Byron-SIN'SNEXT GEN- #6 March 3rd Release Singles

Byron-SIN'SNEXT GEN- #6 March 3rd Release Singles

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Book Six

Sin's Bastards Next Generation


Byron never understood how his brothers could just fall for a woman and claim her on sight. He's too busy working and racing cars to care about having one female. Yet, there is a woman that he just cannot seem to get out of his head and she loves cars almost as much as he does. He wants to push her away and then he ends up making a bet with her instead. Who can build the fastest engine.


Kelly is a hot rod mechanic and she’s good.  She has tried and tried to get a Mechanic's position at Morgan Brothers Hot Rods, but Byron Morgan keeps turning her away. She intends to show him just what a woman can do in a dammed garage. Then Byron is challenged to a race. It’s against a hot shot named Lightning Jack McGee. Jack wants one of the Morgan cars for his collection and he is determined to get it. He also knows all about Kelly and her talent for engines. And this isn't good news for her at all.