Coming-Home-Silver Warriors-#7-Single

Coming-Home-Silver Warriors-#7-Single

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The Final Destination for the Silver Warriors.... Montana.

On the last leg of their journey, the men meet with Recon’s family. They are happy to finally have him home again. They offer what they can for help as the men fit the puzzle pieces together that George sent them all.

When they get to the point where they can figure out what it was Recon found, they were shocked and awed that all this was going on right under their noses.

George found not just one group of traitors but three, The Black Thorn, the Red Thorn and the Blue Thorn. Not only that but each group had its own job to complete. What Recon didn’t find was what their purpose was all about but, he left that to the Warriors to find out.

He knew they all had their own lives to lead but he begged they would care enough to find out and finish his research. There was just too much at stake if they didn’t. To much for the nation to lose if they left this undone.

Would they take on Recon’s mission and finish what he couldn’t? Or had they come this far to leave it undone? What would their next mission be?