Harry-Lost Sons- #4-Single

Harry-Lost Sons- #4-Single

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The Lost Sons team up with Savaged Souls to take down a net of evil.
The Lost sons have a creed and that is to never leave anyone behind. It has kept their family together after many years of being apart.
The coming war may cost some their lives...It is do or die and the Souls never say die.


She has been looking for her lost sister for months and the Savage Souls may have the key to finding her. She despairs to ever see her sister again. She also fears for her life as another man wants her dead. She has secrets that not even Harry is aware of. Can she stay safe and have her family back?


He wants nothing more than to marry his Annie and make her happy. But until he reunites her with her sister, it may never happen. He and his family will go to great lengths to see Becky home safe, even if it means war with the notorious Russian gang the Vory V Zakone.