At All Costs (Aries) Whiskey Bend MC Book Three-single

At All Costs (Aries) Whiskey Bend MC Book Three-single

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A bullet with her name on It.....Not on my watch.


War is hell any way you slice it, being taken hostage for four months- That tends to break a man… I should know, I was that man, I still am I wear the scars of those four months, but I’ll never talk about how I got them, I can’t, if I do it makes what happened to me real.

Then I meet her and she has her own scars. She also has a killer after her.

Not on my watch…


When I get a call in the middle of the night, it’s got to be a wrong number. How do I know? Because I didn’t pay to kill anyone and the caller thinks I did.

When the killer comes after me to eliminate his witness I run… Right into the arms of Aries and his brothers, The Hell’s Guardian Warriors MC.

After everything life has thrown at me, is this for real? Aries makes me feel safe, will it last? I don’t know but I have to try…