Devil's -Advocates-MC-Series-Boxed Set

Devil's -Advocates-MC-Series-Boxed Set

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"Don't Let The Devils Come After You."


Six Books and A Special Edition

((Over 900 pages of reading))

I found her alongside the road, thrown away like trash. Barely alive, she fought for life.
I knew the moment she opened her eyes that she was the woman for me, but she needs more from me than just love. She is a hunted woman with death on her trail.
Beast- Nick King
We all came here for a better life, a life without boundaries but we all had honor.
We defended what was ours to defend and we won the day. Now we watch for more trouble coming our way.
I am a survivor, ex-military and now, I run with the Devil’s Advocate as a SSA. It my job to watch over my brothers and I take my job seriously.
Then I get a phone call from my past and my world is shattered. Apollo
I recently joined my brothers and have no regrets. My life was in limbo for a while now. I had no real purpose after my mom died. I came here and I’m part of a whole again.
Then I meet her… The meeting is painful in more than one way as she forces me off the road by accident.
Things are finally settling down in Baton Rouge after the upset with the city government and the Kings street gang going rogue. But now things are settling down again. Better knock on wood before it’s too late.
Shadow Hunter
Ten years ago, when our squad became the marks of a killer, we lost our best. We thought it was only one killer but we were wrong. We found that out the hard way.
I wear more than one hat for my club, one is for when the brothers needs someone to watch their backs. There has been a threat we never knew about out there and time is running out to stop it. We need to figure out what it all means before the final countdown begins and time is not on our side.