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Chapter One

 Last Part from Jett…

Cobra was about to say something when the front door flew open, and the men he left at the warehouse came in.

“Boss we got a problem” Thor, his VP called out.

Cobra looked up at the ceiling and growled. “What the fuck?” Snapping his head toward his men he demanded, “Tell me that Boomer and Blacky are dead?”

“They're dead all right,” the second of the three men, named Player told them. “The thing is they didn’t die on their own. Three men came looking for them.”

“Do you know who they were?” Gunner wanted to know.

All three men shook their heads. “Two of them wore a different cut than ours.”

Gunner looked at Cobra then back at Cobra's VP and asked. “Who’s cut?”

“Satan’s Warriors,” Thor replied.

Gunner shook his head and rubbed his hands over his face. “Fucking hell,” he swore. Looking at Gypsy he asked, “What did they do to Boomer and Blacky?”

“They lowered their bodies to the floor. Boomer was happy to be down and asked them to cut his hands free. One of them grabbed him by the hair and pulled this huge fucking machete from behind him and cut his fucking head off. Then the other did the same to Blacky.” Gypsy shook his head. “Never seen anything so fucked up as that before.”

Player took a step forward. “They even took the heads with them.”

Cobra looked at his man and nodded. “So whoever sent them wanted proof of death.”

“You know these guys?” Gunner asked.

“Yeah, I know them,” Cobra admitted. “We’ve had a run in or two with them back home. They come out of New Roads, Louisiana. They’re a dirty bunch.”

“What about the third man?” Jett wanted to know.

Thor tipped his head to the side. “Well now, that’s just the thing ain’t it? He stayed back out of the moonlight. But I got a good enough look at him to read his cut. He wore a Savaged Souls cut. I couldn’t see his face to know which one he was.”

“The hell?” Gunner growled.

“Dad, he could be one more of Blacky’s men?” Dana suggested. “He claimed there were four. Arizona was one, Scorpion was another one, but there are still two more.”

“She’s got a point Gunner,” Cobra agreed.

“I might know of one or two of them,” a soft voice called out from the doorway to the hall.

Everyone turned to see Becky standing there with Patriot.

Gunner and Cobra could see that she was trembling and Patriot was holding her up. She was clinging to him almost as if her life depended on it.

Gunner saw the look of fear in her eyes. “Darlin’, you all right?” he asked her softly.

She leaned into Patriot’s embrace and nodded. “As much as I just want to forget what happened to me, I know I can’t. I won’t say I’m sorry Blacky is dead but I would have wanted him to suffer at least a little bit more than he did.”

“What more do you know about Blacky and these traitors?” Cobra asked.

Patriot helped her over to the nearest chair and sat down with her in his lap.

Everyone gathered around to hear what she had to say. She then told them about Grizzly and Gunner lost it. He turned a table over while roaring with rage at the latest betrayl and the room got quiet for several minutes.

“I…” Becky rubbed at her temples as she spoke again. “I-I remember someone else too, though. And I don’t think he's one of yours.”

“What do you mean?” Gunner asked.

“The same night they were arguing about the price or something. Blacky wanted more money from this guy, the one with the green eyes, and the other man kept telling him that the deal would stand as they agreed on. Blacky said something about how he didn’t care. If he was going to betray his MC the price was going to have to be high enough to make it worth his while and that if the man wanted into a good deal he should be prepared to pay a higher price. The other guy was not happy at all.”

“So someone else is involved?” Cobra sated the question that they all wondered.

“Well, we might however have a lead on this guy,” Harry announced. “We’ve had a chance to go through most of the paperwork he left and strangely enough Blacky knew how to investigate people. He also knew when someone was hiding something. But when he investigated a man named Damen Cole, he only got so far. We’re digging deeper but we aren’t finding much more. Whoever this man is, he is very good at hiding their activities.”

“We did find one possibility though,” Annie interjected. “Damen Cole works for some very secret partners. In other words, we haven’t been able to find out who he works for but he’s one tough man. Doesn’t mind spending money if it gets him what he’s going after. But from what we’ve been able to discover, he isn’t the one in charge, someone else calls the shots.”

“Keep digging,” Gunner grumbled. “We need to know just how far he will go. Now that Blacky is dead, we need to know if he will come after us or just walk away. No one here knows about Blacky’s dealings with the man and he’d have a hard sell to claim Blacky sold us out.”

“If we can find more on this Damen Cole,” Harry added. “Then we might possibly have a way to stop him.”

“Fuck, I hate all this secrecy.” Gunner looked incensed. “It could be anything or nothing.” He turned to Patriot and then looked at Becky. “Maybe you should take her back to her bed. I think she’s had enough people time.”

Patriot looked down at the woman in his arms. He saw the shadows under her eyes. His arms wrapped around her and he got to his feet with her in his arms.

Becky looked up at him.

“Say goodnight Gracie,” Patriot told her under his breath as he carried her down the hall.

Gunner almost cracked a smile. He felt it was about time the man got a woman of his own.


Becky snuggled up to his broad chest and whispered, “Goodnight Gracie.” Closing her eyes, she was almost asleep when she felt him lower her to a bed. When he laid down beside her, her eyes flew open and she whispered, “What are you doing?”

“I’m tired of sleeping alone,” he told her simply. “I’m tired of sleeping in that fucking chair beside your bed. I need to hold you and show you that I’m a good man. I can control myself until you get stronger and I’ll wait until you want me as much as I want you… just don’t make me wait too long.” Patriot smiled his dimple showing.

“Oh….” Becky whispered while looking stunned at his words. “Ok.” Looking curious, she cocked her head to the side. “But why? I mean why would you want a broken girl like me?”

“You are not broken,” he insisted. “You’re stubborn, stronger than most, but you aren’t broken. Blacky couldn’t do that and that pissed him off greatly. You didn’t give in to your pain and just give up and that says more about your character then you will ever know. It takes a special kind of person to survive the life you and your sister have lived, yet you both did. She never gave up on you and you never gave up on the fact she would find you. That’s the kind of woman I want to claim as my own.”

She swallowed hard, her blue eyes widened. “You do?”

Patriot smiled. “You bet I do. Not everyone can live the kind of life we live. It gets tough around here sometimes. I just never thought to find a woman who could take it, then you came here. You were so close to death I didn’t know if you would make it or not. But the longer I cared for you, the harder I fell.”

“Why didn’t you say something before now?” She wanted to know.

“I was trying to give you time to notice me, as a man, not just as your doctor.”

His words were simple but they slammed into her chest like a steel ball. Finally, she swallowed the lump in her throat. “Oh, I noticed you from day one. You have a very gentle touch. Just being near you set my heart racing and the nights you were close to me were the nights I slept the best.”

Patriot shook his head. “Don’t say those words if you don’t mean them, woman.”

“Oh, I mean them and so much more,” Becky whispered. “I’ve been getting stronger every day, with care and decent food but I was regretting it because I didn’t want to leave here. I-I didn’t want to leave you. I just didn’t know how to tell you and I was afraid that maybe you were just caring for me like a patient.”

Patriot paused to take in her words. "No, it is so much more than that, sweet girl."  He gazed into her eyes, then leaned closer. Brushing his lips over hers, he tasted her for the first time.

With a huge contented sigh, Becky reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck to bring him closer.

The kiss deepened to a degree where the both of them seemed to lose their sanity.

Patriot growled low in his throat as she opened her mouth to him. He wrapped his arms around her and laid on his back pulling her on top of him as they kissed. His hands roamed along her back and he felt the fact that her curves were filling out nicely since she’d gained her weight back. When she finally broke away from him to gulp air into her lungs, his lips slid to her chin and then her neck. His hands roamed down her waist to the globes of her ass and he groaned again as her ass filled his hands. He pulled her tight to him.

Their bodies came together and the friction caused a heat that seared them both.

He pushed up against her and she could feel his hard length. “Oh, my god…” she whimpered.

He was with her right up until she cried out when he hit a sore spot on her shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw her wince and that acted like a bucket of cold water on his lust. “Oh, sweet girl… I’m so sorry. I got carried away. You aren’t ready for this yet.”

She hung her head and tried to move away. “I’m sorry.” Her voice was a soft, breathless whisper. “I’m so stupid. I can’t even do this right.”

Patriot wouldn’t let her go. “No baby girl, this is on me, not you sweetheart. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Really?” She stared at him.

Patriot smiled. “Really. You will heal one day and that’s when I’ll claim you for my own. Until then, I’ll be by your side and I’ll hold you every night.” He grinned. “I might however, steal a kiss every now and then because I can’t help myself. You are becoming an addiction I won’t be giving up anytime soon. I can’t. I’ve had a taste of your sweetness now and I won’t give you up. I can wait until you heal. No sex until that day…Doctor’s orders.”

Becky smiled. “Well, I know that I do want you. I mean just look at you. So sexy. But you are the doctor.” Becky giggled.

“Yes, I am. So sexy patient… go to sleep and get some rest. You need to heal quickly. It’s going to be tough for me, but I am so sure it’ll be worth the wait. For the both of us.” Patriot moved her off him, wrapped her in his arms, and held her close.

“Can I ask you something?” she whispered when he shut off the light.

“Sure, I'm pretty much an open book.”

“What’s your real name?”

Patriot chuckled. “The only name I go by is Patriot. I picked it up in med school when I was in the service. But the name my mama gave me was Aaron Black.”

“Is she still alive?”

“Yeah, she and my dad are still alive. They live over in Waco and he runs a hardware store. He’s about ready to retire and stay home to drive her crazy but I think she can’t wait for that day.”

Becky smiled. “That’s so sweet. I wish my parents had been like that.” After a moment she asked, “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Yeah I got three brothers and they are all a pain in my ass,” Patriot grumbled.

She chuckled. “Have you met my sister? Now that’s one huge pain in the derriere. But I love her to death and I wouldn’t change her one bit.”


Chapter Two


Player walked over to where Cobra and Gunner were standing. He hesitated about approaching them but decided they needed to hear what he had to say. “Hey boss,” he called out to Cobra. “I need you to know something else happened tonight.”

“What ?” Cobra asked as he turned to his man.

Player ran his hands over the back of his head and couldn’t meet his eyes. Finally, he raised his gaze to Cobra then Gunner. “I don’t know if it means anything or not but before the Satan’s Warrior took Blacky’s head, the third man asked him a question. He didn’t speak very loud but where he hid himself was right near me, so I was close enough to hear him but he was in a shadow, so couldn’t see him.”

“What did he ask?” Gunner frowned.

“He caught Blacky’s eyes and asked, ‘Where is the girl?’ Blacky didn’t answer him as the bastard holding him jerked his head up by the hair, Balcky finally said, ‘The Savaged Souls have her. Good luck trying to get to her now.’ ”

“Then what happened?” Cobra asked.

“The third man just smiled and nodded at the Warrior. He watched as the other man cut off Blacky’s head. The man didn’t even flinch. When it was done, he just turned and walked away,” Player finished his story. Hesitating he finally asked, “That girl he asked about, you suppose it was Becky? What would a man like that want with Becky?”

“That might be something we have to ask her now, don’t you think?” Cobra suggested.

“Or maybe we can just ask Annie,” Gunner thought out loud. Turning around, he found Annie at her computer and they walked over to her.

When she looked up she was surprised to find them staring at her. Her eyes got wide and she asked, “What’s up guys?”

“The third unknown man at the warehouse made a point of asking Blacky about the girl,” Gunner began. “Could this girl possibly be your sister?”

Annie thought about that for a moment then said, “The only way anyone would be interested in her, would be if he was a buyer?”

“You said the two of you stayed together the whole time after your mom was killed, right?” Cobra reasoned.

Annie glanced over at Harry then back to the men in front of her. “Well, we lived apart for a while I lived in Port Arthur and Becky lived in Beaumont, but we were always talking to one another that’s how I knew she was missing when I hadn’t heard from her for three days, why?”

“Just wondering here. Did something different or unusual happen before then, maybe?” Cobra asked. “Can you think of anything out of the ordinary that happened to her or to you when you were kids?”

“We don’t know who this person is or who he might work for,” Gunner added. “We’re not suggesting that anything is wrong but we need to know more about what’s going on here.”

“Ok, I can understand that, but I really don’t remember anything unusual happening back then. I don’t remember my parents telling me I was going to be a big sister until the day they brought the baby home though. I was about five when suddenly, there she was. I do remember when she came to live with us, my parents fought a lot. My dad would disappear for days on end and my mom would cry and carry on. I was the one who took care of Becky for the longest time.” She shrugged. “But that was our life growing up. I never thought much about it until my dad disappeared altogether.”

“Did your mom look pregnant before Becky came?” Gunner wanted to know.

Annie thought about her answer for a long time. “You know, I really can’t remember. I was only five at the time, and I was scared for most of it.” Annie kind of chuckled a bit. “What does a five year old know about their mom being pregnant?”

“Damn it.” Cobra cursed under his breath. “That’s no help now is it?”

“Wait a minute… you know, now that I think about it, I do remember a rather vicious fight between my parents, it was right after they came home with Becky. I only remember because he handed the baby to my mother then went to take a shower. I remember his clothes being covered in red paint. When she started cursing at him about what he just did, he told her to mind her own business and just take care of the baby.” Shaking her head, Annie continued, “Mom handed the baby off to me and followed him into the bedroom and there was so much screaming and yelling, and then the baby started crying and it was just chaos for a while. When my mom came out of the bedroom, her mouth was bleeding where my dad had hit her. She ignored me and the baby and went to heat up some milk. Becky didn’t like it and it was a miserable night until my mom could go and get some formula. My dad didn’t stick around that night, in fact he didn’t come home for like three days.”

Gunner looked over at Cobra and shook his head. “That doesn’t sound good.”

Annie got to her feet and called out to them, “What does that mean?” she asked in a panic. “What are you thinking?”

Gunner looked over at her. “I’m thinking Becky may not be your sister at all. From what you just said, your dad might have stolen a baby and brought it home. If that’s the case, we need to find out who that baby belonged to in the first place, then we need to find out just who this Damen Cole really is and who he works for.”

Harry nodded and jumped into the conversation, “We’ve been trying to find that out, but he’s very good at covering his tracks. We do know he comes and goes from Kansas City, so whoever he works for could be from there.”

Cobra looked at Annie, “So where were you guys living when your dad brought the baby home?”

“I think it was Wichita Falls? But I couldn’t swear to it. We moved around a lot back then.”

Gunner thought for a moment then suggested, “Ok, maybe go back to the time when she was born and look in the Wichita Falls or Kansas City records and see if there was any mention of a baby that was kidnapped around that time.”

“We can do that.” Harry nodded.

Annie looked stunned. “Do you really think he could have done something that horrible?”

“You knew him best, what do you think?” Gunner asked her.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered everything her father had done to them as children. She hung her head and sobbed quietly for a moment then wiped her eyes and lifted her head. “Yeah, I think he could do something as bad as that. I hope he’s roasting in hell for all eternity and I hope it hurts like hell.”

Cobra studied her carefully. This was something she hadn’t counted on and the possibility of what might have happened had thrown her for a loop. This whole situation was one fucked up mess and there would be no telling what they might uncover before it was over.

“Dig up what you can and try to do so quickly.” Gunner pushed his fingers through his hair in frustration. “We have to know who and what might pose a threat to the club, hopefully before they can strike, catching us unaware. We really don’t need this right now.”


“No we don’t,” Harry agreed with him. “We’ll dig deeper and see what we can find.”

Gunner and the guys moved away and Harry watched as Annie sank down into her chair. She still looked stunned by the news. “Are you okay sweetheart?”

Annie looked over at him and shook her head. “I’m not sure. I mean I know my old man was no good but this? I never expected this.”

“Well, we don’t know if this is true yet, so just hang in there. Wait until we find the evidence before you say anything to Becky. This is only speculation at the moment.”

“But if it is true, what happens then?” Annie asked. “Who does Becky really belong to? Why would my mom and dad do something like this?”

Harry shook his head. “Honey, your dad was a very twisted man and you know your mom followed what he wanted. He used people to better his own situation. He never gave a damn about anyone but himself. He certainly never cared about his wife or kids, if he had, he never would have walked away from you without looking back.”

Annie sat there and stared at Harry for a moment. “Promise me something…”

“Anything, Babe.” Harry cocked his head to one side.

“Promise me that you’ll never walk away from me and our baby,” she whispered.

Harry grinned. “I will never do that, you have my word on that woman.”

Annie took his hand and brought it over to her belly. She knew he would feel her small baby bump.

At first, Harry didn’t understand but then he felt it. His eyes widened and he just smiled at her for a moment. “Is that our baby?” he whispered.

“Yeah.” She smiled timidly.

Harry just held his hand over her belly. “You know when you told me you were pregnant I thought it was great news but now I can feel him or her growing inside you, its kind of a miracle isn’t it? I never thought about it before.”

She nodded. “He or she is only beginning to show him or herself. Over the next few months, I’ll get so fat, you won’t even know me.”

“And I’ll love every inch and pound of you. You are growing the next generation of Youngs and that’s wonderful. I can’t wait to meet this kid.”

Cobra listened to the mushy stuff for as long as he could stand it. He slapped Harry upside the back of his head and told them both, “I’m glad for you but you do know this situation sorta overrides personal stuff right now.”

“That’s true it does but Annie has the bump now and we… I just wanted to celebrate for a moment ya know.” Harry growled. “I got that right, man.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it, boy.” Cobra growled back. “You knew before we left, Hell everyone knows you and your brother have your women pregnant.”

Harry grinned. “Yeah, I suppose. Haven’t really even had time to think about that yet. But… man, it is amazing to know I’m going to be a dad.”

Cobra chuckled. “A daddy. You can handle it, I’m sure.”

“Ok honey.” Annie slapped his shoulder lightly. “Let’s get back to business and find out just how despicable my father really was.” She sat back down.

Harry sat next to her. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders he pulled her close. “I do love you, you know that right?” he whispered in her ear.

Annie beamed at him. “Yeah, I know that. You know I feel the same right?”

“Yeah, I know.” He tipped her face toward his. “And you know I’ll be there all the way through no matter whatever we find.”

Annie heaved a heavy sigh as her smile dropped away. “Becky hasn’t had an easy life from day one. She always felt so alone all her life. Now we find this shit out? If this is true, that might validate her feelings. I’ve always loved her like a sister but if this is true then we aren’t related at all. She would truly be alone in this world.”

“Nah, your bond goes deeper than blood,” Harry pointed out.

‘But, I have you and the baby now.”

Harry smiled. “And she has Patriot, if I’m not mistaken.”

“But would she feel like we were sisters anymore?” Annie shook her head. “She’s always been there for me and I’ve always been her older sister. If that’s not true, I don’t know what she’ll do.”

Harry shook his head. “If I know she isn’t going anywhere. Baby, she loves you and I am pretty sure the connection you two have will remain, and if she’s Patriot’s woman, he isn’t going to turn his back on her. You also know she is always welcome to come home with us. Even if she isn’t your blood, she’s still your sister. She has been all her life and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

“You would still accept her as family?” Annie asked.

He tsked under his breath. “She’s family, baby. She’s your family, blood or no blood,” Harry argued. “That will never change.”


Becky woke up and felt the blast of heat up tight against her back. She had to smile, knowing it was Patriot’s body heat she was feeling. She snuggled down and felt something close to awe wash over her. Most of her life, she’d felt the cold of rejection encase her like a bubble. Annie had held off most of the cold but it had come back when Blacky bought her. Now there was nothing but heat around her and she felt safe for the first time in a very long time.

She turned her head and stared at the man in question. He was still sleeping as her gaze followed the lines of his face and shoulders. She couldn’t believe he was interested in someone like her. She’d never had anything all her own before. And now, she couldn’t believe he was here with her.

Then she looked up into his face and found him awake and looking back at her.

She wet her lips with her tongue and watched his eyes narrow while following her every move. She found some courage she didn’t know she had and leaned toward his mouth.

 Patriot groaned as their lips joined and he fell on his back, pulling her on top of him.

Becky was amazed at his touch. Her blood rushed through her veins and her heart beat a little faster as her lips touched his.

Patriot’s hand ran up and down her back finally grabbing the globes of her ass. Pulling her toward him, he lifted his hips and rubbed her core against him.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “Please don’t stop.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered back.

“You’ll hurt me more if you stop.”

Patriot released her and began undressing her. He pulled off her top and growled low in his throat as he stared at her chest. Her breasts were full and high while her nipples were hard. He pulled away and stared at her body briefly. His hands were trembling as he pulled off her underwear and laid her carefully on her back. Then he reached for his own boxers and pulled them off.

His cock was standing straight up. It was hard and thick and the tip was weeping. He opened her legs and settled in her cradle. Her skin was running hot and he could feel her wetness. He slid his tip along her folds her as her juices coated his cock.

Panting foe breath, Becky opened her legs a little wider.

He slipped into her an inch at a time. Easing himself bit by bit. She was tight and he groaned as he pushed himself in further. When he felt her barrier, he pressed his mouth down on hers and pushed through.

Becky didn’t feel any pain, instead she felt the butterflies in her belly fluttering as she climbed up to the top of the abyss. Her body was on fire and she had never had this feeling before. It was heady and she felt almost high. But she also felt like she was being stretched tight like a bow string and she would fly away at any moment.

Patriot pumped into her stroke after stroke and after a few minutes of them both bucking up against each other, he told her, “Let go sweet girl and fly with me.”

Becky wrapped her legs around his waist and felt him pound into her. Her mind went blank as bursts of color exploded behind her eyelids and she called out his name while pleasure curled through her body.

Patriot covered her mouth with his own and they both flew over the edge.

A moment later, he tried to move off her but she wouldn’t let him. She opened her eyes and stared at him for a moment. “That was so freakin’ good.”

He smiled. “That’s what love is all about.”

“When can we do it again?” she smirked.

Patriot threw his head back and laughed out loud. “Oh baby girl, we will do that again and again many times.”



Chapter Three


A little while later, Becky and Patriot joined the others in the main room.

 As soon as they did, everyone went silent and just stared at the couple.

 Becky looked around the room and found everyone staring back. She stepped behind Patriot and peeked out from behind him.

“What’s going on here?” Patriot wanted to know.

“We got some news last night and we’re trying to run it down to verify it,” Gunner told him.

“And?” Patriot asked. He could feel Becky trembling behind him.

“We’re trying to run it down,” Gunner repeated with a shrug.

Patriot stared at his president. “What aren’t you telling us?”

Gunner shook his head then looked back over at Annie and Harry.

Then Annie stood up and walked over to her sister. Taking her hands, she pulled Becky out from behind Patriot. “Honey, it might have something to do with you. I don’t want to scare you but you need to know something.”

Becky stared at her sister then whispered, “What is it?”

“Annie, maybe we shouldn’t tell her until we know for sure?” Harry called out gently.

Annie snapped her head over to him and firmly stated, “No, I have never lied or hidden anything from my sister my whole life and I refuse to start now.” She turned back and gazed steadily into her sister’s eyes. “The news isn’t something I can hide from her. She needs to know.”

Becky tried to pull her hands free but Annie refused to let her go. “Becky, I think dad did something really bad the day you were born. Harry and I found something in the newspaper archives that might relate to you.”

“What?” she barely whispered. She felt Patriot come up behind her and wrap his arms around her. She was thankful to him for that because she didn’t think she could stand up much longer.

“Player was one of the men at the warehouse the other night and he told us that when the Warriors came for Boomer and Blacky, one of them had a question for Blacky. He asked, ‘where is the girl?’ ” She paused then looked at her sister. “We think he was asking about you.”

Becky paled. “Why would you think that?”

“Because Blacky told him you were with us,” Gunner told her.

Becky turned her head slowly to stare at Gunner. “Do you know who he is or why he asked about me?” There was a cold spot inside her that was growing and she didn’t know how to stop it from taking over her entire body.

“Not yet, but he won’t get to you,” Gunner assured her. “We won’t let him.”

Becky looked over at her sister. “What else is there?”

“We think this guy is Damen Cole but we can’t find out where he’s from or who he works for.”

Becky paled. “D-Damen Cole? That’s his name?”

Annie nodded. “We could only find his DMV photo and it isn’t a very good one. He has a Texas driver’s license and a Kansas driver’s license that we’ve been able to recover under that name but we’re still looking.” She paused briefly then added, “But I have a feeling there could be more under other names. We just haven’t found them yet.”

“Who is this guy?” Cobra wanted to know.

“I put the photo we have into a special facial recognition program and it's running now,” Harry explained.

“Why would someone like him be looking for me? I mean I’m no one special,” Becky spoke softly. She looked over at Annie and then at Harry. “So what you are saying is this is something connected to a deal that dad did back in the day?”

Annie tightened her grip on Becky’s hands as she took a deep breath and looked at her carefully. “Well sweetie, that’s just it. We think Dad did something really, really bad years ago. We’re still trying to run it down but if you want, I’ll tell you what we think happened. Like I said, we think we know what happened but we can’t prove it yet, so it may all be speculation for now.”

“Just tell me.” Becky leaned into Patriot’s arms as he held her close while Annie was still gripping her hands.

Annie let out a heavy sigh then she explained it, “When I was five, I think we were living in Wichita Falls. It was usually just me and mom at the house, Dad hadn’t been home for two or three days. When he came home, he had a baby with him. Mom was fussing at him but he handed the baby off to her and I thought he was covered in red paint at the time. But now, I think he was covered in blood. He and mom had a really bad fight after that. I was holding you and you were crying and it was just nuts around the house that night. Dad changed and left the house and mom was there alone with us. After he left, she told me you were my baby sister now.” Annie shook her head. “I looked after you the best I could being five years old.”

Becky felt so lost suddenly. Everything she ever knew was gone. It was all a lie. What she had believed for her whole life was a lie. The only one who knew the truth was gone and she and Annie were left behind, but that had been their whole life. Randy Sheen always left them behind. The cold she felt earlier was spreading through her entire body now.

Patriot pulled her closer, trying to console her.

She looked over at Annie. “We aren’t sisters?” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Annie smiled at her as she tried to comfort her. “We will always be sisters. No matter what, you and me will always be family. I’ve loved you since the day you came to us. Nothing and no one can ever change that.”

“But who am I if I’m not Becky Sheen?” she asked with a soul wrenching whisper.

Annie let go of her hands and carefully tucked a strand of Becky’s hair behind her ear. “You will always be Becky Sheen. You will always be my little sister. I will always love you no matter what.”

“Oh god…” Becky cried out as she threw herself into Annie’s arms. “I can’t lose you sis, you’ve always been there for me and I can’t lose that.”

“And you never will,” Annie vowed.

Harry came over and folded them both into his embrace. “You aren’t going to lose anyone kiddo,” he told her.

“You got all of us Becky,” Patriot whispered in her ear.

After a moment, they separated but Becky wouldn’t let Annie go far. She stared at her sister. “What do we do now?”

“We find out the truth,” Annie replied simply. “We track his movement backwards and we find the truth. It won’t be easy because Randy had a lot of secrets but we’re going to find them all and expose them for what they are. Acts of a desperate man to fucking cheat the devil.”

“But he’s your dad,” Becky stated.

Annie shook her head. “He was never my dad. A dad protects his family, he cares about them and he never puts them in danger or abandons them when he has to run for his life. Randy did that too many times. He broke mom and he may have been the sperm donor but he was never my dad. I hope he burns forever in the fires of hell.” She gathered Becky in her arms again and whispered in her ear, “You are my family, always have been, always will be. You won’t ever be alone again. I’ll find you every time, I promise you that.” Annie then made sure she looked into Becky’s eyes again before she stepped back.

Patriot gently wrapped his big arms around Becky again. “I claimed you last night and I will claim you today in front of your family and my brothers,” he said the words loud enough for everyone to hear. “You belong to me just as much as I belong to you.”

“And that makes you a part of this club too,” Gunner added. “We protect our own. Always have, always will.”

Harry nodded. “You have Lost Sons protection as well.”

“Soldiers of Hades as well.” Cobra nodded.

Becky swiped her tears away as she looked around at all of them. "Thank you for that. Thank you.” Then she turned to Annie again. “How do you even start looking for his secrets?”

Annie smiled slightly. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a flash drive. “We start with this. When I found Randy a couple of months ago, I took this. Harry and I been looking at it and trying to track down the information on it. The whole time I was looking for you, this has been running in the background.” She shrugged. “Well, I found you so now, we can concentrate on this. Randy Sheen was a bastard this world won’t miss one iota.”

“How can some men be so bad?” Becky wanted to know.

Gunner spoke up now, “Every single one of us follows a path. We follow what we’ve been taught to follow. If there is no one around to teach us, then we take the easy way. It may get us what we want in a hurry but there’s something to the old saying, ‘some things are worth the struggle.’ Men like Blacky and Randy Sheen never got that. They just took what wasn’t theirs to take, and in the end, they paid the ultimate price for that.”

Annie shook her head in disgust. “Neither man paid the full price for his betrayal. Death came too easy for them and now it’s up to us to clean up their mess.” Turning toward Becky, she added, “But you, my baby sister, will not ever pay for their acts.”

“No, Annie you are right on that, she won’t.” Patriot growled. “I, for one will make sure of that.”

“We all will.” Gunner nodded as a rare smile curved across his lips. “She’s one of us now. We all will protect her.”

Becky just looked at them all with tears in her eyes. She knew in her heart at that moment she had at long last found her forever family. No matter what Annie and Harry found out about where she’d really come from… she was home now.


Damen dialed a number on his cell phone and waited until he answered it.

“Hello,” a gravelly voice barked across the airways.

“I found her,” Damen told the other man.

“Her? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. She looks just like her mother. She is Tessi’s daughter for sure.”

“So I have a daughter then?” the other man asked. “Where did you find her?”

“Jared Racer sold her to a peddler. I followed her to Jasper, Texas. I found her under Blacky’s care.”

The man on the other end of the call growled under his breath. “Blacky? Blacky Wilder had her? For how long?”

“Three months.”

 After a moment of silence. the other man asked. “Did he know who she was?”

“I would say yes to that,” Damen replied. “He must have recognized her somehow. He didn’t sell her but he made her life hell.”

“You took care of him didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah, I took care of him. I let the Satan’s Warriors take his head.” Damen smiled slightly.

“Then you have her safely?”

“Not quite,” Damen admitted reluctantly. “The local MC has her. Sheen fucked up badly.”

“So it was Randy then? All this time it was him who stabbed me in the back?”

“Yeah, it was Randy. He knew how to avoid me but I tracked him down finally. Every time I thought I found him over the years, he moved on just as I got close enough. This time he was being hunted by his own daughter. The MC found him and dragged him back to face judgement day.”

“And did they kill him?”

“No but they did make sure he would die. They turned him over to the Russians and if I know them, he’s already in hell’s fire.”

“Do what you do so well and bring my daughter back to me,” the other man ordered.

“That may not be as easy as you think,” Damen warned. “This MC isn’t going to just hand her over. They aren’t your typical MC. They run a bounty hunting service.”

“Then you have your work cut out for you, don’t you? Whatever you do, don’t lead them back to me. Just do it. I don’t need the details. You have a week.”

When the call went dead, Damen stared down at his phone and swore.

He wanted to hurl his phone against the wall and bust it to smithereens but he knew he couldn’t. He would have to purchase another one and transfer the data first. Too much trouble. Placing his cell phone on the table, he ran his finger through his hair and growled. There were days when he hated this job. Some days, he just didn’t want to do it and some days, he regretted ever getting hooked up with a man like his boss.

The money was good but so not worth it in cases like this. He’d been risking his life every day for almost twenty-five years now. He’d been cocky the first few years, taken more chances than absolutely necessary but he mellowed out after the first rush of the jobs settled down. Since then, he’d become a lethal weapon for the organization but there were still days he hated what he did. The men he worked for often took him for granted and he felt they didn’t respect him at all.

To them, he was nothing more than a tool and that had been pissing him off a great deal for the last ten years at least.

“One day they will all pay,” Damen vowed. “One day.”



Chapter Four


 Patriot moved himself and Becky to a place in the corner of the room and sat there with her on his lap. He knew she was in shock with all the info that had been revealed, hell it shocked him as well. The thought that Randy Sheen had done what he did shocked everyone there. He hoped Annie and Harry could figure out what happened but even if they didn’t, he knew in his heart he wasn’t giving her up. “How you doing baby?” he whispered.

“Honestly? Not so good.” She was resting with her head in the crook of his neck her back against his chest, trying to comprehend and understand what was just shared from her sister.

“Baby, this doesn’t change how I feel about you, you know that right?” He wrapped his arms tighter around her.

Becky looked up at him. “How can it not?”

“It just doesn’t matter because you are who you are. You see, your dad or your mom, they didn’t raise you. They had nothing to do with how you grew up. You grew up with Annie and I know she taught you everything you needed to know.  She was your sister and your mother all in one. She loved you enough to fulfill both roles. She didn’t sit on her ass when you went missing, she looked for you. And she didn’t stop until she found you.”

“I know.” Becky nodded. “She’s the best sister in the world. Only problem is, she isn’t my real sister.”

“Listen, blood doesn’t always mean family. Annie is your sister because she wants to be, not because she has to be. She will always watch over and protect you.” He kissed her on the forehead. “And don’t forget, you belong to me now too.”

She smiled a little at his sweet words. “Do you really think they can find out what happened twenty four years ago?”

Patriot leaned his chin on her shoulder. “Knowing those two, they won’t stop until they do.”

Becky nodded. “Annie’s always been tenacious that way.”

Patriot was silent for a moment. He could feel her fidget on his lap but he didn’t say anything. He wanted her to tell him what was wrong rather than force her to tell him.

After a moment or so she whispered, “What if my real family is worse than Randy ever thought of being? I mean something pissed him off enough to make him kidnap me. My parents must have… I mean, you would think they would have looked for me at some point right?”

“Babe, you’re an adult now, if you don’t want to be around them you don’t have to be.” Patriot shrugged. “You don’t even have to meet them if you don’t want to. And yeah, sweet girl, if you had been my baby I would have turned over every rock to find you. I can’t begin to imagine they didn’t at least try.”

Becky curled up into a ball. “But they never came for me. They never claimed me.”

“Annie said you guys moved around a lot when you were growing up. Maybe they couldn’t find you back then. Maybe they did not know who took you either.”

Becky seemed distracted by the whole thing. “Knowing the kind of man Randy was, whoever my parents were they must have been bad also. Maybe I don’t want to know who they really are. I was very happy with you and being here before all this came up. Would you think me a coward if I didn’t want to know who I was and where I came from?”

Patriot thought about her question for a moment then shook his head. “Aren’t you even a tiny bit curious about where you came from?”

“Not really.” She shrugged. “It won’t give me back or change my childhood. It won’t change the memories I have growing up. It won’t even change the last three months I endured with Blacky. I really believe things happen for a reason and we can either let our past define us or it can make us stronger. I’ve had to fight everyday just to start all over the next day. But Annie always gave me the strength to begin again with every new dawn. She always told me that with the new day came a new adventure. That if we let the shadows get to us, we could never see the sunshine. I chose to look for the sunshine.”

“How did you ever survive the time with Blacky?” he wanted to know.

“I believed Annie was looking for me and I wouldn’t give into the shadows. I knew deep down in my heart that one day, she would find me and that all I had to do was hang on until she did.” Becky sighed hard. “Some days it was hard to hang on but I did it. I also lost myself for a while. I forgot who I was even.”

Patriot hugged her closer. “I, for one am glad you hung on. I love the person you are.”

Becky snorted. “Well, if I hadn’t, I knew Annie would find a way to find me in the afterlife and she’d drag me back come hell or high water. That girl is stubborn as all hell.” She chuckled.

Patriot threw his head back and laughed out loud. “I’m not sure which one of you is more stubborn. I think you’re neck and neck.”

“Yeah, well I had a great teacher.” As Becky looked around the room, she saw Annie and Harry bent over their computers.


Annie looked up from her laptop and glanced around the room for her sister. When she found both her and Patriot sitting in the corner talking, she had to smile. Looking over at Harry, she found him staring back at her.

“She’s going to make it you know,” he said softly. “You raised her right.”

Annie shrugged her shoulders. “I hope so. We were all each other had most of the time. Randy always came and went and my mom, well she was there but not there, do you know what I mean? Half the time she was stuck in her own little world where reality didn’t go.”

“Hell baby, that’s half the kids out there. Most of them have no clue what being a real family even is. It’s sad but true,” Harry commented. “The same thing could have happened in our family after my mom was lost but my old man wouldn’t let it happen. We also had grandpa and the MC around all the time. They kept us in line.”

Annie chuckled. “I imagine they did.”

Harry nodded. “We didn’t dare mess around with those guys. You mess up or back talk them and they let you know about it, the hard way.” He leaned back in his chair and stared at her. “What's going on with you? What did you find?”

Annie sat there for a moment then said, “You know that flash drive I took from Randy a few months ago?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, a couple weeks ago, I found something on it. I didn’t think about it then because I was really busy looking for Becky, but when this came up, I went back and checked it out.”

“What did you find?” he asked her carefully.

She sighed. “That’s just it. It could be a lead or it could be nothing at all. It was just a name and date but I’m wondering why he would keep just a name.”

“What was the name?” Harry frowned.

“It was in a file marked KC- The name was Tessi Silvers and the date, 1996. He didn’t write anything else just that, almost like he didn’t want any evidence in case someone else should ever see the file. Whatever he would have written were in his memories, he kept any info in his head.” She shook her head. “The only problem is that there is no Tessi Silvers listed anywhere back in 1996. Not here in Texas anyway.”

Harry frowned. “Did you try other places?”

“Like where?” She groaned. “KC is not much to go on you know. That could be anywhere.”

Harry leaned forward in his chair and reached for his laptop. “Well, let’s try the obvious, KC could be Kansas City.” He began to type again.

As she leaned over she could see that he was running down the name in a number of places associated with Kansas City.

A few short minutes later, his expression changed.

Staring at him, Annie knew he’d gotten something but it didn’t look like it was anything good. She leaned forward and whispered, “What? What did you find?”

Harry raised his head slowly and stared at her. For the longest time he couldn’t speak, then he whispered, “Your dad might have murdered a pregnant woman.”

Annie sat back in her chair stunned. She and Harry stared at each other for what seemed a very long time before she slowly turned her head and looked at Becky.

Her sister seemed to feel better now under Patriot’s care.

She was laughing a little while being held in Patriot’s arms.

With a sigh, Annie looked back to Harry., then she leaned forward and read the article he'd found. She didn't want to but she knew she'd better. A few moments later, she hung her head and began to softly cry.


Cobra watched the two of them and he knew they'd found something important. The way Annie looked it wasn't something good either. He glanced over at Gunner and nodded. “I think we should check out what they found but I don’t think Becky needs to know about it yet,” he spoke low so as not to be overheard.

Gunner stared at the man sitting next to him for a moment then turned to meet Patriot’s gaze. He motioned with his head to get Becky out of the room.

Patriot nodded and bent his head to talk to Becky.

A minute later, he got up and carried her down the hall.

Once the infirmary door shut, Gunner and Cobra got up to walk over to where Annie and Harry were sitting. Cobra sat down beside Annie and Gunner sat down on the other side of Harry.

“You two look positively sick about something,” Cobra commented as he chewed on a toothpick.

“We found out something that could be connected to Becky,” Harry replied. “It ain’t good.”

“Knowing Sheen, did you think it would be?” Gunner quipped.

“No, I didn’t think it would be all roses and shit." Harry sighed heavily. "But I…we never expected this.”

Annie blew her nose as she got herself together and sadly admitted, “This is really bad, almost unthinkable.”

Harry turned his laptop around, so they could read what he found.

Both men were silent as they read the newspaper article from twenty four years ago.

Gunner leaned back in his chair first. He just shook his head.

Cobra shoved his chair back and stomped off. He swung the kitchen door open so hard it slammed against the wall behind him.

A few minutes later, they heard a crash but no one got up to check it out.

Cobra came back to the main room with a towel wrapped around his fist. When he sat down, he turned his glare at Annie. “You cannot tell your sister what you found. Your old man deserves what he got.”

“I agree but I can’t keep this from her either.” Annie shook her head. “She has the right to know who she is.”

“That article will break her heart.” Cobra growled.

Annie hung her head. “Don’t you think I know that?” she whispered.

“Hasn’t she suffered enough then?” Gunner asked quietly.

Annie raised her head to glare at him. “Don’t you think I know that too? Do you for one moment, think this is easy for me? Randy Sheen was my father. His blood runs through my veins and I have never hated that more than today.” Tears rolled down her face. “This is going to kill her. She will never look at me the same way again. I’m going to lose my sister over something my father did twenty four years ago. You think you hate him? How the hell do you think I feel right now? He’s been tearing my family apart since the day I was born and even now, he’s doing it again from beyond the grave! Did he really think he could keep this a secret?”

She got to her feet and swayed. She was so upset she grabbed her belly as if she were in extreme distress. Before anyone could do anything, she dropped to the ground in a dead faint.

Cobra looked stunned as he scooted back, giving Harry room to get to his woman.

“Annie!” Harry shouted as he jumped out of his chair, rushed around the table and dropped to his knees beside her.

Gunner got up and moved out of the way while yelling for Patriot.

The sound of footsteps came closer to the main room as Patriot and Becky rushed in.

Becky stopped still when she saw her sister lying on the floor and cried out her name then rushed over to her.

Patriot knelt next to her and grabbed her wrist to check her pulse. He began checking her vitals as he asked what happened.

Harry looked up at Cobra then glanced at his computer.

 Always being quick, Cobra got the message. He closed the lid so no one would see the article they had just read.

“She got upset about something and passed out,” Harry told Patriot. “Are she and the baby going to be okay? She hit the floor pretty hard. I-I was on the other side and couldn’t get to her in time.”

“I don’t know yet.” Patriot looked distracted. “Let's get her back to the Infirmary and I can check her out.”

Harry gathered her in his arms and carried her back to the infirmary.

Becky twisted her hands together as she was clearly agitated and followed them back.

Cobra whispered to Harry, “You go with your woman. I don’t want that article seen by Becky until you guys have a chance to dig a little deeper.”

“That might be best,” Harry agreed. “I want to follow up on it and find out exactly what happened and who the woman was before we tell her. There’s no sense in upsetting her without knowing any more than we do now.”

Gunner and Cobra watched as they all headed down the hall.

Gunner looked over at Cobra. “We need to do some digging and find out answers before they tell that girl anything.”

“They shouldn’t tell her anything at all,” Cobra spit out through gritted teeth. “They should just let the past alone and move on.”



Chapter Five


In the Infirmary, Patriot checked Annie over carefully.

Becky came up behind him and whispered, “Is she going to be all right?”

“I hope so but until she wakes up I won’t know,” Patriot replied. He paused then turned and pulled Becky into his embrace. “Sometimes this happens, there’s nothing you or I can do, it just happens. I’m going to try my best to bring her back to us, to you, because I know the next few days are crucial to us all and you need her. But just remember, both you and her will have our protection. And no matter what we find out about you, you will always be part of us and a big part of me.”

Becky stared at him for a moment then turned to look at her sister. “Annie is all I’ve ever loved or known. Every day since the day I was born she’s been beside me, watching over me. Keeping me safe. They must have found out something about my past and I know she doesn’t want me to know. But I don’t think there's anything they can tell me that is worse in my opinion than losing her.” She turned and looked over at the other three men standing close by. “Tell me what she found. I need to know. We share everything and now, is not the time to hold back.”

Harry shook his head. “Becky, we just don’t know yet and what we found doesn’t necessarily pertain to you.”

 “What did Randy Sheen do that was so bad that it caused all this trouble?” Becky wanted to know.

“Girl, we don’t know anything for sure at this point," Cobra protested. “Please let it go until we know more about it.”

Becky walked over to him and placed her hands on her hips. “Old man, I have only known peace with Annie all my short life. I know the kind of man Randy Sheen was and I know we snuck out in the middle of the night more than one time. I never knew the reason but I could guess. Annie and I watched our mother’s will being broken until there was nothing left of her. He did that. At one time, she was a good woman. Annie used to tell me stories of how it was before she lost everything, including her life because of him. I know that bastard had a black heart and he was capable of just about anything.” She shook her head. “But that’s the difference between Annie and me. She always hoped things would change and get better, where I could see nothing would and neither one of our parents would ever be what she wanted them to be.”

“Becky, you know how Annie is, she gets to the truth, not suspicions, we really don’t know if you could be this girl,” Cobra told her.

“Becky,” Annie softly called out.

 Becky turned around and rushed over to her sister.

 She was awake now but she still looked pale and weak.

“Annie, you have to stop worrying about me," Becky stated gently. " I may not be a hundred percent yet, but I’m getting there. You saved me by not giving up on me. I’ll always love you for that. No matter what you find out please tell me. You don’t have to lie by omission to me anymore. I’m all grown up now. I have no illusions about Randy Sheen at all.” She leaned her forehead against Annie’s. “He took our mother, please don’t let what he’s done take you too. I couldn’t bear it if he did.”

Annie closed her eyes and let a tear run down her cheek. She opened her mouth to speak but Becky put her fingers over her sister’s lips.  “I know this is going to be bad so I’ll wait to hear what it is when you dig out the truth. And even if the truth sucks. I already know whatever he did was really bad so I’m not expecting much. I just need the truth.”

Annie looked over at her sister and nodded. “Ok, I can deal with that.”

Becky reached her hand out and covered her sister’s baby bump. “You are growing a little person here. You need to take care of you, so you can take care of her or him. This little one needs to know what an awesome mom you are. He or she deserves to know you like I know you.” She leaned close to her sister again and whispered so only she would hear, “Don’t you dare let Randy win this fight. I know he’s your dad, but you are better than he will ever be. Do you hear me? You are better than he will ever be.”

Annie had tears running down her cheeks as she gazed at Becky with love in her heart.

“I can’t make it in this world without you,” Becky whispered before Annie could say anything. “I know I got Patriot and his brothers, and the Lost Sons because of you loving Harry, but I need you too. You and Harry, that baby too. I’m gonna be the very best aunt I can be. Personally, I hope it’s a girl, so we can both spoil the hell out of her.” Becky laid her head on Annie’s chest.

Annie’s arms came up and held her close.


Patriot and the others had never seen anything like this before. These two women were so bonded with one another that nothing from the outside could even get to them.

Harry shook his head slightly.

Cobra walked over to him, put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Those two got something special don’t they?”

Harry smiled. “All the time she kept looking for her sister, I had doubts creeping in from day one but she never gave up on finding her. We’ve been to places I didn’t know existed looking for her. But Annie never even thought about giving up. I guess I should have expected a strong tie but I.. I never saw such a connection like this. Those two may not be sisters by blood but their ties are stronger than anything I’ve ever seen before. They are true sisters.”

Cobra then motioned to Harry to come out to the main room with them.

Harry turned to Patriot. "Let me know will you? If anything… changes.”

Patriot nodded, as he moved over to his table seeming to look for something.

The three men left the infirmary as Patriot, Becky, and Annie seemed to be in their own bubble.

Once all the men settled at the table where Harry’s computer was, Cobra told him, “You best find out what you can about Tessi Silvers and how it ties Randy to the event. If Tessi was her real mother, you need to find out who her father was. I think he will be the key here.”

“You might be right about that.” Harry nodded.

“What about the other two men?" Gunner wanted to know. "This Carl Womack and Damen Cole? What do we know about them?”

“Carl Womack is a political wanna be,” Harry explained. “He only thinks he’s got connections but he’s nothing more than a thug. He also runs a street gang. He figured getting cozy with Blacky would build his street creds. He works for the local mayor in Waco and thinks his boss will protect him but that bastard isn’t going to do shit for him.”

Gunner agreed with him, “Grizzly is gonna bust that gang up and put Carl Womack in jail for a very long time.”

“Is his boss going to allow that?” Harry asked.

“His boss isn’t gonna be able to stop it,” Gunner said. “Grizzly is working with the Attorney General himself. He’s going over his boss’s head completely. The AG was pissed that Grizz’s boss was taking all the credit and doing nothing to get it.”

“You had a long talk with Grizzly I take it?” Cobra asked.

Gunner nodded. “When Becky first told us about hearing his name mentioned I was pissed. Hell, most of the men were thinking he was a traitor. But when he explained everything, I could see where he was coming from. Once the AG has all the info and this takedown is complete, he’ll be back to explain to the brothers what his mission was all about. He’s simply taking out the trash and I think his boss is gonna have the cell next to Womack.”

Cobra looked over at Harry. “And Damen Cole? Have you found anything out about him?”

“Not yet. The man might not exist at all, Well, under that name anyway. The facial recognition program is still running.” Harry shrugged.

Cobra turned his head as if he could see through the walls into the infirmary. “I hope we can find something quick, I’m not sure how much more those women can take.”

“You almost sound like you got something to lose here.” Gunner studied the older man. “Care to explain why that is?”

“I had a woman back in the day. Thought I was in love with her. Actually, I know I was in love with her but I was too dumb to realize just what she meant to me back then. Then we were betrayed and the blame was put on her by the traitor and the lies he told us. She ran rather than stay and let the truth be known. I didn’t know it at the time but when she left, she took my unborn daughter with her. We hunted her down and four years later we found her. She tried to tell me about my kid but at that point…” Cobra sadly shook his head. “I didn’t know if I could believe her or not. The real traitor to my club killed her before she could tell us the truth then he just got on his bike and rode away but he did get caught and died in the pen. I spent the next twenty years looking for my kid, a kid I didn’t know.”

“Did you ever find her?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Yeah, I found her. My woman begged her own mother to take care of my girl and her mother promised only after my woman paid her a shit ton of money to do it. Then when she wasn’t back the next morning, her mother threw my baby girl out. Turned her over to children’s services. My daughter grew up almost like those two girl’s in that infirmary. Then she got in trouble and the Lost Sons stepped in. I found her about that time and she told me in no uncertain terms that she didn’t need me as her daddy now. She might have needed me at one point in her life but she didn’t need me for that anymore.” He paused as he looked saddened. “I should have been there for her. I should have tried harder to find her, but I didn’t. That’s on me.” He looked over at Gunner and then Harry. “She belongs to his brother now. I’m still here because I want the chance I gave up twenty years ago. I want to know her as an adult now.  She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m not going anywhere this time. I’m gonna do right by her now that I found her.”

“Then you’ve been in the position where I am now,” Gunner concluded.

“Yeah, I have and still am.” Cobra nodded. “I also know the struggle those two are going through. My Lolanni went through hell because I wasn’t there for her. When you carried that broken girl into this clubhouse I thanked God that wasn’t what happened to my baby girl.”

Harry’s phone pinged. He dug it out of his pocket and read the message. He frowned and studied the message again. Then he looked up at Gunner and Cobra. “I just got something more about Tessi Silvers.”

“What is it?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Her police report. According to this, her murder case is still open. Meaning her killer was never found.”

“Well, they can close the case now. He’s sure as hell dead by now,” Cobra said.

“We may know that but the cops don’t.” Gunner pointed out. He turned to look at Harry. “Is her autopsy in that report?”

Harry nodded.

“Let’s have a look at it on your computer,” Gunner suggested. “We need to know everything we can find about what happened.”

The three men sat waiting for the report to print out, then they all read it silently.

“That fucking bastard,” Cobra swore when he was done.

“We need information on who she was married to at the time of her death.” Gunner also looked angry. “Who Becky’s dad is and why did her mother have to suffer what Randy did to her?” Looking at Harry, he growled. “We need answers before we say anything to Annie and Becky, we need to know the why’s and what happened.”

“I’ll dig into this and get you those answers,” Harry vowed, then he paused and looked back down the hall toward the infirmary. “I just have trouble concentrating. If Annie loses that baby…” His words faded away.

Gunner and Cobra glanced at each other. If ever they were the type of men who prayed… they mentally did so now.

Rigger came into the room. When he spotted the men sitting together, he made his way over with a grim expression on his face. “Boss, we might have a problem …”

Gunner stared at his man. “What kind of problem?”

Rigger handed him a surveillance photo. “He’s been standing outside for over an hour now.”

Gunner looked down at the picture in his hands and froze. Damen Cole had been keeping an eye on the club. He glanced over at Cobra. “He’s here and he’s been watching us.” He handed the other man the photo.

“Well fuck a damn duck,” Cobra swore as he studied the photo. Then he looked over at Harry. “You’d better hustle on that information kid. Looks like we just ran out of time.”


Damen stood in the shadows across the road from the clubhouse and watched the activity going on. Bikers were coming and going but he couldn’t tell what was happening inside and it bothered him.

He’d only been given a week but he knew his boss better that that. He might only have four or five days before someone else was sent in to relieve him. He knew who would be sent and if they sent in Jase, his boss would be lucky to get his daughter back in one piece and breathing. That bastard had no compassion for anyone but himself.

He also knew Jase wouldn’t hesitate to end him in retribution for not getting the job done. Damen might have been working on this case since day one but he’d never been this close to her before. Randy Sheen had been good. That, plus the fact they hadn’t known until recently the baby he took had been a daughter not a son, Sheen had led them on a goose chase that never ended.

No, he had to end this in the next couple of days. The anniversary of Tessi’s death was coming up and he knew his boss wanted his daughter back with him.  Even though his boss had no feelings for this girl and he never would have even all those years ago, Randy had dared to touch something that belonged to him. Then recently, Blacky had dared to touch her. Both men’s lives ended harshly for what they had done.

If he knew his boss, he would have stepped in with the Russians and bought Randy back from them. He would have paid anything to get to the man who took his child. She was the only reason he’d married Tessi. For the baby she would give him his heir, or so he’d thought.

Damen stared at the clubhouse and shook his head. Then he turned and walked away. He couldn’t do anything at the moment but once it got dark, he’d be back.


Chapter Six


“Well fuck a damn duck.” Cobra swore as he looked at the photo. Then he looked over at Harry. “You’d better hustle on that information kid. Looks like we just ran out of time.”

Harry growled under his breath and went over to sit down at his laptop. He printed out the autopsy report and the death notice he’d found earlier. The death notice had the name of her husband on it and the name of her sister as well, so he ran those two names first.

Levi Silvers and Mary Anne Connors. He began running a background check on the names and wasn’t finding much. Mary Anne Connors died just three years after her sister, under bizarre circumstances. Harry paused and thought about it. Had Randy gotten to Tessi’s sister as well? Or was this just a coincidence?

And exactly who was Levi Silvers? What connection did he have to Randy Sheen? With most of the players already dead, how much of the mystery would they ever get right? Harry looked up at Gunner and Cobra. He began to read aloud what the report said about what happened to the woman. “Tessi had a husband and a sister. Her sister died three years later under suspicious circumstances.”

“What kind of suspicious circumstances?” Cobra asked.

Harry raised his gaze from his computer screen and told them, “She was found in a dirty alley the morning after the third anniversary of Tessi’s death. The autopsy said there were twelve stab wounds that led to her death. That and a burn on her forehead. It appeared to be a branding of some sort but no one knows what it means.”

“And this was what, twenty one years ago?” Gunner asked.

Harry nodded.                   

Gunner looked pensive. “Ok, but now we have to concentrate on this Levi Silvers. Find out who he is and what his connection to Randy is or perhaps was back then.”

“Yeah need to find a link from Randy to this Levi,” Cobra grumbled. “We need to know what kind of trouble Randy was getting himself involved with back then.”

“From what I can remember about that man whatever their connection was, then it couldn’t have been legal.” Becky's voice came from the hallway.

All three men turned to look at her in surprise.

She looked at Harry smiled. “I left Annie resting.” She took a few steps forward and reached out for his hand. “I know you don’t want to tell me but I need to know. My birthday is August 14th and on my next birthday, I’ll be twenty five.”

Harry turned to gaze at Gunner and Cobra. When he looked back at her he cleared his throat. “We may have found something then, something you might need to see.” He picked up a couple of sheets of paper and handed them to her.

Becky read them carefully and sat down in stunned horror. “That fucking bastard. He did this? He really did this, didn’t he?” she whispered.

“Like we said before, we don’t know that the baby was you,” Cobra reminded her. “Could Randy Sheen do something as horrible as this? Yeah, I think he could. But we don’t know enough about this yet.”

Becky shook her head sadly, then looked at the men. “I think we all know the baby is me. You may not want to admit it, but I’m pretty sure I am that baby. Randy Sheen killed my mother for reasons we may never know.” She closed her eyes and tears rushed down her cheeks. Then opening her eyes, she asked, “Was he my father as well as Annie’s?”

 None of the men knew what to say, so they remained silent.

“Well was he?”

“We don’t know for sure but the woman had a husband,” Gunner said. “We don’t know if her husband or Randy was your father but yes child, we think Randy did this to you and the woman who could be your mom. Why did he do it? We just don’t know how to even guess the answer to that question.”


“Everything makes sense now you know…” Becky shuddered. “When I was growing up, he would look at me some days like he hated me. He was always drinking and he was a very nasty drunk. Always talking and mumbling to himself about secrets, revenge and taking back what was his. We never knew what he was talking about but Annie always protected me from him when he got that certain look in his eyes. He was hardly ever home but when he was, he was always drinking. When he would get drunk, he often used his fists and it didn’t matter which one of us was closest. Mostly it was mom, as she wouldn’t keep her distance when he was home. But when it wasn’t her, Annie often stood between him and me. She would protect me from his wrath.” She let out a heavy sigh. “I always hated that she felt she had to do that. It was almost a blessing when he left us when I was twelve. I never missed him after he left that’s for sure.”

“And your mom?” Gunner wanted to know.

Becky shook her head. “No, we now know she was Annie’s mom not mine. After Randy left us the last time, she went a little crazy. She kept going out to look for him and coming back empty handed. Then she got the news that a certain man knew where he was. She went to speak to him and when she didn’t come back, we knew she was gone. She had given her life for him. To pay a debt she didn’t incur. Annie and I had to find our own way after that. Annie was seventeen at the time and we lived hand to mouth most of the time but Annie wouldn’t give up on us.” She chuckled as a thought came to her, “Well you know just how stubborn she can be. She wouldn’t give up on me and she taught me the same.”

Harry chuckled at this. “Yes, she did.” I don’t think I’ve ever known just how stubborn she could be until she started looking for you after you disappeared.”

“Do you know anything about this husband of Tessi’s?” Becky asked.

“Not yet,” Harry admitted. “I seem to have problems running anything down on the man.”

Becky turned back to the table and picked up the photo of Damen Cole. “And him?”

“We know he’s watching this place, but we’re still working on running him down,” Gunner explained.

Becky felt something inside her break. It flooded her soul with a helplessness she hadn’t felt in a very long time. “Do any of you know what he wants here?” she asked as her body began to tremble.

“No and that is what has us worried,” Cobra admitted reluctantly. “But since you want the truth, we think he’s watching for signs of you.”

“Me?” She frowned. “Why would he be watching for me?”

 Gunner answered this, “Honestly, we think he was involved with Blacky and somehow, he knows about you but, he also might be working for Tessi’s husband of whom we still don’t know anything about. Whoever this Levi Silvers is, there isn’t much information about him.”

Becky frowned at the mention of the name Levi Silvers. The name sounded so familiar to her but she didn’t know why. Levi wasn’t an everyday name but she had heard the name before. She picked up the photo of Damen Cole again, and stared at it. She’d seen him in person a couple of times when she was with Blacky but she never knew his name or why he was there.

She noticed he wasn’t the green eyed man so that must mean he was the one with the gravelly voice. Those two were the only ones Blacky ever showed her to. Old green eyes made her nervous but this man? This man scared her with his intense glare through the opening in the door. Suddenly, her eyes went wide as she remembered something. She looked over at all three men sitting there and spoke softly, “Does the name SANG Corporation mean anything to any of you?”

Harry frowned. “No, not really.” Then he looked at Gunner and Cobra.

Cobra looked a little grim as he stared at Becky. “What the hell do you know of the SANG Corporation, little girl?”

Becky trembled as she a bit afraid. “Nothing, I swear.” She looked back down at the photograph of Damen Cole and pointed at him in the photo. “It’s just that one day, he came to see Blacky and he mentioned the group. It put the fear of God into Blacky for at least a small amount of time.” She smiled with a bit of satisfaction at the memory of this. “Too bad, it never lasted very long. Whoever this group is, Blacky was afraid of them.”

“With good reason.” Cobra glared. “Sang is a dangerous group to cross. Above board they fund technology, always coming up with new ideas and gadgets for making the speed of our searches go faster and further but under the surface? You don’t want to go there. They didn’t become the number one business by just being fair. No one knows who works for them or in what category.”

“Could this Damen work for SANG? And if so, why would he be watching me?” she asked.

Gunner turned to Harry and asked, “Did that flash drive Annie got from her dad have anything on it about SANG?”

Harry moved over to Annie’s laptop and as he hit the keyboard and brought up the files listed on Randy’s flash drive, he searched the files for anything connected to SANG.

Becky stood behind him and watched the laptop screen.

He found a small file and clicked on it. It opened into a larger file. It was from the corporation web page. It listed the four partners, Levi Silvers, Andrew Adams, Samuel Niger and Michael Grant. Then it went on to list their various projects and future projects.

He printed out the page with all four men’s pictures on it then passed it around.

Becky stared long and hard at the four men in the photos. One man stood out and she frowned as she stared at him. She knew his face but she couldn’t remember him at all.

Patriot joined them and assured Harry, “Annie is sleeping now. The baby is doing well. But she shouldn’t get that stressed again.”

“She was stressed because she was trying to protect me by hiding things from me.” Becky shook her head. “She still thinks I’m a baby and can’t take care of myself.”

“Well sweet girl,” Patriot took Becky into his arms and hugged her close. “You got yourself into trouble all on your own, and she does love you, and helped with rescuing you from your last escapade.”

“Ouch, you are brutal you know that?” She smiled, kissed his cheek, then made her point, “She didn’t rescue me, these guys did.”

The men all stared back at her.

“And now you have a man watching us to get to you,” Cobra added.

“But why? Why is someone looking for me after all this time?” Becky sighed. “I mean I’m a grown woman now. I don’t want this man in my life. This Levi or Damen. They need to give up on this and go home.”

Cobra scoffed. “Men like this would never give up. It may be about pride. With men, it usually is about that .“

“Perhaps he’s been looking for you a lot longer than you realize sweetheart,” Patriot suggested. “Maybe like twenty four years?”

Becky felt part of her go stone cold. She might not have had an easy life but she had found her forever place with Patriot and Annie. Instead of thinking too hard on it, she picked up the paper again with the four men from SANG. She studied their faces for a while then looked over at Gunner. “I’ve seen this man before today but I never knew his name. I barely remember him but I’ve seen his face somewhere in the past.”

“Would he have seen you then too?” Gunner asked.

Becky shrugged. “I have no idea. Annie might know more as she was older than me. I think we were on our way out of yet another town. I can’t remember where we were as we’d lived in so many towns, but I remember looking out the car window as seeing this man getting out of a long black car. Someone was running to the house we’d just left and mom was telling us to duck down into our seats. Then we were speeding off while he turned his head to watch us go. That’s when I saw his face. He was just about twenty feet away from us. I could see him so clearly for a few minutes then mom turned the corner and I lost sight of him. I think I was three at the time. Annie was older and she knew more than I did.”

“Yes, I did know more than you did at the time.” Annie’s voice came from the hallway.

Harry got to his feet and rushed over to her. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders he led her to the table and sat down, pulling her onto his lap.

Becky stared at her sister. “You’re supposed to be resting.”

“I did for a while but I had to know you were still safe.”

Harry picked up the photograph and showed her what they found. “We might have found a link between Damen Cole and this group. We don’t know who they are but one of them is the husband of this Tessi woman.”

Annie searched the photo and found that one of the men seemed familiar to her as well. She looked up at Gunner and the others. “I remember very well the night Becky spoke of. But she was four not three and I was nine at the time. Randy had come home and packed his clothes in a hell of a hurry. He told our mother that someone had come looking for him and he didn’t want to be found. That if she valued her own neck, she would get the hell out of there fast. Mom got us out of there with nothing but the clothes we were wearing. We barely got to the car before a limousine pulled up in front of the house. She told us to duck down in our seats as she sped away.” She laid the photo down and pointed at one man. “He was there but he had several other men with him.” They all pulled guns and stormed into the house. A moment passed and the other men came back out shaking their heads. One of them was holding Becky’s stuffed bunny.” She paused then added, “He handed the rabbit to him.” She tapped Levi’s picture.

Gunner looked over at Cobra and shook his head. “They must have found Randy at least one time, only to lose him again.”

Cobra nodded. “And this Levi Silvers doesn’t sound like a reasonable man. I don’t think we’re going to be able to discuss this properly with him. Not after this long a time.”

Gunner looked over at Patriot and the others that had joined him. “Be on alert brothers. We may have another situation on our heels.”



Chapter Seven


“What else did you find out while I rested, baby?” Annie asked Harry.

“Tessi had a sister who died three years almost to the date of her sister’s death. She was murdered,” Harry told her. “Her killer was never found, so her case is still open as well.”

Becky shook her head. “He did it twice then?” she whispered in shock.

“Oh sweetheart, Randy has done this sort of thing more than twice,” Gunner told her. “He’s a stone cold killer.”

“So I gather.” Becky sneered. She glanced over at Annie and looked ashamed for a moment.

Annie shook her head. “Randy was never a good man. Could he do something like this? Yes, he could and apparently did. For whatever reasons, he was only thinking of himself. In his world, he’s the only one who counts. Certainly not my mother or me or even you. Randy did what he did to please himself, I don’t know whether he was pissed at Tessi or Levi but knowing him, he took you to punish one or both of them.”

“And Tessi’s sister?”

Annie shrugged. “Maybe she figured out the truth and confronted him. I don’t know and we may never know.”

“What happens next then?” Becky asked.

“That depends on what Damen does,” Gunner admitted. “If he comes here looking to take you away from us…” He noticed Becky beginning to tremble and quickly reassured her, “Sweetie that isn’t gonna happen.”

Becky looked at Patriot then over at Gunner. “I don’t want any of you hurt on my account. I’m a nobody. At best, I’m the daughter who was stolen from her mother by the act of a murdering madman. At worst, I’m the daughter of a cold heartless killer.” She got to her feet and looked to Patriot. “I’m sorry, I know you think I’m not broken but I am.” She took a step away from the table and said to no one in particular, “I need to sleep, I’m just so tired all of a sudden.”

Everyone watched as she shuffled down the hall.

Gunner and Cobra looked at Annie for a moment. They all could see the tears running down her face. They knew the struggles the girls had endured.

She looked over at them and said, “She is worth something. Randy never gave her a thought after he brought her home with him. To him, she never mattered but she matters to me. She matters to me and I won’t see her broken by this. She’s suffered enough. I refuse to give up on her now. If Damen Cole thinks he can take her away from me, he’s got another thing coming.”  She pushed up to her feet and snarled. “I will not let him take her away from me, not now, not ever.”

“Settle down.” Gunner growled. “We aren’t letting him take her either. She’s one of us now, and nobody takes what’s ours. I don’t give a fuck who he thinks he is.”


Damen returned to the compound closer to late evening. He figured the shadows would give him safe passage to get close to the clubhouse. He had hoped to slip in and get out without anyone knowing he was there in the first place but as he got closer, he noticed something had changed. The front gate was no longer open. Also, there were searchlights up and lit now.

The MC had been busy while he was away. He squatted on his haunches and studied the area well before he moved. He’d already taken note of the outside cameras and he knew there were men in the woods searching for him or any other intruder.

Damen had enjoyed this particular game before. Outfoxing the fox. He’d been playing it for years with the SANG group. While he preferred to get in and out with no one knowing he was even there, he knew the others did not know how to do this particular skill. Including Jase. Jase Brunner was a bastard of the worst kind. He enjoyed inflicting pain on his victims. If he were sent here to collect the girl, she would never survive the trip back to Kansas City. Jase would have no trouble lying to the boss about how she died either. He’d done that before. He would lay the blame on the MC, rather than tell the truth. Then all hell would break out as Levi Silvers wanted his daughter’s return, not her death.

He would turn his wrath on the MC and Damen knew there would be no man standing when Levi got done. Now, Damen didn’t mind taking out the bad guys, he enjoyed it actually, but these guys had done nothing wrong. In fact, what they had done… was protect the girl. Blacky did deserve what happened to him and he was glad that bastard was gone. Blacky had known exactly who the girl was from the time he got his hands on her. Instead of calling Levi, he used and abused her to the point where she almost died several times.

When he met with the man, he almost bragged about his deeds. Then he betrayed Levi one last time when he beat her and left her for dead. For that, he allowed the Warriors to take back his head as proof of death.

Then Damen’s sixth sense kicked in as his spidey alarms raised the short hairs on the back of his neck. There was someone else in these woods with him. Damen went still for a moment and slowed his heartbeat. Then he used the skills he’d been taught. He soon tuned into where he thought the threat was coming from. When he turned his head, he saw Jase standing twenty some yards from where he was. The man was staring at the clubhouse.

Jase’s eyes glittered with rage as he slowly took two steps forward and stopped again. He stared for the longest time, then simply turned and walked out of the woods.

Damen was stunned at his actions. Then he sat down on the ground and leaned back against the tree to think about the situation. If Jase was already here, then Levi hadn’t trusted him to get the mission done in the first place. Damen gritted his teeth against the feeling of being betrayed by his own boss.

The longer he sat there, the more he knew he was right. Levi hadn’t trusted him to do his job and that pissed him the hell off. He’d done everything the man ever asked him to do over the last fifteen or twenty years. He’d gotten his hands dirty and bloody when the occasion needed it. He’d taken business meetings and late night rendezvous with business men that didn’t want to be seen in his company.

He got pissed off and grabbed his phone to text Levi. The message was short and not so sweet. After he pressed send, Damen shut off his phone. He didn’t want to get either a phone call or a text. Then he stood up and reached for the weapon at his side.

He put the gun on semi auto and sprayed the building with a spray of gunfire, not meant to hit anyone but to warn them and put the MC on notice that they were being watched.

Then Damen turned and walked away. He might find it near impossible to get close enough to the clubhouse to grab the girl now, but so would Jase. Fuck him. He had to grin as he walked through the woods.


Levi Silvers was still in his office when Damen’s text came through. His chuckle slowly died when he read it, the frown deepened as the words hit him in the gut like a fist to his stomach.

At first, he couldn’t believe the words his man had written, then he growled as the words finally got through to his brain. He hit the number to dial and when it went to voicemail, Levi snapped, shouting out on his text to speech to an empty phone, “You little bastard, how dare you speak to me like that? Yes, I sent Jase to follow you. I expected you to find my daughter and bring her home to me weeks ago and yet, you didn’t. You told me you found her that you actually found the baby Randy Sheen took from me. I couldn’t wait for you to get the lead out of your ass and bring her back to me. Jase assured me he could get the job done and faster than you could. So yeah, I sent him after you and he assured me my daughter would be back here in a couple of days. So one way or the other, I would have her back with me.”

He waited for a reply but none came back. Levi grew more upset with Damen than ever before.  At midnight, he called Jase instead. When Jase answered the phone he growled, “Have you made contact with Damen Cole by chance?”

“No I haven’t seen him yet, why?”

“Because he knows you’re there. He left a message on my phone and he’s not happy with the fact I didn’t wait to send you in,” Levi grumbled.


Jase’s lips tightened at his response to this news from his boss. He figured Damen had seen him today outside the MC clubhouse. That wasn’t supposed to happen. “I found where she’s being held. He must have been watching the place as well.”

“Find her and get her out of there,” Levi demanded angrily. “Bring her home to me and she better be alive when you do or don’t even think about returning here,” Levi warned him as he hung up the call.

Jase felt the rage building inside him threaten to boil over. Jase was the one sent out when they wanted no survivors, no witnesses and he was very good at his job. Levi had assured him he could dispatch as many of the group holding his daughter as he wanted and Jase had plans already for his daughter to get caught in the crossfire. He didn’t really care that Levi had waited twenty some odd years to find her, he was going to be paid either way but now, he had to make sure she was alive until he got her home.

Now, Jase smiled but no mirth could be found in his eyes. Well, he could always blame a dead man, a dead man named Damen.

Today had been a fact finding mission for Jase. He had to recon the area he would need to infiltrate to find the girl and he had. He hadn’t gotten inside the clubhouse but he’d gotten as close as he could.

These men were lax in their security and while the front gates were locked, he had found another way inside. He was going back after dark. He would gain access to the clubhouse and just waste whoever he met. He felt so confident in his finely honed skills, he didn’t even worry that he might not make it out of there.


They had no warning when the spray of bullets hit the outside of the clubhouse. Inside was pure chaos for a moment as the women screamed and the men scrambled for cover.

Harry pulled Annie down to the floor and covered her own body with his.

Gunner ran to the kitchen in a crouched position to check on his woman and daughters.

Cobra swore and ran to the front door to peek out the window and try to spot the shooter.

But after the first short spray, no one could see or hear anything.

Patriot had taken off down the hall to his bedroom to check on Becky. He found her crouched in the corner of the room with her hands covering her head. She was pale and terrified but thankfully she hadn’t been shot.

When she spotted Patriot, she got to her feet and ran into his arms. She just held him. He grabbed hold of her and together, they held onto one another. When he tried to put some space between them, so he could check her out, she surprised him and hiked herself up into his arms then she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

“Please don’t let me go,” she whispered in his ear. “This is the only place I feel safe. Right here in your arms.”

“Babe, I’m not letting you go anywhere. You’re mine.” He tried to assure her. “Come on, we need to get back to the others.” He turned and carried her back to the main room.

The others were gathering there and the men were standing guard at all the windows.

“What the fuck was that?” Gunner demanded as he paced in front of where his family was sitting.

Patriot carried Becky over to where Annie and Harry were sitting.  He tried to put her down but she wouldn’t release him. He kept her in his arms but turned to look at Gunner.

Rigger had moved his laptop out to the main room and seemed to be staring at the monitor, carefully checking out the cameras.

Gunner paused and looked at his IT man. “Are you seeing anyone out there in the woods?” he growled.

Rigger shook his head. “There’s no thermal activity out there at all. I was picking up a signature, two in fact, about twenty minutes ago but nothing now.” He looked up at his president. “Whoever was out there is gone.”

Gunner swore and wanted to put his fist through the wall. Looking around the room, he snapped, “What the hell just happened then?”

Cobra cleaned his throat and turned his head slowly to look at Gunner. “Did you notice anything weird about the shots he fired?”

Gunner’s frown deepened. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What’s so weird about someone spraying the clubhouse with bullets? Isn’t it obvious, he was hoping to kill us? This fucker wants a war he thinks he can win.”

“Think about it for a minute,” Cobra said. “Where did all the bullets hit the clubhouse?”

“What the hell do you mean?” Boone asked as he stood behind Winona.

“Think dammit.” Cobra snarled. “The bastard shot high and wide. He wasn’t shooting to kill but to give us a warning.”

“A warning?” Gunner paused. “Why would he give us a fucking warning? He wanted us to know he was coming for Becky. Well, I got news for the fucker, he may be coming for her, but he isn’t going to get to her. He’s gonna have to go through me and every other man here to get to her and boyo, that just isn’t in the cards.”

“Fucking hell.” Rigger swore as he looked up at Gunner. “We got another man to worry about. The monitor caught a second man in the woods. Damen was the one that shot up the place but there was another man out there before he got trigger happy and it doesn’t look like Damen’s all that happy that he’s here.”

Gunner went over to the monitor Rigger set up. He was joined by Cobra, Jett, and Boone. The others gathered behind them and tried to get a look at the video of what had happened outside.

Apparently, Damen knew where the cameras were located but the new man had no idea he was being filmed. They watched him as he walked along the perimeter. His face wasn’t one they knew but they memorized it as he found what he thought was a breach in the fence line.

He paused and glared at the clubhouse in anticipation for later. Then he turned and simply walked away.

Next, Damen got up from his crouched position and glared in the direction the first man had taken. He turned and looked at the clubhouse then a few minutes later, he lifted his gun and sprayed the front of the house.

Gunner frowned as he took note of the fact that Damen aimed his weapon high and his spray was wide. He snapped his head over to Cobra.

Cobra gave him a knowing nod.

Damen hadn’t intended for his bullets to hit anyone at all. This shooting had been a warning of some kind but what? Damen was here for Becky, they knew that much. But all his shots had done was give them a warning about the second man.

Gunner hadn’t expected this. “Why would he make sure we knew about the second man?”

“I have no clue but he was here earlier,” Rigger replied. “He could plainly see the cameras.”

“Well hell,” Cobra added. “He even waved at us from one of the cameras before.”

Boone looked a bit aggravated. “Is this what that was? A warning, letting us know he wasn’t alone out there?”

“Could be.” Gunner agreed, as he looked puzzled. “The real question is why?”


Chapter Eight


Damen knew he couldn’t stay where he'd been holed up all these days. If Jase already knew where the club was then he knew where Damen was staying. He would have to move quickly if he wanted to stay ahead of the game now, with Jase being sent in.

The spray of bullets he gave the club was just a warning but he had to hope they would figure that out before Jase returned. Damen slipped into his room and grabbed his go bag. Less than five minutes later he slipped out again, leaving under the cover of darkness but making sure he wasn’t being followed.

He learned a long time ago not to be predictable. He’d been working for the SANG group for the last twenty plus years. Maybe he was just getting tired of all the stress and never getting any recognition. Jase was younger, stronger and more lethal, but Damen had experience working for him.

Jase liked to leave a mess when he went after a client, he loved the blood and the gore. He thought showing his customers the end results was more important than just getting the job done.

Damen sadly shook his head thinking about the shock and awe Jase loved to create. He knew it  wasn’t always the way to send the best message. Levi enjoyed the fear he often brought out  from his victims. The sheer terror of never knowing when or if he was coming after them, Levi felt happy knowing that he was the number one threat to the men he dealt with.

Jase worked for another section of the SANG Group. All four men had their own assassin. Jase usually worked for Samuel Niger, but they all drew paychecks from the group, so the four of them worked for whomever needed them.

Using one of his many alias names, Damen checked himself into another place that had individual cabins for their guests. He opened the cabin door and went inside. He left the room in darkness while he made sure he wasn’t followed. His game, his rules… and he knew if he didn’t take precautions, he might get caught in the crossfire and that wasn’t a place he wanted to be.

First off, he set out motion sensors that would give him the time needed to possibly get out of harm's way, should it come looking for him. Then he settled himself on the bed and turned his phone back on.

He grinned slightly at the fourteen messages from Levi. It was only after he read them all...that he wasn’t smiling anymore. Levi had made himself perfectly clear on several points and added a new twist. Damen was now the hunted one in this game of chance. Levi had given Jase orders to bring both Becky and Damen back. Seems he would have to answer for his insolence earlier. Only he’d seen Jase before he went off on Levi and it was a long drive from here to Kansas City, so Damen knew Levi hadn’t had any reason to keep the promise he made about giving him a week.

Damen knew what Levi meant by the order, it was an order to bring him home— dead or alive.

He laid back against his pillow and just stared at the ceiling for a moment.

Levi had never shared the story of what happened back then with the baby girl, but Damen thought he had pieced enough of it together. He knew from dealing with Levi for most of his adult life what kind of man Levi was but he never expected this of him. Levi knew almost from the start, who'd murdered his wife and stole his child, he just needed proof. He was there the day they found Randy and his family. But they'd missed him but only minutes. Damen was the one who’d found the small grey bunny. It was a toy his daughter might have played with, so Damen took it to him.

Levi’s eyes when he saw the toy told their own story. He hadn’t wanted the toy… he wanted Randy Sheen broken and bleeding in front of him. He didn’t even ask if there had been pictures of his child. He didn’t know then if it was a boy or a girl and he didn’t care.

Damen had just watched as he got back in his fucking limo and rode away.

Levi did not give a fuck but Damen had gone back into the house and searched it well. In one of the bedrooms, he found what he was looking for. A photograph of two small children. Both were girls and he knew the youngest one was Levi’s daughter.

He took the photo with him and carried it everywhere he went from that day forward. Levi didn’t deserve to get her back. He had been searching all these years for Randy because he dared to take something away from Levi, when he should have been looking for his daughter.

Now she did have a crazy man looking for her. Jase...

Damen had a choice to make, would he stay and help Jase or would he finally turn his back on the SANG group and protect the girl he’d been looking for all this time? Either choice left him cold but he had known that one day… he would have to make this choice.


Patriot was looking out the slats of the window covering, into the dark of night. As if Blacky hadn’t screwed over the club enough, now they had to deal with someone who wasn’t even a member. Randy Sheen had been a piss poor excuse of a man all his life and what he did to those two girls, left a bad taste in Patriot’s mouth.

Luckily for him, his woman had a sister like Annie. He turned his head and looked at his bed where Becky was resting. She was still recovering from dealing with Blacky and now, they had to deal with someone coming here to try and take her away again.

His hands tightened into fists as he turned to face the dark again. He couldn’t even contemplate losing his Becky now. She had worked her way into his heart and he’d be damned if he’d allow anyone to take her away from him. All this time while she’d been ill, he’d been falling for her. The courage she had, the pure tenacity to live and get better. After all the things Blacky had done to her, beneath all the misery, she still had hope and was still full of light.

This Damen Cole would be lucky to still be alive when the club was done with him. What worried him though was the second man they saw outside. Who was he and what did he want here?

When he turned back to Becky, he smiled as he found her awake and looking at him. She held out her hand to beckon him to come to her and he did. He closed the slats though first. He joined her in the bed and cuddled in behind her. “You will be safe here sweetheart,” he whispered in her ear.

Becky nodded. “I know. I just wish it wasn’t necessary.”

“It won’t always be this way.” He caressed her hair with his hand to soothe her. “We’ll take care of this Damen Cole person as well as anyone else who shows up to try and take you. This is your home now.”

Becky shivered and Patriot wondered why as he whispered into her ear, “What brought that on, baby?”

“I’ve never had a home before. At least not one that was mine,” she spoke softly. “When we were with Randy and Annie’s mom, it didn’t feel like a home at all. It was just a roof over our heads. I guess I didn’t know any better growing up. Then when it was just Annie and I, we tried to make it into a home but there were times when it felt like it was just a shack we'd rented. I didn’t realize it then that Annie was the one who made it a home.”

Patriot just listened to her talk. His hands lowered until they covered her breasts and he held them gently while smoothing his fingers over her soft skin. He smiled when he noticed her body tighten as he kneaded her flesh.

Becky moaned at his hands touching her body.

He whispered in her ear, “Keep talking, I’m listening.”

She seemed to gulp a bit then went on, “I was twelve when her mom left us that final time. She told Annie if she wasn’t home by morning, then she would know what to do. Annie told me at dawn the next morning to pack my bag cuz we had to leave. She’d said that we had to keep our heads down and become invisible until I was of age. We were now on our own. If I fucked things up, I would end up in foster care and I would be separated from her. If that happened, we would probably never see each other again. So I knew to behave and listen to anything Annie told me to do. I couldn’t risk losing her too.” Becky had to pause again due to his sensual actions.

 One of his hands was still on her breasts while the other had slipped under the waistband of her jeans and had found her folds.

Becky closed her eyes and whimpered as his fingers dipped into her wet core. She moaned louder as he began thrusting a couple of his fingers in and out. She tried to turn around but Patriot wouldn’t let her. He held her in place as he nibbled on her neck. He took a moment to push her hair out of the way and frowned as he noticed a birthmark that had been hidden before now by the many bruises on her body.

Becky sighed and moaned as he began pressing kisses on her skin. He reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, raising it up and over her head. Patriot then unsnapped her bra and pulled it away while together, they worked at removing her jeans and panties.

Finally, once they were off, she opened her legs, giving him more room. One hand kept thrusting into her while the other hand got busy opening his jeans and releasing his cock. Then he removed his fingers as he pushed into her from behind feeling her tightly wrap around him.  He shuddered at the tightness. His hands gripped her hips as he thrust into her deep and hard.

She cried out and he froze until she urged him, “Please don’t stop.”

Patriot growled with the need he felt to have this woman once again... his fingers tightened even more on her hips while he lost any sense of control he had left. He pounded into her and she allowed him to dominate her for the next few minutes. Then she cried out again, as her body released an intense orgasm and she flew over the edge. Patriot felt her go and thrust into her again and again before he joined her.

Both of them laid there for a moment as they waited for their heartbeats to return to normal. Then Becky stretched and turned to him and whispered breathlessly, “God, I love you.”

Patriot was a bit stunned. She loved him? He hadn’t expected that, not yet. He had loved her for a while now but never expected this from her so soon. “Are you sure? Because if you are baby girl, you won’t ever leave here or me again. I won’t let anything happen to you. Whoever your supposed dad is… if he comes here, he’ll be disappointed when he goes home without you. If he sends his men here to take you away, they’ll be sorry about going home without you. Even if god forbid, something should happen to you, I’ll go all the way to hell and drag you back here.”

 Leaning over, Becky cupped both sides of his face with her small hands. “I meant it. I do love you. How could I not? Just look at you, damn so hot. And you are more man than I have ever encountered. You took me in and then showed me love. And don’t think for one moment, I would ever leave you for any reason. I fought to stay alive when Blacky had me, because I knew my sister was looking for me. Then I met you and now, I think I was always waiting for you to find me. You are the missing part of my soul and I can’t…I won’t live without you, not now, not ever.” She leaned forward and crushed his lips under hers.

Patriot leaned in and smothered her sweet mouth with his, thrusting his tongue in to entwine with hers.

Before they could deepen the kiss the way they wanted to, there was a loud pounding on the door.

“Patriot, we need you and Becky in the main room now!” Gypsy called out from the other side of the door.

Patriot broke the kiss and groaned. “Be right there,” he called out.

Becky pulled away from him as she too, groaned with disappointment as she rested her head on his chest. “Now what?”

“I’m not sure but we better get ready. Gunner isn’t the kind of guy who waits.”

She let out a sigh. “Ok, ok, let’s go find out what they want.”

They got up and started dressing.

Just as Becky got her jeans on, a sudden shot rang out and the window shattered. Becky screamed and fell back on the bed, smacking her head on one of the four corners.

Patriot dragged her to him and snapped off the light plunging the entire room into the darkness. He could hear footsteps running toward the room. He pulled Becky to the floor and waited until the others got there.

Gunner opened the door quietly and called out, “Patriot, you guys all right?”

“Yes boss, I think so,” Patriot replied while running his hands were over Becky and he hadn’t felt any blood yet but he was aware she hit the bed with a thud when the window broke. “She dropped down when the glass broke. I hit the light switch before I could see her.”

“Can you get her out?” Cobra asked.

“I think so.” He turned his head around to glare at the bunch of them. “What the fuck is going on out there? Why is someone shooting this far back into the clubhouse?”

“We aren’t sure,” Gunner answered. “Just get the both of you out here with us,” he ordered.

Patriot pulled the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around her, then gathered her into his arms and crouching he ran for the door, pushing through the line of men standing there. He made his way to the Infirmary.

As soon as they got there, Gunner immediately ordered one of his men to board the window with plywood. He wanted his bases covered along with the window. This way, there was no chance anyone out there in the shadows could take another shot.

Patriot laid Becky down on the bed and began examining her. She had caught a bullet to her arm but it was only a graze. He could see the bloody path of the bullet at the base of her neck along the left side of her shoulder. “Fucking hell,” he swore as he reached for some gauze to clean the wound. He’d doctored many men. A medic for most of his life, but he was so tired of seeing this woman injured. His woman. He could see how close the shooter came to hitting her carotid artery and swore again. He went on auto pilot as was his way under stress until he got her cleaned up and bandaged.

Finally, he moved to check out her head wound. She had a small goose egg but no broken skin, so there seemed to be no other real damage. When he finished cleaning her wound, he collapsed in the chair beside the bed and picked up her hand. He felt so lost now, without her presence as he gazed at her, willing her to wake up.

Gunner leaned against the wall and watched his man as well as his patient.

Cobra joined him and asked, “Is she gonna be okay?”

“I have no idea but I hope so for Patriot’s sake, I hope so.” Gunner said under his breath. Before Cobra could say anything else, Gunner’s phone chirped with an incoming call.

Gunner checked out the caller ID but didn’t know the number. He hit the accept button and pulled the phone to his ear. “What?”

 “This is Damen Cole. I think you might be looking for me. I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t fire that shot earlier tonight. But I know who did.”