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Cobra's Brother, Cottonmouth has often gone his own way. His goal or life quest if you will.... is to get rid of the Cartel. Stop them from hurting anyone else. Cotton as he's called, carries his own pain. He has lost a lot in his life. He needs to protect what family he has left.

He joins The Soldiers Of Hade's, his family's MC, once again. Then along with several MCs, they will all meet this Cartel head on and get rid of them.


For the first time in twenty something years, I can finally breathe again. The man who brutally murdered my wife was dead and I didn’t have to commit murder to see justice done. But when one thing is done, something else comes along just as big.

We are going to war with the cartel. Its going to be big and the streets of Texas will run red with blood before we get through. My entire family along with others are gearing up for a battle we may never win but it has to be fought anyway.

Before the battles even gets started, we find an unlikely ally. A woman who hates the cartel as much as we do. We ask her to go home and let us fight this battle but she’s a stubborn woman. She says she’s on a mission of her own and she won’t quit.

She claims she’s looking for three men, she’s found two, but she still needs one more. She isn’t going home until she finds him. If you ask me, she’s gonna get herself killed before she finds this bastard. But then as she reminds me all the time, nobody asked her. I let her come with us because I don’t want her to get hurt, but damn I almost feel sorry for the man she’s looking for. Almost but not quite. He deserves what he’s got coming.


My mama always told me to be a lady, but I don’t work a nine to five job in some office. I grew up working the land just like my daddy and my brother. I get up before dawn and work until I drop, usually long after the sun goes down. My daddy taught me how to do that, he also taught me how to shoot and hunt. Another lesson I learned from my dad, one shot, one bullet.  He always said make it count cuz you might not get a second shot.

I’m hunting now. Three men shot my brother when he stopped to help them change a tire. I’ve been hunting them for a year now. I only got one more to find. Then I find something I never thought I’d find. A biker club hunting the same men I was.

Cotton keeps telling me to go home but I can’t do that. I have one more man to put in the ground. Besides, I don’t take orders from anyone. I can be a might stubborn when I want to be. Then the damn fool puts his own life on the line for me and that’s something I can’t have. The battle between us might never be over once it starts. Passion in my family tends to run just a little bit cooler than lava. He better watch out— unless he wants to feel the burn…