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When trouble comes, I usually find myself smack dab in the middle and this time is no different. I’m watching a school run by low lives when I witness a hit. The admin and students are taken out in three minutes by the DOD. Dispatchers of Death.

When checking to other buildings for survivors, I find a woman badly beaten. I refuse to leave her behind so I take her with me. Then I go in search of my leader Valiant. Only I find him along with some other characters I’m not so sure of. There are other Knights in residence but then there are more men that turn out to be Frank’s family and those men are scary. They call themselves the VIM.

Then the woman I found at the school knows another woman Sheba. I learn that Sheba was in another school similar to Berkley where I found Ari. Then I find myself being pulled into a situation I can’t pull back from. I have to see this mission through. There is more to this mission than just the mission.


He broke in to save me, this Knight of Valor. Just when I thought death would finally get me, he saved me. No one had ever done that before. When I looked into his eyes for the first time, I saw something in them that I knew I could trust and that’s never happened before either.

Then the next time I open my eyes, I find myself in a mansion somewhere. Hell, I don’t even know where this place is. But because of my old nemesis Sheba, I’m willing to take a chance and I hand over the information I have on the school to them.

What I didn’t know was that this information would tell them so much. Including all about who I really am. Something I never knew before. And oh lordy, that just opened another can of worms… I need some help here.