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When our president found someone he thought he lost five years ago, he dragged us into a battle we had to win, or die trying. With the Bratva, working side by side with some men, who would die to protect what they believed in.

We fought side by side with these men because if Geneva’s uncle had his way, he would destroy everything we stood for as well. We went into this knowing we couldn’t stop until the threat we faced was gone. Too much was at stake to do anything else.

When we raided one of his camps, we found her, broken and bloody. Dmitre had almost killed her before he left her dead. We needed to know why, so we took her with us.

When we heard her story, we realized the threat from Dmitre was worse than we had thought. Death would be coming for us all.


I grew up alone, my mom didn’t want me as she’d left me at the fire station when I was newborn. She never stopped to think about the fact I was innocent of the evil deeds my father did to her. Then one day, I got an answer to questions I never asked. My father Dmitre Rostonvic kidnapped me and took me away from the life I had made.

He was a monster and I too, paid the price. He beat me and left me behind when he took off. Then they found me…

The men who rescued me wanted to know everything. But I just wanted to forget everything I ever knew about the man who’d fathered me, but they wouldn’t let me. They wanted to know what I saw and heard while in his camp.

 I seemed to connect with the one who actually had saved me from the death meant for me in that camp. I didn’t know why but he made me feel things I never knew about before. He both scared me and made me happy.

But my father would set in motion something to finally end me and the Kings of Wrath… would I ever get the chance to know a real life?