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The whole town we live in shares a secret we don’t have access to and when that secret got one of us killed. Eight years ago, we were lied to and we swallowed that lie. We buried our brother and hated the wrong woman it seems, for all this time.

Now we want the truth but the town won’t let us find it, or at least someone living here doesn’t want the truth known. Well, the town is going to find out the Thor’s Hammer MC doesn’t give up at the first sign of trouble.

This town is gonna have to make a choice, let the truth be known or go down in flames. We don’t quit and the truth will be uncovered.

Then she comes to us and we know there’s more trouble just behind her. Only problem we have to figure out is she part of what’s going on here or a victim of it?


My hometown has a secret that everyone knows about but no one talks about. Well, they didn’t until eight years ago when the powers that be sent an innocent woman to prison for manslaughter.

She didn’t belong there but then neither did I. Someone in town wanted her watched and I had no say in it. On the day she got out, I was questioned but there was nothing to tell anyone.

Now they, whoever they are, want me to find out what’s going on. I don’t want to but I have no choice. At least I didn’t think I did, then I met him.

Maybe I do have a choice here. At least, I’m hoping I do. Maybe its time to rally the town to demand the truth.