Echo-Sins & Sinners#3-Single

Echo-Sins & Sinners#3-Single

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Just when we thought we were done with Caliber and his friends, a new threat comes out of the shadows. And she’s watching our clubhouse. When we confront her, she asks about Caliber and then she tells us she’s here to kill him.

That wasn’t what we were expecting to hear so we want to know why. After we hear her story, I’d say she has her reasons but Caliber is only half of her problem.

It’s the other half that has us concerned. He has reason to come looking for her and I’ll be damned if he’s gonna even get close to her.


I was given that name when I was four years old after we found my mom had been killed. The man that raised me offered me so much more than just his protection, he offered me his love. Huxley taught me all he knew and so much more.

I came to Boston to find the man that ordered his death, and that man was my own father. But I was too late, Leon had him already and I wouldn’t get to take my justice. I had to leave that to another.

I also came to Boston for another reason as well and that reason followed me all the way there. I left the only home I ever knew because a man named Salvator killed my Huxley. I escaped but he was on my trail.

I vowed I would finally get real justice, for my mother and for Huxley. It would be just like Leon had said, there would be No Mercy