Buzz-Sinners MC#6-Single

Buzz-Sinners MC#6-Single

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I was finally on my way back home to Boston. When leaving Norfolk, I’d witnessed a hoard of the Triad boarding a boat. Not wanting to get involved, I kept going, only to be stopped by a woman on the road a couple of miles away.

She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse by holding a knife on my balls halfway to Boston, as that’s where she demanded I take her. Dropping her off outside the city limits, I’m surprised when she comes into my room in the clubhouse that night. How the heck did she find me here?


When my family died at the hands of the Triad twenty years ago, I barely survived the attack. Then I was trained by the Yakuza and finally, I was sent back to Boston to collect my family’s crest. I also needed to see if I could find my grandfather’s war sword.

The Triad ambushed the boat I was traveling on before I could set foot on American soil. I had to hijack a ride to Boston then break into his room as I was hiding from the Triad.

Then after everything comes out about my family, I face the leader of the Triad and there is more at stake than just my family’s honor. I have to win or I lose my life.