Chance - Sin's Bastards MC Next Gen #2 Single

Chance - Sin's Bastards MC Next Gen #2 Single

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Little Girl Lost


Falling in love is something I never did before but now that I have, I understand.

She’s become my whole world and I want her more than the air I breathe.

She doesn’t have to look for trouble…trouble finds her all too often.

She takes a stand for an innocent and I can’t help but stand beside her.

I have to protect them both and I will even at the risk of dying myself in their place.

I’m determined to have a life with this woman.


I came here to learn about my father, instead I found the only man I could ever love.

Then a little girl comes into our lives. I can’t keep her, but she needs me and I can’t let her go.

With Chance’s help, I will fight for her.

Then from the shadows comes a greater evil than I expected.

Can we fight for this one little girl or will fate step in and rip her from our arms?