Cosmos-Kings Of Wrath#6-Single

Cosmos-Kings Of Wrath#6-Single

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When Cosmos Meets Lovely...All Hell Breaks loose.


When the dust settles after the Bratva and our club blow up a building in order to make the bad guys think they destroyed the head of the bratva, I was more than ready to go home. I miss my own damn bed.

But I didn’t get there before trouble found me in the shape of a beautiful woman named Lovely. It isn’t until I see her eyes that I realize she’s real trouble. Cuz I know the man she got those eyes from.

Trouble on two very different fronts from two very different men for two very different reasons. But I know one thing, I’ll be damned if I’m giving up on Lovely. She’s mine to protect and mine to claim.


I know right? How could my mother give me this name? But she did and I’ve had to live with it. I can’t stand my life anymore. It wasn’t so bad when my grandparents were still alive, but now it sucks.

One night, I find someone I want to trust so I do. I take a chance to get away and get my mom free from the horrible imprisonment she is in. Then I’m sorry for fooling the man. He must be the sweetest guy I have ever met, so I wonder how I can keep him and solve my troubles too. Well, it isn’t gonna be easy as trouble follows me wherever I go and this time is no different.