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What should have been an easy run, turned upside down and I got caught with my pants down. But I was rescued by a young woman named GiGi who in turn got hold of my MC and they came to get me back home.

Then we find an outlaw gang that rode over top of us five years ago. We decided to get our own back and when the dust settled, we got most of them but not the ones we really wanted. The one who actually took my ride. He got away after giving up his entire flock.

Well that didn’t sit so well, so we decided as a MC, to hunt that little bastard down and end it once and for all.


When the Acers burned down my farm, I had nothing left. As an old woman, I didn’t care for that much. My grandson brought their vengeance down on us and that boy needed to learn that you don’t turn your back on family… cuz family is all you got in this cold world.

Then I met the man GiGi saved and lord help me. He made me think wicked thoughts then the MC goes up against the local gang. Packard escapes and with Bull’s ride. Well, Bull isn’t letting that go unchallenged.

I just shake my head. There is so much more to life than a ride. Guess you’re never too old to learn that. I’ll just have to take that man in hand and teach him a few lessons.