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When I come to try and find my stepsister, I find more questions than answers and someone in the town doesn’t want those questions answered. Then I find something else as well.

A woman I know by the stories told by another man who loved her. But the more I get to know her, the more I’m caught up in her story and her life. When I tell her why I’m here, she offered to help me find the answers and soon neither of us is safe.

A phone call brings in my team and soon we get the answers we need but I get so much more, I get the girl. When everything is over I tell her my past and she gives me the courage to go and find someone else in my past, my long lost brother.


I had the whole world by the tail until the day I almost lost my life in a Chicago hospital when a gang war broke out. Then I lost the man I loved and it got to be too much for me and I came home to recover.

I was hiding from the world when I met him. He’s a link to the man I lost but there is something about him that I’m drawn to. Then trouble comes for both of us and I have no choice but to listen to my heart.

My heart tells me he’s a good man and I have to save him, but can I let go of a lost love and accept a new one? Time will tell but I hope I can.