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As an MC, we are barely hanging on, we’ve been betrayed by a man we all respected, two men actually, we’ve been shot at, hunted down, kidnapped, and now our ex-President has blown us up and off the map.

But we aren’t called the Princes of Hell for nothing. We will bounce back, stronger and better than before. After swearing in our new leadership, we begin to rebuild our home, bigger and better than we ever had before.

But before I can move on to a new future, I have to pay tribute and remember my past. Five years ago, I lost someone to an act of cowardness so craven… I can never forget it. Someone took a shot at me and missed but took out my wife, the love of my life, the mother of my unborn child.

Visiting her grave, I stumble into another act of violence I abhor. An innocent woman beaten and left to die in a ditch. I can’t just leave her there to die, so I take her to my temporary home.

Three days later, I find out who she is and who left her to die alone, and it’s another reason to start a war on our biggest rival.



I was my mom’s biggest mistake, or that’s what she told me every day when her trick to trap my dad didn’t work out for her. She thought I would be her ticket to becoming First Lady to the President of an MC. Instead, she was thrown to the curb by a man that wanted neither of us.

So being unwanted wasn’t exactly unknown to me. Then she went and left me alone when I was just a kid by dying of an overdose. I only went to visit her grave once a year but this year, my dad’s men caught me. I knew better than to let them do that, I messed up.

When I’m found it’s by a member of my dad’s rival MC and I figure my pain will be over soon enough, almost the moment they find out who I am. But these Princes aren’t like any MC I ever knew.

 For the first time since the day I was born, I had hope in my heart. Then my dad found out I was still alive and in the hands of his enemies. He never wanted me until then, now because Condor saved me, a war is coming…