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Well when I fuck up, I fuck up good. I painted a brother’s woman with the same tar brush as my mom, a woman who threw away her kid for her own pleasures. I found out later that Ruby didn’t do that. Almost too late. Her man is my best friend and I don’t make friends that easy. I’m told I have trust issues.

I also almost lost a good woman I wanted very much to know better. Robin. When we found her, she looked like a broken little bird and I couldn’t help but be drawn to her. I tried to explain my childhood to her but I don’t know if she got it or not.

Then a man from my past steps up and claims me… he says he’s my dad but I don’t know him, and my mom refused to tell me his name. She took that knowledge to her grave.  When things don’t seem to be adding up, an instinct older than time tells me things aren’t kosher but what isn’t right here? Will my desire to finally know where I come from cost me dearly?


Living on the run isn’t easy and you have to have eyes in the back of your head at times. But that was my life. Mom did her best to protect both of us but sometimes, she wasn’t home and shit would happen. Then I find the truth and a grandfather I never knew I had.

The Crimson Tide MC may have put out one fire only to find another deeper fire, burning brighter and more deadly. The Blue Shadow is a secret group that needs to remain secret but now the secret is out… the hunters are becoming the hunted and they don’t like that.

Then I overhear something that could get me killed…. Where are you Clovis?