Angel-Watch-Leanore Elliott

Angel-Watch-Leanore Elliott

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Mags always wanted to be a cop. And she had finally made it there. Her life was orderly, organized and neat, just like she wanted. Yeah, she was told she was beautiful but she could care less. It wasn't her fault, men fell over themselves to get next to her.  Not her problem. She just wanted to do her job.

Then the vigilante came into town. Taking the law into his own hands.The local police couldn't let this stand. Mags wouldn't let this stand.

Then she came face to face with this supposed killer. That's when her whole world flipped upside down. Suddenly, she couldn't tell the difference between what was justifiably right  and what was inherently wrong with the system of law.

She had a choice to make. One she never saw coming...

She would either come out alive, or come out with a broken heart.