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I recently joined my brothers and have no regrets. My life was in limbo for a while now, I had no real purpose after my mom died. I came here and I’m part of a whole again.

Then I meet her… The meeting is painful in more than one way as she forces me off the road by accident. Then I look into her eyes and I know she’s the missing half of my soul. I find out she’s running for her life, that’s not happening on my watch.

The Advocates have faced off with the Taliban in the sandbox, a stalker shouldn’t be a problem. And he isn’t, it’s who he works for that’s the problem. But I refuse to give up on my woman, so it comes down to him or me… only one of us can survive.


I’ve been in hiding most of my life. I don’t think I even know my real name anymore. What I do know is that someone murdered what was left of my family a few years ago. He took my parent twenty three years ago when I was just a baby, then he found my grandparents five years ago.

Now the bastard is after me again. Driving through the early evening traffic around Baton Rouge I miss seeing the biker and I run him off the road. Hoping I didn’t kill him, I get him into my car and take him to an out of the way motel.

Trying to help him, I pray his brothers won’t come looking for his body. I really don’t need bikers after me too. While tending him I notice my fears are gone. WTH? I feel safe with him and that’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Then he opens his eyes and I know my future if I have one is with him. Lucky for me… he sees the same thing. As much as I don’t want to involve him in my problems, he won’t let me go. And I find I don’t want to leave him either.

Then he calls out my stalker and all I can do is pray….