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My life has not been an easy one but it’s mine. My father raised me to respect the law of the family, he taught me respect and honor and to be true to my word.

I faced and defeated heartache when my wife died and my daughter was kidnapped and I didn’t find her until she was grown.

But now, someone is after our businesses and we don’t know who or why. Then I find out someone who might know what’s going on and I have to find her before our enemies do.

She turned my world upside down from the moment we met and from that moment on, a protective streak awoke that I didn’t know I had.

No one was going to use her to hurt us, not on my watch… Come and get me head on but not behind a woman’s skirts, if you dare


All my life I’ve done the right thing, I went to school and got good grades, I went to college to try and make the world a better place. I worked for seventeen years as a social worker with at risk kids.

Then I got a case that broke me and I just couldn’t do it anymore. A little girl died and I fell apart, my marriage was over and I was left alone to start again. I chose to train dogs as service animals.

Then I overheard something I shouldn’t have, a threat to take down the local mob and now, someone wants me dead. I try to run but Calderone finds me and won’t let me go.

I don’t know which one is worse, running from a killer or getting involved with the mob, one I could handle but the other, I find I can’t live without anyone.  Can Calderone protect me against a killer or will the threat become very real?