Devil's-Trifecta-MC-Trilogy- Boxed Set

Devil's-Trifecta-MC-Trilogy- Boxed Set

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Gage #1

Sable Quinn has an admirer... One that she doesn't want. A serial killer in fact.

Then she gets another admirer...only this one changes her life.

One wants to kill her. The other wants to save her.

Joker #2

The VP of the Devils Trifecta...

I have always been carefree. I live the MC life to its fullest. To me, life is just a game.

One, I intend to win...

Sledge #3

I’m a Lieutenant for the Devil’s Trifecta MC. I protect all in the club and considering my size and skills, I am your best bet. Once I met Sable Quinn and her team, I realized they did the same job, except, they followed the law and I never did.