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After wandering for so long looking for something to make my life worthwhile again after I lost it all, I found a purpose again. Even after I found Kelly and the rest of our group, I needed something more and then I found a mission I could believe in.

I found the MC the Soldiers of Hades and their mission to rid Texas of the cartel became mine. I found Pappy’s MC the Hells Fire Riders to my liking as we all came together under Cobra and Python for a single purpose. To beat the cartel back across the border or destroy them all together.

That was a mission I could get behind. The cartel had taken everything I had once upon a time. But that hurts too much to even think about. When we heard they controlled Laredo… I knew I was in.

I saw her just as the fighting got started. De je vous. I couldn’t let it happen to me again. I risked my life to save hers and I didn’t even know who she was. Then it didn’t matter what her name was, I had to see her safe. I failed a woman in my past but I wouldn’t fail this one.


I hated what my family stood for. All they cared about was money and power. They didn’t see what their quest for power did to the families of the men they forced to do their bidding. But I did.

I had to work in secret because if my family knew what I was doing, they would kill me. Then someone began fighting back. They started a war on my family that no one would win. I knew one day, it would be my blood staining the ground, but my family didn’t care. They were struggling to keep the power while I was fighting for survival.

Then HE saved my life. He offered me something no one else ever had, a way out. Did I have the strength to take it? Or would my ties to my family hold me back? I wasn’t sure but I had to take the chance or die trying. I never wanted this life, so when he offered me his hand I took it, now I just have to stay alive…