Brute-Rogues Of Hell MC-#3-Single

Brute-Rogues Of Hell MC-#3-Single

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Our MC was under attack and we were just trying to figure out why. We knew who was behind the attacks and with Cat’s help we were discovering her secrets. Her own mother was trying to destroy not only her but the MC.
But Hawkins, Cash, Wilder and the rest of us weren’t going to let that happen. We never know when or where she’s going to come after us. Then Wilder’s brother comes back with a vengeance. He’s pissed about being kicked out many years ago, but he broke the rules we lived by. The fact he was tied to Isobel wasn’t surprising.
Then after the latest shootout, we were searching the woods for survivors. I came to a tree that was bleeding. I looked up into the branches and found her. She was hurt and when she falls into my arms, I’m thinking I’ll just go ahead and keep her. But she’s got more to tell us…

All my life, I’ve never know who I am. Oh, I knew the woman that raised me wasn’t my mother but she never told me who I belonged to. She wouldn’t even give me a name. So I took the name Tatum.
Then came the day I got my freedom. After a fight that left her with a snapped neck, I walked out the door for the last time. I followed the man to this place, in Granite Falls and right into a gun battle where I caught a stray bullet.
Falling out of the tree, I ended up in his arms. I was hoping to get some answers but I think I found something more than just answers, I think I found home, now I just have to keep it.