Born In Fahyuh-Cajun Kings#3-Single

Born In Fahyuh-Cajun Kings#3-Single

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When Elle Bete rescues her lover, Cade or Colten whatever name she knows him by, the Hogans, Boomer and his bikers track him down to the Elle Bete’s compound.

They just follow the blood trail, but whose blood they find, they do not know. When they get to the compound, they find a mess. The ground is stained with blood and body parts. They walk through the entire camp but they don’t find Elle Bete or her lover. They do find another person she left behind though, a young girl called Jovanne. But who is she? Why was she left behind? Questions but no answers yet…

Virgil sees something that he follows up on and he finds signs the cartel might be involved with whatever happened here. They take Jovanne back to Maudie’s to get the answers they need.

Can Harry save Jovanne from her fate?