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On our way back from Port Allen, we run into a little trouble in the form of a woman with a robin tattoo. Someone ran her off the road but she can’t remember her own first name. Or what happened.

She’s hurt and more than a little lost so what can we do, we have to take her with us at least until we find out more about her. Little by little the truth starts to come out then we wake up one morning with a hell of a surprise. Robin’s mother finally tracked her down and she’s pissed.

Robin wasn’t running away from home so much as running away from someone she didn’t want to be with. Someone who belonged to the Bao gang. By coming here, she led them to our front door.

We may not have started this fight but I’ll be damned if I will run from it. Hunter took out some of the Bao’s. So I guess we’ll have to take out the rest.


It’s just been me and Robin for so long now I almost forgot how the real world can interfere with our lives. Robin, my daughter caught the fancy of someone in the gang trying to move into our town, Lake Charles. Only problem was he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Then one day, she disappeared on me. I had to find her. I found a car wreck and I saw who got her out of the car. It was a local MC. Well, if they wanted to mess with me then heaven help them. I was going to find my daughter.

She’s okay but we just got caught in a war between the MC and Boa’s gang. Lord help us. We can’t leave just yet, then I don’t want to leave. I found something I’ve been looking for even if only in my dreams. But with everything going on, will we survive to acknowledge it? They call him Boomer and I can see why…