Demon's Stand Book Two Whiskey Bend MC-single

Demon's Stand Book Two Whiskey Bend MC-single

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I was damaged by memories of the war we couldn’t win.

Then I met her and she changed my world. From the moment we met, she calmed my crazy.

She couldn’t remember her past and that put her in danger.

There is a killer out there waiting to strike but I’ll be damned if I’ll let him take her from me.

I vowed to keep her safe. I needed her too much to let her go. I’ll be damned if anyone will take her away from me.



I was lost when I found my life had been built on a lie.

Then he came in my life and the first time I saw him, my heart stopped.

 I remembered my nightmares and knew they were coming back to finish what was started so long ago.

I couldn’t run away anymore… I had to face my past.

A past that held too many secrets, a past that someone would kill to protect.