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The Third Installment of Crimson Tide MC

The Full Book

Cyrus falls for Ruby...She has a past that could tear them apart. Hunted by a group called the shadows. Cyrus stands by her, no matter the cost.


Things were starting to settle after our battle with the Cartel, the Boas and the Liars.  We thought things were going back to normal, we were wrong and almost caught unawares. There were still a few stragglers left to deal with.

When someone takes a shot at me, I take a bullet, but before they can shoot again, I get some help from an unexpected source. A baker. She comes out with a shotgun and blasts the getaway car. Then she tells me I might not have been the target. Huh?

I need to hear more of her story so I get her to give me a ride home and when I tell my prez what she said, he’s interested enough to ask why. Then she tells us her story reluctantly and it opens another can of worms. We aren’t sure we want to open, but I’m not losing her to a bullet.


After a decade of running and hiding, I’ve had enough of this kind of life. I just want peace and quiet. I want my own life back.

But I can’t do that unless I break my word to someone I hold dear. I made a promise I would never tell what I saw that day ten years ago and up until now I never have.

Now they have found me again and this time, I don’t want to run again. With some help I will stand my ground and pray I live through it. I’m not one to let the bastards win, not when I don’t have to. It feels nice to have someone have my back for once. I never thought my hero would a biker but I’m not going anywhere.