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When Breed (Jericho Moon) finds a woman floating on the river unconscious, he pulls her out and takes her home with him. When she comes around, she’s afraid of them for a good reason. She’s being hunted by an MC from Alabama- Her name is Kizzy Williams and the MC from Alabama kidnapped her for money. Her grandfather is a huge businessman in Georgia.

The Alabama MC is called, Hade’s Messengers. As soon as Breed hears that name he’s willing to help her, he has reason to hate the Hades’ Messengers. Their leader is Blade. He is cruel and a real bastard. He’s also Breed half brother. Their common parent is their father. He slept with Breed’s mom then left them both before he was even born. He was leader of the Messengers back before Jericho was born. The boys are about the same age but Blade was born from his wife while Breed was a result of his lust. Breed’s mother raised him but Blade always knew about him and he’s always known about Blade.

They never met even at their father’s funeral, instead Breed went days later and spit on his father’s grave. Then he marked his father’s headstone with a Cherokee curse. That was twelve years ago

So the link this girl had with his half brother disturbed him.


Kizzy never once thought her kidnapping would make a difference to her grandfather. He hated the fact that he had to take care of her after her parents died. But she did know if that MC found out her, grandfather wouldn’t pay and they would kill her. After all, they had absolutely no reason to keep her alive. She needed to find a way back home without getting caught by the Hade’s group.

She has a feeling her cousin, Joey Bassette put the MC up to this. Joey knows what their grandfather is like and that he wouldn’t pay a ransom for her. Joey was convinced the old man was going to leave all his money to her, only Kizzy knows that isn’t true.

Kizzy is about to start a war between the two brothers of these MCs and she doesn’t want to do that. She just wants to go home but for her, there is no safe way home.