Brothers United bratva Blood Brothers #6 Single

Brothers United bratva Blood Brothers #6 Single

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Bratva Blood Brothers Series

Brothers United

Book #6


 I'll burn in hell before I let her go. But can a man have it all? The first rule of the streets….protect what's yours. I made her my own. She made me stronger. Freed me from a haunting past. It's more than a love affair. It's an irresistible infatuation.

She's lived a life of fear, abuse and distrust. I promised her I'd change all of that. I promised I'd never hurt her. I was sure of it. Until I'm faced with my distant past. A shocking reunion could corrode everything. Men I'd lost a lifetime ago vs. the woman that's my future. Again, I'm faced with my past. Again, she's faced with impending danger.

I can't lose her, not now. But, with more than just herself to think about, will she trust me enough to stick around?


My secret could make us or destroy us. He's the man who touched my unreachable heart. But, life's taught me you can't fully trust anyone. I've never known the meaning of 'family.' My head says I can't rely on anyone.

My heart knows he's special. Finally, I feel safe. Loved. Now, every cell in my body tells me to run. My own problems are knocking at the front door. Dark, threatening forces are closing in. I'd rather flee than see him dead on the streets.

An unknown killer want's my blood. I've a brother and an unborn child to protect. Yet, I stay. Much to his estranged father's displeasure. Can I fight for love and survival and win both battles?

Will the woman that made Roman's world be left standing and her first born's heart still beating when an assassin crosses her path? Or, will the lovers learn the hard way that the consequences of love can be cruel and unforeseen?