Dima-Bratva Born#5-Single

Dima-Bratva Born#5-Single

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When I got back from a mission to find a possible skin game right under the nose of the Bratva, Sergi isn’t happy with what I find. The more we uncover the less happy he really becomes.

So many layers of the onion are peeled back and we are just figuring out how deep the corruption goes…

Then the two women we rescue wake up, and life as I knew it, just went out the window. One of the women is my sister—the one I thought had died nineteen years ago.

The other woman, well she’s mine, she just doesn’t know it yet….


I lost my family four years ago, but due to the drama of being shot I didn’t remember what really happened that night, until now. Until I saw a pair of eyes, I’d only seen one time before.

Then I was rescued from an unsavory life as a slave to the passions of man by Dima. I might not know much about him but I know his touch, it makes me feel again. Life is so short sometimes. I want to feel everything he has to give me, and I won’t let him tell me no.