Beau-New-Blood-Savaged-Souls MC #2-Single

Beau-New-Blood-Savaged-Souls MC #2-Single

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I have a history with the Savage Souls…once upon a time I was one of them, then I lost my way. I left rather than be kicked out, but I left to find myself again. And I did. I found my old self but I found that I had changed over the years.

Finally, after five years of searching, I now know what I want. I want my club back but I also know I have to prove myself to them again. And I’m okay with that. While I was gone, I found some brothers and together, we came back to the Souls. Now, we have to prove ourselves and we can do that.

The first test becomes more than we realized as Hayes finds his brother after looking for the kid for more years than he wanted to admit. The second test we face is starting up a club for kids. As we move forward, we find there is some invisible force standing in our way. For every step we take forward, we get knocked back two steps. Gunner put me in charge of this club and I can be a stubborn man when I want something. And I’m a big guy, so nothing usually stands in my way and I’ll be damned, if I let this get away from me.


I’ve lived on the outskirts of Jasper all my life…always on the outside looking in. When I heard rumors about a kid’s club moving in, I’m curious. I know this would be a good thing for the kids of Jasper. Then I hear the Savaged Souls are bankrolling it.

I’ve never heard anything bad about this group but they are a MC club. When things set back the opening, I’m more than curious about why. Someone doesn’t want this club to open and I know I’m not the only looking into why.

Then things turn bad and a kid gets hurt. Something isn’t right about the incident. The accident shouldn’t have happened. Can we find out before someone ends up dead? I hope so, because I have a feeling there’s more at stake here than a club that would benefit the whole town.