Bowie Sin's bastards MC Next Gen #4 Single

Bowie Sin's bastards MC Next Gen #4 Single

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Family means the world to me, we stand united as one.

Then I met her, she didn’t have that.

She seemed lost.

She didn’t need saving, she needed me.

But she has secrets that could destroy us both, destroy us all.

Will she let her fear win the game or is there hope in her heart for something better?


I am alone, the only family I have is a brother, I know he loves me and an uncle who hates us both.

I watch him and his brothers and they have something I can only dream about

I crave his touch, it fills my soul with wanting more.

But my own family hates that I want something different than what I’ve got.

They would tear me away from him, but I don’t want to go… I’m torn in two directions.

I know what I want but there’s a fear inside me I can’t let go.