FALCON-Book3-Princes of Hell-SINGLE

FALCON-Book3-Princes of Hell-SINGLE

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I’m the Enforcer for The Princes of Hell. I earned my patch from Prospect on up over the seven years I been a brother and I’ve killed to keep my title. I’ve had to take out some pathetic trash for the club, many times.

One such time, I never finished the job Eagle our prez sent me out on. I would have had to kill a woman and that wasn’t gonna happen.

Now, as I stand by Talon’s side to face Devin Brooks, another piece of pathetic trash—that secret came back to bite me in the ass.

The woman I saved was now in the clutches of the Devin and again, I couldn’t allow even Talon to harm her.

I’d never forgotten her face since I first laid eyes on her a year ago. Or that sweet voice of hers. But she is off limits.

And… Eagle wants her dead, all over again.



The last two years has been a fight for survival. I have seen things that I wasn’t supposed to see. I know things that could get me killed.

Just when I thought I was safe, my old boss shows up. He’s hiding from someone that scares him utterly. Well, this cares me too and before I can get him to leave…I see a man that I’d never thought I would see again.

He has suddenly came back into my life after months of dreaming about him.

But is he here to save me again, or to end me?