Dax-Ghost Riders MC#3-Single

Dax-Ghost Riders MC#3-Single

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When a SOS message comes in, Jazzy goes to rescue her friend. We just go along for backup as Jazzy says we shouldn’t get too close, things have a way of going boom around her friend, and she’s right. Her friend likes to blow things up.

But hey, everyone has a hobby right? When she goes down, I run in and get her out of there… then I can seem to let her go. After hearing her story, I got her back and the brothers got mine so win-win.

I can’t stop her from the battle but I can sure back her up and the biggest fights are still coming. If my woman has anything to say about it anyway, then we get yet another surprise… life gets a little cray cray sometimes…


Life is a gamble and can throw some fast balls at you when you lest expect them. I know because I’ve had a few thrown at me. But the day we buried my mom, was the day I walked away from the biggest pain I ever knew.

Then I met Jazzy and began fighting a fight that needed to be fought. I found out I had a talent I never knew about. I liked to make things go boom. Then there was the night I needed backup. And again… Jazzy was there for me. Along with some new friends she made along the way.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe and that was because of him, Dax. I thought I had no one after mom died, but I was wrong. I had someone all along and now, I got Dax too. Jazzy may have my back but Dax has got my heart and together, we will fight the battle until we win the war.