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Readers are loving The Chapter book, Boone, Savaged Souls MC.

This is the full novel.


My President sent me out to find his missing daughter. What I found was someone entirely different.

I found Winona. Only problem was she was his daughter too.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about that. That’s when things began to unravel for his other daughter Dana. The club princess. She was bound and determined to make her sister the fall guy, but everything she tried backfired.

Then we found another threat to our club. We had a traitor among us. One that separated the girls the day they were born, one that would bring the club to its knees

We have to stop him but at what cost? When he kidnaps Winona, we have to find her quick or lose her forever…


When I stopped for lunch, I was accosted by a biker, he kept calling me Dana, but that wasn’t me.

Then I find out I had a twin sister and a father I never knew about.  Things went wrong from the beginning. Because my sister couldn’t accept that I was who I was. She was the club princess and I was dirt on her shoes.

I didn’t dare dream of having a real family but I did. I felt safe for the first time in my life but someone didn’t want me safe, they wanted me gone.

Then Boone claimed me. But when secrets come out, can he or my father save me before it’s too late?