Capone-Born Of Desperation#6-Single

Capone-Born Of Desperation#6-Single

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After we took down the Camero compound, I followed someone that shouldn’t have been there. But I needed to find out if she was part of the compound or not. Then I crossed an invisible line and was somehow, ambushed by someone I didn’t even see.

When I came around again, I found that I was almost gator bait and the young woman named Jilly had gotten me away from her own father. I took one look into her eyes and saw my future. Then I found out she was sick and I knew then and there I would protect her with my own life if I needed too.

Then the guys come for me and I take her back with me. I decided I was gonna keep her, come hell or high water…or even her crazy father.


Secrets, secrets, and more secrets… the swamp is full of them, some are ok and don’t hurt nobody but some are deadly. I happened to be out collecting herbs when the guys hit the Camero compound. I ran away but didn’t know one of the men followed me home.

Then my pa happened and he took the guy prisoner to lure in an old enemy. I couldn’t let an innocent man die, so I got him out of there and back to his own people. Then the guy told me I couldn’t go home again.

Next thing I find out is my family might be connected to a Mexican cartel. Another secret long held by my mama then by me, unknowingly. I could be in danger from that cartel and who comes to save me, but the man I saved from being gator bait. Galee, secrets in the swamp could end up being deadly.