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 Bane, Deke, Sam, Zipper, Cricket and many of the Sin's Bastards make special appearances in this story.


They call me Ghoster for a reason… I flit between the shadows of the grey areas, never staying long enough to get caught but long enough to know where to go next.

I work for a man the underworld is terrified of and with good reason, a man known as the Priest. He’s the one man you don’t want to confess your secrets to. Then he found the one thing he always wanted and asked God for a do over.

Then I met my do over woman, my Sydney.

But the reason I’m here in the first place isn’t going away and there's a man out there that will protect his secrets from being known and Sydney knows his secrets.

He doesn’t know it yet, but Sydney is the only woman I would die for if I have to, she’s also the only woman I would kill for and tonight, someone is going to die….


Whoever said life is a bitch was talking about my life, I waited for twenty nine years to find my prince and I finally found him, in James

But another man’s secrets, a man with too much power and money, stands between us and has marked both of us for dead.

DO I have the courage to finally stand up for myself and reach out and grab that brass ring that life is all about? Will my fear forever lock me in the shadows?

For James, I step out of the shadows when the showdown comes and no one is more surprised than me. Will it cost me my everything? But there’s one more secret to share with the world and I have it…