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When we are told of a threat to the Bratva, me in particular, my first thoughts go to Raven and my children, how can I keep them safe. I trust my brothers the most to keep my family safe, what I do not count on is my wife. I forgot she’s as stubborn as I am and she will not be rushed to a safe house. She lets me know she will stay at my side through it all.

Then Sergi and Misha come for Christmas. All my brothers and their wives are here to celebrate Christmas as well. We have new additions to the family and even more to lose than ever before.

We can’t hunt down the threat, as we don’t know anything about them, so we have to wait until they make their move.

They are the Cossacks, a spinoff of the Vory V Zakone. They think they can walk all over us, the Bratva. I guess its time to teach them a lesson. The Bratva will always be stronger and they’ll have to learn that lesson the hard way.