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Releases FEB. 13th



My family came together and fought to take back what was stolen from us and we won. Then one by one, my brothers found their futures. I’m the last one to find mine, but that’s okay. I want the kind of love my parents have, one that last the next fifty years or longer.

Then I see a young woman being beaten and I step in to save her, because no man ever has to hit a woman. When faced with someone more his own size, the coward runs away. I take her home with me, as she doesn’t seem to have anyone else. But when her story comes out, I know I did the right thing to save her. She ran away from an intolerable situation but that doesn’t mean the situation is going to go away.

Then I notice something puzzling about her, why does she have the same birthmark as my old boss? Then I noticed she had his unique eye color too. He once told me the color only belonged to his family. When I asked her what her name was, I was stunned. I didn’t know what was going on here, but when I called him to tell him about her, I opened up a can of worms that couldn’t be closed again—now only the truth will save them both and me as well.


All my life I’ve been afraid of my father. He was a monster my mom and I feared. And we both suffered under his rule. Then one night, my mom came to me and she begged me to run, to get as far away from where we lived as I could get.

I didn’t want to leave her but she and I both knew I had to. I had to get away before he killed us both. I left in the darkness and I stayed in the shadows for three months. I thought I was safe but then someone found me. And he was going to take me back.

Then I was saved by a man I didn’t know but he became my hero. He got us out of there and told me I would never have to go back. Again, I thought I was safe until my father found me again. But before he could drag me out of there, the truth came out—then all hell broke lose and the last man standing was a surprise to everyone.