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Coming Home


I’ve been waiting for eight years for this day, the day my brother’s killer comes home from prison. Now I’ll get justice for my brother. But when I go to confront her, she surprises the hell out of me.

When I find myself looking down the barrel of a gun, pointed right at my head I look beyond the barrel and straight into her eyes. When she tells me she didn’t kill Mad Dog, I want to believe her but I don’t know if I can.

For eight very long years, I believed she did the deed but what she’s got to tell me makes sense. Her side was a story she never got to tell before in the hurried sham of a trial she got.

Then one of my men gives me a piece of evidence he found at the scene. It was something he didn’t trust the police with and for good reason. It tells me there was someone else at the scene, other than the girl, that is.

I have to find the unknown witness and determine who is telling the truth here.


I didn’t know it could happen to me but it did. I just walked out of prison having been a guest of the state for the last eight years. For a crime, I didn’t commit. I was judged and found guilty of killing a man, only problem was I didn’t even know him. He was a biker.

So I went to prison at 17. And the day I walk out, I’m 25 and the only one there to meet me is my grandfather. Oh… and three bikers from the murdered man’s club. When grandpa and I get back home, the club breaks down my front door and demands answers. Answers I don’t have.

Then Ajax brings me something hoping I can identify it. I do know it but it could belong to a number of men on the biggest ranch in the area, the Double Bar Z. We both need more answers, answers for questions we can’t ask until we figure out what this town is hiding.

And its hiding something. Something that everyone knows but just won’t talk about and it has to do with the Double Bar Z ranch. Everything comes back to the Double Bar Z. What are they hiding in plain sight? Ajax and I both need to find out before someone else ends up dead and I have a feeling that someone might just be me.