on Mann right from the get go. He knew deep down he wasn’t the traitor but Boomer just wanted him gone. The man just rubbed him the wrong way.

He then made a production out of his death and he made the man’s family as well as the club watch. This was his way of making sure no one else in the club went against him. He knew it was harsh but Boomer wanted absolute control over his club, so he did what he had to do.

Then the bastard’s oldest kid stabbed him and Boomer slit his throat before he realized the boy was just striking out in his own anger. But it wasn’t the slain child he had to fear now, but the younger brother, the one who’d been caught up in his mother’s arms after everything was said and done.

Ricky Mann, A.K.A. Endo. He was all grown up now and hunting down the men who stood there and let Boomer murder his dad and older brother.

It took Boomer a long time to put things together. With the time he spent recovering from his own attack, he’d had nothing else to think about. He remembered those eyes when the knife sliced him open. The hate and rage he felt pulsing from the kid as it washed over him.

Boomer looked around the garage and curled his lip. He’d tracked that little bastard down and came here to take him out but, instead he found his son and in turn he’d found DeeDee and her daughters. Oh, he knew the girls were hers right off the bat. The one from Moss Bluff looked just like his own mother. Then he heard through the grapevine that Gunner had his son killed for no good reason. He peddled flesh, so what?

What did that Jett say once he woke up? Gunner didn’t even vote in the Tribunal? That didn’t make sense. As President, he should have been the one voice that counted. Unless this club was whack?

Boomer was beginning to drift off to sleep but he shook his head trying to remain awake as his thoughts kept running in his mind. No, what Gunner did was sentence his kid to die, tied in the woods for wild pigs to feast on. His hands curled into fists when he thought about it. There was nothing left of his son to bury as wild pigs never left anything behind. If the wild pigs didn’t get Blacky, the wolves would have. Either way, there was nothing left of his son to say he was even here, to show that he’d ever lived… except for the memories he left behind.

And for that alone, Gunner would die by his hands and Boomer would destroy his MC. Dammit, if it was the last thing in this life he ever did he’d make sure Gunner died by his own hand. For now, he was stuck here but he wouldn’t be here for long. As soon as it was dark, he would be free to move around the city as the shadows of the night hide a lot of sins.

He didn’t try getting up to check things out, as he knew he would be safe. No one knew where he was and therefore would not be looking for him, so he allowed himself to sleep some. He was safe for now anyway, how long that lasted was up to him.


Gunner, Cobra and Boone watched and waited while two separate teams left the compound to search the two sites Dana had told them about. The men wore trackers, so they could be seen on Rigger’s monitors.

DeeDee spent the morning telling them all of what she could remember about her uncle including what he was like as an MC leader. His road name was Boomer and from all accounts, he was a real bastard.

Dana remembered other things about the old man and told them Boomer’s bike was always hidden about a block or so away from where he stayed at the garage, as he didn’t want anyone to know he was there. He always parked it in the same place which was under a raised deck at the back of a house a block away from the old garage.

Gypsy and Tramper rode past the abandoned house Dana pointed out and sure enough, when they drove through the overgrown driveway to the back of the house, they saw a bike under the deck.

Tramper grabbed his phone and called it in to Gunner.

“Yeah, what did you find?”

“The bike is where Dana said it would,” Tramper told him. When he described it to Gunner, Dana confirmed it belonged to the old man.

“I want you to disable it, so if he gets past us he can’t use it,” Gunner instructed. “Then I want you and Gypsy to find a place to watch the garage without being seen. I’ll send a few more brothers over there to help you.”

“You got it,” Tramper replied.

It didn’t take him long to disable Boomer’s ride and find an out of the way spot to watch the garage and the bike. The Texas sun was hot that afternoon but nothing they weren’t used too. Tramper noted he wasn’t alone, although no one from the team had checked in with him. Gunner had texted him to let him know everyone was in place. They just needed Boomer to make the first move.

It was late afternoon when they saw movement in the garage. Everyone was alerted as they saw the back door open and Boomer stood there in the doorway, bold as brass.

Gunner himself watched from where he was hidden as the other man stepped out into the fading sunlight.

Boomer walked slowly, not seeming to be in any kind of a hurry.

Gunner sneered at the man, as he got closer to where he was standing.

Boomer passed him and walked down the alley to where his bike was parked. He dragged the bike out from under the deck and tried to start it.

Gunner grinned when the engine didn’t start. He watched as the other man got angry and began looking over his bike to find the reason it wouldn’t start. But Gunner knew Tramper well enough to know he wouldn’t find the reason anytime soon. Tramper was a whiz as a mechanic.

Gunner’s grin widened as he read the anger growing when Boomer couldn’t find out why his bike wouldn’t start. He gave the signal for the men to stay back, he knew they had to be careful. Boomer was more than likely armed and when you trap a monster with nowhere to run, he’ll fight to the death every time. They all knew this and Gunner didn’t want any of his men to get hurt.

Then Boomer seemed to figure out what was wrong, and he then looked around the area carefully. Fixing the problem, he got on his bike and took off down the main street of town.

Gunner signaled his men to follow him.

Their men would follow and set up the capture of Boomer.

He got into a truck with Cobra driving and they made their way to the road leading toward the warehouse.

After Cobra parked the truck, the wait began.

 A short time later, bikes began rolling in along with another truck.

Gunner looked over at Cobra and smiled. “Showtime.”

Cobra rubbed his hands together. “Good, cause I owe that bastard for Jett.”

They both watched as several men dragged Boomer’s unconscious bloody body into the warehouse. They had done to him what he’d done to Jett. Ran him off the road. Boomer looked a little worse for wear but he was still alive.

He and Cobra watched as his men zip tied his wrists together and hung him from the same hook he’d hung Jett on.

Then Gunner’s phone pinged and he dug it out of his pocket. When he read the message, he swore and looked over at Cobra. “My men just found Scorpion. They circled by the shack and they found him inside, tied up and unconscious.”

“What the hell? He’s been a busy boy huh? But what does he want with Scorpion?” Cobra asked.

 Both men looked over at Boomer.

“Scorpion thinks Boomer is related to him and he wants his due,” explained him.

“Is he still alive?” Cobra wanted to know.

“Yeah but apparently, Boomer beat the hell out of him and left him to die,” Gunner stated.

Cobra turned his head slowly to look at the unconscious man hanging from the hook. “This fucker has a lot to answer for doesn’t he?”

“And we’re just the men to ask the questions.” Gunner growled.


Jett slept most of the afternoon with Dana sitting beside him.

When DeeDee brought her lunch, Dana smiled at her mom but couldn’t meet her eyes as she muttered, “Thank you.” She still had a lot to make up for and she wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

When she looked back up at Jett, she noticed his eyes were open. He held out his hand.

When she took, it he pulled her closer. “Lay with me,” he whispered.

She sat her plate down, got up and moved onto the bed. He moved over to the very edge of the bed and let her crawl in beside him. She snuggled in and laid her head on his chest but didn’t move around too much as she knew he was injured. As soon as his arms wrapped around her, she felt the calm envelope her.

She turned her face into him and breathed deeply. Inhaling his scent, she closed her eyes. Her heart beat a little faster and his heartbeat was echoing in her ear.

“Settle down girl,” he whispered in her ear. “This isn’t the time or the place, we can’t act on that yet.”

Dana groaned, but she tried to calm herself down.

He brushed his lips on her temple. “Soon, but not just yet.”

“You’re driving me crazy. I hope you know that,” she whispered back.”

“Good, because I’m hanging here by a thread. Why should I be the only one suffering?” He chuckled in her ear.

His hot breath and the deep sound of his low laughter brought goosebumps to her arms. Soon, his breathing evened out and she knew he was sleeping again. She leaned up on her elbow and looked at him closely. His skin felt warm under her fingertips as she ran them down his chest to his belly. She didn’t dare go any further but she wanted to. Oh, she really wanted to but like he said….they didn’t dare, not here, not yet.

She didn’t know why he believed in her but she was so very glad he did. He had given her the strength to do what she had to do. She knew she had some work to do yet to redeem herself in the club but now she had the power and the will to make the amends she needed to make. Maybe someday, she would earn back her place, but she was more than willing to share it with her sister and her mother. She hoped she would get the chance to know them both.

She closed her eyes for what seemed like just moments then felt the cold steel of a blade press down on her neck. Her eyes snapped open but she couldn’t turn her head as the blade pressed deeper.

“You stupid little bitch,” a voice whispered in her ear. “I should end everyone’s pain and just slit your throat. You would deserve nothing less for betraying me.”

She turned her head slowly and felt a drop of blood run down her throat as the blade cut her skin. Her eye met the blazing hatred in his gaze as she recognized his face. It looked the same except for the insanity in his eyes. “How are you still alive?” she whispered.

“I had to fight for the right to live and now… so will you.” Blacky snarled at her as he spoke in a hushed tone. “They tied me to a fucking tree and cut me, hoping the smell of my blood would draw the beasts. Only problem they made was not sticking around to make sure the beasts came. I managed to break free when the first animal showed up. He bit through the rope and I fought it off. I survived by sheer guts and my own will but you won’t. I’ll make sure of that.”

“What are you going to do?” she whispered fearfully.

“You are coming with me,” Blacky said in a low whisper. “You wake him up and I’ll kill him.” He motioned his head to Jett. “You alert anyone else that I’m here, and I’ll make sure to slit your throat before they even get near us. So you will die first. You and me are going for a walk. Get up.”

Dana got up quietly and carefully without waking Jett. She didn’t dare look at him, instead she kept her eyes on Blacky. She noted his clothes were drenched in dried and fresh blood and he now walked with a limp.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled it up high behind her back till she whimpered in pain. Blacky quickly put his hand over her mouth and whispered at her to shut the hell up.

He pushed her down the hall and out the back door. They kept to the shadows until they reached the fence line.

She noted Blacky had already cut a hole in the chain link just big enough to slither through. They disappeared into the trees just beyond the compound.

 Dana looked back one last time and was saddened to think she might not make it back this time. She would never get to redeem herself, never have the man she loved, never see her family again.



Chapter Eleven


As Blacky pushed Dana through the wooded area surrounding the compound, Dana prayed. She still had her tennis shoes on, so she knew they could track her whereabouts but she also figured that wouldn’t help her right now. “So how did you get loose in the first place?” If she could distract him some, it would work to her favor

Blacky snarled. “You think that was the first time someone left me for dead? I got my own ways to survive, but I’ll tell you anyway. I learned from my father to be prepared for just about anything. He bullied and beat me until I got big enough to fight back. It all stopped then but I learned to keep certain shit on me all the time in case someone caught me unawares.”

Dana, in fact was surprised Blacky came back to the compound at all. She would have thought because he escaped death, he would have dragged himself as far away from this place as possible to recover.

But she had also seen the insanity in his eyes briefly as he held the knife to her throat in the Infirmary. Dana also noticed Becky slide silently from the bed she occupied to the floor. Dana prayed the other woman would notify the club and help would be on its way soon.

After all, Blacky had almost killed the girl once. She knew what the man was like. As he continued pushing her onward, she began to notice something about Blacky. He wasn’t moving as fast and he seemed to be struggling just to stand upright. Maybe when they cut him and left him to die was working in her favor now? She knew he was still bleeding and all she had to do was hang on.

Blacky stumbled, grabbing her hair dragging her to the ground as he went down.

Dana screamed as she fell to her knees.

Blacky landed partially on top of her. “You stupid bitch!” he shouted as he slowly pushed himself off of her. He wrapped her hair around his wrist as he laid there on his back breathing heavily. Every move he made was slow and laborious now but he still hung on to the knife with his other hand. He closed his eyes for a moment as weakness seemed to wash over him. His eyes snapped open again and he knew he had to get farther away than this or he would end up dying in these woods. He turned his head slowly to glare at the girl. “Lord, I hate this fucking place. I hate your dad and I hate you.”

“Yeah well, I’m not too fond of you either.” Dana snarled at him. She tried to pull away but he tightened his hold on her hair and pulled her closer to him. Dana wanted to scream and maybe in the past she would have but now, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. “Face it old man, you’re done for. You got nothing left to bargain with. Your money is gone, your power is gone, the club has stripped you of everything you own and now you’re laying here on the ground in the dirt bleeding to death. You got nothing left to bargain with.”

“Thanks to your fucking dad!” Blacky retorted. “He took everything, I spent a lifetime earning. Between him and your mother, they got it all. I knew I should have made sure she was dead the day she gave birth to Gunner’s spawn. I should have slit her throat all those years ago.” He narrowed his eyes as he glared at her. “I only let you and your sister live to distract your dad, You were supposed to distract him while I built up my business and for the most part you did what you were supposed to do. You grew up spoiled and demanding just like I thought you would.”

Dana nodded. “Yeah, I did a good job being a selfish brat, then Winona came here and you couldn’t keep your shit together. She was your ace in the hole wasn’t she? You knew if dad ever found her, your world would fall apart and it did, didn’t it?” She glared at him. “You knew I would react as the hateful princess I was the whole time. But we turned the tables on you didn’t we? I may have played my part but Dad didn’t. Winona didn’t either. You must have known then the truth would eventually come out,” Dana chuckled. “But then, Mom showed up. All your effort, all your work was for what? You lost everything anyway.”

“Not all of it,” Blacky assured her. “I still got you. Gunner will lose this time.”

Dana refused to give in or give up. She could see he was fading fast. She just needed a little bit more time. She laid there but stretched out her hand slowly, so he wouldn’t notice. Her fingers found a branch she hoped would be big enough to lay him out.

She watched as Blacky closed his eyes again to catch his second wind. She could see the knife was loosening in his grip and felt his hand loosen in her hair as well, his grip wasn’t as tight as it had been before. She slowly lifted the branch high over her head without moving anything but her hand then she pulled herself away and struck quickly. Bringing the branch down hard on his head.

Blacky roared out in pain when the branch hit him then he slumped on the ground. The thud when the branch hit his head echoed in the silence of the woods. His grip on her hair dropped as well as the knife.

 Breathing heavily, Dana quickly got to her feet to run just as the shadows around her moved. She screamed out as two of the shadows became men as they rushed toward them.

Jett also stumbled out of the darkness and wrapped her in his arms.

She looked up at him in surprise and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Did you think I wouldn’t come?” he asked.

Dana snuggled into him more. “I wasn’t sure anyone knew I was even gone.”

“We knew,” he told her. “Becky told us this bastard was still alive. She hid herself as soon as he came in. He wasn’t paying any attention to her. She said he only had eyes on you. Almost as soon as you two left the clubhouse, she called out to Patriot and me, telling us you were gone and with whom. We were following you both the whole time. But we had to wait for the right time so we didn’t get you killed.” He looked over at the others as they were zip tying Blacky.

 Thor, Cobra’s VP lifted his head. “Cobra texted and said to deliver him to the warehouse. Gunner wants to give them both a brief reunion as they hadn’t seen each other for damn near twenty years.” Thor shook his head as he smiled. He watched as the men lifted a sluggish Blacky. “Your Pops and my prez are waiting for true payback.”

Marco, one of Cobra’s men chuckled. “Yeah, I bet father and son got lots to talk about before they get on their way to hell.”

“You tell Gunner I got his daughter and she’s safe as a baby.” Jett nodded at Marco.

He nodded while staring at Jett and Dana.

They all started to return to the clubhouse as the three men holding Blacky followed practically carrying the man.

“Wait, “Dana called out. The men stopped and she nodded toward Blacky. “Tell my dad he’s got stuff to help him escape hidden on his body that he said his dad taught him. That’s how he planned to get away from the woods.”

The men looked down at the unconscious Blacky then dragged him away.

Jett turned back to go back to the clubhouse. Dana helped him walk the long way back. When they got there, she pushed the main door open and was greeted by Winona and her mom.

“Oh thank god, you’re all right,” DeeDee whispered.

Dana assisted Jett to a chair and nodded. “That man is insane, truly insane.” She shook her head.

Jett looked up at her and asked, “Did he say anything about how he got loose?”

“Yes, one of the wolves bit through the rope but he pretty much did the rest. He said that he always carried stuff that would help him escape from just about anywhere. He said his dad bullied him until he got big enough to fight back. Then his dad left him alone.”

“What a lousy bastard,” Boone growled. “What dad does that to their own kid?”

“Don’t feel too sorry for Blacky, remember he murdered his own brother. Let’s not forget that,” Jett reminded them all. “He just passed on what his own father did to him.”

“Huh, I have a feeling the buck will stop here today.” Boone shook his head.

Jett nodded.

DeeDee moved closer to Dana, as she looked upset. “Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you did he?”

Dana shook her head. “I’m okay, Dee—um, mom. I went with him because he threatened to kill Jett if I didn’t. If I had been alone, I would have kicked up a fuss and taken my chances. He was so nasty and bloody I could barely breathe being so close to him. Then as we got through the fence and began walking through the woods, I could tell he was getting weaker and weaker.”

“We could hear your conversation but we had to wait to get to you,” Jett told her.

“Well, let’s hope Dad can settle this once and for all, cuz I for one am sick of dealing with that bastard, I’m just so done.” Dana shook her head.

“We all are babe,” Jett reminded her.


Gunner heard the truck approaching the warehouse and glanced at Cobra.

 Then they both then looked over at Boomer.

Gunner walked closer to the bound man but not too close. “Well, today is your lucky day, you bastard.”

“Oh yeah,” Boomer sneered. “Why is that? You gonna let me go?”

Gunner threw his head back and laughed. “Not a chance in hell. But it’s reunion day for you and Blacky.”

Boomer frowned. “Blacky is dead.”

“Apparently not yet, but I understand he will be shortly.”

Three men dragged a tied up Blacky into the warehouse. He was still unconscious but they dragged him in anyway.

When they threw him on the floor at Gunner’s feet, Gunner pushed him over on his back with his booted foot.

Blacky flopped over and began to wake up. He shook his head slightly to clear his mind and the first thing he saw was Gunner glaring down at him. “Oh fuck, what does it take to kill you, bastard?”

“Apparently more than what you got.” Gunner shook his head. He knelt closer and looked him over carefully. “Hell, ending your life once and for all isn’t going to mean much now is it? You’re half dead already.”

“Getting closer by the minute but you know what? As long as I got a heartbeat, I still win,” Blacky told him with an evil smile.

“Not really but if that’s what you want to believe, then go ahead.” Gunner nodded. “You were tried and convicted by a Tribunal. I had nothing to do with that but I will see it done.” He looked up at Boomer and nodded. “Say hello to your dad, I think he’s missed you.”

Blacky looked up in surprise, then he snarled, “What the hell are you still doing alive old man? I saw you die a long time ago.”

Boomer scoffed, “You saw Ricky Mann, try to kill me but he didn’t quite do it now did he? He’s as big a pussy as his old man ever was.”

“You been alive all this time?” Blacky glared at his father.

“Yeah, I’ve been alive this whole time and I’ve been watching you. I had to find you first though.” Boomer sneered. “But that wasn’t very hard. I’ve been watching you for a long time and you never knew I was there.” He shook his head. “I thought I taught you better than that kiddo. You should have felt me watching you years ago.”

“I guess I never bothered because to me you just weren’t important enough to worry about,” Blacky told the older man.

“You always were a disappointment as a son and a man,” Boomer remarked.

“And you were worthless as a father,” Blacky came back.

“Fuck you.” Boomer drawled. “I guess we’ll meet in hell then.”

“Burn in hell you old bastard. You’ll get there before I do.” Blacky growled.

“Well, so much for family love I guess?” Cobra quipped. “You two are sad and pathetic.”

 Gunner got to his feet and stepped back. “It just shows what kind of men they are for sure. No sense of family or loyalty. Nothing but trash.” Looking at his men he nodded. “Hang them up together. But make sure you empty his pockets and remove his shoes first.” He motioned at Blacky. “Dana tells us he has all kinds of shit hidden to help him escape. I don’t want any more surprises from him.”

Gunner and Cobra watched as Gypsy emptied Blacky’s pockets. When he was done, he had a rather large pile of weapons and tools, more than anyone could have guessed to help escape from any situation. Blacky growled and fought back every chance he got but it did him no good in the end He was stripped bare of everything he had on him.

Thor then searched Boomer and got a few things off him too. Then he and Marco dragged him over to the hook beside his father and hoisted him up.

Blacky groaned as they positioned him and then groaned again, when his own body weight dragged him down. “How long do you intend to let us hang here?” He gasped as pain shot through his entire body. His wounds opened up and began seeping as blood was drenching his clothing again.

“This place will be the last one you see before you die,” Cobra coldly informed them both. “Your dad’s face will be the last face you see before you die. You both will die together and ride the flames into hell together.”

Gunner nodded.“We were going to leave Scorpion here with you but he’s dead now. The beating he took from Boomer finally got to him.” He turned to Boomer. “You two deserve what’s coming to you. You lost and justice wins.”

“How do you figure you won this round?” Boomer asked.

Cobra raised a brow at him. “Before we leave we’re going to lower you just enough so you can’t quite touch the floor. We’re gonna leave the doors open and hope the wild animals will enjoy your flesh.” Shrugging he told them, “You might already be dead when they come but personally, I hope they come before you are no longer able to feel them tear into your flesh. But don’t worry, you can scream all you want, no one will hear you, not out here.”

“You can’t leave us here!” Boomer screamed. “Don’t you dare turn your back on us. It’s inhuman.”

Gunner stepped up and snarled in his face. “Watch us.” Then he turned and walked toward the door.

His men followed one by one.

Then Cobra nodded at Gypsy and Thor. They began lowering the hooks.

The two men were left just high enough so their toes could barely touch the floor before they were stopped.

Boomer began twisting, turning and kicking out. “You can’t do this! You have to give us some kind of chance to fight back.”

Cobra paused at this. “Yeah, like you gave that kid a chance when you slit his throat? God dammed child killer you are. And Blacky here, peddling children and women to be used and abused? Nah, neither of you deserve to die like men. Because you fucking aren’t men.”

Blacky shouted and twisted now too, maybe hoping to bleed himself out.

Cobra reached inside his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Lighting one up he smiled. “Wish I could stay and watch but I’ve got better things to do, but don’t worry, a few of my men will stay behind watching until the deed is done this time. I’d tell you to make your peace with each other but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” Then he turned and walked out. He heard the men curse him but it didn’t bother him.

He met Gunner at the truck.

Gunner met his gaze.

Cobra tossed his cigarette to the ground. Stomping the butt out, he nodded. “It’s done this time for sure.”




Chapter Twelve


Gunner drove back to the compound and parked the truck. Neither he or Cobra said a word the whole trip back. This time seemed different. It felt final and Gunner hoped he would never see either one of those two men again, not in this lifetime. He might not go to heaven when he died but hell had many levels.

“Before we go in there, there’s something you need to know,” Cobra finally broke the silence.

“And what would that be?” Gunner asked.

“Those two men aren’t gonna see another dawn. Probably won’t see midnight either.”

“And you know this how?” Gunner asked without looking at the other man.

“Don’t ask and I won’t tell you,” Cobra whispered as he stared out the windshield of the truck.

“Fair enough.” Gunner nodded after a moment of contemplation. “I don’t care enough to know anyway.”

“Let’s go find your kid then. Make sure she’s all right.” Cobra pushed his door open.

Gunner followed him inside. When he saw Dana sitting on Jett’s lap, he breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed fine other than looking a little grubby from her ordeal. He had to shake his head at this. If this had happened before Winona came, she would have been having a fit. She was always clean and well dressed before. He looked over at Jett and found the man looking back at him.

Jett’s eyes were steady as he returned Gunner’s stare.

 Gunner shook his head as he moved forward breaking the spell. He walked over to his daughter and pulled her into his arms.

Dana went easily enough and laid her head on his chest.

Gunner whispered in her ear, “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m ok dad.”

Gunner held her close for a moment then released her.

She sat back down on Jett’s lap and he wrapped his arms around her body and held her close.

Gunner turned his head and looked at DeeDee.

She shrugged but didn’t say anything. 

“Is this over now?” Winona asked.

Gunner looked over at her and saw her standing there with Boone. “I’d like to say hell yeah but I can’t. Endo is still out there. I doubt we’ll see him again, but he’s still out there. He missed killing Boomer twenty years ago but we know about him now. Hopefully, he’ll just go away and leave us the fuck alone but I’m not counting him out just yet.”

“So do we know who the four players Blacky had as traitors? I mean we know about Arizona and Scorpion, but do we know who the other two are?” Cobra asked the group.

“One could be Endo but there are enough doubts about him, so I don’t trust him,” Gunner stated. “He’s had his own agenda the whole time. He was using the bounty hunting company to locate the cartel members that watched Boomer murder his dad and older brother. I can almost understand that. I think I’d want to take them out too, but its still murder, plain and simple.”

“Can we please not talk about this right now?” DeeDee asked. “Just for one night, can we just simply enjoy what we have right here and now?”

Gunner hugged her close to him for a moment and silently agreed with her. He just got his woman back after twenty five years and both of his daughters were safe at the moment. He might not be happy with them having men in their lives but for now, everyone was back and safe in the arms of his brotherhood.

He looked around the room at his brothers. These were the men he thought he could trust with his life. The idea of Blacky threatening that trust was intolerable. Especially for his own fucking agenda. But there were men here from the other MCs too that he didn’t know as well as he knew his own men.

He really had no reason to trust them but he did. The Lost Sons and members of the Soldiers of Hades MCs. They were all good men. When Tate and Cobra suggested an alliance between the three MCs together for a common goal, Gunner hadn’t hesitated to accept. While each had his own reasons to want to link their clubs together, it made sense.

With Blacky finally gone, they could move ahead and try to repair some of the damage he left behind.

“Dad,” Dana interrupted Gunner’s thoughts.

He turned his head and looked at his youngest daughter. “What is it baby?”

“Tomorrow, I’d like to show you something. Would that be okay?” she asked timidly.

“Sure baby,” Gunner replied with a frown. This behavior was not her typical behavior and he didn’t know what it was all about. Looking around at his brothers, they didn’t look sure either.

DeeDee squeezed his hand as she announced, “Come on guys, Winona and I made supper. Let’s just eat in peace for once alright?”

Within twenty minutes they had the meal all laid out and the men were filling their plates with big bowls of chili and cornbread still warm from the oven. While they ate Winona and DeeDee brought out dessert. Cakes and pies already cut quickly disappeared.

Gunner looked across the room and saw Patriot sitting in the corner with Becky. The two of them were speaking quietly. He shook his head. Becky’s bruises were fading and he knew Patriot had a soft spot for the girl. He’d been drawn to her from the moment he saw her.

Then he looked over at Harry and Annie. As usual, they both had their laptops open and were working silently. What they were looking for… only they knew. For at least this moment in time, everything was quiet. He only hoped the quiet would last.

“Looks good doesn’t it?” Boone finally broke the silence at his table.

Gunner looked over at his VP. “What looks good?” He’d seen Cobra and Thor look up from their plates to find out what Boone was talking about.

“After everything we’ve been through lately at least for now, we have peace.” Boone shrugged. “It might not last long but for now, we have a breather.”

“Amen brother.” Cobra sat back in his chair and lit a cigarette. “Sometimes, peace like this is hard to come by so we have to enjoy it while we can.”


Dana grew restless once supper was done. She looked down at her jeans and saw they were dirty and torn from falling in the woods when Blacky dragged her down. Suddenly, she felt grubby and she hated feeling like that. She got to her feet and looked down at Jett. “I need a shower and some clean clothes. I can’t stand this anymore.”

Jett smiled and got to his feet. “Maybe I’ll join you.”

Dana blushed but didn’t say anything. He reached for her hand and she didn’t mind that at all. She led the way to her bedroom and when the door shut behind them, Jett twisted the lock. He hadn’t fully recovered from his encounter with Boomer but he was well on his way to getting his strength back. He looked down at her with interest in his eyes. “I think I’ve waited long enough.”

Dana looked up at him and asked, “Are you sure you want me? Me, the spoiled brat of the MC?”

Jett leaned his head against the door and watched her carefully. “It’s true, you are spoiled but I also believe you are trying.  Your dad didn’t do you any favors by letting you get away with this shit all these years but I think given a chance, you can change. I think you see that now.”

Dana sighed and laid her head on his chest. “I didn’t want her here when she first came, I didn’t want either one of them here, taking my dad’s attention away from me. I had grown up with being the only one he focused his attention on. I didn’t know what they had gone through growing up. All I knew, was they were taking him away from me. Then Yvette took me and I learned a small piece of what Winona had lived with all her life. I think I was numb to what could happen until it did happen.” She paused and let out a heavy sigh. “I never prayed so hard in my life that my dad and his men would find me and bring me home. I knew I didn’t deserve it after the way I treated them all my life but I still prayed they would come.”

Wrapping her arms around his waist leaning into him, she continued, “Then that man who was working for Blacky took me. When he told me what he was going to do to me, I was never so afraid in all my life. But even after all I had done, my dad still sent you to rescue me. I was never so glad to see anyone that day than I was to see you. And still I acted like a prima diva.”

“And now?” Jett stared down at her.

 “I’m learning what it’s really like to have a family.” She chuckled. “I still have a lot to learn, a lot to make up for but I’m hoping they will give me a chance.”

“I think they are seeing a change. I know I am,” Jett assured her.

“But will it be enough?”

“It’s enough for now, as long as you don’t digress. Build on what you started.” He urged her. “Let them see the real you, but only you can choose the path you’re on.”

“Thank you for believing in me. I’ll try not to let you down.”

“Let’s get that shower,” he whispered in her ear.

Dana groaned and pulled away from him reluctantly. This was her moment of proof. She looked at him and without a word she pulled off her shirt. Then she removed her jeans and stood in front of him in nothing more than her bra and panties.

Jett pushed himself away from the door and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Pulling it off, he exposed his broad chest. He was inked and his chest hair was drawn down to a v that disappeared into his jeans.

Dana swallowed hard as she stared.

His hands went to the button on his jeans and he slowly pulled them off his legs. He now stood there in his boxers.

 She reached out a trembling hand and touched his chest. His hair was soft and his skin felt warm under his fingers. After she explored his chest, she went to pull her hand away but Jett reached up and pushed her hand back to his skin.

“I love your touch,” he whispered.

“I love touching you.” She nodded. “But I want more than just to touch you.”

Jett leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Jett groaned and deepened the kiss. Passion exploded between them and when the kiss broke, they both gasped for breath.

Jett’s hands wrapped around her bottom as he picked her up and carried her over to the bed. He tossed her gently down and followed her. He covered her body with his own.

Dana could feel his hard shaft against her belly.

He pulled down her bra and immediately began to kiss and suck on her breasts. Dana groaned as she felt the touch of his lips, teeth and mouth on her, first one breast then the other. Her core wept as she lifted her hips and began rubbing against his cock.

Jett groaned and his hand went to her wet core. Ripping her panties out of the way, he touched her and groaned again, when he found her moist and ready for him. He pushed one finger inside and found her tight, as he was a bit on the bigger side and he didn’t want to hurt her.

He added another finger and she opened her legs a bit wider. Jett kissed her again as he felt her respond to him while her body seemed to relax. He wanted even more as he paused long enough to tear his boxers off, then he was there. His cock rubbed her core coating himself in her juices before he nudged her at her entrance with the tip of his cock. He wanted nothing more than to slam himself inside her but that’s not how he wanted their first time to go. He wanted their first time to be memorable.

“Please…” she begged. “I need more, please give me more.”

“Gladly.” He pushed himself further inside her and loved the feeling he was experiencing. She was so tight and she fit him like a glove. Growling with heat, he pushed deeper and almost stopped when he reached her hymen.  

Dana didn’t want him to stop. Instead, she wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him closer, deeper causing him to break through as he surged inside her. Dana let out a shrill scream and he covered her mouth to quiet her, he reached his limit he paused to let her adjust to his size. “Hush sweetness, you’re doing good.”

“Oh my god, you are bigger than I thought.” Tears rolled down her face.

He chuckled. “You’ll get used to my size.” Pausing he had to ask, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were a virgin, Dana?”

She closed her eyes. “The subject just never came up before now. Now are you going to talk me to death or show me what you got for me?”

Jett smirked. “Still a mouthy girl, I see. I think I can use that mouth for better purposes though.” He smothered her lips with his as he moved inside of her, pumping in and out at a leisurely pace.

Dana was lost in the pleasure only he could show her. Now it was her turn to groan and her body began to respond. He drove her higher and higher until she didn’t know which way was up or down. She whimpered and bucked against him as she was pushed higher and higher to a brink she’d never known before.

When she reached the pinnacle, Jett whispered, “You need to let go and come for me, sweetness.”

Dana did just that, she let go and together, they flew over the edge of the abyss. Dana screamed his name and Jett covered her mouth with his own and muted them both.

Together, they floated back to reality and he tried to move off her but she held him in place for a moment then reluctantly allowed him to move but not too far. He settled down next to her and she felt a shiver as her overheated skin began to cool.

“That was outstanding,” she whispered breathlessly.

“Yes it was,” he agreed. “I’m hoping that was the first of many times we come together.”

“If every time is like that, you can do that morning, noon and night and I would be okay with it!”

He chuckled.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” she asked timidly.

“I’ll stay every night for the rest of your life if you let me.”  

His deep voice vibrated through her body and she shivered. “Oh, I’ll let you.” Dana snickered as her whole body flushed. “I’ll let you.”




Chapter Thirteen


Dana woke in the darkness of her room. She'd woken from a bad dream as she coukd see Blacky's twisted face as he spat blood and fire at her. She took deep breaths and slowed her rapid breathing as she lay there. Movement on the bed and a groaning came to her ears.

She turned her head as it seemed Jett was caught up in a nightmare of his own.

He was sweating, tossing and turning while mumbling under his breath.

Dana eased away slightly and sat up. Bringing her knees up to her chest, she sat and listened to his muttering. He seemed to be caught up in a bad situation in which his people were dying. At first, the words didn’t mean anything to her but as the trauma unfolded, she began to understand the horror he had lived through and it broke her heart.

Tears ran down her cheeks as he was reliving some battle within his own mind. His voice held a growing rage, then heartbreak, then helplessness when the battle was over. Tears dripped down his face finally and he whispered a name, a single name. His voice broke with pain and he woke up. Opening his eyes, he turned his head and recognized he was not alone.

Dana could see his eyes were glazed over as if he wasn’t really aware of where he was just yet. She sat there holding her knees to her chest as she watched him, she knew better than to reach out and touch him. She could see he was still caught up in the aftermath of a nightmare and she didn’t want to do anything that might cause him to strike out or fight her somehow. She had never seen anything like this up close, but she knew this was PTSD.

Dana knew the names he called out were the names she’d noticed tattooed on his skin. She meant to ask him about the names but she hadn’t yet. It was then she realized she didn’t know much about the man she was falling in love with.

Looking up to view his face, she realized he’d fallen asleep again. She slowly reached out and brushed the hair away from his face. As she studied him, she felt something inside her melt. She memorized every line, every angle of his features. He was so handsome, but she knew in her heart there was more to him than just looks.

She knew he was strong, not only his body but his mind was sharp as well. Since Jett had come into her life, she always felt there was nothing that could touch him. Now she was concerned for him and what he went through. She might not know everything. Actually, she knew nothing but decided she was going to learn. Then it hit her, she didn’t know anything about his past, hell she didn’t even know his real name. The only name she knew him by was his road name, Jett.

She couldn’t go back to sleep, so she leaned over and brushed her lips over his jaw, then she got out of bed and got dressed. She closed the door quietly behind her and walked out to the main room.

She could hear noise in the kitchen and she assumed it was her mother and sister but she felt too raw from what she watched with Jett and just couldn’t talk to them right now. Not because she was still mad at them but because she needed time to think things through. Jett had given her a lot to think about. She walked over and poured herself a cup of coffee then noticed Cobra sitting quietly in the corner. On a whim, she walked over and joined him.

After a few minutes Cobra frowned and asked, “What the hell do you want girly?”

Dana looked up at him and asked, “You might not be able to answer this, but can you tell me, what or who is Rubic’s Cube?”

Cobra’s frown deepened and his fingers tightened on his coffee cup. Suddenly, the hook broke off and blood spurted from the cut on his finger. But he didn’t even notice as he continued to glare at her. “How the fuck do you know about that?”

“Jett was having a nightmare and… he called that name out,” she timidly told him.

“He never talks about it.” Cobra rubbed his hand along his jaw. He finally noticed his finger was bleeding and swore as he grabbed a napkin and wiped off the blood.

“He didn’t exactly talk about it, he relived it in his nightmare,” she told him quietly.

“And you ran away scared?” Cobra mocked her.

Dana stared at him. “No, I didn’t run away.”

Cobra leaned forward and grabbed her hand, gripping it tightly. “We all have a past little girl and sometimes our pasts are not all flowers and sunshine. He’s a former Marine and as such, he served in the Special Forces in the war on terror. When he was wounded he was released with a medical discharge, he couldn’t take the looks of pity from his family. He told me once they were hovering and he hates hovering. I have no idea what happened, but when he came to Hondo looking for trouble, he found us instead. We accepted him with no questions asked. He’s been with us now for almost ten years. He found a home with us and he’ll always be welcome as a big part of us. You fuck that up for him and I will personally take you out.”

“Why?” Her voice faltered. “W-why would I do that?”

“I’ve been watching you ever since we got here,” Cobra told her. “You’re a selfish bitch, plain and simple. You might think he’s broken beyond what you can live with, but I’ll tell you something about Jett. He’s the best man I know. I’ve put my life in his hands on more than one occasion and I’d do it again without even thinking about it. If you fuck that up, you and me will be at war and honey, you don’t want me as your enemy.”

Dana got to her feet and glared down at the man. “He is NOT broken, do you hear me old man? Not broken. I know you, as well as the rest of the men here, don’t think too much of me and that’s your right. Yes, I’ve been spoiled all my life but I’m not shallow. These last few days I’ve endured, all of it has taught me one thing if nothing else. Jett believes in me. And I want him, warts and all. And…if he’ll have me in his life I’ll be there for him, all the way through whatever happens.” She raised her chin up. “I’ll be there with him. He gave me more in a few days than anyone has ever given me before. Hope for a future. A reason to continue and I never had that before. I never had a reason to care before I met Jett. I-I mean I don’t even know his real name but I don’t even care. H-he gave me purpose.”

As she turned to walk away she gasped as Jett was standing there listening to the conversation.

His eyes looked a little haunted as they burned into hers. He glanced briefly at Cobra then turned and looked directly into Dana’s eyes he spoke softly, “My given name is Justice Ethan Tanner Tobias. The name Jett is the first letters of my full name. I was born and raised in Provo, Utah where my family still lives. The military deemed that I was broken after my company of twelve were ambushed and only two of us walked away.”

Dana lifted her hand and covered his mouth. “You aren’t broken, your shell may be cracked a bit, but you are not broken. Living through something like that would take a lot out of anyone, but you survived it. Everyone has nightmares and things they wished they could change in their past. You just have more than most. But if you give me a chance, I’ll be there for you. I’ll hold your hand through the worst of it but I won’t run away when the going gets tough. All I need is a chance.” She leaned close to him and brushed her lips over his. “Just give me a chance, that’s all I ask.” Then she wiped her tears away and began walking toward the kitchen.


When she went through the doors, Jett looked over at Cobra.

Cobra got up to refill his cup and pour another. When he went back and sat down, he set the second cup in front of the chair motioning for Jett to take a seat.

Jett sat down and picked up his cup. Taking a sip, he waited for Cobra to say something.

“Justice huh?” Cobra shrugged. “I suppose it could be worse.”

Jett chuckled. “It could indeed, unless you know my family.”

“Tobias, isn’t that the name of the Senator from Utah.”

“Yeah, that would be my dad.” Jett nodded.

“Lucky you.”

Jett just shrugged. “It is what it is.”

“How long since you been home boy?” Cobra asked.

Jett glared at him. “Oh, I think you know how it’s been. I left there ten years ago and haven’t been back since.”

“Do they know where you are and what you been doing?”

Jett shrugged. “I’m sure dear old dad knows exactly where I am and what I’m doing. He may not like it but he isn’t doing anything to haul me home either. Dad is the only one who knows how I was all those years ago. Back when I first came home, he endured a few nights with me. As much as he will never admit it, I was more than a little screwed up. I had no idea who I was anymore. When my friends were blown away right in front of me, I couldn’t take it. I believe the military was right in discharging me. I’m much better now but it’s taken some damned hard work on my part just to get myself out of bed in the mornings.”

Cobra sipped his coffee as he listened. “Damn kid, you have always given us 100 percent.”

“And you never asked about it all before. I appreciate that man.”

Cobra leaned forward in his chair. “Just for the record, I researched you. I do with all my recruits. I have to. I was trusting you with my own life and the lives of all my men. I never said anything because I wanted you to come to me and tell me.”

“And I never did, did I?” Jett shook his head. “But it wasn’t because I didn’t trust you. I didn’t want you to know who my family was. We haven’t always gotten along so well and I didn’t want to bring some fucking political aspect into the club.”

“And you didn’t,” Cobra stated. ‘You’re your own man, you always have been, just like I’m my own man. We all have our own memories or regrets in life, some more than others.” Cobra turned his head and stared at the kitchen door. “So you gonna let her in?”

Jett turned his head and stared at the door as well. “Yeah, man I think I just might. You got any objections?”

“Me?” Cobra smiled. “I can’t tell you what to do or who to care about.” He shook his head. “The one time in my life when I should have listened to my heart I didn’t, and I lost my forever woman. That would be my daughter’s mother. I may never find my second chance but you boyo, if she’s who you want, then hang on to her like there is no tomorrow.” Cobra sipped his coffee for a moment then said, “Rubic’s Cube huh?”

Jett froze and turned his head slowly. “What did you say?”

Cobra snorted. “You heard me I didn’t stutter.” He looked over at Jett. “You having them nightmares again aren’t you?”

“How did you know about the cube?” Jett demanded.

“You had one last night, didn’t you?” Cobra stared at him.

“How did you know?” Jett repeated

“Dana asked me if I knew about it. What you had gone through.”

“Damn it.” Jett growled. “I thought I left that behind years ago.”

“You never really do. Those things go away for a while but sure as shit, they always come back. Most of the time, when you least suspect it, they pop back up to fuck you up all over again, but hey…” He shrugged. “That’s life isn’t it? It will sucker punch you out of the blue. You wouldn’t be the only one that’s happened to.”

“But you didn’t seem surprised when she asked, how is that?” Jett wanted to know.

Cobra shook his head. “Kid, when you first came to us you were a fucking mess. Wound tighter than a spring and looking for someone to beat down or kill if they looked at you wrong. You were on the edge I could see that. We gave you room to settle down and you did but some nights you woke up the entire club screaming. We never said anything because that wasn’t our way. Hell, kid, we’ve all been there one way or another but we didn’t judge you. I have to admit you haven’t had a nightmare in a number of years so that’s a good thing. The fact she didn’t run last night after hearing all that says something about her. She’s changing but man, I gotta wonder if it’s because of how she feels about you. She said it earlier, you’ve given her something no one else could. At least no one else here. She said you gave her value. You believed in her, challenged her to be a better person and accept the fact that she wasn’t perfect. That she is as flawed as the rest of us.”

Winona came out of the kitchen and walked over to their table. Crossing her arms, she asked, “Alright, what did you do to my sister?” She glared at Jett.

“What do you mean?” He frowned.

“She just apologized and asked for another chance.” Winona shook her head. “That’s not Dana. That’s not the same girl I met a couple of weeks ago.”

Jett just shrugged. “She has some growing up to do and I think she knows that. Maybe this is just her showing you she is growing up.”

“The real question will be, is this new her going to last?” Winona whispered. “Personally, I hope so. It’s rather lonely growing up with no one there to believe you or stand behind you.”

Jett got to his feet. “I told Gunner of what I intended before all this shit storm started. I claimed her fully last night.”

Winona smiled. “I’m happy for you then. And welcome to the family.”

“What the everlovin fuck?” Gunner growled from behind them. 

Jett turned around and met Gunner’s fist. Pain exploded as he went down. He tasted blood on his lip as he slowly got back up on his feet. He spit blood out onto the floor as he glared at the older man. “That’s the only free shot you will ever fucking get. Don’t ever do it again, or I’ll forget you’re Dana’s father.”

Dana came running out of the kitchen after hearing the commotion. She stopped and stared at both men before she walked slowly over to Jett. She could see his whole body was tight as a coiled rope ready to snap. Without hesitation, she laid her hand on his chest then turned to her father, “I belong to him daddy, and he belongs to me.”

Gunner just glared at the pair of them. “He hurts you and I’ll kill him.” He looked at Jett. “I told Boone the same thing when he claimed Winona. You hurt my babies and I’ll make you wish you’d never been born. Got that?”

Jett nodded. “I got it, but don’t you ever swing on me again. Next time, I won’t be so nice about it and I’d hate to have to kill an old man.”

Gunner crossed his arms over his chest. “Now, that sounds like a threat to me boy.”

“It’s more of a promise.” Jett growled.

Dana looked upset as her and Winona exchanged worried glances.



Chapter Fourteen


Cobra was about to say something when the front door flew open, and the three men he left at the warehouse came in.

“Boss we got a problem” Thor, his VP called out.

Cobra looked up at the ceiling and growled. “What the fuck?” Snapping his head toward his men he demanded, “Tell me that Boomer and Blacky are dead?”

“They are dead all right,” the second of the three men, named Player told them. “The thing is they didn’t die on their own. Three men came looking for them.”

“Do you know who they were?” Gunner wanted to know.

All three men shook their heads. “Two of them wore a different cut than ours.”

Gunner looked at Cobra then back at Cobra's VP and asked. “Who’s cut?”

“Satan’s Warriors.”

Gunner shook his head and rubbed his hands over his face. “Fucking hell,” He swore. Looking at Gypsy he asked, “What did they do to Boomer and Blacky?”

“They lowered their bodies to the floor. Boomer was happy to be down and asked them to cut his hands free. One of them grabbed him by the hair and pulled this huge fucking machete from behind him and cut his fuckin head off.  Then the other did the same to Blacky.” Gypsy shook his head. “Never seen anything so fucked up as that before.”

Player took a step forward. “They even took the heads with them.”

Cobra looked at his man and nodded. “So whoever sent them wanted proof of death.”

“You know these guys?” Gunner asked.

“Yeah, I know them,” Cobra admitted. “We’ve had a run in or two with them back home. They come out of New Roads, Louisiana. They’re a dirty bunch.”

“What about the third man?” Jett wanted to know.

Thor tipped his head to the side, “Well now, that’s just the thing ain’t it? He stayed back out of the moonlight. But I got a good enough look at him to read his cut. He wore a Savaged Souls cut. I couldn’t see his face to know which one he was.”

“The hell.” Gunner growled.

“Dad, he could be one more of Blacky’s men?” Dana suggested. “He claimed there were four. Arizona was one, Scorpion was another one, but there are still two more.”

“She’s got a point Gunner,” Cobra agreed.

“I might know of one of them,” a soft voice called out from the doorway to the hall.

Everyone turned to see Becky standing there with Patriot.

Gunner and Cobra could see that she was trembling and Patriot was holding her up. She was clinging to him almost as if her life depended on it.

Gunner saw the look of fear in her eyes. “Darlin, you all right?” he asked her softly.

She leaned into Patriot’s embrace and nodded. “As much as I just want to forget what happened to me, I know I can’t. I won’t say I’m sorry Blacky is dead but I would have wanted him to suffer at least a little bit more than he did.”

“What more do you know about Blacky and these traitors?” Cobra asked.

Patriot helped her over to the nearest chair and sat down with her in his lap.

Everyone gathered around to hear what she had to say.

Becky held tight to Patriot’s hand and began her revelation, “I know Blacky was a cold, heartless man, if you can call him a man. He saw himself as a big man but he was really just a scumbag. He kept me separate from the other girls for a reason. I think he knew who my dad was and he wanted me around to show Dad he could do whatever he wanted to me and there was nothing Dad could do about it.” She shook her head. “I’m sure he would have killed me or sold me sooner if he knew my father wouldn’t give a shit about me. He could never find my dad and that pissed him off royally. He made me feel it every single time he opened that door. Over the three months he held me, I learned the hard way to take notice of what was going on around me. I’d never been treated like that before so it took me a few weeks to adjust but I did. I learned to block out the pain and pay attention. He had visitors all the time.”

“What kind of visitors?” Gunner asked.

“Well, there were two men that came and went many times while Blacky held me. I also heard a lot but couldn’t always see what was going on. I heard the name Scorpion and Arizona, but I also heard them talk about Gunner and Dana .I heard the name Grizzly a few times too.”

“Are you sure it was Grizzly?” Gunner demanded as he clenched his hands into fists.

When she nodded, Gunner let loose a roar of rage and flipped a table over with a few mugs on it. “That fucking bastard!” he shouted.

“Who is Grizzly Dad?” Winona asked.

Gunner snapped his head toward her and bit out angrily, “He’s one of the men that’s been on a three week run checking out someone for club business. You haven’t met him yet but he’s due back tomorrow.” He ran his fingers over the back of his head. “Now I find out he’s one of Blacky’s men. Fucking hell, how many more people have I trusted with my life only to find them to be worthless pieces of shit, looking to kill us all?”

Trembling Becky continued, “There was another man as well but I never heard his name or saw him clearly. It was late one night and Blacky and him were talking when they stopped in front of the door that led to my cell. I could see them standing there glaring at me. One of my eyes had swollen almost shut, so I couldn’t see him well enough to see his face.” She paused and wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. “I remember he had blazing green eyes when Blacky opened the door for him to look at me. I heard his gravelly voice when he swore at Blacky.” She shuddered in revulsion, “I’ll never forget that voice.” Swallowing hard she continued, “I don’t know if he belonged to an MC or if he could have been cartel but his eyes scared me.”

“That could be Blacky’s fourth man.” Cobra snarled. “But who the hell is he?”

“I…” Becky rubbed at her temples. “I-I remember s-something else. I don’t think he is one of yours.”

“What does that mean?” Gunner asked.

“The same night they were arguing about the price or something. Blacky wanted more money from this guy and the other man kept telling him that the deal would stand as agreed on. Blacky said something about how he didn’t care. If he was going to betray his MC, the price was going to have to be high enough to make it worth his while and that if the man wanted into a good deal he should be prepared to pay a higher price. The other guy was not happy at all.”

“How long ago was this?” Gunner wanted to know. He looked around the room.

More of his men were awake now and they were all listening.

“Maybe a month ago?” Becky shrugged. “I had no way of knowing what the day was let alone how long I had even been there. One day just sort of blended into another after a while.”

“Well shit, boss.” Gypsy growled. “How many times did that bastard sell us out?”

“We may never know,” Gunner admitted grimly. “Members of the Satan’s Warriors took his and Boomer’s heads this morning.” He exhaled hard. “We may have figured out another brother working for Blacky though.”

“Who?” Tramper asked.


“Ahh, FUCK!” All the men swore.

Tramper looked over at Becky and asked, “Are you sure?”

Becky shook her head. “All I know is that I heard the name mentioned. I didn’t hear the context of the conversation but I know I heard that name mentioned.”

Gypsy looked over at Gunner. “Maybe there’s another reason his name was mentioned. I never would have taken Griz for a traitor.”

“He most likely is not,” Annie announced as she and Harry joined them.

“What the hell does that mean?” Gunner stared at her.

Annie stopped in front of him and looked him in the eye as she said, “We’ve been investigating the whole lot of you. That’s why we’ve been huddled up with our computers the last few days. We found that Scorpion was suspect and it didn’t take much to figure that out. Endo, we found was the kid all grown up, searching out the people who let his dad and brother get murdered. He was not a traitor, just a user of your club and business. Grizzly’s name might have been mentioned but we did not find any evidence he’s your traitor either.”

“How can you be so sure?” Cobra wanted to know.

Harry spoke up then, “Grizzly’s real name is John Crowly and he’s a U.S. Marshal, a highly decorated U.S. Marshal.”

Just then, the front door opened and Grizzly walked in the clubhouse. He looked weary after being on the road for three weeks and he carried a duffle bag in his hand.

“Well speak of the fucking devil,” Boone grumbled.

Everyone turned to stare at him.

The big guy stopped dead in his tracks as they all looked at him. Then he looked to Gunner and asked, “What is all this boss?”

“A U.S. Marshal?” Gunner growled. “Really?”

Grizzly looked at each of the brothers then back to Gunner and he let out a sigh. “Yeah, I’m a Marshal but before you condemn me, I suggest you listen to what I have to say.” He dropped his duffle bag on the floor and walked over to pour himself a cup of coffee.

The men in the room watched him closely and the tension could be cut with a knife… A huge knife.

Sitting down on a chair, he turned it so he could face them. “My real name is John Crowly and yes I’m a U.S. Marshal. Have been for about ten years, give a year or so. My boss, Jason Carter was worried about rumors he heard coming from this area about a human trafficking ring operating here. He sent me in because I looked more like a biker than the rest of his men. I found you guys doing bounty hunting and so I checked you all out. I found you guys were running a legit business but I stayed anyway. Then I found Blacky wasn’t legit but he hid his illegal activities well. I’ve been gathering the evidence I needed to bust him for a couple of years now. I wanted there to be no escape for him.” He took a sip of his coffee.

“There wasn’t,” Gunner informed him. “He’s dead. He was found out and faced a tribunal. He got a death sentence but managed to escape. He was then caught and again, after he kidnapped Dana. He faced death but it wasn’t us that killed him. He was beheaded by another club this morning, along with his dad.”

Grizzly nodded. “Let me guess, Satan’s Warriors killed them?”

“How the hell did you know it was them?” Cobra asked.

“One of the reasons I headed back early was the rumor that Blacky was moving his base of operations to New Roads, Louisiana. That’s Satan’s Warriors territory. A perfect location for moving people, I might add. Close to the river and all. All he had to do was have the girls and the Warriors would take them down river to a waiting boat. Both Blacky and the Warriors would make a great deal of money.”

“If you knew all this, why didn’t you clue us in?” Boone wanted to know.

Grizzly shook his head. “Boss man wanted to catch everyone. We still had a couple of men to identify before we could move in.”

Cobra snorted. “Jason Carter, hell if that man wasn’t always a pain in the ass. He’s wanted to bust my ass for a long time now, but never could because I haven’t broken any laws.”

Grizzly nodded as he looked over at the other man. “Yeah, he thinks the same about you.” Looking over at Gunner he said, “He knew the moment Cobra and the Lost Sons got here. He’s got eyes other than mine on the lot of you. He wanted to wait and see if Cobra and his men joined Blacky or just what they were here to do.”

“Who else is fucking here spying on us?” Cobra demanded.

Gunner spoke up before Griz could say anything, “Cobra isn’t the problem here bucko, you are.”

Grizzly got to his feet and stared at Gunner. “I know you think I betrayed you and the club but I didn’t. Your business is growing and your rep is growing too. You and these guys are doing a legit job, the Marshals would have checked you out regardless. Yes, I was sent here to check you guys out but that’s not why I stayed.”

“So not the point here.” Gunner glared at him. “You used your position to spy on our club.”

“You can call it that but my only reports were on Blacky’s activities. He was the only man we were after and no one needed to know the rest of what I found,” Grizzly explained. “Jason asked about the rest of it but I told him there was nothing to tell. He asked me to stay to get Blacky’s connections. We got most of them and now, Jason can move in and bust them.” He paused then added, “So you said they took his and Boomer’s heads? Well, if we can catch them with the evidence, we’ll have them for murder as well, which holds a stiffer penalty. Will you allow me to make a call? We’ve been wanting to get the Warrior’s on something big.”

Gunner glared at his man.

Nodding, Cobra suggested, “Let him make the call, and we’ll see what happens. At the very least, you’ll find out if he’s telling the truth or not.”

Gunner nodded. “Make the call. But this doesn’t excuse what you did.” Then he remembered something his man had said. “So why did you stay?”

“I stayed because for the most part, you guys are doing something good here. I felt like I found a good home. My boss is not happy with me because I don’t like the fucking red tape he insists on putting in front of me. He wanted to nail you guys just because you were tied to Blacky. He wanted the whole bunch of you for his crimes. He got really pissed when I went over his head to convince his boss that you guys were not tied in with what Blacky was doing. I had to fight like hell to clear you guys but I stood up for this MC.” Shaking his head Grizzy added, “Lucky for me, I had the evidence to prove my point. Jason was called on his bullshit and warned by the Attorney General and he’s not happy at all about it.”

“Make the call you need to make, catch these animals with their fucking proof,” Gunner grumbled. “Then you need to explain everything.”