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Chapter One


Thor sat in the dark as the sun rose in the eastern sky. While the light penetrated the shadows and chased them away, he didn’t look up from staring at his nearly empty coffee cup.

When Winona and DeeDee came in an hour ago, Winona was startled by his presence.

He’d just been sitting there. He didn’t even say a word to them.

When the coffee was done, DeeDee brought him a cup and a thermos, sat it on the table, and just left him alone.

Thor nodded his thanks.

One by one, the members of the Savaged Souls came in grabbed coffee or breakfast, but no one sat near him. It wasn’t because they didn’t like him but instead, more from the look he had in his eyes and the small bag sitting on the floor beside his chair.

When Cobra and Ivy Blue came into the room, Cobra first noticed the small bag beside Thor’s chair. Cobra stopped short and stared at the calendar on the wall. Then he groaned. “Fucking hell.”

Ivy Blue stopped. “What’s wrong?” Since the night before and the upset of yesterday, she’d been on edge.

“It’s fucking May first today isn’t it?”

Ivy Blue nodded. “Yeah, so?”

Cobra turned to Thor. “Got something to do today, baby.”

Ivy looked from Cobra to Thor and she could see the state the other man was in. She wasn’t sure what was going on but she could see Thor needed him today. He looked ready to lose it altogether. She turned to Cobra and laid her hand on his chest. “He needs you today doesn’t he?”

Cobra nodded.

“Then go, be with him. I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I know yesterday wasn’t easy for you.” Cobra looked worried about her.

Ivy Blue bit her lip and nodded. As much as she wanted him to stay with her, she knew for some reason Thor needed him more. “You go do what you gotta do.”

Thor growled and leaned over to pick up his bag. “He doesn’t have to go with me. I can go by myself.” Just the way he grabbed the bag told her the rage was getting the better of him. She took a step toward the other man.

Cobra stopped her by whispering, “Ivy, leave him alone, don’t touch him. He’s in his danger zone right now.”

She ignored him and took another step toward Thor.

Thor froze as he glared at her. “You don’t listen very well do you?”

Ivy Blue smiled softly. “You aren’t going to hurt me. Men, yes for sure, but you’d never hurt a woman.” She took another step closer and reached out to lay her hand on his chest. She felt him tremble but he never broke eye contact with her. “I don’t know your story, I hope one day, you’ll trust me enough to tell me. But Cobra is your friend and you need him more than I do today. There is no shame in that. I’ll be waiting for him when you two are done. Please watch your backs today… I’d rather not lose either of you.” She smiled. “I do want him back as I have plans for him.”

“He’s a lucky man then isn’t he?” Thor commented.

“I hope he thinks so. I mean I’m no prize but I love him. I just hope it will be enough.”

Thor smiled his first genuine smile in a long time. It transformed his entire face. “I’ve known that man for seventeen years. You’ll be enough.”

“Thank you. Please make sure you bring him back to me,” she whispered and stepped back.

Jett stepped forward and asked softly, “You need back up?”

Thor looked over at Jett and shook his head. “We shouldn’t. I’m not anticipating any trouble. Just seeing to an end of a drama that never should have been.”

Jett nodded. “I’ll be there if you need me.”

Thor nodded once then looked over at Cobra.

Cobra nodded and disappeared for a moment, when he returned he was carrying a small bag as well. He went over to Ivy Blue and pulled her into his embrace. He kissed her soundly and when he broke the kiss, he whispered, “Thank you baby. I’ll explain this all when we get back.”

Ivy looked up at him and reached up to cover his lips with her fingers. “You don’t have to tell me anything. Whatever is going on may not be your secret to share and I can understand that. That’s all I need to know… that you love me. I’ll be here when you both return.”

Cobra kissed her fingertips, looked at Thor and nodded. The two of them moved toward the door and then a moment later, they all heard two bikes start up.

 Ivy Blue stood there just a little lost. She was still upset about learning she had a family that didn’t want her.

Athena came up to her side and nudged her to show she was there for her. Ivy looked down at her sweet face and her fingers dug into her fur. She looked toward the door Cobra and Thor just walked out of, then she turned to walk back to the Infirmary and her recovering dog, Zeus. Right now, she needed to be with her dogs.


Hours later, Thor and Cobra pulled into a wayside and shut down their engines.

Thor looked over at Cobra and quietly said, “I hope your woman understands.”

“She does, I promise you.” Cobra nodded.

He looked off into the distance and asked, “What the fuck am I doing here?”

“You are about to witness the ending of something that’s taken seventeen years to end,” Cobra stated quietly. “You’re getting justice for your mom.”

Thor raised his hand to his cheek as his fingers touched the scar he bore from that day. The day his own father tried to kill him and did end his mother’s life. With his fists. The scar was under his left eye where his dad split his cheek wide open with a punch from his fist. His Satan’s Fury ring caught his cheekbone and ripped open his skin, almost taking Thor’s eye out.

Thor had been seventeen at the time and that blow had almost knocked him out. He laid there on the floor bleeding and weak while he watched his dad beat his mom to death. It wasn’t the first time but as he watched, he knew it would be the last time. He knew his dad wasn’t going to stop this time. As his so called dad slammed her against the wall, Thor heard her cries of pain and he heard her bones snap from the blows.

He tried to get to his feet but fell down twice before he finally managed to pull himself upright. He grabbed the standing lamp and gathering all the strength he had, he swung the lamp at his father. It caught his dad in the back of the head and dropped the man to the floor.

He crawled over to where his mom was lying to gather her broken body into his arms and held her. She was still alive. She looked at him and begged him to forgive her for all the years of pain he’d endured because she stayed with the bastard she married. She told her son she knew the man was no good but she couldn’t leave him. She begged him to forgive her and when he did, she smiled her last smile and gave in to death.

Moments later, the police showed up and they arrested his father. They took his mother away and he spent hours in the hospital. The next morning the police asked for a statement and then informed him that’s not what his dad told them. His dad put the blame for his mother’s death on him. He told them he’d come home and found his wife beaten and the reason he was beaten was because dear ole dad tried to stop it. Nick Quincy was willing to lie and throw his seventeen year old son under the bus to try and save his own skin. Thor told the police to check the local hospital records if they believed that.

Nick-Bonecrusher hurt his wife and kid. He told them his father liked to drink and he wasn’t a happy drunk, he was a mean ass drunk.

The police must have done their jobs because just as Nick was getting released from the hospital, the police showed up and arrested him for the death of his wife and the assault of his son. Nick hadn’t liked it one bit and fought back. It had taken three officers to subdue him. He’d gone on trial for her death and Thor sat in the courtroom day after day while his father’s past was brought to the public eye—and none of it was pretty.

When the defense rested their case, it only took the jury an hour to find him guilty. He was sentenced to death and spent the last seventeen years on death row. Now today, after seventeen long years, his dad was being put to death by the state of Texas.

“Is it really justice for my mom though?” Thor wanted to know. “Or do I want to be there for my own selfish thirst for revenge?”

Cobra exhaled deeply. Then he looked at him. “That’s something only you can answer.”

“Yeah, that’s just it though isn’t it?” Thor commented. “I’ve hated that bastard every day of my life. All I ever knew was the pain he gave me every day since I was a kid. I had to watch him beat my mom and I begged her to get us out of there. But she never would leave him. By the time I was seven, he’d broken four bones in my body. By the time I was ten, he’d broken three more. I finally got big enough and tough enough when I was sixteen to fight back. Then at seventeen, he damn near killed both of us.” He looked over at Cobra. “So am I doing this for me or her?”

“I don’t know what to tell you man, but I think you need to see this through. You need closure whether it's for your mom or yourself.” Cobra looked down the road. He could see the cement building in the distance. Huntsville Prison. “It’s not going to be easy, but he’s had seventeen years your mother never did. Today, will end all that. Today, that bastard will go straight to hell and he’ll never hurt anyone ever again. I think you need to witness that for your own peace of mind.”

“Maybe the old bastard won’t haunt my dreams anymore, is that what you're saying?” Thor asked.

Cobra shook his head. “He will probably always haunt your nightmares, but maybe the fact that you were there when he takes that last breath and heads straight into hell will finally ease some of the pain in your heart of what happened that day.”

Thor exhaled slowly. “Then I need to see this done, don’t I?”

Cobra faced him and nodded. “Yeah I think you do. Face that fucker one last time and tell him how you feel. Let him go to hell with your blessing. Tell him all the things you couldn’t tell him as a kid. Then let it all go. Let go of the hatred you feel. You’ve held on to that for far too long. You need to forgive yourself for what happened the day your mom died too.”

“Forgive myself?” Thor frowned.

Cobra nodded. “Yeah man, you’ve been blaming the wrong person all these years. You didn’t kill her, he did. You were a kid and he was a grown man. You aren’t the one who beat her, he did. You have to finally realize you did everything you could to protect her but he was just too damn big and too damn mean.”

Thor listened to his friend’s words and they made sense to him. He finally realized Cobra was right. He had been blaming himself all these years for something he couldn’t change. Then he realized it had been the same with Cobra and Nora. “You didn’t kill Nora either, you know that, right?”

“But I couldn’t stop it either, any more than you could with your mom. At least you’ve known all these years there was nothing that would’ve ever stopped him from doing what he did. Back then about Nora, I didn’t know we were being lied to from day one. I should have, but I didn’t. What really bothers me is the fact that I should have known Nora better than I apparently did. She was a good woman and I should have trusted my feelings for her. I let her down and I won’t ever do that again. That’s what I have to live with now.”

Thor smiled fleetingly. “Yeah, but now you got a woman who trusts you with her life. She would never betray you and you know it.”

“I do know it.” Cobra nodded as he looked over the view they had into the distance. “Ivy Blue is different from any other woman I’ve ever met. She could have left my ass out there in the cold but she didn’t. She didn’t know me from Adam, yet she risked her life for mine and that kind of woman is rare. You know Thor, her actions remind me of what your mom did the night she died. She didn’t hesitate to step in between you and your dad. She knew he was hellbent on killing you that night and she didn’t hesitate to step in to try to protect you, even at the cost of her own life.”

Thor thought about it for a minute then nodded and stared off into the distance now.

“That’s the reason you have to see this through. Not for your dad’s sake but for your mom’s. This will be the last thing you can do for her.”

Cobra spoke his words quietly but they were final and Thor felt it. “You’re right.” He started his bike. “Let’s get this done.”

A few minutes later, they pulled their bikes into the parking lot.

Thor looked around once they parked and not far from them were six other bikes sitting in a row and he stared at one of them. He swore. “Well fucking hell.”

“What is it?” Cobra asked.

Thor turned his head and said, “You are about to meet the biggest piece of shit asshole in this part of Texas. My dad’s old President is here.”

“Who the fuck are you talking about?”

Thor nodded at the line of bikes. “The chrome hog belongs to Satan's Fury MC President, Hellspawn.”

Cobra shrugged. “So what? They can’t start anything in here.”

Thor shook his head. “You don’t understand, they aren’t going to like us wearing our cuts. Fury runs this part of the state and they think if you're born into the MC, you stay with the MC until you aren’t breathing anymore. If I wear this in there, I’m disrespecting them, and Hellspawn isn’t going to like it.”

“What are you going to do?”

Thor looked over at his president and stood up tall. “I wear this cut because it means something to me. I’ll be damned if they’re going to take that away. They played a part in what happened seventeen years ago. They let it happen and I have no doubt it was Hellspawn himself that gave the order for my dad to let me take the blame. You see my dad was his right hand man and he didn’t want to lose his services. I’m proud of who I am, who I am affiliated with, and the fuck I’ll take off my cut for them.”

Cobra nodded and got off his bike. He followed Thor to the visitor’s desk. This wasn’t going to be pleasant any way you fucking sliced it but he would see it through. Thor was his VP and his best friend. He needed him and he was going to be there for him.


Chapter Two


When they entered the observation room, there were four other men sitting there. They turned to look at who entered and when they noticed the vest, they wore all four looked enraged.

One of them got up and stood in front of Thor. “You aren’t welcome here. This is Fury territory.”

The guards all watched the interaction carefully. They had doubled the number of guards because this was an MC gathering and this particular MC was well known in the area. They still had an hour to go before the main event and the prison was on high alert today.

Thor looked at the men in front of him. “We aren’t here to start any trouble, but Bonecrusher was my old man. I am here to see justice done.”

The man frowned as he stared at Thor. “You’re little Nicky?”

Thor nodded.

The man glared at him. “Where the hell have you been the last seventeen years? Bonecrusher hasn’t seen you since the trial ended and he got sent to this hellhole.”

Thor snorted. “He expected me to fucking visit him?” he said with disgust.

“We all did,” a voice from behind him snarled.

Thor and Cobra turned to see Hellspawn and Expo walk in.

 Both men were older and Hellspawn looked old. He looked like he had been rode hard and put away wet, old. He had gained a good fifty to seventy pounds and his clothes were dirty. He smelled of booze and body odor. His hair hadn’t been combed in god knows how long and his beard looked long and scraggly.

Thor couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Where you been all this time Nicky?” Hellspawn asked.

“Been around,” Thor answered.

“I see you’re wearing colors,” he noted with a nasty sneer on his face.

Thor nodded.

“They’re the wrong fucking colors.” Hellspawn growled.

“They fit me.” Thor shrugged. “Not here to start trouble.”

“What are you here for then?” Hellspawn asked. “Couldn’t be cause you’re concerned about your old man. You never came to visit him the whole time he was here. You never came to me to become a brother and take your dad’s place in the club. Not that you could, you were nothing like your old man.” He looked over at Cobra. “Instead, you show up here today with him. Wearing his colors and you didn’t think we would give a fucking shit?”

“I have a right to be here, same as you do,” Thor stated. “I don’t mean disrespect to you or yours but he’s my old man and I want to see this through.”

“You little bastard!” Hellspawn shouted. “You walked away seventeen years ago, and you should have stayed away. Your being here today is too little too fucking late.”

Thor glared at the men he was facing. “I’m not here to apologize to anyone. I’m here to see that bastard breathes his last and I will know my mother can rest in peace. I’m here to watch the grim reaper take his sorry ass straight to hell and take his place in the fiery pit.”

Hellspawn took an angry step toward him but the guards moved closer to keep the peace. That was the only reason the other man stopped. They were escorted to their seat.

Cobra and Thor took seats as far away from the others as they could. The guards stood between them as the curtains opened to show Bonecrusher had already been strapped down to the table.

His face was turned toward the audience and he stared at the men of his MC. Then he looked at Thor and Cobra. His eyes widened in recognition when he saw Thor. He almost smiled then the smile turned to a frown when he saw the colors he was wearing.

 “You fucking sonofabitch!” Bonecrusher shouted. “You God damn traitor.” He gazed over at the Warden and began screaming, “I don’t want that little bastard here. Get him the hell out of there!”

The Warden nodded at the guards and they motioned for Thor and Cobra to move.

Hellspawn snorted and looked happy that Thor was leaving.

The Warden joined them in the hall. “I’m sorry to ask you to move but this is an unusual situation. We really don’t want a riot to start today.”

“I need to see this done,” Thor told him. “I’m his son and I want to see this through.”

“I understand all too well,” the Warden agreed. “We have a private viewing room I can allow you to watch from.”

“Will he see us? Will he know I’m still here?” Thor asked.

The warden nodded. “I’ll make sure he knows. And I can cut the mic into the main viewing room, as they don’t need to hear it.” He hesitated then informed them, “Mr. Delaney wanted to claim your father’s personal effects and his body when we release it. Do you have any objections?”

“No, he can have it all. I don’t want anything of his.” Thor nodded. “And I sure as hell don’t want him buried next to my mother. Let the MC have it. They think he’s a fucking hero, whereas I know he’s nothing more than a lowborn bastard.”

When they were ushered into the smaller room the Warden asked, “We only ask that you leave right after the deed is done. We can hold the others for up to an hour to give you time to get clear of the area. We don’t want any trouble here. Please respect our request.”

“Of course. As I said, we didn’t come here for trouble,” Thor assured the other man.

The Warden left and then it was just the two of them.

Cobra watched as he went back to the room where Bonecrusher was laid out. He saw the warden speak to the other man and he watched as rage overtook him.

“You could have just taken off the cut you know,” Cobra told Thor.

“Why? These colors mean something to me. Why would I take my cut off for their sorry asses?” Thor asked.

Cobra shrugged then turned back to the window. They watched Nicholas Quincy A.K.A the Bonecrusher, as he fought the doctor trying to inject the needle in his arm. When the needle was finally in, blood dripped on the floor from the injection site.

The Warden then nodded over to the doctor on site for this purpose and he hit the plunger that would deliver the fatal dose according to the law.

 As Bonecrusher felt the moment the mixture hit his body, he fought its effects. But not even Bonecrusher could stop the drugs entering his body. He struggled right up to the end and when death came for him, his face was frozen in terror.

Thor watched for another moment then turned to walk out of the room. He didn’t stop until he walked out of the prison doors. He had seen all he needed to see. His dad was dead. Now maybe the healing that should have been all this time could begin.

“Anything else you need here?” Cobra asked.

“Not here no, but I would like to swing over to Trinity and visit my mom’s grave.”

“How close would we be to Fury's compound?” Cobra asked. “Might not be your swiftest move right now.”

Thor shook his head. “The Fury is over in North Zulch. I didn’t want my mom anywhere near the club. We should be able to get there and get away before they even know we were there.”

“Then let's ride. The quicker we get there the quicker we can get back on the road and out of their territory.”

Thor nodded and swung his leg over his bike. He led the way and twenty minutes later, they pulled into the cemetery just outside the small town of Trinity. He rode over to a small corner. It looked a little forgotten but as they rode up a young woman got to her feet and stared at them.

She looked to be in her early twenties, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a tank top. Her short black hair curled around her face and her blue eyes blazed with defiance. “What the hell do you want here?” she snarled. “You got no right to be here, so move on.”

Thor stood with his bike between his legs, and reached up to slowly remove his sunglasses. His own dark eyes surveyed her from head to toe and he found he liked what he saw. “Who are you sweetheart?” he drawled. “And what are you doing here? At this grave?”

“What’s it to you, biker boy?” She sneered. “You know wearing those colors even here can get you dead, you know that right? This is Satan’s Fury territory, or so they think.”

“We’re just riding through,” Cobra stated. “We aren’t looking for trouble.”

“Yeah well, you shouldn’t be here today, of all days.” She shook her head.

“What’s so special about today?” Thor asked.

The girl shook her head. “They’re burying a lost member today. He spent a lot of years on death row and today they will put him to death. The club will not be in the best of moods and wearing those colors is not a good idea.”

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Thor demanded.

She glared at him while refusing to answer.

 “Elise,” someone shouted.

 At the call, the girl started. Turning to stare at the yeller, she growled. “What the hell are you yelling about Digger?”

Another biker stomped his way over to them, grabbed her by the arm and shook her. “Tank ain’t gonna like this shit.”

Elise shook her head. “Tank ain’t got anything to say about what I do or where I go. I’m not with him or anyone.”

“He don’t see it that way.”

“Let me go.” She snarled as she broke free. “Go away and leave me alone. I don’t account to you or anyone in the Fury’s for my time.”

“Now Elise,” Digger seethed as he grabbed her again, this time he took her by the wrist and twisted her arm behind her back making her cry out. “You know as well as I do that Tank ordered me to watch over you, so you don’t get lost. He’s coming for you in a week's time and it's my job to make sure nothing happens to you. He’s claimed you.”

She struggled to free herself and had to cry out when Digger’s fingers tightened on her wrist. “Let me go! I don’t care if Tank says he claimed me or not. I told him no a million times.”

“I suggest you let her go.” Thor growled. He kicked the stand down and stepped away from his bike. He hated to see her struggle against a man who was obviously bullying her.

“Mind your own fucking business dickhead. This has nothing to do with you. You’re gonna be dead anyway when Fury sees your colors,” Digger assured him.

“Hellspawn’s already seen them fucker.” Thor stepped closer. He reached over, grabbed the man’s wrist and put some pressure on him. He knew he was stronger than Digger ever thought to be and he knew exactly how to put a hurt on his scrawny ass.

Digger had no choice but to release Elise’s wrist as he was brought down to his knees as Thor was inflicting a lot pain with his grasp. When he had the boy’s attention he told him, “I didn’t come here for trouble, I came to visit someone. I’ve already seen your boss and I’m not impressed with him or his fucking club. I’m leaving now, not because you told me to leave but because I don’t want any trouble here. Not today.” Thor threw the boy's wrist away from him.

Elise snorted in delight.

Digger got to his feet and slapped her hard for laughing at him.

Thor turned and decked him hard.

Digger dropped to the ground in almost slow motion. He was out cold.

Elise shook her head. Then looked at Thor. “Buddy, you might just have found that trouble you weren’t looking for.”

“What do you mean?” Thor wanted to know.

She shook her head. “You just laid out Hellspawn’s nephew. Not only wearing someone else's club colors, but then you lay out his blood, he’s gonna come after you and make an example out of you that’s for sure.”

Thor shook his head and looked down at the man she called Digger. “He shouldn’t have hurt you.”

“We’d better go, Thor before World War three gets here,” Cobra suggested.

 “You can’t leave me behind.” She glared at them both. “I’m in this just as deep as you are now. Digger will tell the guys just what they want to hear whether it's true or not.”

Thor ignored her and swung his leg over his engine. She didn’t wait around, instead she went over to his bike and climbed on behind him. “You aren’t leaving me here. I’m not taking a beating for this shit-tastrophe.” She motioned him toward the road. “Let’s get on our way outta here mister.”

Thor glanced over his shoulder and growled. He looked over his other shoulder and glared at Cobra. He growled deeper at the other man’s smirk. But he kicked on his engine and together, they roared out of the cemetery.

Elise yelped as she wrapped her arms around his waist and held on. The road disappeared as they flew down the highway. She just laid her head on his back and let the road take her away from her troubles. She had no idea where they were going and to her, it didn’t really matter. There was nothing left for her in Trinity anyway. The further away they got, the freer her heart felt.

She was finally free. She didn’t even look back, not once at the small town she’d been born in, grew up in, and thought she’d never the hell get out of.


Chapter Three


They finally pulled off the road an hour and half later. Pulling into a roadside diner, they shut down the engines.

 Thor groaned when he got off his ride. He turned his head and glared at his passenger. “Now just what the fucking hell am I gonna do with you?”

She shrugged. “You don’t have to do anything with me. You got me out of there and that’s the extent of what you have to do with me. I can make my own way in the world. I have in the past and I will do so in the future.”

“Will this Tank be coming after you?” Cobra wanted to know.

She shrugged. “He probably will, he’s well known for not taking no for an answer. He’s a pit bull that way. But he won’t find me. I’ll have to keep moving around for a while, but he won’t look for me long. He’s got better things to do than be pestered with me.”

“Such as?” Thor wanted to know.

Elise shrugged and looked away.

“Ms. Elise, what did you mean?” Cobra wanted to know.

“She looked over at the big man and glared at him. “First off, my name isn’t Elise. That’s my middle name and Digger used it because Tank didn’t like my first name.”

“What is your first name?” Thor asked.

“Dani,” she told him.

“Dani?” Thor repeated.

“Yes, Daniella Elise Garnett.”  After a moment of silence, she asked, “And what do I call you guys?” When they didn’t answer her, she snorted. “Ok then, I’ll call you Frick and Frack.”

Thor frowned. “I’m not a Frick or a fucking Frack. Name is Thor and this is Cobra.”

“Ok, Thor and Cobra, where are we going anyway? Isn’t the Soldiers of Hades down in Hondo? This ain’t anywhere near Hondo. You boys get lost?” She raised a brow at them both.

“How did you know we’re from around Hondo?” Cobra asked with his own raised brow.

Dani shrugged. “Let’s just say, Hellspawn has been looking for this one here for a while now,” she jerked her thumb toward Thor.

Cobra glanced over at Thor. “What’s he want with Thor?”

“That ain’t none of my business now is it?” Shaking her head, she added, “If you live in our town or North Zulch or Trinity, you learn to mind your business and not theirs.” She looked over at Thor, “But I think this goes back a while. Back to Bonecrusher's day, I think.”

“What does my father have to do with this?” Thor frowned.

Dani's gaze zeroed in on Thor and she stared at him. “Bonecrusher was your old man?”

Thor nodded.

“Was that what you were doing in Trinity today? You were there to see your mom?”

He nodded again.

“Did you also go to the prison to watch Bonecrusher die?” she asked.

“Yeah, I had to see it done and know he was finally dead.” Thor stared back at her, “What were you doing at my mom’s grave?”

“I’ve been visiting her grave for a few years now. My mom was your mom’s best friend back when we were little. I grew up hearing their stories and I always felt so sad for her, you know. Bonecrusher’s story was all over town and every time the MC would come back from visiting him in prison, everybody stayed out of their way for a few days. I think it was because Bonecrusher had something the club wanted and he said if they didn’t get him out, the club would never get it back. Rumor had it they were gonna put the blame of your mom’s death on you but you turned it around and the evidence pointed to your dad. When your dad was convicted, Hellspawn was coming after you to get whatever it was Bonecrusher took but he never could find you.” She motioned toward his cut. “If they saw you in that, they’ll know right where to find you, won’t they?”

Thor looked over at Cobra. “You need to warn the club they got trouble coming.”

“I think you’re right.” Cobra nodded as he now stared at Dani and asked, “How many are in this fucked up club anyway? I need to know the numbers.”

Dani still sat on the back of Thor's bike as she shrugged. “Maybe a dozen and a half. Most of them are pigs, or feel they are entitled, like Digger. He wants to rebuild the club but he’s picking the wrong type of men to rebuild with. The men he’s picking will be more of a gang than an MC. That boy couldn’t recognize real talent if he was hit upside the head with it. If he takes over for Hellspawn that MC is done for.”

Thor frowned and looked over at Cobra, then glanced back at Dani. “Is Hellspawn stepping down for some reason?”

Dani looked down then slowly shook her head. “Not that I know of.”

“Then why did you say Digger is taking over?”

Cobra snorted.

Thor glanced over at him and caught his hard look. “A coup? Digger is going to try and take the MC away from Hellspawn? Is he fucking nuts? Or does he have a dammed death wish?”

“Neither and I think you and I played right into the little bastards hands today.” Cobra shook his head.

“What does that mean?” Thor asked angrily.

“He saw our colors, Hellspawn and his boys all saw our colors,” He motioned toward her, “She ends up missing and Digger is gonna tell his uncle who he was with when she disappeared. Hellspawn is going to put two and two together and get fourteen but Digger seems the type to lie and make up shit. All he really has to do is move up his timeline.”

“And if he rides with Hellspawn to Hondo, then if the club doesn’t take out Hellspawn, Digger will with a bullet in the back,” Thor finished his president's thought. He nodded at Cobra, “You need to warn the club.”

Cobra glared over at Dani. “Your boy Digger is ambitious.”

Dani shuddered visibly. “He isn’t my anything. He’s nothing more than a slimy toad, an evil scrawny, slimy toad.”

“And you're waiting for a prince right?” Thor mocked her. “Maybe a prince like Tank?”

Dani jumped off the bike then reaching out, she slapped him hard. Then her eyes went wide and she backed up a step or two. “Oh god, I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to do that,” she whispered as she brought her hands up to cover her mouth. “It was just—when you said I was waiting for a prince like Tank... all I could see was red for a moment. Tank is anything but a prince. He’s a mean piece of garbage, he always has been and there’s no woman alive who would want to belong to him unless she was into being beaten and I’ve never seen a woman yet, who was into that.”

Thor glared at her for a moment and started walking in circles while thinking. Then he stopped, looking between her and Cobra, he settled eyes on Dani. “You said something about Bonecrusher taking something that belonged to the club. And that his condition of giving it back was that the club get him out of prison. Do you know what he took?”

Dani thought for a moment then sadly shook her head. “No, I don’t. I mean when you work in a bar, you hear a lot of things but mostly only bits and pieces of a conversation, you know?”

“You worked in a bar?” Cobra asked.

Dani nodded. “I worked at the Singing Lily. A bar in Trinity that sells burgers, wings, and steaks. The Fury would usually come around several times a week. Like I said, you can learn a lot if you listen. With that bunch, you just can’t let them know you’re listening. If you know what I mean.”

Cobra agreed. “I do and it sounds like this Hellspawn isn’t very careful about club business.”

Dani rolled her eyes. “He probably figures he’s been around long enough that he doesn’t have to be worried about betrayal. Too bad, he isn’t looking a little closer to home.”

“What about Digger’s dad?” Thor wanted to know. “Hellspawn’s brother? Or is it mom related?”

“Hellspawn’s brother died a long time ago. Seventeen years in fact.” Dani told them quietly. “Torch, Bonecrusher and two others were out on a run. Bonecrusher said they ran into some trouble and they were separated. He claimed some unknown bikers took out his bike and when he was laid out on the road, he heard shots in the distance before he passed out. When he woke up, he went looking for his brothers and he found the other three dead, riddled with bullets. He limped home and made his report to Hellspawn. The club went out and retrieved the guys but the stuff they were bringing back to the club was gone. Bonecrusher never could describe what the other riders looked like or what colors they wore.”

Thor glared at her then turned his head around to look at Cobra. “So that was the reason he came home all beat up and pissed as hell. I hadn’t heard why before.”

“You remember that?” Cobra was surprised.

Thor nodded. “That was about four days before he killed my Mom. I took one look at the bastard and went to my room. He didn’t even try to bother me then. He just argued with mom and drank. He was working on a four day drunk the next time I saw him. He took one look at me and started wailing on me. He’d just come back from a funeral and we got into it. He said I should have been there with him. I was soon going to be old enough to join the Fury and I should have been there to stand at his side. I’d looked over at my mom and she was all bruised up already and I let the old man have it. I told him I’d never join a club that let the members beat their women and not try to stop it. He laughed at me and told me what happened at home wasn’t any of the club’s dammed business. Then he told me she shouldn’t been so fucking stupid or he wouldn’t have hit her. Then he came over to me and sucker punched me. My mistake was getting up off the floor. But by then, I was pissed and this was going to be the last time he hit me. When I told him that, he pounded me good. He said he’d hit me any fucking time he felt like it. That his road name was Bonecrusher for a reason and if I didn’t know it yet, I would.” Thor paused to shrug. “Most of the time he knew when to stop, that day he just didn’t want to. He had me down on the floor and I just couldn’t get up again. Then he turned his back on me and went after mom. He slammed her against the wall and I could hear her bones crack, so I got up one more time...”

Dani’s eyes were huge in her face as he paused.

Thor continued, “I grabbed the closest thing to me and swung. When he went down, I went to mom and gathered her into my arms. She hung on for a few more minutes, then she died.”

“Oh, my god…” Dani whispered.

Thor looked over at her and he saw the tears running down her face. His expression went stony as he snapped out of his memories of seventeen years ago. He glared at her through his sunglasses. “Yeah and before I knew it, dad tried to lay the blame on me for her death. Hellspawn was right beside him doing everything to protect his club member. The same fucking club member who died today by lethal injection.”

“I’m so sorry,” Dani whispered.

“Why? You were probably a kid back then. You didn’t even know my family.” Thor growled.

Dani shook her head, wiping her tears away. “I didn’t but my mother knew her. I think I was ten when all that happened and I wasn’t as dumb as everyone thought I was. I grew up around that shit for a club.”

“Then you know exactly what kind of men they are,” Cobra stated.

Dani nodded. “And I'd also heard the rumors around town too.”

“Rumors?” Thor frowned. “What kind of rumors did a kid hear? Or bother to listen to?”

“Rumors that claimed Bonecrusher made up the whole story about the other riders ambushing them on that ride. That Bonecrusher himself stole the package and that it was bullets from Bonecrusher’s gun that took the lives of his three brothers out on that road that day,” Dani dropped her bomb.

Thor froze for a moment. Even his heart seemed to stop beating briefly. Finally, he had to take a deep breath and exhale to restart his heart. He looked over at Cobra and shook his head. “That dirty rotten sonofabitch,” he swore and kept swearing. “That fucker! Fucking hell!”

“Calm down boy,” Cobra ordered. “We need to figure this out. Number one… would your dad really do something as bad as that?”

“Hell yeah, he would.” Thor growled. “No wonder he tried to get them to blame me for mom’s death. Yeah, that bastard would do something like that. Without a fucking doubt.”

Cobra cocked his head at him and said, “Number two, would Hellspawn ever figure things out?”

Dani answered this one, “He’s not an Einstein but he would be able to put things together in time.”

Cobra looked over at Thor. “Maybe that’s why he wanted your dad’s personal things from the prison. Maybe whatever it was Bonecrusher took from the club has been with him all this time.”

“And if it isn’t? Then what? ” Thor snarled. “Well, I know what…They’ll come looking for me thinking I got it. That fucking shitty old bastard.”



Chapter Four


Cobra looked over at Thor and said, “Ok, if your dad took whatever they were bringing back, where would he have stored it all these years? Any ideas?”

“Depends on what they were bringing back I guess.” Thor shrugged.

“I don’t think it was their normal run of drugs or guns. This was something more valuable than that,” Dani shared her opinion with them.

“What makes you think that?” Thor frowned.

“Well, if you think about it, Hellspawn has waited seventeen years to get it back. So couldn’t be their normal shit. If you know anything about that man, you’d know he wouldn’t wait that long for anything.” Dani reasoned. She hesitated then looked at Thor. “I should tell you so you know. After your dad went to prison, the Fury ransacked your house. They tore everything apart looking for something, but I don’t think they ever found it. Hellspawn wasn’t very happy. He’s not been happy for a very long time.”

“That breaks my heart.” Thor said heartlessly. “If my dad did steal club property, did Hellspawn really think he’d hide it at his house? Damn, I know my dad’s an asshole but really, did he take my dad for being stupid?”

Dani shrugged her shoulders. She began fiddling with the straps of her oversized bag she had thrown over her shoulder when they’d left the cemetery.

Cobra watched her for a moment then asked, “Is there something more going on here that we should know about?”

She looked over at Thor and sighed. “I’m not sure. Like I said, I was a kid back then, but my mom was a good friend of your mom. You probably have forgotten but you and your mom would come over to our house when your dad got drunk. Then one night, your dad put a stop to that. He followed you guys over after a bad fight. He busted down mom’s door and he even hit her when she tried to stand up for your mom. He told her he didn’t want his woman blabbing all her problems to no damn body. He said what happened within the four walls of his house stayed there.”

“And what does that have to do with anything?” Thor wanted to know. “We all know he was a bastard.”

Dani shook her head. “You don’t understand. Your mom never stopped coming over to our house. She was just more careful about it. I remember one night way early in the morning, she woke us up to talk to my mom. It was just two days before she was killed. She carried a small box over with her that night. She was so scared, it took my mom a couple of hours to calm her down. All I could hear her say was that your dad was going to more than likely kill her. Then she told my mom she wouldn’t keep the box in her house. She said your dad might kill her for taking it, but she didn’t care. He wasn’t going to bring trouble to their house.”

Thor frowned and looked over at his president. Then he looked back at Dani. “Did my mom leave the box with your mom that night?”

Dani nodded slowly. “Yeah, she did. Two days later, your mom was dead. I think Hellspawn came looking for that box but he never found it because my mom had it.”

Thor threw his head back and laughed out loud. “Bonecrusher was a lousy bastard right up to the end. He blackmailed the MC to get him out of prison and he didn’t even have what he stole in the first fucking place. There was no way Hellspawn was ever going to get it back. He didn’t know what happened to it.” He glanced over at Cobra and shook his head. “Hellspawn won’t be too fucking happy today then either will he? He’s been waiting seventeen years for something he’s never going to get his hands on.”

“Which means he’s gonna think you know where it's hidden after all,” Cobra reminded him.

Thor frowned as he looked at his prez. “But I didn’t know back then and I don’t give a fuck what that bastard promised him. I had no fucking clue about that damn box until she told us just now.”

Cobra shook his head. “Do you really think Hellspawn is going to give a shit one way or the other? He’s still going to come after you, son. Back then, you lived in the same house your dad did. He’s going to reason in his little, dark mind that you know something about it.”

“Then he didn’t know his boy Bonecrusher very well did he?” Thor asked. “That bastard never did anything unless it benefited him. He didn’t give a shit about his wife or his son. We very often went hungry because he wanted to eat steaks on waitress’ salary. My mom worked like a dog to provide for the household. He never brought a penny home to pay the rent, let alone buy food.”

Cobra turned to watch Dani. He could see that Thor was telling him the way it was just by watching her face. But he still had a feeling there was something she wasn’t telling them. “Dani, does your mom still have the box?” He wanted to know. He glanced over at Thor. “We may have to go back and get her mother out of there as well. We can’t leave her to Hellspawn’s mercy.”

Dani had tears in her eyes and shook her head. “You don’t have to worry about my mom. She died four months ago. I buried her next to your mom. That’s why I was at the cemetery today.” She shuddered. “I have no reason or wish to go back to that town. There’s nothing there but bad memories. I just never had a way out before now. So, I have to thank you for getting me out of there.”

“That doesn’t answer my question darlin.” Cobra raised a brow at her. “Did your mom keep the box her friend gave her and if so… what happened to it after she died?”

“Yes, she kept the box and she kept it safe all these years.” Dani nodded.

Thor stared at her. “Do you know where the box is?”

Dani looked over at Cobra then she gazed straight into Thor’s eyes. “Yes, I know where the fucking box is and no, I won’t tell you. Whatever is in that box costs your mother and mine their lives. So no! I won’t give it up to you or Hellspawn, even if it means I’m running for the rest of my life.”

“Wait a minute, back up,” Cobra growled. “What do you mean it cost your mother her life?”

Dani took a deep as she explained, “Right after Molly Quincy died and before Bonecrusher went on trial, Hellspawn ransacked their house. When he didn’t find anything over there, he came to our house. Mom tried to tell him she didn’t know anything but Hellspawn didn’t believe her. They tore our house apart too. They didn’t find anything but they did it anyway. You see my mom had a mouth and she often said it got her in trouble, well it did. He left her broken and bleeding but she lived.” Dani shook her head. “Over the next few years, he came to our house time and time again. Then he came again about four months ago.” Dani sniffled. “I begged her over the years to move but she said she never would. It wasn’t that she had anything to stay for but she said she wasn’t going to allow that bastard to run her out of town. The last time he came over, her mouth got her in trouble like usual and this time, when Hellspawn walked away—she was dead. He snapped her neck like a twig and no one there even tried to stop him. They didn’t even try.” Tears filled her eyes, but she seemed to refuse to let them fall.

“You saw him do it?” Cobra asked quietly.

Dani nodded as she looked saddened. “Digger and Tank were holding me prisoner. After he snapped her neck, Hellspawn came over to me and started asking me the same questions he’d been asking her for the last seventeen years. I told him I didn’t know anything about it and Tank reminded him I was just a kid when it happened.”

“Is this why Tank thinks he has a claim on you?”

Dani shrugged and swiped away one lone tear from her cheek. “They’ve been watching me since my mom died. They think I might know more about what was taken and Hellspawn really wants it back. He’s hoping that Bonecrusher left something behind that will tell him where it is. Anyway, one day weeks back, Tank rode up on me and I couldn’t get out of his way in time. He was with Digger and he told me to get ready because he decided I was going to be his.”

“And you agreed?” Thor frowned remembering the dirty overweight slob from this morning. Hellspawn let more than just himself go all this time. He let his whole MC go to hell.

“God no. Are you insane?” Dani shuddered. “I told him not to hold his breath, I wasn’t interested but he didn’t want to hear it. He told me he’d wait until my birthday to claim me but I told him no, over and over. He just didn’t listen.” She looked over at Thor and told them both, “Today, I went to the cemetery to tell my mom goodbye. I had everything packed up and moved out of the house we lived in and I was going to leave tonight. I knew the MC would be busy getting drunk and I wasn’t going to stay one more day. I grew to hate that place and I hate Tank even more. All I had to do was get away from Digger.” She grinned and nodded, “And you took care of that for me, so I’m finally free. Again, I thank you for that.”

Thor shrugged. “It either helped you out or made things a hundred fold worse. Hard to say at this point.”

“I am out of that dirty town, so it’s a good thing.” She then raised her head as if her ears had caught a certain sound and she gasped as she turned to the highway to see. “Oh, hell's bells.”

Cobra and Thor turned to look as well. Cobra swore and Thor rushed over to his bike. He swung his leg over the bike and Dani scrambled to get her seat behind him. Cobra rushed a text to the compound and started his engine.

 Cobra’s men were still a good half hour out but hopefully, if Jett got his message, the MC would come and find them.

Both bikes took off not far ahead of the four that evidently followed them all the way from Trinity. Cobra and Thor were far enough ahead of the others as they quickly weaved in and out of traffic. They were coming up to a turn off when Thor looked back at Cobra and made a hand signal…one they had used in the past.

Cobra nodded then slowed down as if both were going to turn.

The four men on cycles were almost up to them.

At the last minute, both bikes took off again, but it was too late for the bikers following as they had already started their turn being caught up in traffic.

Thor and Cobra had nothing but free open road.

One of the bikers chasing them lifted his hand and the weapon he held barked out a retort. The shot missed Thor but came very close to his shoulder.

Dani winced in a bit of shock but tightened her hold as they drove down the road.

Ten minutes later, they saw the Savaged Souls coming toward them. They passed each other up and as soon as they could, they turned around. A few minutes later, the Souls surrounded them and protected them the rest of the way home. They didn’t see the other four bikers at all but when they pulled up to the compound, the main gates were shut tight and locked.

Gunner tapped his phone to have them open the gates.

After they drove through, Thor parked, dismounted his bike and swore as he turned around to glare at Dani.

Cobra got off his bike as well and frowned when he glanced over at the girl. He then looked at Thor and watched in complete silence as his VP grabbed the woman and dragged her off his bike.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Thor growled at her.

Dani peered up at him as she swayed on her feet. “That was Satan’s Fury. I think they figured out who you were.” Then her eyes closed slowly and she dropped.

If Thor hadn’t had a hold of her, she would have fallen into the dirt. Thor’s eyes went wide as he swung her into his arms. He looked a little lost for a moment then carried her inside.

Cobra and the others joined him, watching as he carried her over to the sofa and laid her down.

Thor turned his head and glared at Cobra. “What the hell happened?”

Patriot pushed his way through the crowd and knelt on the floor beside her. He began checking her out and soon tore her shirt sleeve away to uncover a shoulder full of blood. He wiped away the blood and found a hole in her upper arm. He looked up and asked, “Was someone shooting at you guys?”

“One of them did.” Cobra nodded. “He must have aimed for Thor and got her instead.”

Thor shook his head. “She never said a word. She just hung on to me.”

Just then, Gunner spoke up, “I hate to ask but who the hell is she and where did you pick her up?”


Chapter Five


“Her name is Dani and she had to come with us,” Cobra replied to gunner as he shook his head. “She knew the kid back when.”

“Back when what?” Gunner frowned.

“Today’s mission was to see Thor’s dad put to death by the state of Texas for the murder of his mom seventeen years ago,” Cobra explained. “His dad Bonecrusher, at first tried to pin the murder on Thor, his own kid, a seventeen year old kid, but the evidence pointed to the old man. He belonged to an MC called Satan’s Fury.”

“Hellspawn’s Fury?” Gunner spit out as he turned to Thor. “That’s your old man’s MC?”

Thor nodded.

“Fuck a damn duck,” Gunner swore out loud. “That is one hella messed up MC and not in a good way either.”

Boone nodded. “I remember hearing about that murder. It came about not long after another run in with that group.” He shrugged. “I only remember it because most MCs don't want to be noticed, especially in the papers, not like that anyway. The ambush made the papers because three men died but the case went cold. Didn’t Hellspawn lose three of his own in a shootout of some sort?”

Thor let out a long breath as he nodded. “Yeah, my old man and three others were coming home after some secret run when they were ambushed along the road. Dear old dad wrecked his bike and the others were all shot dead on the road. No one could say how many or who the other bikers were because there were no witnesses but Bonecrusher claimed they got away with the package they were bringing back. No one except for Hellspawn and maybe his brother knew what the package was but Hellspawn’s own brother was one of the three that died. But at the time he was more interested in finding the missing package than he cared about his brother being killed. He was obsessed with that fucking package. And he’s still obsessed by it to this day, apparently. Back then, something made him think Bonecrusher might  have had something to do with the robbery and Hellspawn began to ask questions. Questions my old man didn’t want to answer. My so called father took his frustration out on me and my mom but today, he paid the price for his shit ass temper tantrum.”

“Where did you pick up the female?” Jett wanted to know as he motioned his head to Dani.

“We swung up to visit my mom’s grave and she was there.” Thor watched as Patriot worked on Dani’s shoulder.

Finally, Patriot got to his feet. “She needs to be brought to the infirmary. My supplies are there.”

Thor moved forward to gather her into his arms. He picked her up and carried her back to Patriot’s room. When he laid her on the bed she groaned and turned over on her left side, presenting her back to Thor. The bottom of her shirt rose up her back and Thor caught the sight of a bruise. He frowned and lifted her shirt a little higher.

Patriot and some of the others gathered behind him as he stared at her skin. Her lower back was crisscrossed with bruises. Some were larger than others and they were in the fading stages of purple, green, and yellow but some of them were still black and blue.

The marks were all symmetrical and about four to six inches long. Lifting the shirt to her shoulders, they could all see the strokes. Someone had beaten her with what looked like a thin baton. The bruises were well into the fading stages but the fact they were there at all is what mattered.

Thor lowered her shirt and clenched his fists.  “Just want you guys to know whoever did this is a dead man.”

“She may not know it yet, but she’s safe here,” Gunner stated as he too glared at her back.

Patriot moved around to her other side and began working on her shoulder. He noted Dani’s eyes were open and she knew her secret was out. He watched as her tears soaked the pillow under her head but he didn’t give her away.

“What happened at the grave site?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Apparently, my mom and hers were friends back in the day. I didn’t remember her but I think she remembered me. I was a sixteen year old kid back then, more interested in dodging his old man than I was in noticing the neighborhood kids. Anyway, she was there at the gravesite and there was trouble. We had to leave in a hurry and she climbed on the back of my ride. I couldn’t exactly leave her behind, so she came with us.”

“Come to find out her own mom is buried next to his,” Cobra added while nodding at Thor as he took up the story. “Seems Thor’s mom took whatever Bonecrusher stole from the club during the ambush and she did not want it in her house so she hid it with her friend. Hellspawn never got it back and has been waiting seventeen years. He thinks Bonecrusher left something behind to tell him where it was.” Cobra shrugged. “That isn’t likely but for seventeen years, Hellspawn has harassed and searched their home. She said 4 months ago the asshole snapped her mom’s neck when she wouldn’t give it up.’ He gave a short nod at Dani. “One of Hellspawn’s crew claimed her but she didn’t agree.”

“Those the same jokers that caught up with you on the road?” Gunner asked.

Cobra nodded. “Yeah, we thought we could get away clean but that didn’t happen. We didn’t know she’d caught a bullet.”

Gunner looked at the others and ran his hands over the back of his head. “Well, it looks like trouble is coming yet again. Hellspawn will come for her. Whatever this package is, he wants it bad and he won’t give a fuck who he has to hurt to get it. She’s under club protection now and I’ll be damned if another club is going to come here causing trouble. If the bastards want trouble, then we’ll give them what they want.” He paused and looked over at Thor. “Sorry about your old man.”

Thor snorted. “I’m not. He got what he deserved. I’m just sorry it took so long. Now hopefully, my mom can rest in peace, something she never got with him.”

Dani reached out and laid her hand on his fist. 

His fingers relaxed and gripped hers instead. “Are you all right?”

Dani nodded. “I will be. I’m a hot mess at the moment but I’ll be fine.”

Thor leaned over to her and whispered, “You are not a hot mess. Just a little lost right now, I think.”

Dani chuckled out loud. “Yeah that’s me, a little lost.”

“Well, you’re home now.” Thor assured her. “You don’t ever have to be afraid or lost anymore.”

“Why?” she asked. “You don’t owe me anything. You got me away from that town. Why do you care so much?”

“I’m not sure I have the answer to that at the moment but I’d be less of a man if I left you out there to the fates. Something about this whole mess just doesn’t sit right with me and I have a feeling you’re right where you need to be…” He lifted his head, looked at Cobra, then Jett, and the men standing close by as he added, “With us.”

Dani stared at him for a moment then looked around the room at the others. They all pretty much had the same expression. She took a deep breath and exhaled. “Can you bring me my bag?”

Thor looked up at Boone.

He nodded then went to fetch the bag in question. When he returned, Boone handed the bag over to Dani.

They all watched as she dug through the bulky bag she had carried from Trinity. She brought out a wooden box about the size of a very thick paperback book. About nine inches by six inches and about three to four inches deep. There was a combination lock on it with dials and numbers. She handed the box to Thor. “This is what your mom brought over that night. I don’t know what’s in it because she never told us the combination but whatever is in there, it was worth her life and my mom’s. This is also what Bonecrusher killed three men for and what Hellspawn has been looking for all this time.”

Thor took the box from her and just stared at it for a moment. It seemed like such a small thing to hold in his hand while knowing his mother died giving her own life for it. He passed the box along to Cobra who then handed off to Gunner.

“Don’t you want to at least find out what’s in the box?” she asked him softly.

“I don’t give a fuck what’s in that box,” he replied. “There’s nothing in it that was worth my mom’s life or your mom’s life. I don’t give a shit about Hellspawn’s men. They knew full well what they risked when they went after it.”

“Might be interesting to see what Hellspawn has been looking for all these years,” Gunner suggested.

Thor shrugged. “Fine, try the combo 7-11-86 then.”

Gunner spun the dials and when the lock opened, he was more than a little shocked. “How the fuck did you know for the first try?”

Thor shook his head. “I didn’t. But she would have set a date that meant something to her. That was the day I was born. At least, I knew I mattered to her.”

Gunner carefully and slowly lifted the lid of the box and when it was open, he could only stare at the contents. “Holy fuckin shit!” he whispered in awe. He raised his head to stare at Thor then Dani.

Holding out the box he showed those in the room the contents. The small box was filled with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. There must be millions of dollars of precious jewels in that small box.

“Damn, no wonder he wanted this back so fuckin bad,” Boone muttered.

Dani shook her head. “So the rumors were true then.”

“What rumors?” Thor frowned.

“Rumors that Hellspawn was stepping down as president. I know Digger’s been gathering new blood for the MC but I never dreamed it was for jewels.”

“What exactly is that about?” Cobra wanted to know. “You might need to spell it out for us.”

“Word around Trinity is that Hellspawn is losing control over his club. He either doesn’t care anymore or he just wants out. Digger has been going behind his back gathering enough men on his own to take the club away from his uncle.” Shaking her head, she went on, “God help him if he succeeds. The men he’s chosen are scum, dirty lowlifes, as in the worst of the lot he could have chosen. He may think he’ll become their president but if he does, it won’t be for long. He’ll wake up one morning to find his own throat’s been cut and his body left for the wolves.”

“This would be enough for Hellspawn to retire on and live like a king,” Gunner agreed.

Dani scoffed. “The club must not know about it, cause they would never allow him to just leave. They might figure that money was theirs to spend as well.”

“And they would be right, in any other MC they would have that right. But I have a feeling Hellspawn knows all that as well.” Gunner looked over at Thor. “Do you remember anything about the run your dad went on that day?”

Thor shook his head. “I didn’t pay any attention to him in those days. The less I knew of his dealings the better off I was.” He paused, then turned his head to stare at Cobra, then he paused as if remembering the past. “I do remember that particular run. It was Bonecrusher, Torch and two others and they left in the middle of the night. I’m not sure where they were going or what they carried with them, but I do know they were gone for three days. I remember the third day, Bonecrusher came back into the compound all beaten to hell and bloody. He told Hellspawn they’d been ambushed on the way back. He even told them where the others were.”

Dani took a deep breath and added, “But now, we know he lied all those years ago and I think Hellspawn knew it too, even back then.”

“Well now, we know his secret and he isn’t going to like that one little bit,” Boone stated.

Dani looked a bit afraid as she stared at Thor. “He knows you’re still alive and by now, he knows you found me. He’ll figure one of us has to be holding what he lost. He won’t stop coming for us until he finds that box.”

“Let the bastard come then.” Gunner growled. “He’ll need more than the army he thinks he’s got at his back. Once his men know what he was planning, they will turn on him.”

“Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.” Dani rolled her eyes. “His men will tear him apart.” She again stared up at Thor. “When Digger finds out what his uncle planned, he’s going to go apeshit, you know that don’t you? He and Hellspawn have been fighting in public about how his dad died. And how the club is now. Hellspawn really is a lousy leader.”

“I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.” Gunner growled. “I don’t imagine it will be too long before he figures out where you two are.”

Cobra gave a nod. “And we’ll be ready for that fucker.”



Chapter Six


“Incoming!” they all heard one of the brothers yell out as the alarms on the front gate sounded. The men all scrambled and rushed to the main room.

Winona and DeeDee came rushing out of the kitchen and Ivy Blue came from Cobra’s bedroom. Ivy already had her weapon in her hand and she carried an extra of Cobra’s. She passed it to him and took her place at one of the windows.

DeeDee went over to the gun cabinet and unlocked it. She took out a shotgun then Winona took it from her and grabbing a box of shells she began to load it. DeeDee did the same with a second shotgun.

The men were lined up at the windows and they all watched as the six bikers at the gate kept pushing on the barrier between them and the compound.

“Hey inside the compound!” one of the bikers at the gate yelled out.

“What the fuck do you want here?” Gunner yelled back. “You don’t belong here.”

“You got something that doesn’t belong to you and we want it back.”

“We don’t have anything here that belongs to you!” Gunner shouted.

“The hell you don’t!” screamed another of the men. “You took my woman from Trinity this morning and I want her back.”

“I swear I don’t belong to him,” Dani called out softly from the hall. “Never have, never wanted to.” Shaking her head, she reminded them, “I was leaving town to get the hell away from them. Tank always told me after he broke me he'd let his friends enjoy using me and there wasn’t a damn thing I would be able to do about it. I would become club property.”

Thor snapped his head around and saw her standing in the entrance.

She was leaning against the wall. “I’d rather die in a hail of bullets than belong to that man or that lousy club. I don’t care if I have to run the rest of my natural life but I won’t be a slave of any kind, not to the likes of that bastard. Hellspawn still thinks I know where his ill gotten gains are, that’s the only reason Tank claimed me. Maybe he thought I would give it up to him instead of Hellspawn. I don’t know and right now, I don’t fucking care.” She walked over to the gun cabinet and reached for a shotgun. Loading it with shells, she marched over to a window and stuck the end of the gun outside.

The men in the room all turned to glance at her in the window as she stood there with pure hatred in her eyes.

“Tank you lousy bastard,” Dani called out from the window where she’d taken her stand. “I don’t want you or your fucking club. I told you that a million times already and no means no dammit. You got no claim on me, never have, never will. And…Hellspawn, you fucker!” She screamed. “If my mother had something that belonged to you, you lost it when you fucking snapped her neck four months ago. Bonecrusher lied to you for seventeen years. He never had whatever it was he stole from the club after that ambush. Molly had it hidden the whole time. Why do you think he beat her to death?”

“I don’t fucking believe you bitch!” Hellspawn yelled back. “Bonecrusher knew better than to lie to me.”

“He shot your brother and the others in the back though didn’t he?” Thor called out. “He admitted as much the night he killed my mom. He said he knew that cargo was valuable and he wanted it for himself. That he wasn’t going to wait any longer to get the hell away from the club, away from my mom and me. He said he was going to live like a king and to hell with you fuckers and the club. He told my mom he was leaving us behind like the garbage we were and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. He played you for seventeen years. He was never going to give the cargo to you.”

“I don’t fucking believe a word you’re saying Nicky!” Hellspawn screamed in denial.

“Oh, yeah?” Thor called out. “You might have missed his last words then. I know you couldn’t hear them, the warden cut your mic but just before he breathed his last he told the warden, to tell you he won after all. You never got the cargo and now, it's gone forever.”

“It’s not gone!” Hellspawn shrieked. “It can’t be gone. Those jewels are mine. They belong to me.”

“What fucking jewels? What are you talking about Hellspawn?” Tank demanded.

A few of the other brothers around him were looking around like they had no clue.

“You gonna tell them or should I?” Thor called out.

“I thought you didn’t know what the cargo was, you bastard!” Hellspawn yelled.

“I may not know what it was but it must have been big,” Thor stated. “Before he killed my mom Bonecrusher told us, he was never going to work again and he was going to live like a king without her or me. What does that tell you boys?”

“He never would have left the club. You’re lying.”

“Swear to god, boys. He was going to book out, in fact he couldn’t wait. He went as far as to have his clothes packed and he emptied the bank account. He was all set to leave mom and me high and dry. But what can I say? He was a hell of a man. You all knew him, what stopped him was when he went to get the cargo and it wasn’t where he left it. My mom moved it earlier. She knew it would cost her but she moved it anyway.”

“So it's gone?” Hellspawn asked. “It's really gone?”

“What was the cargo that day, Hellspawn?” Tank shouted wanting to know. “My brother, my actual blood brother was one of the three men that died that day, along with Torch, your own fucking brother. What did they all die for? Was it worth their lives?”

“And whatever that cargo was would it have been part of the club or just for you?” one of the other men around him asked.

Thor looked at Gunner and grinned.

“Hey Hellspawn,” Dani suddenly called out. “Did you know Digger was going to replace you as leader of your crew? He’s gathering his own men and can’t wait to take over.”

“That punk?” Hellspawn chortled. “He wouldn’t make it a week doing what I do. A leader he is not.”

“Oh, I don’t think his men would have accepted him for long. You wouldn’t have even been cold by the time he joined you,” she assured him.

“He was going to order my death?” Hellspawn growled. “That fucking little bastard.”

“Your days were numbered, old man,” she called out. “Still are. He made promises to his men he’ll never be able to keep. Wonder where he learned that?”

“And you know this how?” Hellspawn demanded.

“Because he’s been up my ass for weeks now on Tank’s orders. He’s been bugging me about trying to find the cargo you lost seventeen years ago. He seemed to think my mom had it too. Told him the same thing I told you. If she did have it, the whereabouts died with her. He didn’t believe me either but it's true.”

“You sure know how to lie girl, don’t you?” Hellspawn called out. “Your mom could lie too. I should have remembered that. I don’t believe a word you’re saying. I want that cargo. I’ve waited seventeen years for it and it’s mine.”

“You mean it belongs to the club don’t you?” A brother next to him snarled.

“What did you have to do for all those jewels Hellspawn?” Thor called out. “Nobody just up and gave them to you.”

 “Why don’t you tell us Pres, just what did you do to get all those jewels?” His VP Expo asked. “Remember guys this was seventeen years ago. Do any of you remember what we went through back then? I do. We were sold out. He sold our MC to the cartel. We lost a lot of good brothers bringing their shit across the border for the first ten years. That’s how long the cartel ran us ragged. He put the blame on Bonecrusher but I’ll bet you ten to one it was him that did it. The very reason for that particular run was never made clear, not to any of us, only to the four brothers that went on it. He trusted Torch to take what he was selling, but what was it he gave Torch to carry on the trip? And what was Torch bringing back?”

“Bonecrusher knew,” Tank reminded them. “Like Elise said, he shot the others in the back didn’t he?”

“My fucking name is Dani, you piece of shit!” Dani screamed.

“Well Dani,” Hellspawn sneered. “What exactly did your mama know about all this then?”

“Why should I tell you that now?” Dani called out. “You made her life a living hell for most of my life, why should I tell you anything?”

“Because the game is up bitch,” Hellspawn yelled back. “The club knows everything now, you better tell them something.”

“Maybe I’ll wait until you're cold in the ground before I say anything.”

“And maybe we’ll burn this club out while we’re waiting!” Tank shouted.

Dani called back, “Then you’ll lose whatever it was Hellspawn waited for all those years won’t you? What it was he betrayed you all for.”

“You do have my jewels then.” Hellspawn snarled. “I knew you were lying.”

“Maybe and maybe it's buried.” Dani taunted him. “You burn us out you’ll never find out will you?Am I lying now or was I lying before? You choose what you want to believe.”

“Tell me something Dani,” Expo called out to her. “What was it, what was the cargo Hellspawn sold us out for?”

Dani looked over at Thor to see what he wanted her to do. When he leaned back against the wall and shrugged, she decided to tell them. “Torch carried back a small package that Molly put in a small box. No bigger than 9 inches by 3 inches. It’s been locked all these years, so we never knew what was in it. But my mom never bothered to look. As long as she had it, she kept it safe. Thor figured he might know what the combination was and when the box was opened, we found a shitload of diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Figure it’s worth a couple million dollars by this time.”


“You lying bitch.” Hellspawn growled. “Those jewels were mine. You had no right to them.”

“Those jewels have the blood of the three bikers who brought it back along with Molly and my mom’s staining them. I sure as hell don’t want anything to do with them. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to just give them back to you. I’d rather dump them in the river. Or maybe I’ll just flush them down the fucking toilet. You gonna tear up the sewer lines to get em… you rat? You lost out old man, either way you lost the stones.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Hellspawn growled. “Not even you would throw away that kind of money. Just one of those stones would keep you the rest of your life.”

“I really would flush them you bastard. My mom and Thor’s mother paid for it with their blood. Those stones have too much blood on them for me. I don’t need money that bad, nor would I want it. They don’t mean shit to me.”

“They belong to the MC,” Expo yelled. “You won’t flush them anywhere. Just hand them over to us and we’ll let you live. You and the men who live here.”

“You come through that gate and flushing them will be my final act on this earth,” she threatened. “Some of you might not live to get as far as the front door but you can bet those stones will be gone. I might die but you’ll end up with nothing.”

“You fucking little bitch!” Hellspawn swore. “I’ll end your miserable life myself. You won’t even hear the bullet that splits your head wide open.”

“And you’ll never even get to see the jewels you killed for,” Dani vowed from the window.

“I won’t stop coming for you girl,” Hellspawn promised. “I won’t give you one moment of peace until I get what’s mine.”

“I’ve never known peace old man and it was never yours to begin with.”

Expo glanced over at Hellspawn then he looked at the other men there. “I think we should go back and let the club know what we found out.”

Hellspawn growled. “I don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone. I am the fucking president of the Satan’s Fury for Christ’s sake!”

“You haven’t been our president for a very long time.” Expo sneered. “You let us run down so bad that even your own nephew is looking to take the club away from you. You betrayed your men and kept a lot of secrets over the years. I think it's about time the men knew exactly what you did and why you did it. It was after all, our blood you had no problem spilling to find those fucking stones.”

Hellspawn spit at Expo’s feet. “And I slept like a baby all these years too, didn’t I?”

“You guys head back.” Tank growled. "I’m gonna stay here and watch over my interests. That girl belongs to me and I’m gonna remind her of that.”

Expo snorted. “You take her and you’ll have them looking for blood and from what I hear, the Savaged Souls won’t stop until they get her back and you’re dead or dying. Are you really that much of a fool?”

“Yeah I guess I am," Tank admitted. “She’s mine and I will not be denied.”

“We’ll bury what’s left of you next to Bonecrusher then.” Expo nodded. “You’re both damn fucking fools.”


Chapter Seven


When five of the six bikers took off and rode away from the front gate outside, Dani knew who had stayed behind. The slime just wouldn’t leave. She leaned against the glass of the window and muttered, “Why can’t he just leave me the fuck alone?”

“He’s a man that doesn’t like to lose,” Cobra spoke from behind her.

Dani raised her head and turned to look at him. “The moment a man raises his hand and hits a woman whether in anger or not is the moment he loses his man card in my eyes. I don’t fucking care how big or strong he is... he loses his man card and becomes nothing more than a coward. My mom taught me that.” She sneered. “And you know what? She was right. A real man is bigger and stronger than a woman could ever be and it's his job to care for and protect her, not only her body but also her heart. Tank only cares about his own pleasure, his own needs and desires. I don’t want or need a man like that. I want a man who will stand beside me, not walk ahead of me. A man who will hold me in the middle of the night, not turn his back to me the moment his needs are met. He will hold me while I cry, not be the one who caused my tears. I’m tired of being disappointed in the male population.”

Cobra nodded. “That’s a long list of expectations, what will the one man who can fill your list get in return?”

“He’ll get a woman who will be there for him through thick and thin, someone who will believe in him, someone to walk by his side not behind or ahead of him. Love him for who he is not what he can give her, work right along beside him rather than expect him to provide for her. Someone who will always ask how his day was and listen to what he has to say.”

“That sounds like some kind of woman.” Cobra nodded.

“I can’t and won’t settle for less,” she insisted. “I’ve seen too many women settle and they are miserable. They lose a little bit more of themselves every day until there’s nothing left to lose and I swore on my mom’s grave, I wouldn’t let that happen to me. My father tried to play my mom like that and she walked away from him rather than let him wear her down. She made a good life for me and I will always be grateful to her for that.  She taught me to be strong and I won’t let her down.”

Cobra nodded at the window. “That man out there thinks he has a claim on you and I don’t think he’s going to give up on it so easy.”

 “That man out there isn’t a man at all. He’s a parasite.” She growled. “You saw the bruises on my back, didn’t you? He gave them to me when I wouldn’t let him run over me. That was him teaching me a lesson. I dared to tell him no and he was teaching me not to do that. I’m just supposed to let him tell me what to do and follow his rules?  I would never give him the time of day but because he’s a member of the Fury MC and he thinks he can walk all over me.”

“What ever happened to your dad?” Cobra wanted to know.

Dani smiled faintly and shrugged. “My dad was a biker who thought he could get away with anything just because he wore a cut. When mom walked out on him, he didn’t even care. He always told her he could find another woman. He found out the hard way some women don’t like a heavy hand. He tried pulling his bullshit on another woman after my mom left him and she didn’t like it much either. She let him have it with both barrels and when she walked away from him, he was dead. She’s spending time in prison now, but she said it was well worth it.”

Cobra winced and shook his head.

When Gunner joined them he asked, “Would you really flush the stones down the toilet?”

Dani shrugged. “Those fucking stones mean nothing to me. They’ve brought nothing but death with them from the time Bonecrusher took them.”

Gunner looked over at Cobra and nodded.  “That’s true enough and if their club has any say, they will continue to bring death to whoever has them. Her idea of flushing them might not be so far out there.”

Boone came over and asked, “What are we going to do with the boy toy out there?”

Dani huffed. “Ignore him? Run him off? Just plain shoot him and put all of us out of our misery?”

Boone snorted and Cobra chuckled under his breath.

Boone smiled and said. “Number one, some men hate to be ignored and I have a feeling your Tank is one of those men.”

“That bastard is not my anything, except maybe a bug up my ass I’d like removed as soon as possible.”

“Number two,” Boone ignored her interruption even though a smile popped through, “I don’t think he’d let us run him off, a bad penny like him will just come back.” He shook his head. “And number three, we can’t just shoot him. The cops frown on that sort of thing, unless he shoots first.”

“Well damn, you’re a downer aren’t you?” She scowled.

“Just keeping it real sweetheart, just keeping it real,” Boone assured her as Winona handed him a cup of coffee and stole a kiss.

Dani crossed her arms, turned her back to all of them and stared out the window at the man sitting on his bike on the other side of the gate. “But the world would be a hell of a better place without him in it,” she spoke the words softly and to no one in particular.

Thor walked up and stood next to Cobra, he wasn’t the only one to hear her softly spoken words.

Gunner walked over to where Rigger was sitting and spoke to him for a moment then he returned to where Cobra and Thor were standing. “I told Rigger to turn on all the cameras and keep track of our boundaries. I don’t really trust Hellspawn to just ride away. Not after he waited seventeen years for the stones.”

“You think he went back for the rest of his boys?” Boone wanted to know.

Gunner nodded. “That’s exactly what I think he’s doing, but I bet he is calling them rather than riding back. I could be wrong, as maybe there’s something back home he needs to collect before he gets his hands on the stones but he knows if he goes back, he’ll have to face his men and he might not want to do that.”

Cobra stared at him and then at everyone else. “Then we better get ready huh? If or when he comes back, he’ll come at us from every direction all at once. That’s what I would do if I wanted to overpower someone.” He glared at Dani for a moment before he told her, “And you are his number one target. No matter what… he’ll come for you.”

Dani whipped her head around and looked horrified. “Those fucking stones aren’t worth another life. They’ve already taken too many lives.” Then she looked down at the floor. “And I know. I’m as good as dead any way you slice it. His men will think I knew what Bonecrusher took from them, from day one. We didn’t know I swear, but they will never believe it.”

Gunner shook his head. “Honey, you can’t stop it from happening. Hellspawn and his boys aren’t going to let that happen. They don’t give a damn about the blood those stones carry. Their greed is too powerful for them to just let it go.”

Dani looked at the faces of the men standing there with her. Thor, Boone, Cobra and Gunner. Then she looked beyond them to the faces of the rest of the men. She couldn’t let anything happen here. No more bloodshed could happen over those stones. She might not know these men or what they were all about but she knew one thing, Hellspawn and his men wouldn’t hesitate to kill them all to get their hands on the jewels. There was only one way to stop this type of madness. She couldn’t let Hellspawn come here and ruin them.

She looked over at Thor and wondered what it would be like to really know him. When she got on the back of his bike and being that close to him sparked something deep inside her. She trusted her life to him on a whim and the moment she wrapped her arms around him and they took off, she felt she was right where she needed to be.

But one thing her mother taught her was not to settle for just any kind of man, but rather to fight for what she knew she wanted in a man. She would take the stones and drive off a bridge with them. Now she just had to figure out how to get away with the stones and do it, so Hellspawn knew she had them and they wouldn’t look here at the Savaged Souls anymore.

Thor came over to where she was standing and cupped her chin bringing her face up. He looked into her eyes it was as if he could read her thoughts. “Oh hell, no sweetheart.”

“What?” she whispered.

“What you’re thinking doesn’t work for me.” He glared as he shook his head.

“You a mind reader now?” she gritted her teeth.

“I don’t need to be a mind reader to know what you’re thinking of doing and that just ain’t happening.” He made it clear.

She tore herself away from his hold. “But don’t you see? If the stones are gone, he won’t hurt anyone else to get his hands on them!”

Gunner laughed out loud. “Honey, his MC knows about them now, he can’t hide his reasons for keeping them secret anymore. They know and they’re pissed off that he was going to disappear with them while leaving the rest of them high and dry. He’s going to have a riot on his hands when the others find out he played them the whole time.”

“But don’t you see? Even if they throw him out of the club, they will still come for the stones. I don’t want anyone to have those stones, or to die for them either!” She cried out. “Hellspawn might not have a club anymore but he’ll still come back and demand to get them back. He’s got nothing left to lose now.”

“Dani…” Cobra shook his head. “My guess is he’ll catch a bullet in the back before he can even get out the door and to his bike to come back here. Some clubs don’t react well to betrayal. Some might consider it treason and treason is punishable by death.”

She nodded. “And you’re saying those men would be one of those clubs.”

“Being a president is tough sometimes,” Gunner told her. “It isn’t just the power you hold, you’re expected to be their leader, to put the club first and foremost, whatever you do has to be good for the club, you have to protect each and every member under your watch because you are the one they look to. The men follow orders you give them because they believe in you and when you break their trust, there’s no getting that back.”

Cobra took up the explanation, “His men just found out Hellspawn broke their trust and he did so years ago. For money he wasn’t going to share with them. Don’t feel too sorry for the man.”

Dani snorted. “I don't feel sorry for him at all. He deserves whatever his men decide to do to him. Somebody should have put a bullet in his head years ago. The real trick will be who comes next. Expo wouldn’t be too bad of a leader. I think he could rein in the rest of them.” She shrugged. “He’s as honest a man as he wants to be I guess. But if Digger uses this opportunity to take his uncle's place, his men will just shoot everyone and when the smoke clears… a new Satan’s Fury will be born and become a shit storm no one wants or needs. Digger thinks he can control the men he is choosing, but he can’t. They won’t be shut out by fences, they’ll just break them down. They will grow in size because they will be lawless and no one will be able to stand up to them without getting shot.” Shaking her head she warned them, “Digger is a dead man walking, he just doesn’t know it yet.”

“How do you know all this?” Thor wanted to know.

“I can read people. And they have been dragging me to the club this past couple of months now. I hear a lot. I’ve seen Digger with a few of these men at different times and they are holding back at the moment, waiting for him to make the first move, but their eyes tell a very different story. They’ll bide their time for now, but as soon as Digger is in a position of power, they’ll take it away from him. If they hear about the stones, they won’t wait even that long.”

“Well, if and when they come back, we’ll know about it,” Gunner told her. “The men are on alert and know what they need to do to protect their home.”

“You all consider this place your home?” she asked with a whisper.

“We all live here, we work here and our families live here as well,” Gunner explained. “We run a bounty hunting company and we know how to hunt down the worst type of criminals, so yeah we consider this our home.”

Dani was surprised. She’d never known a club like this one. All she ever knew was the Fury and they weren’t exactly the best sort to be forming an opinion of what was a good MC.

“We also know a few tricks we use to protect what’s ours,” Boone told her. “We’ll know when they come back and if they come here to attack us, they won’t find it so easy to do.”

Dani looked over at Thor and found him looking back and something in his eyes gave her a shiver. So caught up in his look she took a small step toward him, staring at his lips. She didn’t realize what she was doing and for a moment… she forgot herself.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head. There was a growing hunger in her belly to explore him but she knew she couldn’t. She wanted to feel the touch of his lips on hers so bad, she forgot there were other men in the room. She remembered the feel of his body against hers from the ride here. The look in his eyes promised her something and she wanted to find out soon, but she knew it couldn’t happen.


Thor caught the look in her eyes and he could read what was there too. She had the same look in her eyes as he did. He glanced over at Cobra and saw the other man give a slight nod.

Gunner and Boone had wandered away to get things set up for later when the Fury came back.

Thor knew he didn’t have a lot of time but he would use what time he did have to his advantage. He needed to have a talk with this girl and get some things straight.

Stepping up to her, he grabbed her hand, then turned to go down the hall, dragging her behind him. When she didn’t protest he knew she was on the same page. When he got to his bedroom, he opened the door and pulled her in behind him. Shutting the door he didn’t even give her time to think before his mouth crushed down on hers.

Dani felt his lips cover hers and she gasped. He took advantage of that and pushed his tongue into the recess of her mouth. Her arms went around his neck, as he wrapped his arms around her ass and picked her up, pushing her against the door.

He deepened the kiss and soon they were both out of breath. When the kiss broke, they were mindless with passion.

Suddenly, Dani’s fingers wrapped themselves in his hair and she pulled back as hard as she could.

His eyes widened with pain as her fingers pulled and twisted his hair as he growled. “What the hell?”

“I will not become your punching bag.” She snarled. “I will not become your slave. If I’m with you, it's because I want to be with you but if you mess up, I’ll walk away. I need you to understand that.”

“Let go of my hair woman.” He growled. “I’m not like your dad or any of the Fury you’ve met. I’m never going to hurt you like that. I may get rough with you but I will never hurt you. I’m looking for a woman to love, not a slave and you won’t walk away from me because I mistreated you that is just not going to happen. Once I take you, you’ll belong to me and I will never take that for granted.”

She let go of his hair. “Do you promise?”

“I swear on my honor,” he whispered in her ear.

“Then show me the kind of man you really are,” she whispered then licked his ear.

Thor groaned and felt a shiver down his spine. He turned to carry her over to his bed and tossed her down on the mattress. Following her down, he ground his hard cock onto her warm, damp core. He could feel her heat through her jeans and his mouth watered. “I hope you’re ready for a real man, Dani Girl.”

“How did you know?” She smiled up at him. “That is just what I wanted.”



Chapter Eight


Thor groaned and ground his cock in her core. Even through their jeans, he could feel her heat. He grabbed her tank top, Pulling it up and over her head, he gazed at her chest. Her breasts were overspilling her plain white cotton bra and he licked his lips as he wondered what her skin would taste like.

He leaned down and licked the edge of her nipple. Her scent reminded him of wildflowers and her flesh was like sweet cream to his tongue. He groaned and pulled down the cups so her breasts were fully exposed to him. He moaned as he suckled her nipple into his mouth. Her skin was smooth and supple and she tasted like ambrosia. Thor couldn’t get enough of her. He switched to her other breast and his hands dropped down to her waist. He unsnapped her jeans button then his hand disappeared under the band of her underwear. As he delved further to her folds, he could feel how wet she was. He groaned as his fingers pushed deep inside her. Her arousal was driving him crazy, so crazy he wanted to taste her but he knew that he would have to wait because right now he wanted to be inside her but soon he would be tasting her deliciousness.

Dani couldn’t breathe and her mind was whirling. Her blood rushed through her body and she gasped, “More, oh Thor please, I need more….”

Thor stepped back, tore her jeans down her legs and separated from her long enough to rip his own clothing off his body. Then they were skin to skin and Dani moaned as she rubbed her body against him.

Then his cock was right where he wanted it to be but he wasn’t inside her yet, instead he was rubbing her folds with his cock. Her cream was coating him and the scent of her aroma was driving him crazy. He couldn't wait anymore as he drove deep into her. While she wasn’t a virgin she was tight, very tight, but as wet as she was, he had no problem sliding inside her.

He paused so she could adjust to his size but she wanted him to move. With how tight as she was and as big as he was Thor knew he had to move slow. The only problem was Dani didn’t want slow. She ground her hips into him wrapping her legs around his buttocks, she squeezed him to move he groaned then began the dance rhythm that men and women have danced since the beginning of time.


Each stroke went deeper and was harder than the one before and soon Dani forgot to even breathe, she was mindless with a passion she never felt before. She never even dreamed this kind of passion existed. Wrapping her legs up around his waist she lifted her hips allowing him to go that much deeper and soon he was bottoming out inside her.

Her fingernails dug deep into his shoulders as she went higher and higher and then, she was crying out his name as she flew over the edge into the abyss. One, two, three more strokes and Thor followed her over the edge; he roared her name as he emptied himself inside her.

A bead of sweat slipped off his forehead and splashed on her chest and Dani giggled. Then she laughed out loud and flipped him over on his back. She moved over the top of him and without dislodging him from her, she looked down at his face. His hair was messy and his beard was all over the place but he looked beautiful to her.

“So that’s what passion feels like huh?” she whispered. “I could get used to this.”

Thor smiled. “Me too honey, me too.” He grabbed the back of her neck to pull her mouth down and ravished hers. When he broke the kiss, they were both breathless and she laid her head on his chest. Her hand was tracing the tats on his chest and arms while almost petting the swatch of hair on his chest. When she brushed against his nipples, Thor hissed. After a moment she said, “I suppose we have to go back huh?”

“We should join the others, yeah. We need to keep track of what’s going on outside. But I’d sure rather stay right here.”

“Me too, but I guess this is partly my fault, so I have to see this through.” She sighed hard.

Thor cupped each side of her face and looking into her eyes he told her, “This is not your fault. It’s not my fault either. If any are to blame for this it is my dad’s fault and Hellspawn’s fault. Hellspawn sold out his club and my dad stole his prize.”

“And now you and I are left holding the bag for their fuck ups.” She shook her head. Turning her face, she kissed his palm. She rubbed her cheek against his hand and whispered, “I wished to Christ I never had those stones.”

“You told us your dad was a biker, was he one of Hellspawn’s men?” Thor wanted to know.

She shook her head. “No he wasn’t one of the Fury. I think he was one of yours, actually.”

Thor froze. “One of ours? What does that mean?”

“I think he was a Soldier of Hades.” She shrugged. “I don’t remember him all that well as I think I was like maybe two when my mom left him. She wasn’t one to talk too much about the past but she had a tattoo on her wrist that said Soldiers on it. The tat itself wasn’t all that big but I know it said Soldiers and it had the word Hondo on it. I guess I assumed it was your MC from that. It could have been a different club altogether though I suppose.”

“Holy shit. Cobra needs to know about this.” He growled.

“Why?” she asked. “It was over twenty some years ago.”

“Doesn’t matter if you were born into the club,” Thor insisted. “You belong to us.”

Dani shook her head. “No I don’t. Remember my mom walked away and my dad turned his back on both of us. Plus, I don’t think they were ever married, so I have no legal claim to anything. I’m not even sure he’s listed on my birth certificate.” She shrugged again. “I’m not sure I would know his name, like I said, when she walked away she didn’t ever talk about him.”

He cupped her chin and raised her head to his. “Doesn’t matter. If he was one of us, you are one of us and I’m going to claim you.”

“Whoa there big guy, this is going way too fast for me.” She put her hands down on his chest and pushed away. “Let’s get through this mess first then we’ll talk about claiming or not.”

He stared at her face for a long moment then said, “Ok, let's get dressed. We have to talk to Cobra about this.”

Wordlessly, they both got up and got dressed. Thor grabbed her by the hand and together, they went back out to the main room. Cobra was sitting at a table with Ivy Blue and Thor walked Dani over there. He looked at his president and asked, “Can we join you?”

Cobra took note of the look in the other man’s eyes and nodded. Then he looked at Dani. He waited until they were both seated before he asked, “What is this all about? And why does she look pissed?”

“Do you remember her telling us about her old man?” Thor asked.

Cobra nodded. “What about him?”

“Well, come to find out he wasn’t one of Hellspawn’s men, he might have been one of ours,” Thor told him.

Cobra glared at the other man then turned to study Dani. “The fuck you say?”

Dani shrugged. “I told him it was over twenty years ago and that it didn’t matter to me one way or the other. He was dead and I can’t prove it either way. My mom wouldn’t even tell me his name but she had a tat on her wrist that said Soldiers and Hondo on it but that’s about all I know.”

Cobra nodded then asked her. “Do you want to know?”

“Know what?” Dani frowned.

“His name,” Cobra stated. “You should at least know that much about the man.” He studied her face. “I thought you looked familiar but I just couldn’t place why. I see it now you have his eyes.”

“What do you know boss?” Thor stared at him.

“When she was telling us her story, something flashed in my memory, back to when it all happened. It was pretty much like she said. When the club was still growing, twenty two years ago. We were young and wild as hell.” Cobra chuckled. "Your dad was a man named Jethro Rowlett. His road name was Speed because he liked to race at high speeds. He could outrun any cop and he rode his bike as if it were an extension of himself, it was part of him. Your mom must have been Janet then.”

Dani nodded. “She was.”

Cobra nodded. “She was a good woman, one that didn’t put up with shit. Speed wasn’t one that denied himself anything. When Janet got pregnant with you, he asked her to move in with him. He told her he would take care of both of you and he did for a while. But then he got mixed up with other women and Janet wouldn’t accept that shit. She moved out but she wanted him to take care of his responsibility to you. She never begged him for anything but he couldn’t just let her go either. He was the one who wanted her and other women as well. Janet didn’t like it and she refused him. He got upset with her and smacked her around on more than one occasion. But she never came to the club to make a complaint, so we couldn’t do anything about it. Then when you were about two I'm guessing and he got mad at you over something stupid, I mean you were just a kid back then and he smacked you hard across the face and that was when shit hit the fan. Your mom went total mama bear on his dumb ass and she let him have it in front of the whole club.”

Dani nodded. “That sounds like my mom, all right. She taught me never to lay down and take crap.”

Cobra nodded and chuckled under his breath. “When she got done giving him what for, she picked you up and walked away. She packed you both up and left in the middle of the night. We never heard from her again and believe me, we tried to find her. Jethro went on a rampage when she left but he never found her either. You see after her cursing him and sharing what all he had been doing, he lost his status with the club and that pissed him off…a lot. He had to earn back his rank and that didn’t make him happy at all.” Cobra exhaled. “It was either that or get out altogether. About six months later, he took up with another woman and he tried to pull the same shit with her but she wasn’t having any of it. He lost what little sense God gave him and he started hitting her. She grabbed a pistol and she defended herself by putting all six bullets into him.”

Dani lowered her head as she listened. She was stunned as all this information was new to her. Her mom never told her what happened back then. She always said it was in the past and the past was over. They had to live for the future. She learned not to ask about her father. Until now she hadn’t even known his name.

Thor watched her the entire time as he held her hand.

Shaking his head, Cobra told her, “The cops called it manslaughter but everyone in the club knew it was self defense. She spent four years in prison for what she’d done. You see the first bullet is the one that killed him but she didn’t stop firing at him until the gun was empty.”

 “Thank you for telling me this,” she whispered. “My mom wouldn’t talk about him at all and now, I know why.”

Cobra stared at her for a moment then told her, “Speed wasn’t the only one looking for the two of you.”

Dani frowned. “Who else was looking for us?”

“Your dad had family living in the area. His dad Owen is still alive and he had three brothers. One of his brothers joined the club a couple of years after Jethro died. His name is Joel but his road name is Spirit. He was in the military and a damn good sniper. We call him Spirit because one minute, he’s there and then he’s gone again, and the only thing he leaves behind is usually his target.”

Dani stared at him for a long time before she spoke, “I’m not looking for family troubles, so if it’s all the same to you, please don’t tell them you found me. I didn’t know my father at all once we left and I was only two at the time, so I can say I didn’t know him at all.”

“They’re still your family.” He pointed out.

Dani nodded. “Well, let's say then if I live through this mess I’ll think about it, but right now we have to get through this first.”

“You belong to me, to us.” Thor stated. “You were born into the club and we don’t leave anyone behind.”

Cobra nodded. “That’s true enough.”

“Let’s just get through this before we make plans for the future. For all we know, I may not have one,” Dani suggested.

“That just ain’t going to happen sweetness.” Thor growled. “Not on my watch.

Rigger came out of his office at a dead run while shouting, “Incoming!”



Chapter Nine


 “What do we have?” Gunner called out.

“About a dozen men,” Rigger told him as he set his laptop on the table where the men were all gathering. They all looked at the faces of the men just outside the gates.

Dani gasped. “Those are Digger’s men, not the MC.” She looked up at Thor and asked. “What? I mean how did they happen to get here first?”

Thor shook his head. “I don’t know, but he’s who we will deal with first then.”

Gunner looked at his men. “I want six of you guys on the roof, the rest of you find a vantage point and pray these guys can be reasoned with. This is our home we’re defending.”

“Where do you want us?” DeeDee asked. “And before you say something stupid like locked out of the way, don’t. Just don’t.” She narrowed her yes at him. “This is our home too, and you are our men. Where else would we be but at your backs?”

Gunner smiled. “Indeed.” He looked around at several of the women standing there waiting for their orders. “Those of you who can shoot, grab a gun and find a safe place to hunker down. If you can’t shoot, find someone who can and be prepared to help them reload.”

Winona snorted. “We might not all have been born in Texas, what makes you think we can’t all shoot? Boone has been giving me lessons in the down time. I can shoot.”

“Daddy, even I can shoot when I want to.” Dana growled. “I may not be the best shot but I can shoot.”

“Oh, my god…” Dani called out.

“What is it?” Gunner demanded as he turned around to watch the screen.

They watched in silence as Digger came up behind the one they called Tank. Digger grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back with one hand while the other brought a wicked looking knife to Tank’s throat. Digger had an unholy gleam in his eyes when he dug the knife into Tank’s neck and drew it across the exposed skin of his throat.

They all watched as Tank tried to fight his containment but no one helped him. Soon, blood sprayed out from the cut and soaked his shirt. Before he was even gone, Digger tossed his body down in the dirt.

Digger threw back his head and they could see him scream out his battle cry.

The rest of his men hooted and hollered right along beside him. The six men gathered their weapons and disappeared up the steps without a word.

Dani just stood there as she paled.

 Thor came up behind her and wrapped her in his arms. “You were right about one thing. These men are wild animals.”

Dani turned in his arms and hugged him tight. She couldn’t bear to let him go just now but Thor didn’t mind that so much.

“In the clubhouse…” Digger shouted to them from outside.

“What do you want here?” Gunner called out.

“I want the stones Bonecrusher stole seventeen years ago. They belong to the club,” Digger shouted back.

Many of his men laughed out loud while razzing him on.

“We’ve already told Hellspawn he wasn’t getting them,” Gunner called out.

Digger threw back his head and laughed out loud. “Yeah, well Hellspawn ain’t in charge of us no more. He and the others met up with an accident on their way home you see.”

Dani looked up at Thor then she looked over at Gunner and Cobra.

“How did you hear about the stones, if they didn’t make it home?” Gunner finally asked.

“Oh, we met them along the way home,” Digger assured them. “It was a terrible crash you see. None of them survived but Hellspawn lived long enough to tell us about the stones. He said something foolish like Dani was threatening to flush them down the toilet. Did you really tell him that load of bullshit?”

“Yes, I did!” Dani called out. “And I’ll tell you the same thing I told him. I will flush the stones if you try to come in here. I figure I got nothing left to lose either way. But sure as shit, those stones will be gone.”

“Then the blood of these people will be on your hands Dani. You’ll go to your grave knowing you killed them all. All we want here is the stones and we’ll ride away.” He paused then shouted out, “Give us those fucking stones and we’ll be merciful. You make us come in there after them, and we’ll kill everyone but we’ll kill you last.”

“Well damn Digger, if I could count on you to keep your word it would be one thing but you can’t tell the truth if your life depended on it.” Dani walked toward the front door. Throwing open the portal, she glared out into the darkness. “I hope you didn’t tell these boys of yours that you’d share the stones with them. Cuz we all know you won’t do anything of the kind. You got your uncle’s greed inside you. Everyone who knows you knows you don’t share well with others. You never have.”

“Shut your fucking mouth you lousy bitch!” Digger screamed at her.

“Let me ask you guys something,” Sshe called out. “He had to sneak up behind Tank to slice his throat. That way he wouldn’t have to look in the man’s eyes when he killed him. Did he do the same when Hellspawn and others died or did you do the dirty deed? I bet he just sat there on his bike and watch while you murdered those five men!”

“How the hell did you know that?” one of the men asked.

“Because basically the man’s a coward. Always talks the big talk but fails every time when it comes to walking the walk. He’d rather drop names than actually stand on his own two feet,” she assured them. “He always used to tell people he was the president of the Fury’s nephew to get their respect. Most people knew Hellspawn and they bent over backward not to get on his bad side.”

“Shut the fuck up you little bitch or I’ll take you out right now. You ain’t bullet proof you know!” Digger screamed out.

Thor grabbed her and hauled her out of the doorway then slammed the doors shut.  He glared at her. “What the hell are you trying to do woman? Start a fucking war?”

“The war is already here and it's about ready to spark out of control.” She stared back at him.

“She’s right you know,” Cobra told him.

Gunner nodded. “She’s just turning things around and making Digger the liar. If his men turn on him, they might not come after us.”

Thor shook his head. “They know we got the stones, they won’t leave without them. That is what they came for after all.”

Tears rolled down Dani’s face and she felt frustrated that she couldn’t control her emotions as she wiped them away. “You know if I could somehow give those fucking stones to someone, anyone except for Digger and the Fury MC I would give them away. I just don’t want those bastards to have them. It’s the blood that’s on them and the heartache that’s associated with them. People keep dying because of them. I wish we’d never found them. Now they have the blood of six more. I’m beginning to think those damn stones are cursed somehow. They only bring death.”

Gunner looked over at Cobra and saw the look in his eyes. “Actually, she may not be far off the mark with that statement.”

“What do you mean?” Thor swung his head over to look at the pres of Savaged Souls.

“He means ever since we discovered the stones he’s had me looking for where they came from,” Rigger told them. “And I think I found that.”

“What did you find?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Twenty one years ago, a shipment of jewels were stolen from a noble woman in South America. She wasn’t mad because she knew those stones were cursed with death. She went to the media and told the world that whoever stole the jewels would find that only death would follow those stones. The curse on those stones had killed just about everyone in her family over the last ten years and now that she no longer had them, the curse would be gone from her family. Essentially she told this to media happily. The curse follows the stones. The cartel that took the stones seemed to be visited by problems from the moment they got the stones. They lost five people until they finally traded the stones to Hellspawn seventeen years ago, which was maybe six months after they got them.” He shook his head. “We all know how that worked out, don’t we.”

“The cartel actually believed in this curse?” Jett asked doubtfully as he shook his head.

Rigger shrugged. “No clue what they thought but they worked the shit out of Hellspawn’s club for ten years. And I don’t think they bothered to tell them the stones were cursed.”

Dani shook her head. “I don’t think that information would have bothered Hellspawn at all. He would have laughed at them, if they told him that. He didn’t care about anything but the money.”

“Yeah, but that didn’t save him from his nephew did it?” Rigger shook his head. “He never even got to look at the stones and yet they still killed him.”

“Maybe you should give them the stones.” Gunner shrugged. “Just make sure you tell them about the curse when you hand them over.”

Dani threw her head back and laughed out loud. “You are a wicked man and I love it.” Shaking her head she said, “As much as I would love to do that the stones aren’t mine to give away. They belong to Thor.”

Thor looked stunned by this news and he shook his head. “Hell no, they do not belong to me. I want nothing to do with them.”

 Dani snapped her fingers and her face lit up. “I know what we can do.” She turned toward Thor. “Do you really lay no claim to the stones?”

“I never wanted them in the first place. My dad killed for those and ended up on death row. Why would I ever want them?”

She got a smile on her face. “Then I know how we can offload them and pass the curse onto Digger and his group.”

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Cobra stared at her.

“Oh, yeah.” Dani nodded. “You see, I recognize one of the men out there. And I know he’s really superstitious. If we tell him the stones are cursed, he’s going to be mad about it but he won’t touch them. If I tell him they have a death curse on the stones, he’ll know Digger lied to them.”

Gunner shook his head. “Sorry, but no sane man is going to believe that fucking bullshit, sweetheart. Besides, they don’t care if the stones are cursed or not. They only want the value they represent.”

Dani looked over at Rigger. “What was the name of the woman the cartel stole the stones from in the first place?”

“Carmen Diangelo.”

She went over to the door and called out to them. “Ricco, you out there?”

“Si, I am here. What do you want?” a voice replied.

“I want to make you a deal,” she called back.

“What kind of deal you got to offer me?”

“I’ll give you guys the stones. You guys but not Digger.”

“Are you a crazy woman? I fucking won’t accept that offer!” Digger shouted out. “Those stones belong to Fury’s men and right now, that’s me. Not them… me.”

“Be careful Digger.” She grinned as he did exactly what she’d thought he would do. “Your greed is showing. Those are your men aren’t they? A club shares the wealth, along with the pain and sacrifice, don’t they? Your uncle didn’t want to share them either and now he’s dead. Bonecrusher didn’t want to share them either and now he’s dead.”

“What are you saying, senorita?” Ricco’s voice called out.

“Ricco, do you know where these stones came from in the first place?” Dani asked.

Ricco answered her with, “Si, the cartel”

“Yes,” Dani agreed. “But seventeen years ago the cartel gave them to Hellspawn when he sold out his club for ten years. He traded his men for a handful of stones.”

“Which cartel did he get them from?” Ricco asked.

“I think you know.” Dani sneered at the question. “The cartel got them from Carmen Diangelo.”

“Madre de dios!” Ricco swore loud enough for the men in the club to hear it.

“You know all we have to do is tell everyone you’ve got the stones and no one will buy them. You won’t ever get the money you think you’ll get for them, in fact all you’ll end up with is a worthless bunch of stones, you’ll never be able to get rid of.”

“What the hell is she blathering about?” another voice called out.

“The stones are cursed,” Ricco told his brothers. “She’s right, no one will trade them for cash of any amount.”

“Don’t believe in her shit stories!” Digger claimed. “She wants the money the jewels will bring for herself.”

“Digger, I told your uncle I would flush the stones down the toilet and I mean it. I don’t want them. They are stained with the blood of everyone who has come in contact with them.”

“I don’t fucking believe you.” Digger snarled.

“Don’t you read your history you damn fool?” Dani called out. “Old man Diangleo won the stones in a card game and he cheated to win, he had them for ten years before the cartel stole them. It cost him everyone in his family except his daughter Carmen. Then they cost the cartel five members until they got smart enough to trade them to your uncle. So far, it's cost the MC ten members and if we give them to you, they will take even more of you.”

“That’s nothing but hogwash. Pure lies and nothing more.” Digger scoffed.

“Fine, you can have the stones. Send one man in but know there will be a gun on him the whole time. He has to leave his weapons out there. Let him come and get the stones. Tomorrow’s headlines will be about the curse and that the stones are in the Fury’s hands. You will all find out just how worthless they really are.”

Digger wasn’t about to send one of his men, so he climbed over the fence and walked slowly to the front door.

Boone stepped forward while holding a gun on hi,

Digger raised his hands. “I got nothing, no weapons.”

Dani opened the door and handed out the small box of jewels around Boone.

“Just what kind of game are you playing at, you little bitch?” Digger asked.

“I’m not playing any games Digger. You look up the history of the Diangelo jewels and read it for yourself.  They’re cursed for a reason and when you can’t sell them, your men will turn on you and you’ll be just another one that died for nothing. The only thing is your men will go to hell with you because of what’s in that box.”

“BS… that superstitious shit is not real and you know it.” Digger snarled at her.

Dani just smirked at him. “Whatever you say asshole.” Then she leaned out a little ways. “Now keep your word and get the hell out of here. You got what you came for, what you murdered your uncle and his men for. Go back home and take those stones with you. Maybe if there are any of your men left when the curse comes around, they can bury them with you.”

Digger smirked as he shifted the box in his hands. “We should live quite well on the sale of these stones. No wonder my uncle wanted them back so bad.”

Dani shrugged. “They didn’t do him much good now, did they? Or Bonecrusher, Torch or any of the other members.”

“That's because all of them were fools.” Digger sneered. “I’m no fool.” He turned to go then paused and looked over his shoulder at her. “Would you have really flushed them down the damn toilet?”

“In a heartbeat.” Dani coldly stared back at him.

“Then you’re a damn fool too.” He walked away to join the rest of his men.

They all started their bikes and as they drove away, it wasn’t too long before the men inside the clubhouse heard a loud boom and saw a fire burning in the not so far distance. Someone must have crashed their bike.

By this time, Dani was not interested and didn’t even bother to look. She just closed her eyes and hung her head.

Thor came over, picked her up, and carried her down the hall to their room. All, without saying a word. 



Chapter Ten


The men inside the clubhouse remained alert until the Sheriff’s car pulled up to the gate. Certain members watched from the roof and others through the windows as Gunner, Boone and Cobra walked out to speak to him.

Braden Kyle got out then started looking around the area and shook his head when he saw Tank’s body lying in the dirt. Swinging his head over to Gunner he asked, “What the hell is going on here Gunner?” He nodded at the body. “Who the hell is he and is he involved with the bikers who died not far from here?”

Gunner nodded. “You could say that.” He looked over at Tank. “We had nothing to do with his death though. One of his own brothers slit his throat.”

“Your neighbors have been calling my office practically all night,” Kyle told him. “We’ve had a play by play since the original six rolled up on you last night. I did send a man out here to watch the situation but he was informed not to interfere.”

“I swear Braden we never left the clubhouse,” Gunner reported.

“Yeah, our man said the same thing.” The Sheriff nodded. “Are you going to tell me what they were after?”

“Somewhere between here and Trinity you’ll find a spot where five other bikers were killed. They were ambushed by the men who showed up here this afternoon.”

“Yeah, we know all about that. They were found a couple of hours ago. The bikers were from Satan’s Fury MC but there were only four found. My deputy overheard something about some stones that both groups wanted turned over? What was that all about?”

Gunner frowned as he looked quickly at Cobra and Boone. “Are you sure there were only four?”

Sheriff nodded. He checked his book and read off the four names.

The only name they really knew other than Hellspawn whose name wasn’t one of the four, was Expo.

Gunner for one found it odd that the leader of Fury's name wasn’t on the list. But they didn’t say anything not yet anyway.

Sheriff Kyle watched the men in front of him then issued his own order, “I’m going to need you and your men to stay behind the fence and keep this gate locked until we can get the body out of here.”

“Before you go, can you tell us who it was that crashed last night?” Boone asked.

The sheriff pulled out his notepad again and stated, “Yeah, a man named Ricco Santos.”

“Ok thanks.” Gunner and the others turned and went back to the clubhouse.

They were met by a lineup of men looking for answers.

“What’s going on here boss?” Jett asked.

Cobra growled out, “Somebody, get Thor and his lady. Hopefully they can help us figure this out. There’s a new wrinkle in the mix.”

 A few minutes later, Thor and Dani came into the room and Cobra motioned for them to sit down.

 Gunner stared at them and spoke, “I just had a talk with the local Leo just now and he had some odd things to tell us. You know how Digger was bragging his uncle and the four other riders met up with an accident on the way back to the compound?”

Thor looked over at Dani then back at him and nodded.

“Well, according to the Sheriff, only four bodies were found and Hellspawn wasn’t one of them.”

Dani got to her feet abruptly as her chair fell over and clattered on the floor. “That lousy bastard!”

Cobra frowned at her actions. “What are you thinking, that we aren’t?”

“Hellspawn is cheating death again.” She turned to Thor, “Remember when Digger said Hellspawn told him about the stones? He sent Digger and his men in here to collect them because he knew I would never give them to him. By now, he’s got the stones.”

“No darlin,” Cobra shook his head. “He doesn’t.”

Everyone swung their gazes over to stare at him.

Dani shook her head while looking confused. “But I gave the box to Digger last night. By now he’s handed it over to his uncle and Hellspawn has the stones.”

Cobra snorted with a chuckle and shook his head. “All Hellspawn has is that box your mom stored for her friend all these years. I took the stones out of it and filled it with gravel.”  He turned to look at Gunner. “I also spoke to my MC down south. I had to warn them there might be trouble coming and that Fury might be looking for Thor. I had to warn them. I couldn’t let them be wiped out by Hellspawn and his goons.”

Gunner nodded. “Yeah, I would have done the same, but what does that have to do with this?”

“One of my men knows who Hellspawn is. And he told me not to trust a word that man has to say. He told me if Thor had something he wanted, we should do everything in our power not to give it to him. When I told him about the stones and what we figured Hellspawn’s plans were, he told me I should never allow Hellspawn to get his hands on those stones.” Cobra shook his head. “He continued to tell me about a conversation he heard a couple months ago. When he went on a run, down close to the border. While there, he stopped in a cantina when he heard a couple of well dressed men talking and laughing about some bumfuck mc biker who found the Diangelo stones. One man said he had a line on them and the poor slob was willing to sell them for a paltry two million. The other man laughed and asked if the rumors were still circulating about the stones being cursed. The first man said he hoped so and he prayed the rumors were true because he was going to send one stone to each of his enemies and hoped the stones would do what they were cursed to do. And that he would gladly pay two million to get his hands on the stones.”

Everyone in the clubhouse listened intently to his story.

Cobra shifted in his seat and continued, “He also mentioned something curious about the stones. He said it was only the rubies that held the actual curse. The diamonds and emeralds were just regular stones and that they would sell for five times what he would pay for them.”

“Did he ever say where the stones came from in the first place?” Thor wanted to know.

“Actually he did.” Cobra nodded. “He said the men laughed about the story that followed the stones about how they were part of a pirate’s treasure. The pirate pulled into Tortuga then into Jamaica and just before they pulled into Jamaica, his crew mutinied. You see, the pirate captain hadn’t paid them and when the crew asked about their prized bounty, the pirate told them they wouldn’t get paid as he had no buyer for the load the ship was carrying. When the sailors found out their captain knew when they left port that he had no buyer they were pissed. And rightfully so. The story says that when they killed him his blood ran among the rubies and were covered in the old pirate’s blood but the sailors didn’t care. They just washed the blood off and sold the stones anyway. Within three months the sailors from that voyage were caught in a maelstrom and all died when their ship broke apart and sank to the bottom of the sea. And thus the legend of the stones was born. Death has followed them for over a hundred years now.”

Gunner ran his fingers through his hair. “So in other words, when Hellspawn opens that box and finds the gravel he’s going to come at us again and this time, he’ll come straight through without stopping.”

Dani spoke up now, “Well, we know he didn’t go back to the compound, so he’s in hiding until his nephew gets wherever he is with the stones and you can also bet the men who were riding with Digger will be dead. Digger won’t want to share his money or power with them either. So it could only be the two of them who come back here.”

“You really think they will be stupid enough to still come back for the stones?” Gunner had to ask.

Dani nodded as she wrapped her arms around her body. “Oh yeah, Hellspawn and Digger will come back,” she whispered. “Hell couldn’t keep them away now.”

Thor got to his feet and wrapped his big arms around her, holding her tightly against him. He could feel her shivering in their embrace and he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “He won’t get to you, I promise. He will never hurt you again.”

 She looked up at him. “You don’t understand. He’s coming for both of us now. He figures he’s got nothing to lose now.”

“If they come back here,” Gunner stated. “He’ll have to go through all of us to get to you and Thor and he’ll find out the Savaged Souls are tougher than we look.”

“And the Soldiers of Hades.” Cobra growled. “More of my men will be here later in the day. As Thor is one of us, we aren’t letting a lowlife like Hellspawn get to him. Between the Savage Souls and the Soldiers, he won’t live long enough to see the next dawn.” He got to his feet and glared at every man there. “No one screws with us, not now, not ever. Especially, not someone as stupid as Hellspawn and his shithead of a nephew.”

Dani looked up at Thor.

 He shook his head as if he knew what she was thinking. “Not fucking likely, woman. You belong to me now, and I’m not letting you go.”

“But one person can disappear and stay gone longer than two or more,” she argued. “I know how to hide in plain sight. I know I can avoid him.”

“Not a chance sweetheart.” Thor glared down at her. “No fucking hope in hell. This is where we’ll take our stand… this is where that bastard will die and ride into hell.”

She looked around the room at all their faces. Then she looked back at him. “I never should have climbed on the back of your bike the other day. I’ve brought you nothing but chaos and trouble.”

Thor smiled at her. “I was born in chaos and it will follow me the rest of my days. Ask anyone here, I thrive in chaos, always have but this ends here and now. You don’t have to run ever again, you hear me? You aren’t running.”

“But I don’t want anyone here to die for me.” She shook her head.

“The only ones dying here will be Hellspawn and Digger,” Boone assured her. “We’ve got home field advantage and we will use it. They may come here looking for trouble but they ain’t leaving here alive.”

“Hellspawn is gonna be so pissed when he doesn’t find the stones.” Dani shivered.

 Thor snorted. “I’ve seen that man pissed before. He’s all bluster with no power.”

Dani still looked scared. “You may have seen him seventeen years ago but he’s changed since then. He’s gotten to be a pig in the last five years. He came back from visiting your dad about five years ago and he’s been in a bad mood ever since. He’s just gotten so mean, nobody and I mean nobody wants to be around him anymore. I’m thinking that includes his own men. I think that’s what gave Digger the idea to get his own men and go out on his own. The men despise Hellspawn. That was until he found out about the ambush that killed his old man. At the time when it happened, there were only rumors. Some of the guys didn’t want to believe them but that all changed when Bonecrusher went on trial. Club secrets came out then and Hellspawn began losing control inch by inch. He knew it and his men knew it. He’s been barely hanging on, the men no longer respect him and I don’t think he respects himself anymore either. I think this was his last chance and when the guys found out about the stones? That was the end of things on his end.”

“So you think he hooked up with Digger’s guys and took out his VP and own members? Is that what you’re telling us?” Gunner asked.

Dani shook her head. “I didn’t believe this until you informed us they didn’t find his body at the ambush but yeah, I think that’s exactly what he did. After they took out the men he was with, he told Digger what to do. Then Digger came here and took care of Tank and we verified that we had the stones.”

Gunner looked around. “Sheriff Kyle confirmed that last night's explosion was a crash. The guy you called Ricco crashed his bike.”

“No he didn’t,” Dani assured them. “Digger forced the crash. He knew Ricco as well as anyone and he knew Ricco would eventually talk the others into getting rid of the stones before he could sell them. By now Digger is working with his uncle to get rid of his own men, thinking he’ll only have to share the stones with his uncle or maybe he thinks he’ll kill Hellspawn off too, and have all the money for himself. I don’t think he realizes that once his uncle gets his hands on those stones he himself will be as good as dead.”

“Well, neither of them has the stones yet.” Cobra growled.

“And now, neither of them has anything to lose by coming back for them,” Thor grumbled.

Just then, they heard the rumble of many bike engines coming toward them.

All in the room heard music playing the closer the bikes came to the compound and Cobra smiled. Looking over at Gunner and Boone, he grinned. “Backup is here.”

They moved toward the front door and about six bikers stopped at the gate waiting. Six huge hogs with equally huge bikers on them. Their engines growled and the ground shook slightly as the machines themselves idled.

Their cuts said they were Soldiers of Hades and when Gunner saw them, he could almost believe hell had opened up and soldiers of hell had come to escort someone home. He turned to Cobra and asked, “These guys belong to you?”

“Oh yeah, these are my guys.” Cobra walked out and punched in the code that opened the main gate.

His men nodded as they drove their bikes inside the gate.

The engines were loud but the silence was even louder when the men parked and shut off their rides and the music that was blaring. Then one of the men looked over at Cobra and asked, “What the hell kind of trouble did you get yourself mixed up in, now old man?”




Chapter Eleven


Cobra looked over at the men from his club and smiled. “Glad to see you boys.”

Hawk, the ranking VP in charge of the club nodded. “Good to see you too, but we didn’t come here for social hour if you get my meaning. So what you got us here for? Cuz, it sounds like it’s going to be fun.”

“Well fuck, where are my manners,” Cobra declared with a laugh. “Boys, I’d like you to meet Gunner, his VP Boone and the rest of the Savaged Souls. Gunner, Boone... these are my men, Hawk, Razor, Tigger, Luca, Jax, and Spirit.”

Gunner and Boone lifted their chins in acknowledgement at the intro.

Cobra’s men did the same back as they all nodded.

Hawk looked over at Cobra, “So did that bastard Hellspawn get the stones yet?”

Cobra rubbed his chin. “Well, his nephew got his hands on the box the stones were in but they are going to be highly disappointed when they open it.” He laughed loudly. “I’m afraid that Gravel just don’t sparkle like diamonds and rubies do.”

Thor spoke up as he stepped outside to greet his brothers, “Oh, and Hellspawn is killing off his own men, so he won’t have to share his treasure with them.”

Hawk turned his head and grinned as he held out his hand. “Glad to see you’re still alive brother.”

When they shook hands, Thor nodded at the others. “I’m a hard man to kill you know? My old man tried hard enough but I’m just too damn stubborn to die.”

Hawk’s smile left his face. “And the old man? Is he still breathing?”

Thor shook his head. “Fucking hell no, Cobra and I watched him breathe his last and the world will never miss that shitty bastard.”

Hawk nodded. Looking back at Cobra he said, “So how the hell did you guys end up with the Diangelo stones in the first place? Those stones have been missing for damn…how many fucking years.?”

“That’s what my dad stole from Hellspawn seventeen years ago,” Thor informed them all. “It’s why he murdered my mom and what Hellspawn has been looking for all these years.”

Hawk whistled and shook his head. Then he looked over at Gunner and Cobra, “So what do you need us to do?”

Gunner gave him a nod as he spoke, “We know Hellspawn and Digger are coming back and this time, they are coming for blood. We need to stop them once and for all. What we don’t know is how many men they’ll bring with them.”

Hawk snorted. “He couldn’t have that many men left.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Thor wanted to know.

“After you called the first time, I sent a couple of guys to watch what was going on and it wasn’t good. Digger’s men began picking off the brothers and then the four members Hellspawn took with him were ambushed on the road back.” Hawk grimaced while shaking his head. “I got a report that Hellspawn just stood there laughing while he watched as his men were cut down. Fucking slimy worthless bastard. What kinda prez does that shit?”

“Let’s take this inside.” Gunner nodded. “We could be being watched even now.”

Cobra went over to Thor and whispered something in his ear.

Thor glanced at Spirit then turned and walked inside. 

As the six men started walking in, Spirit paused to look over at the woman Thor was with. He stared hard at her.

Gunner, Boone, Hawk and Cobra sat down together.

 Hawk asked, “So what’s the plan then?”

Gunner shrugged. “We protect Thor, Dani and ourselves against Hellspawn and Digger. Hopefully, we take them both out, along with any men still following them.”

Hawk glanced over at Thor and shook his head. “So the big guy finally got himself a woman huh?”

“Yeah and he ain’t the only one.” Cobra grinned.

“Jett too?” Hawk was surprised.

“Yeah, Jett got him a woman, but I was talking about me.” Cobra growled.

“What the fuck? You? Damn old man, for real? A woman Boss?” Hawk looked more than surprised. “Really? Well damn, good for you. Is she here? Can we meet her?”

“Yes, she’s here and I’m sure you’ll get to meet her. But we have other things to take care of first.” Cobra stared his second in command with a shake of his head at his over reaction. “By the way, Thor’s woman is one of us.”

Hawk nodded. “I’m assuming so. I mean if she belongs to him, she’s one of us as well.”

“No, you don’t get what I’m saying.” Cobra shook his head. “Dani was born into the club.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Hawk asked quizzically.

“Dani is Speed’s baby girl,” Cobra stated matter of factly.

Hawk slowly turned his head to look at the girl as she sat next to Thor. He studied her for a moment then turned back to Cobra. “Do they know?”

Cobra nodded. “They want to deal with Hellspawn and Digger then worry about the Rowlett's family claim. For all she knows, Speed’s family won’t be interested in her.”

“But you and I know that ain’t so,” Hawk protested. “Owen and his boys have been looking for her for twenty years. Even after Speed died, they kept looking.”

“You and I know that but Janet raised her. She wouldn’t even tell the girl her father’s name.”

“Fucking hell... that’s some cold shit man,” Hawk whispered.

Cobra shrugged. “It is what it is. You remember when she told him if she left, he’d never see his daughter again and she meant it. He’s the one that told her to get out. What he did was wrong too. A real man never has to hit a woman and he fucking did. A real man never has to cheat on his woman and he fucking did that too. He went against club rules and he knew it. That was why he lost his rank and had to earn it back.”

Hawk agreed. “Hell, I was just a Prospect back then, but I remember that day well  I also remember when Owen and his brothers showed up.”

“Hell…” Cobra sighed hard. “I haven't thought of that fucked up shit in a long damn time. But right now, we have another problem to worry over.”

Before he could say anything else, Hawk got a ping on his phone. He frowned as he looked at the text and growled. Looking up at Cobra he said, “That was Jonesy. He’s following Hellspawn and Digger. He claims there are five bikes coming this way, including both Hellspawn and Digger.”

“Well, that means he hasn’t killed everyone,” Boone concluded. “So those still living, might be some real mean fuckers.”

Hawk nodded. “He also said Hellspawn and Digger are pissed. And they aren’t the only ones. The other three with them are looking for blood too.”

“How soon before they get here?” Gunner wanted to know.

Hawk shrugged. “Maybe an hour.”

“Well hell, we are the Savaged Souls and anything can and will happen between now and then.” Gunner shook his head.

“Including three bikers, not making it all the way here.” Boone growled. “Knowing how they all turn on each other.”

Thor and Dani joined them.

“So what’s the plan?” Thor asked.

“We just found out we got five bikers coming in pissed and looking for trouble,” Gunner told them. “Hellspawn, Digger and three others.”

“I wish to god, we’d never discovered those fucking stones.” Dani swore.

Boone grinned at her. “You could always do what you threatened and flush them down the toilet.”

“You did what?” Hawk asked as he looked stunned and stared at her.

Cobra chuckled. “She told Hellspawn if he tried to come through the gate, she was going to flush the stones down the damned toilet even if it would be her last act on earth.”

“Hellspawn doesn’t deserve those stones, he never did.” Dani glared as she spoke, “He betrayed his club for them, he helped murder Thor’s mom and seventeen years later, he killed my mother. Those stones are drenched in the blood of innocents and they should be gone from this fucking earth!” She looked angry and she shouted out the last part .

Thor grabbed her by the hand and began dragging her away. He went toward the kitchen then changed his mind and headed toward the hallway leading to the rooms. She cried out

 Spirit stepped in his way to stop him from leaving with her.

Thor glared at him.

Spirit backed away. But he didn’t go far. He glared at the couple as he struggled not to interfere. Instead, he moved to the front door and grabbed his phone.

When Thor dragged her into their bedroom, he slammed the door behind them. He wrapped his hands around her ass, hauled her up and pressed her against the door, his lips crushing hers.  He couldn’t stop kissing her and when she gasped, he pushed his tongue into her mouth. The kiss deepened and soon, they had to break away and catch their breath.

“I know we don’t have time for anything more but I at least needed a kiss,” he whispered harshly. “When you get that particular tone in your voice it puts fire in my blood woman!”

“He-he…” She giggled as she nibbled on his lips. “I’ll have to remember that.” She kissed him again and then asked, “So, who was that man?”

“What man?” Thor asked as he returned her kiss.

“The man who looked so mad at you?”

Thor stopped cold. He studied her face for a moment. “You don’t know him?”

Dani looked at him in surprise. “No, why would I? I’ve never seen him before. Who is he?” she whispered.

“He’s one of my brothers, we call him Spirit.” Thor released her and she slid to her feet. “He’s your…” He stopped speaking as she raised her fingers and covered his mouth.

“Don’t say it,” she begged. “Damn, please don’t say it.”

“Not saying it isn’t going to change the fact of who he is darlin,’ ” Thor told her softly.

Dani shook her head. “I don’t want to know. I can’t think about that right now. I need to concentrate on Hellspawn and nothing else.”

“Come on, Sweet cheeks…” Thor sighed.

 Dani shook her head. “Please, just lets get through this before we have to deal with something else.”

Thor finally nodded. “Ok, but this won’t go away.”

“I know. I just can’t think about it yet.” She sighed hard and looked firm on this.

After a moment or two, she opened the door, took hold of Thor's hand and dragged him back out to the main room. When they sat down, she looked over at Thor. “This might all go south and I… well, if I get injured or…”

Thor’s expression went hard at her words.

 Taking a deep breath, she went on, “B-Before anything happens, I have to tell you I have a very rare blood type. I’m B negative and can only receive blood from other B negative donors or from type O negative donors and both of those types are fairly rare. I can’t accept just anyone’s blood.”

Spirit turned his head very slowly as he overheard what she was telling Thor, he stared at her for a moment. His face grew pale and his hands were shaking. But he pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

“Nothing will happen to you sweet cheeks.” Thor grabbed her hand and kissed her palm. “I won’t let it.”

“We won’t let it.” Gunner and Cobra stated at the same time.

After a moment, Dani tucked a strand of her black hair behind her ear and gazed around at their faces. “So what’s the plan then?”

“Other than stay where we are and stop him from getting in and killing you?” Gunner asked. “I guess that’s our plan.”

“I might have another idea if you’re willing to listen to it.” She smiled mischievously.

“What did you have in mind?” Cobra raised a brow at her.

“Do any of you guys have a crossbow and does anybody here know how to use one?” she asked innocently.

“Why?” Gunner wanted to know.

“Hellspawn wants the stones, Digger wants the stones. I want nothing to do with them, but I think Hellspawn should have to work for them.”

“I can fire a crossbow,” Spirit spoke up.

“Go on…” Cobra nodded at her.

 The men sitting at the table, all nodded in agreement.

She leaned in to outline her plan and everyone listened.

By the time they worked out the details, a new plan had been born. It seemed Cobra’s man Spirit knew how to work a crossbow.

When they first heard it, they weren’t happy about it but they could see the wisdom of it. The plan was simple, using a crossbow Spirit would fire bolts into the trees and attached to the bolts would be small bags of the various stones.

Dani shrugged. “I don’t want anything to do with those fucking stones, but I want him to have the aggravation of having to find them on his own. If Spirit can shoot the crossbow into the trees and we put a few stones with each bolt, Hellspawn or Digger will have to track them down on their own.” She laughed out loud. “It will drive them crazy.”

“But do we want him crazy?” Thor asked. “He’s dangerous enough now and that’s before the crazy.”

Dani shrugged. “He wants the stones, we give him the stones.”

“He might not believe the stones are there.” Thor said.

“He will if Spirit can fire the first bag at them," Dani replied. “Maybe at Digger. That might show the others that all Hellspawn cares about are the stones.”

“I think they know that already,” Cobra commented.

Dani shook her head. “You have no idea what that man is willing to do when he thinks someone else has taken his bounty. He will slip over the edge straight into insanity and fight the very hounds of hell that come after him to drag him into the hellfire. He will not be denied his treasure.”

Thor shook his head. “So you're saying he’ll be like a junkie on smack, so far out there, that nothing else makes sense anymore. Not even his own life.”

Rigger rushed over to the table. “Boss, we got more visitors and I’m not sure if they are friendly or not. They’re asking for Spirit.”

“That would be my dad and my brothers.” Spirit got to his feet. “I called them. They were looking for someone in Trinity.”

Cobra looked over at his man. “I asked you to wait until this was settled before you brought them into this.”

Spirit nodded. “Yes you did, but that was before I found out she was the target of these maniacs. I thought dad and my brothers should at least get to meet her. We’ve been looking for her for twenty some years.”

Dani got slowly to her feet and glared at the man. “I only knew my mom growing up, never my dad or his family. My mom made a choice when I was a kid, and I never questioned that. She proved to me time and time again that she loved me and had my best interests at heart. I never even knew my dad’s name until Cobra told me. She never spoke of him one way or the other, all I knew is that he messed up bad. She gave him every chance and he messed things up. We don’t have time to go through all this shit right now.” She turned her head to gaze at Thor. “Maybe when this is over, I’ll meet them but not right now.”

Spirit nodded. “I’ll do my part and the rest of this can and will wait. It won’t wait forever mind you but it will wait for now.”

Dani turned and walked away.

They all watched as she disappeared into her and Thor’s bedroom then closed the door.

Thor turned to look at his MC brother. “If you push her on this, you’ll lose her before she even meets any of them.” Then he too, turned and walked away, following her into his bedroom.



Chapter Twelve


Spirit watched as his dad, Owen and brothers Reggie and Eli joined the group.

Owen was looking around and growing impatient. “Where is she? You said she was here. Where is my granddaughter?”

“Dad, calm down please, now isn’t a good time.” Spirit ran his hands over the back of his head.

“I don’t care if it’s a good time or not.” Owen growled. “I want to finally meet my granddaughter!”

“Owen…” Cobra got to his feet, drawing the man’s attention. “What he means is that now is not a good time for you to meet her because we have a crazy man coming here after a treasure that her mother has kept hidden for seventeen years. And as her mother is dead, the man is coming after her now, this jackass intends for her to hand it over to him.”

Owen sat down hard on a chair. “What the hell?”

“What kind of bullshit is this?” Reggie snarled.

“It’s a long story, one which we don’t have a lot of time to get into right now,” Cobra told them. “But the gist of the matter is, after Janet left Speed. she moved up to Trinity. She became a friend to the woman who lived down the street. This woman turned out to be Thor’s mom. Anyway, Thor’s mom brought her a small box one night and asked her to hide it and keep it safe. Thor’s dad robbed the club and the contents of the box is what he stole from them. Thor’s mom was later murdered for the contents of the box. The club came to Janet’s house and searched but never found it.”

Owen, Eli and Reggie sat and listened while looking angry at Cobra’s words.

“Four months ago,” Cobra went on.” Hellspawn snapped Janet’s neck and Dani decided it was time to leave. The club followed her here and she finally gave up what her mom had hidden all this time. It’s a box filled with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Hellspawn wants to retire with it while leaving the club out in the cold. Naturally, the club is upset. Hellspawn doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that, he’s killing off his own men. Then his nephew Digger is getting his own men together to take over for when he puts Hellspawn down. It’s a shitstorm waiting to happen.”

“And Dani?” Eli asked. “Where does she fit into this shit storm?”

“As Speed’s kid she’s one of us, regardless of what her mom did by leaving,” Cobra stated firmly. “Not only that, but Thor has claimed her. She’s had our protection from the day she was born.”

“Protection she’s been without for the last twenty two years of her life.” Eli growled. “Don’t you think now, is too little too late.”

“That’s not our fault any more than it's yours,” Cobra insisted. “Janet had every right to walk out on Speed after what he did to her. Speed would never marry her or any other woman so he had no claim on her and visa versa. Speed was the one who wasn’t there to protect his family.”

“All that doesn’t matter right now,” Spirit interjected. “What matters now is Dani. We can sort out who to lay blame on later.”

Dani and Thor walked back into the main room where the group of several men were gathered at that moment.

 Dani shouted to be heard, “No blame to lay on anyone except on Speed’s shoulders. Don’t you even dare blame my mom for not staying with a man that was beating on her.” Then after saying her peace, she turned to Gunner and asked, “Are the stones ready?

Gunner nodded. “Rigger just let us know there are five bikers coming in.”

Taking a deep breath she said, “Let’s do this. I’m getting really tired of this man’s bullshit. It’s time for it to stop.” She turned toward the door but Owen put out his hand to stop her. Dani turned her head slowly to glare at the man. “You have no right to touch me. I don’t know you and if you dare talk smack about my mom, then I don’t want to know you.”

Owen dropped his hand and simply watched her walk to the front door.

The men around them were busy getting weapons and the small bags ready.

Then Spirit gathered some things together and moved away with Gypsy, Jett and one other man, each carrying something extra with them. They disappeared up to the roof.

Thor came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

Eli growled and took a step toward the pair while his dad grabbed him to hold his son back.

Cobra glared at him then asked Rigger, “How soon before they get here?”

“They’re here now,” Dani called out before anyone else could reply. She was watching through the open door as five bikes rolled up to the locked front gate. She could see Hellspawn sitting on his big chrome cycle as he glared at her.

Digger was next to him on his bike. He kept revving his engine until his uncle told him to quit.

There were three bikes behind them. Hellspawn reached out and turned off his key. The others followed suit. “Where are the fucking stones bitch?”

Dani shrugged. “I thought I gave them to Digger.”

“Well, guess what? Digger didn’t have them when the box was finally opened.” Hellspawn sneered.

Dani called back,“But I didn’t know that at the time I gave him the box and to my knowledge, the stones were in it.”

“I don’t fucking believe that,” Hellspawn swore.

“I don’t care whether you believe me or not. I’m not a liar or a cheat. My mother raised me to tell the truth but not take anybody’s shit.”

“I don’t give a fucking shit what your mom taught you.” Hellspawn growled. “I want my damn stones!”

“Well, I sure as hell don’t have them.” Dani broke away from Thor and walked out the front door. She went about halfway to the gate before she stopped. Without breaking Hellspawn’s gaze, she shouted, “Give him the stones.”

 A twirling sound echoed in the yard then Digger almost flew off his bike. He screamed and grabbed his shoulder but no one else moved. Then he got back up.

 Hellspawn turned and his eyes widened as he saw a small bag attached to the  bolt. He reached out and grabbed the bag, jerking it loose.

Digger cried out as his uncle tore the bag away. His shoulder was pouring out fresh blood from the wound as he raised a shaky hand and pulled the bolt out of his flesh. He bent over his bike as the pain overwhelmed him for a moment. He looked up at her and snarled, “You damned crazy ass bitch!”

Hellspawn tore the bag open and spilled about five bright red stones in his hand. His eyes glazed over at the sight of the rubies but he knew there were more. This wasn’t all the stones, it couldn’t have been. He raised his head and glared at her. “Where are the rest of them?”

Before she could answer, Digger grabbed his weapon and pointed it at her with a shaky hand. “You fucking bitch. Look what you did to me.”

Dani turned her head slowly to glare at Digger. “I didn’t do jack shit to you. Your uncle wanted the stones, so we gave him the stones.” She shrugged. “I can’t help it you got in the way. That’s life isn’t it?”

“Where the hell are the rest of the stones, bitch?” Hellspawn growled.

Dani looked back at the clubhouse and nodded.

Spirit who was on the roof began firing the crossbow into the trees nearby.

The bikers watched as they heard the thunks of the bolts hitting the trees.

Hellspawn turned back to Dani. “What the hell do you think you are playing at?”

She shrugged. “If you find the bolts you’ll find the stones. There are nine bolts, nine small bags of stones. You wanted them, well now you have them.”

“You motherfucking little witch!” Hellspawn roared.

Then a gunshot was heard and Dani slowly crumbled. Her face went white, then she dropped to her knees and finally landed in the dirt as her body curled up.

They heard a loud roar from the door of the clubhouse and the sound of scuffling. Her name was screamed out several times but no one came through the doorway.

Digger’s weapon was still smoking when Hellspawn turned his head to glare at his nephew. “You stupid bastard. What the hell did you shoot her for?”

“That’s life ain’t it?” Digger snarled. “She got in the way.”

“And now they’re free to start shooting, your stupid dumb shit bastard.” Hellspawn growled as he backhanded his nephew.

Digger dropped his weapon in the dirt. He was almost unseated but managed to stay on his bike.

Hellspawn grabbed his own weapon as Thor roared her name again and stormed out of the clubhouse screaming Dani’s name. He paused when Hellspawn turned his gun on him.

“Don’t take one more step toward her,” Hellspawn ordered before he called out to Dani, “You still alive Dani?”

“Yeah, you fuck, I’m still alive.” She moaned as she writhed in the dirt.

“Good… how long you live depends on what these men decide to do next.” Hellspawn pointed his weapon at her while he glared at the men crowding the open door. “You won’t get a second bullet as long as they keep their distance.”

“Sweet cheeks, answer me, you okay?” Thor called out.

“No not really,” Dani called back. “Kinda bleeding really bad here.”

“You all know we can take you all out, don’t you?” Thor yelled his face full of fury as his eyes gleamed with hate. “We got enough shooters to take all five of you out and you’ll never even know it until it's too late.”

Hellspawn shook his head. “Can you really take the chance you’ll get all of us before one of us kills her?” Shaking his head again, he muttered, “All she had to do was hand over the stones.”

“I was fucking shot uncle,” Digger grumbled. “You would have let her walk?”

“Shut the fuck up. You weren’t dead, just bleeding a little. ” Hellspawn growled. “Now, you got us in a Mexican standoff.”

“Let us get her inside and you can go find your fucking stones and get the fuck out of here,” Thor shouted.

“No, I wanted the stones handed to me and she fucked that up.” Hellspawn glared at him as he held his weapon, pointed down at Dani.

“So send your men out to find the stones and get the fuck out of here,” Thor yelled back. “But let me get her some medical help, you lousy bastard.”

“I’ll let you get to her when I get all the bags.” Hellspawn snarled. “Not a moment before.”

“She could bleed to death before then, you mother fucker!” Thor cursed him.

Hellspawn shrugged. “She shouldn’t have been so damned stupid, insisting on playing her games.” He glaned over his shoulder at the three other bikers behind him. “Find those fucking bags. Now!” he screamed at them.

The three men got off their bikes and dispersed into the trees. The sun was high in the sky and the air was hot. They could all hear the three men swearing, as they had to climb the trees to get to the bolts holding the bags.

Thor waited as long as he could then called out, “Dani, you doing okay?”

When Dani didn’t answer him he began to scream her name, “Dani, answer me. You all right?”

“Good enough for her.” Digger sneered.

“Shut up, you damn fool.” Hellspawn growled.

“Why should I shut up old man?” He sneered. “You aren’t going to be in charge here much longer. You know it and so do I. They know it too.”

Hellspawn turned his head and glared at his brother’s child. “You know something? You’ve been a pain in my ass for sometime now, and I’m tired of listening to you whining in my ear.” He brought the gun around and fired a bullet into his nephew.

Digger just stared at him, then he peered down at his chest. The red stain blossomed across his vest as he stared at it. Then in slow motion, he crumbled forward, falling into the dirt at his uncle’s feet.

Hellspawn quickly turned the gun back to cover Thor but he didn’t even so much as look at Digger’s body again.

Finally, the three men came out of the woods in a hurry and got on their bikes.

“Well how many bags did you find?” Hellspawn asked.

“We found enough old man,” one of them growled back. “Let’s get the hell out of here. I do not want to die here.”

“How fucking many?” Hellspawn screamed.

“Seven altogether,” one of them replied.

“I want all nine!” Hellspawn shouted.

“You got all you’re gonna get,” Gunner called out as he came to the doorway. “We’ll give you one minute to get the hell out of here or you’ll die where you sit. So get the hell off our property.”

The three men behind him started their engines and backed out of the driveway.

Hellspawn growled and did the same. As he backed away, he made a show of holstering his weapon. He took off a moment later.

Thor rushed to where Dani was laying in the dirt and gathered her in his arms. He rushed her inside the clubhouse, screaming for Patriot.

Owen, Reggie and Eli caught sight of her as Thor carried her past them, passed out with her head and shoulders hanging over his arms. Her face was smeared with dirt and blood from laying on the ground. Blood covered her shoulder and chest, but they couldn’t see her very well as Thor rushed past them so quickly.



Chapter Thirteen


Owen exhaled sharply and hung his head as he plopped down into a nearby chair as his sons crowded close by with concern. He started thinking about how he had been looking for her for twenty two years and now he might lose her before he even got to meet her.

When his third son, Spirit joined them he asked, “Is she still alive?”

“We don’t know yet. Thor just hauled ass through here in search of someone named Patriot?” Owen told him.

Gunner walked over to them. “Patriot is our medic. He’ll do what he can for her, but she told Thor this morning she had a rare RH factor and transfusions could end up killing her.”

Owen got to his feet and stared at him. “That’s a trait my entire family shares. Her dad shared it as well, that was one reason he died so quickly. The hospital they took him to, didn’t have the right type of blood. If she needs blood, she can have ours.”

Spirit nudged Reggie and nodded toward the door and they both headed out.

Gunner called out to them, “Where the hell are you two going?”

Spirit looked over his shoulder at him. “We’re gonna head out to hunt down and send Hellspawn to hell.”

“You can’t do that,” Gunner interjected.

“Sure, I can,” Spirit informed him. “I owe him for Dani. She may not know it yet, but she’s family and we take care of our own.”

Cobra joined Gunner as the men were discussing taking Hellspawn out; he crossed his arms over his chest and told his man, Spirit. “No, you don’t have the right to lay claim to her just yet. She and Janet were out here on their own for the majority of her life.” He raised his hand when Owen started to protest and went on, “We all failed both of them back then. I’m taking my share of that blame as well but the point is we have to do this her way now. Janet raised that little lady a certain way and we can’t just throw that under the bus. If we want to keep her with us, we have to respect the way her mom raised her.”

Owen and Spirit shook their heads in disgust.

“I don’t like it either. But it is what it is. You know we’ve all been looking for them since Janet moved away but that little girl doesn’t and right now, she feels all alone. Well, except for Thor. We have to prove to her that she can trust us, all of us.”

“And you think she won’t want us to hunt down and end Hellspawn?” Owen asked in astonishment.

Cobra shook his head. “No, I’m sure she wants him dead but she just wouldn’t want her family to do it. She doesn’t want to stain your family honor with his death.”

Owen chuckled. “We wouldn’t consider that even a smear on our honor, we’d just be taking out the trash.”

Cobra let out a sigh. “Don’t you see what is happening? Jethro broke what her mother considered to be a man's honor when he beat on her and then cheated on her. Honor was something men had to work to keep and when the man she loved didn’t give a fuck, Janet took her child and walked away. Speed never really wanted their daughter and he proved that, at least he did to Janet anyway by ignoring their daughter and letting her go uncontested and I’ll be the first to admit he didn’t do what a man needs to do to safeguard his woman and kid. She walked away from him, from his club and from his family. She never knew because of his actions that he lost his place in the club. He had to earn it back. And I think that pissed him off more than losing his woman and kid.” Cobra cleared his throat. “He was lost for a while and he just never found his way back before he died.”

“I always hoped he would eventually, find his way back.” Owen looked saddened. “I brought my boy's up with manners and knowing about honor. Jethro always was a stubborn little shithead. He always thought he knew more than I did and when he got a certain age, he stopped listening to anything I had to say.” He shook his head and sat back down. “I guess he had to learn things the hard way.” Looking over at his other sons he said, “This time, we’ll do things her way. We’ll watch them but we won’t kill him just yet.”

Gunner grinned. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t follow and watch them. Maybe even drag his sorry ass back here to face MC justice. We can do that much.”

Cobra looked over at Jett and Gypsy then gave them a nod. “Find them and keep them in your sights. If and when you get the chance, take the fucker and bring him back here. He’ll more than likely have killed off the other three and it will be just him left. That’s when you grab him.”

“You want him alive and breathing right?” Gypsy asked.

“Breathing would be good but broken and bloody is okay too.” Gunner chuckled.

Gypsy grinned. “You got it, boss.”

Jett nodded at Cobra then disappeared for a moment and when he returned, he was carrying a small duffel bag. 

Gypsy had gone over to the armory and grabbed a few more weapons he thought might come in handy.

A few minutes later, they left taking a truck instead of their bikes. A truck would be more protection and a way to bring Hellspawn back with them when they did catch him.

Owen glanced down the hall and then looked at Cobra. “I wonder how she’s doing?”

 “Patriot will let us know as soon as there is something to know.” Gunner nodded.

Owen looked troubled. “I know but we’re so close and she wants nothing to do with us.” He shook his head. “My son was a fool.”

Cobra shook his head. “No, he was like thousands of other young men. Just too damn young and dumb. He just needed time to grow up, time he never got, unfortunately. Who knows how he would have turned out if he hadn’t died back then.” Shrugging he added, “We all make mistakes, the key is to learn from them and finally grow up. I’m sure he would have changed if he only had the chance.”

“But he would have still lost his woman,” Reggie stated. “From what I knew of her, he still would have lost her.”

Cobra nodded. “Perhaps but I think she would have allowed him to know their child. Janet was a good woman. In fact the day she left, she pointed out that when he got his shit together, he would know where to find them.” He frowned thinking about what he just said. “Damn it,” he slammed his hand onto the table. “He knew where she was the whole time. He just died before he told anyone.”

Just then, Thor came down the hall and addressed his president. He only looked at Cobra, “She’s stable, and he got the bullet out. It didn’t cause too much damage, mostly just blood loss. But Patriot knows she can’t have just any blood so for now, there’s little he can do.” He ran his hands over his head and growled. “Now all we can do is wait and pray that she recovers.”

“If she needs blood, we can give it to her,” Owen spoke up.

Thor turned his head and glared at the Rowlett family in general. “You only think you can give it to her but I’m not willing to take that chance. I’m not going to risk her life to prove she belongs to you. I’m not going to lose her. I can’t.”

Gunner stepped up and stood between the two men. “There might be a way to prove it. Will you both stand down and let it happen?”

“How?” Thor asked.

“I know someone who can do a blood test,” Gunner replied. “She won’t have time for an in depth panel but she can at least tell us if their blood will help her or kill her.” He looked between them. “Will that work for you guys?”

“Works for me,” Owen stated.

“That’ll do for me as well.” Thor nodded.

Gunner stepped away and reached for his phone. A few minutes later, he looked up and said, “She’s on her way with her equipment.”

Owen reached out and laid his hand on Thor’s arm. “If our blood is a match, will you let us give it to her? We don’t want to lose her either.”

Thor studied him for a moment and nodded. “I will tell you and your sons right now, she belongs to me and I have her back in all things. Do not try and separate us, or you will lose her altogether.”

Owen nodded. “Agreed. But you have to know something here. She’s a Rowlett as much as her dad was. She has both sides watching her back.”

“She is her own person and the ties she has are the ones she wants to have,” Thor stated. “If either of us thought to force her, we would lose her sure as shit. Don’t try to force her or you will lose her.” Then he turned and walked back to the Infirmary.

Twenty minutes later, both Sheriff Kyle and Gunner’s nurse friend showed up. While Cobra and Gunner were explaining to The Sheriff why a damn body was laying at their gate again, Lisa the nurse was shown into the Infirmary and she began getting things set up for the blood testing.

She began with a sample of Dani’s blood and then called in Owen and the others. She needed two things from them. The fact their blood ended up as B negative was only half the battle. They had to share the same RH factor as Dani as well.

That part of the test would take the most time but the results were essential. The wrong RH factor would kill her if they didn’t get this right.


Out at the front gate, Sheriff Kyle shook his head. “What is it with you damned bikers?”

Gunner shrugged. “I don’t know. He took a crossbow bolt from our side but the chest wound was one from Hellspawn. His own damn uncle killed him.”

“Do you have more bikers coming back a third time?” Sheriff Kyle wanted to know as he looked disgusted.

“God, I hope not. Twice was more than we ever wanted.” Gunner shook his head.

“Tell me something Gunner,” Sheriff Kyle asked as he cocked his head to one side. “Did the man they call Hellspawn ever get what he came here for?”

Gunner shrugged. “He got most of the stones if that’s what you mean. He also shot a girl, well I mean that piece of shit shot her,” He kicked his boot at Digger’s body. “But Hellspawn also held a gun on her as she laid in the dirt on our side of the gate until his men found the bags that had the stones. He had her lay there while bleeding out. They only found seven of the nine bags but he took what he had and headed out for places unknown.”

“Is the girl still alive?” Kyle wanted to know.

Gunner nodded. “She is for now. She has a rare blood type and needs a transfusion but she’s got family inside, so we’re hoping that will work out so she can gets some more blood.”

The Sheriff shook his head. “Hopefully this will be over soon and our damn town can relax again. People are getting jumpy and we don’t need jumpy people.” He turned to leave and then said, “I’ll send someone out to pick up his body. I hope the girl will be all right.”

“So do we.” Gunner nodded. “So do we. Her family has been looking for her for a long time, the same as the club she was born into. This is the first time they found her. They don’t want to lose her either.”

When they went back inside the clubhouse, Lisa was just coming out of the Infirmary with her results. She went over to Gunner and handed him some papers.

Gunner looked them over and announced, “Well Owen, she is indeed your granddaughter. A 99.99 percent match anyway. You and Spirit match the best but in a pinch, Reggie and Eli could donate blood too.”

Lisa spoke up, “I would perhaps suggest you all donate blood. Your blood is rare indeed and having some in the blood bank would help and possibly save your own lives in the future. And also maybe note in your medical charts that you have this rare blood type, so doctors in the future, won’t make the same mistake they made when your oldest son died.” She nodded.” Gunner here told me about that.”

Owen looked over at his son Joel, otherwise known as Spirit. “I can’t tell you what to do but I’m giving blood.”

“I am too, Pops,” Spirit assured him. “As much as she needs.”

“We all are dad.” Reggie nodded. “After looking for her all these years, I’ll be damned if we aren’t going to do whatever we can for her now.”

“Let’s get this dog and pony show going then nurse,” Owen told her. “I want to be able to hug that girl soon.”