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We were brothers in blood and in the Warlords MC. We’d grown up together and watched as one by one, we fell in love. I guess I’m next in line for the big L but I’ve never met my One yet and I won’t settle for less. I want what my brothers found with their women.

More importantly, we still have a mission to finish. We’re chasing a ghost known as Gauntlet and his boss the Widowmaker, whom we have yet to identify. I say a ghost because the man has cheated death on more than one occasion.

Then we decide to bring them to us, rather than have to go look for them, as they have gone underground after we put down their big BOOM, a plot to take down our government. But to do that, we have to find a weakness of theirs to use against them.

Then we find our bait, Luna. Luna is Widowmaker’s daughter and from what we hear, the apple of his eye… I first see her in a picture and my soul is touched, then I meet her in person and my soul gets scorched. She is my One. Now, I have to convince her of that while protecting her from her father and his men.


I thought my daddy was my hero, then I found out what kind of man he really is and I knew I had to run. I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to dismiss me if I got in the way.

I tried to go underground but I didn’t get very far before the Warlords found me. When they want to use me to bring my dad in, I almost laugh in their faces. My father would rather see me dead than give up or give in. He knows if he does, his life is over and believe me he likes the life he has right now… the money, the power, they mean more to him than I do.

But these Warlords are stubborn and they won’t take no for an answer. Especially, the one they call Deuce. He tells me I’m his One but I don’t know what that means…

Then the standoff comes and I have to wonder who will be left standing when the smoke clears. I hope it’s the Warlords, I really, really do but I know my father, if he has to cheat to win, he will.